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THE GREAT RESET: Over 200,000 people have been laid off in the #tech industry this year, and the flood of new talent has started to change the job market.

Check out Blind's exclusive research - a thread 🧵:
1/ The Great Resignation and the ease of wage hikes when changing jobs may be over.

56% of U.S. professionals said they would accept the same or LESS pay in a new role, per an April 2023 survey by Blind…
2/ The perceived weakness of the job market is why many say they're now willing to accept lower pay.

45% cited market concerns—more than those who picked company culture, return-to-office policy, or even the need for a work visa as their top reason COMBINED Image
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1⃣/9⃣ #COVID19 lockdowns disrupted normal life, including access to healthcare. We conducted 3⃣studies📰 on chiropractic #patients in Spain 🇪🇸 who were isolated & couldn't receive their usual care 👩‍⚕️.

🌟Here's what we found…👇👀 Image
2⃣/9⃣ We gathered observational cross-sectional data from 648 #patients across Spain 🇪🇸 during the strictest phase of the #COVID19 lockdown (April 2020).

🔴Participants were experiencing acute or chronic #pain at the time of the survey.… @SciReports👇
3⃣/9⃣ 🦠 #COVID19 wasn't just a #PhysicalHealth crisis. Influenced by multiple factors, including #anxiety & pandemic-related outcomes, pain worsened ⬆️ during lockdown 😰💭

🔴Time to consider the #biopsychosocial implications of the #pandemic & lockdowns!
#MentalHealth👇 Image
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Just started! It's not too late to join this wonderful free event on #SpaceMedicine. Now speaking: Lisa Campbell, President - #Canadian #Space Agency (CSA)
2/ Health is about well being Image
3/ Accelerated aging effects from living in space: 6 months in space ~ 10-20 years of aging on Earth. We don't know yet if it the aging stabilizes or continues. Open problem: no health solution for deep space missions. We need to create future deep space health systems. Image
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1/ As if the #opioid crisis and the pending #ONhealth ED collapse weren’t enough, @OntariosDoctors section on Addiction Medicine warning OAT clinics across Ontario could see service disruptions as of Dec 1, 2022 (ironically #internationalaids day)
2/ At issue is the implementation of the new virtual care codes which will slash fees for video consultations with new patients— patients in rural or remote areas without access to specialists are likely to be most impacted. #onpoli #onhealth
3/The irony is that #mentalhealth in #ontario was pioneering in establishing the virtual care capacity that got us through #covid. Many community-based #buprenorphine programs in rural and remote areas operated virtually prior to the pandemic, increasing #accessibility to OAT.
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Ex-client (while she was still a client): I'm not masking in the office anymore. I got the vaccine so I don't have to wear a mask.
Me: Then we'll continue working remotely.
Ex-client: No, you have to come in. I'm vaccinated.
Me: No one else is eligible yet. 1/
Ex-C: But I'm vaccinated! I did it so I wouldn't have to wear a mask.
Me: And you can still carry the virus & kill everyone in the office.
Ex-C: That's a risk you're gonna have to take. 2/
Me: Well, if you kill me, I'm going to haunt you, stay inside your head, and you'll never have a minute's peace again. I'm going to live in your skull until you go stark raving mad.
Ex-C: Okay, I'll wear a mask. 3/
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Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact!

When it comes to people and #culture we tend to over engineer everything.

Sometimes it just needs to be simple and fun and creative!

So, I thought I'd share this simple hack from @OMERSVentures recent team offsite.
Last month, our team had an offsite - the first in over 3 yrs, and the first for all three of our regions (CAN, US, UK) to meet each other as a global team. It was a great week of connecting, collaborating!

#team #culture #connection Image
As our people & culture champion & w/ the dream team of @shawnchance & @MindOverMandi we collaborated on a session to help our team get to know each other in the face of continuing Covid-related work environments & the challenge of working in 3 countries, but operating as 1 team Image
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As much as I love everyone FINALLY embracing remote work from anywhere, been in this game for a while now…

In 2016, I set out to build a globally competitive AI #startup from Sault Ste Marie, Canada.

Here’s how that went:
I had a vision.
I had a dream.

I wanted to revitalize a steeltown with tech.

I wanted to prove that you could build best-in-class tech from ANYWHERE in the world. In 2016.

I was proven wrong.
I was literally laughed at by Toronto investors.

Most Waterloo investors didn’t believe my dreams could be possible up “North”.

I ultimately determined that local Soo investors would have been more likely to fund a cupcake shop than deep tech AI; despite endless attempts.
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One major pitfall about the viability of working from home that I rarely see discussed is the issue of construction noise.
Municipal noise ordinances - like those we have in Jerusalem - typically make it completely legal to construct between business hours (our construction ordinance here runs between 07:00 and 18:00)
Having partially/largely (depending upon the time) worked from home during the past 5 years, this has been a bane of my existence.
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Je suis en télétravail régulier depuis 2016, et à temps plein depuis 2018, voici 7 conseils tirés de mon expérience pour mieux travailler à distance 🧵

#dev #remote #teletravail #conseils
1 - Se forcer à garder un rythme de travail sain

Se lever à 9h29 pour commencer sa journée à 9h30 (et ça peut arriver de temps en temps) est tentant, mais ce n'est pas viable à long terme.
2 - Habillez-vous (même avec le strict minimum)

Croyez-moi, une vision-conférence en urgence ou un livreur inopiné vont vous faire regretter de ne pas avoir pris le temps d'enfiler quelque chose de simple, confortable mais surtout présentable.
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1/ Here's how we hand off new client work (of a decent size) for a dev at @fostercommerce to start in a fully #remote, fully #async way.

All the screenshots are from our Basecamp account. #projectmanagement #craftcms
2/ We copy our feature list template into the specific project and begin editing it. I'll share what's in the template. Image
3/ We start with the "global" task (the one that says "🌎NAME OF FEATURE."

The first section of that template task is for PMs. It's a checklist of sorts to help us know what we need to complete before a dev can start. Image
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I first heard of @boundless_HQ 2 years ago. @Cian_nineDots had spoken to the team and was convinced they were onto something.

I didn't know much about the complexities of remote employment, I mainly worked with overseas talent in contracting roles or Irish people as employees.
I had a call with @DeeCoakley and Eamon to hear more about what they were doing.

I'd known about Eamon's track record from SaaS circles, and was already interested. But all I knew about Dee was from some friends who had worked a few layers below her in previous companies.
All it took was a 30 minute call with Dee leading the charge for me to understand a few things:

📖 I was speaking to someone who knew their topic inside and out.
🔥They were on to something huge, even bigger than they were describing.
❔I was going to need this product very soon
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@medcitynews reports that even with the #remote #patient #monitoring (#RPM) codes, reimbursement for #digitalhealth remains a challenge. The article is linked below, but for a deeper dive, read the thread 1/…
We've knows about this for a long time @omadahealth--really since our founding. We got an #NPI. We billed #claims. We helped get the first ever #CPT code (0488T) for fully virtual care. But there's more to do. 2/
(You can learn about contracting as a #virtualfirst #provider @_DiMeSociety workshop on that very topic this week! Register… ) 3/
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The Ethereum ecosystem is hiring!!

Projects need engineers, design, community, marketing & shadowy super coders.

Share with your friends, tell your family & your old work colleagues! We need all of them to come and help us build the future.

🧵 of #ETH projects hiring
.@Rarible NFT marketplace is hiring for Product:
* VP of Product
* Product Manager

+ Biz Dev, Comms, DAO, Engineering, Marketing, Ops

.@EnzymeFinance developer of @avantgardefi is hiring:
* Solidity Engineer (NY Remote)
* Data Engineer (Austria Remote)

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Got a few new gigs coming up.
#freelance #developer #fullstack #node #react #next #jamstack #webflow #remote

A thread.
Webflow developer - More here >>>
Sr Full-stack Node, React + Next Dev [Open application] More info here >>>
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It all started in Aug 2020.

How about summarizing a book in 40 minutes using a mindmap and spending the next 20 minutes discussing the book and the session?

Here is the 🧵highlighting what I liked from each book

#bookreading @ClubHbr
First book was "Who Moved My Cheese?" @MovedMyCheese by Spencer Johnson.

Key lesson: Change is constant. Be prepared.
#bookreading @ClubHbr
Second book: "Exploring Requirements: Quality Before Design" by @JerryWeinberg and Donald C Gause

Key lesson: You don't always need a product to find a bug. You can find bugs in the requirements too.

#bookreading @ClubHbr
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I am wondering when it become a mass phenomenon. Expert-based products require a media strategy. Edutainment, foresight, hands-on experience, meta-frameworks, popular science, etc. And it's easy to stand out, as web is full of noise and nonsense. Classic SMM should die.
Say, we once published a legal roadmap for fintech / blockchain startup turned popular science / hands-on article in the major Singapore outlet and got > visits & users to the biz than from any classic ads / SMM I can think of.
Or infographic on the future of edtech after a foresight session in California with 300 experts around the world (@ 2015) Image
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I've been working #remote for ~5 years now. Mainly as a software developer.
A lot of people now find themselves permanent/hybrid working from home, here are some tips :

0/ 🧵
1/ Have a physical space/room to work as your office.

Working in the living room/bedroom is not optimal as there is no disconnect from the office and the living room, you don't want to blurry these lines.

If this is not an option, try to isolate that area as much as you can.
2/ Invest in good hardware and ergonimics.

Sound obvious but a good chair and desk with ergonimics in mind go A LONG WAY

I've had a couple of friends working with some kitchen/dining chairs, these aren't made to sit for 6h. Set the monitor at eye level, keep an 👀 on posture.
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For many companies across industries, #hybridwork will become the norm. Studies say employees prefer being mainly remote with occasional trips to the office to collaborate together. Here's why I believe the shift to hybrid will be massive and what drives it - a #thread 👇
1. After a year of #remote work under less than ideal circumstances, employees expect flexibility and freedom, because they've shown they deserve it. Fewer employees than ever are ready to accept the commutes, the 9-5, and showing up to the #office just to be there 🤷‍♀️
2. Now we know the values of remote work, but we've also extracted the things we love most about workspaces and want to recreate them. The offices have benefits for collaboration, creative thinking, and human connection and people want those things back but without the faults.
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The Design Sprint 🚀
Special mention @jakek @Jicecream @AJSmartDesign 🙌

A Thread 🧵

Who has not gone from the phase where we searched for the solutions to big problems that arrived in our designs and surpassed them to get the desired outcomes?

#DesignSprint #uxdesign #Remote
Obviously, All of us!! Right? You are like, “what do you think of us? 🙌 talking again about some polemic talks.”
But! But! But! Nothing is our fault; we were surfing here & there and got this very nervy but at the same time exceptionally convincible notion which hits directly to our thoughts & steers to words of today’s thread.

It’ll either be an Efficient Failure or a Flawed Success.
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I have seen a lot of #pentesters struggle with tunneling and port-forwarding concepts. All #hackers should definitely understand these concepts for successful tests.

This thread is dedicated to Tunneling/PortForwarding tricks.

#infosec #pentest #tunneling #security #bugbounty
Local Port2Port

Open new Port in SSH Server --> Other port

ssh -R user@ #Local port 1521 accessible in port 10521 from everywhere

ssh -R user@ #Remote port 1521 accessible in port 10521 from everywhere
Port2hostnet (proxychains)

Local Port --> Compromised host(SSH) --> Wherever

ssh -f -N -D <attacker_port> <username>@<ip_compromised>

#pentest #security #infosec #bugbounty
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Since early September I have worked in different RSI settings. Some more polished than others. These RSI experiences may have changed my views on RSI compared to 👇 thread in March. Time for an update. #1nt #r1nt #rs1nt #remote #WFH
Let me first briefly share what types of RSI setups I have worked in. I’m sure many colleagues will be having different experiences. I’d love to hear them and read your views on how you see this evolve.
1/ Hybrid meeting at the @Europarl_EN : 1 interpreter per booth, some delegates in meeting room, others connected from home/office via @InteractioApp.
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*Dataville Research LLC Remote Graduate Internship Recruitment 2020*

Job Title: #Remote Graduate Internship in International Development

Location: Nationwide

Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply -…

Deadline: 11th Oct, 2020
Volunteers and entry-level professionals in the humanitarian and development sector from developing and developed countries.
Young graduates wanting to break into the international development sector.
Individuals with a technical background interested in improving their knowledge and skills.
Individuals with no technical background interested in exploring careers in global development.
Postgraduate students from the Global South.
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