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*Blows dust off*

God, it has been a long 4 years since I first planned this project. A lot has happened in my life, and for a long time I felt like I just wasn't ready to really make this project a reality.

I think I'm ready now. 🧵
I've steadily worked on this project for the past four years, at varying intervals, especially during #NaNoWriMo.

Over that time it has evolved CONSIDERABLY.

The entire backstory of the world has been fleshed out far more, so that the world itself has a pretty in-depth...
... history.

This world has to feel lived-in. The normal lives of the people around and outside the borders of the story have to feel like they'd make sense even if this story wasn't being told.

Things like knowing that the A'Athor peninsula is known for its wine because of...
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A thread of ten writing tips for anyone doing #NaNoWriMo (or anyone not doing #NaNo! You can write any time you want).

1) Have an ending in mind. This is the number one tip I give when asked for writing advice. You don't need to plot out the whole book (I don't) but having a
solid direction in mind will help keep you on track, and it's really invaluable for the kind of books I write - the kind that require you to drop hints for the readers. I know crime and thriller writers who don't plot at all - @lisajewelluk is one I believe - but I think they're
a rare breed and most of us want to travel with a destination in mind, even if the route we take is a surprise.
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#NaNoWriMo is here again.

50,000 words in 30 days.


There was a time when I would have thought so too.

Now, after a 5-year publishing career with 16 published novels, writing 50K words in 30 days is routine.

Here's the secret to massive output:
Don't focus on writing more.

Focus on eliminating obstacles to writing.

With nothing to hinder you, your productivity will ramp up dramatically.
100 words a day becomes 500.

500 becomes 1000.

1000 becomes 2000.

Next thing you know, you're hitting 3, 4, 5K words a day, day after day. Or more.

This means 50K words in just 2 weeks. Or less.

Would you like that?

Here are 5 tips to do that.
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Whoever said that you should write the way you talk has never been to Singapore.
Over here, the word 'straight' means 'upright', 'lying down', 'horizontal', 'vertical', 'diagonal', 'taut', 'flush', 'direct', and even, on the rarest and most exalted of occasions, 'straight'.
'Arrow' means to get someone else to do something, and also 'arrow'.

'Bite' means 'chew', until it means 'bite'.

'Bottle' means 'jar', except when it means 'bottle'.

'Offer' means a promotional price, or it could mean 'offer'.

'Shag' means 'exhausted'—nothing else.
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Everything on here is terrible, so let’s get lost in a haunted house 👻

As a #Halloween2022 🎃 treat, allow me to introduce you to #LonelyHouse - a new game of collaborative fiction

Which path will you choose? #TTRPG #HorrorGame #NaNoWriMo #RPG…
This is available only as a digital release for now

Because #LonelyHouse is an indie release, I could really use your help in getting word out

Any reposts or retweets would be most appreciated - doubly so if you are a writer, game designer/publisher - but every boost helps
Tomorrow on Halloween as a special treat, I will read a few chapters aloud on a Facebook live starting around 9 pm EST

If you haven’t found my verified Facebook page yet, it’s under the same handle as this Twitter account: sethanikeem
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If #RPGenesis is not a competition, how does it push us to work on our #ttrpg ideas? How does this event help with turning them into something real? At its ❤️ #RPGenesis is a creative exercise laser-focused on putting thoughts into words instead of judging them. 1/3 #ttrpgdesign
Inspired by the pragmatic spirit of #NaNoWriMo, one might say that the goal of #RPGenesis is to discover your game by acting under a time-constraint that soon gets us our first draft. But you could also say that the practice itself, to put yourself in motion is the goal. 2/3
So #RPGenesis doesn't know if your RPG is good or if you can write it well on your first try. But it does believe you can simply write. And that you will find some treasure in yourself by diving into your own words without judgment. Click to learn more:…
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The year was 2010, #RPGenesis was born in, a forum for tabletop games in Portugal. Inspired on #NaNoWriMo from the beginning, we challenged each other to write a new #ttrpg in a week by putting at least 5K words on paper. I try to make a convincing logo.
In 2011 #RPGenesis becomes international joining designers from Portugal and Brazil. Here are a few submissions that I've still managed to keep on my hard drive from that year. Already an incredible variety of #ttrpg ideas were made into actual playable games👍
For the 2012 #RPGenesis we tried to have two different weeks, one to create new games and another to work on already existing ones. We also start translating the event to English. Both attempts have little engagement, the original premise is still what keeps the event going.
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#CuarentenaCoronavirus día 574:
-Vuelta a la UADER. Me reciben los papeles y en cinco minutos ya me puedo ir.
-Paso por la cantina. Renovada, con muebles propiamente dichos, bien pintado y con un espacio mejor adaptado.
-Sin las patynesas completas no es lo mismo.
-Hay un acto político opositor cerca de casa. Con parlantes. Dos personas se turnan para hablar, primero un hombre y luego una mujer.
-Se levanta viento fuerte. Según el orador del acto político, es protesta por el actual gobierno.
-El viento se lleva volando el acto.
#CuarentenaCoronavirus día 575:
-Día ideal para quedarse adentro de casa y hacer meal prep. De pizza y milanesas, porque me han criado bien.
-El carnicero se puso el barbijo pero con la nariz afuera. Al menos tenía el corte que yo quería, pero esa nariz...
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Now for something different... I shall attempt to narrate a year of my life in haiku...
So here is 8/8/21 Image
Haiku for 8/9/21
Aubergine? Eggplant?
Purple pleasure sliced and fried
In fish fragrant sauce.

The poem may be iffy... the eggplant is divine 😌 Image
Data. More data!
I can't make bricks without clay.
Test reports lie blank.
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#NaNoWrimo #Sfff en français.
Jour 1 :… 1560/1667 mots - 1560/50 000 mots - 107 mots de retard. © 2019 – CoMix Wave Films / Les enfants du temps – Weathering with you
#NaNoWrimo #Sfff en français.
Jour 2 :…
1835/1667 mots - 3395/50 000 mots - 61 mots d’avance.
© 2019 - CoMix Wave Films / Les enfants du temps - Weathering with you
#NaNoWrimo #Sfff en français.
Jour 3 :…
1670/1667 mots - 5065/50 000 mots - 64 mots d’avance.
© 2018 - P.A. Works / Maquia – Sayoasa
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Finding #writing opportunities and development jobs has never been easy. So, I’m starting this thread of jobs & script calls out in the hopes it helps level the playing field and may open doors for everyone.

#writingcommunity #scriptchat #writers
First up, the BBC has several script editor & story roles going on Eastenders. More info available here:
The @MotherTongues Award opens on 1st Nov. They’re offering a £10k development for films set in the UK, and a different language. Run by @ShudderFilms, @ManonArdisson & @ColdAsIceCream – three of the most exciting UK indie film producers. Deets at:
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Voici les 31 tweets du #Writober, les thèmes sont de @nanochimeres. Ils serviront de base au #NaNoWriMo (1666 mots par jour vs 280 caractères). Pour les dessins, merci à CoMix Wave Films (Voyage vers Agartha et Your Name.) ainsi que Studio Colorido (Loin de moi, près de toi). ImageImageImageImage
(1) (Amer Cyborg) : Mon 3e jour sans nourriture produit un grondement dans mon cerveau. C-βell, assise en tailleur, sous cette roche qui l’abrite, serait délicieuse avec un peu de miel. « C-αull, à quoi penses-tu ? » Je pense que je suis chanceux de t’avoir, près de moi. Image
(2) (Souvenirs de la Terre) : C-βell règle son oeil pour observer une dernière fois la Terre. « C-αull, tu en garderas quoi comme souvenir ? » Je ne peux pas lui avouer que ce sont les frites-mayo. « Le murmure des vagues du Lac, le frisson de l’uranium de nos Vallées. » Image
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Why I'm asking published authors, agents and editors to be supportive about #NaNoWriMo - a thread
Every year without fail I see something, a tweet, a blog, an article in a national newspaper, the gist of which seems to be 'oh no not November again - all of those people thinking they can write. All of those manuscripts flooding agents' offices! Please just don't!'
Or the tone is a bit more jokey - something like, 'yeah sure let's write a novel! Let's all splurge 50k words and self publish, or send it to every publisher we can find online! Get your friend/granny/colleague/pet to join in too! The world needs your brain farts!'
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Not sure what’s up with the #NaNoWriMo hate/backlash/etc. lately, but I have some THOUGHTS. And now that I’ve finished my 2019 NaNo project, I have time to tweet. Thread incoming.
I keep seeing complaints about NaNo stressing people out. Yeah, okay, NaNo is definitely not for everyone! It’s a ton of work in a short time period, and heck yeah, it can be stressful.
But no one’s forcing anyone to participate. If someone’s stressed about not being able to finish, that’s something they need to figure out. There are lots of ways to write a book, and no one way is better than others.
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Então, atenção à thread: Está fazendo o #NaNoWriMo e quer aquela palavra de incentivo e sabedoria para completar as suas 50 mil palavras esse mês?

Então se inscreve aqui em e vem ver as que já foram!
Dia 1 foi a vez do @Ajota_Oliveira nos falar sobre como devemos nos permitir apenas escrever, sem revisar, reler ou exigir perfeição de nós mesmo, para alcançar resultados incríveis! Leia em

(e se inscreva para as próximas em AJ Oliveira - Aquele Empurr...
@Ajota_Oliveira Dia 5 tivemos @lucasdlrocha falando sobre recalcular a meta ou não quando se está atrasado e dando 5 dicas para fazer o seu NaNoWriMo mais fácil! Leia em

(e se inscreva para as próximas em Image
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Welcome to today's game of #MaryGoRound. I'm heading to Beijing straight from Vancouver for China SF con.

To play:
1. When my travel goes well, you drink.
2. When it goes poorly, I drink.
(Sip, don't chug. Does not need to be alcohol to play.)

Aboard my flight to Beijing. Have a drink. #MaryGoRound
They are closing the boarding doors for an on time departure. See you in Beijing. Have a drink. #MaryGoRound
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Sometimes the reviewer seems to be working off a checklist of all the things that were important and personal to the author when she wrote the book. This is one of those times, and lordy did it make me smile.
There's one thing that this generally lovely review highlights particularly well, and I think it's well worth my seconding, given the number of my followers who are writers:
She's absolutely right about school sex ed in American being trash. That's not a problem YA novels can fix, but it does make honest depictions of sexuality in your work even more important.
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Are you a pantser? Doing #NaNoWriMo this year?
My No Prep NaNoWriMo class this weekend is for you.

There are grants for BIWoC, LGBTQ, and Folks who are broke. See next tweets for details.…
If you're BIWoC, I have two spots available, funded by my Patreon supporters.

Reply to this tweet with a little about yourself by midnight CDT tonight (Oct 3)
If you are anywhere under the QUILTBAG umbrella, I have two spots funded by a fellow student who wants to see you write more.

Reply to this tweet with a little about yourself by midnight CDT tonight (Oct 3)
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[Day3: Creating & Sustaining Spaces of Practice]
Q: Have you created or been part of initiatives for #Science #STEM #STEAM #SciComm practice? Are you considering creating one yourself?

Today we'll discuss "safe spaces to fail" and scaffolded experiences to build up your skills!
Why do I care?
As a former academic & now in my work to spread adaptable skills in #scicomm through #comedy, it strikes me how little prep we get to teach or give strategic talks as we make the shift from undergrad to grad levels

How many bad habits do we accumulate b/c of this?
What are some bad communication habits in #Science #STEM you've seen, experienced, or are still working to overcome?

Here's where I used to struggle:
- preparing talks the night before
- going over time
- imagining the audience wasn't even there
- bad PPTs
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Really enjoying this #novel being published day by day, using Github for #transparency on edits and creation, with a changelog and all. See the creative process! 🛠

I might have made a couple of pull requests for typos. 💁‍♀️

@wallet_novel #nanowrimo
@wallet_novel Which also makes me wonder how much of our sophisticated development workflow that we take for granted we could share with others disciplines who have no idea (or maybe better ideas!) 💡
But this is amazing. Git for the creative process.
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I've never written 50k words in 30 days, for #NaNoWriMo or otherwise, but I've written two 95k+ novels. Does that qualify me to offer some opinions?

JUST KIDDING; I'm a man on the internet, so _of course_ I'm going to share my opinions, whether you want to hear them or not…
One common way to categorise writers is those who plan/outline first (planners), and those who just wing it (pantsers). I'm a planner, so really I'd say: hey, plan a lot before you start. But it's already 1st November, so I'm a bit late with that advice.
That said, I do highly recommend outlining. Broad strokes first, then iteratively refine until you're sick of doing so. I usually go down to the granularity of groups of a few scenes, and sometimes further. I also recommend reading about the three-act structure.
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So. In preparation for #NaNoWriMo, a friend of mine asked about how to come up with subplots in novels. Here are some ideas, with a little discussion of TV writing as one easy way to think about structure.
In a typical TV show, there are at least three plots in every episode, called the A, B and C plots because simple is good. The A plot is the main story, the overarching drama or mystery or conflict that takes up most of the screen time and involves your main characters.
The B plot may somehow relate to the A plot, or it may be a separate thing. It may involve your main characters, or focus on secondary characters. It can relate to an ongoing season plot instead of just the episode plot. It gets second-most screen time.
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1. I know I've failed to committ seriously in Storial's WriteTheFest last September, so I'd be striving more this November no matter what. I'll make myself be counted in #nanowrimo2018 💪🏻
2. Want Twitter header like the one that I am using? You can pick up Twitter header, FB header, and profile pic to immerse yourself into #nanowrimo2018 spirit here:
2B. For some reasons, I'm not changing my profile picture. Only my Twitter header. Okay let's continue.
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4 years ago this week I left my life as a medic behind forever after a decade on the job. This is clearly the cover of my unmade mixtape...
you can read some of my ambulance adventures here…
you may notice the voice is mysteriously similar to a certain half-dead protagonist in my adult Urban Fantasy series...shocking, I know...
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