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1) This is the cover of Good Will Hunting. Many people argue Robin William’s portrayal of a therapist in cinematic history [despite strangling and threatening the client in that famous scene]. Still, look at where Robin’s character did his best work: #Outdoors Image
2) This thread is about therapy outdoors as I was recently labelled as an “abuser”. I understand where this comes from my #research about survivors’ experiences in #WildernessTherapy. Good Will Hunting is not about Wilderness Therapy. They aren’t the same thing.
3) In 2020, I co-edited a book with Prof Nevin Harper titled Outdoor Therapies. This book examined #AdventureTherapy, #Nature-Based Therapy, Horticulture, #ForestTherapy, #Surf Therapy, #AnimalAssisted, &, yes, #WildernessTherapy.
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1) Regarding the recent article shared below, and because this put me in a particular mood today to see #TTI survivors used for industry promotion. Let's explore historically how direct comparison trials fair in #psychotherapy.
2) The first meta-analysis ever found: “More generally, virtually no difference in effectiveness was observed between the class of all behavioral therapies (e.g. #behavior modification) and the nonbehavioral therapies (e.g., Rogerian,…
3) A meta-analysis for #youth #mentaldisorders found: “there was no #evidence of any differences among treatments”…
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Good morning! I would love to reintroduce myself, since I have so many new followers.

I’m a mom of 3 adult kids, wife of a cool guy from Guatemala, fluent Spanish speaker, family medicine hospitalist physician (doing travel work/locums), author, and former homeless youth.
Before I went to med school, I taught high school bio and chem for 8 years. I had given up on my dream because I didn’t feel like I deserved to have what I wanted more than anything. I had a lot of self blame for my teen years that I carried with me.
A fellow teacher pulled me aside and set me straight. She told me I owed it to myself to chase the dream. She was right. I was miserable as a teacher. I had tried so hard to make myself fit into a career I’d never wanted, just to have a stable paycheck and a home.
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"Just because vulnerable young people are not being held in a detention center is no guarantee that they are receiving appropriate care."
@itscarolinecole @ParisHilton @aosimmons_law @OneLawma
@freep found that “a young patient was bitten, choked and taunted to kill herself," at a now-closed Detroit #troubledteenindustry facility that housed youth “who might otherwise end up in juvenile detention.”

We might not call it #incarceration but the #tti *IS* carceral.
In the #juvenilejustice system, things aren't any better. Youth in #Texas spend all but 30 minutes in #isolation and have resorted to using water bottles as toilets because there aren't enough staff to take them out of their cells. Texas' #childwelfare system is in shambles, too
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Twitter: can you help me find this woman? She was my “Big Sister” (from Big Brothers Big Sisters) in early 2000s in Marin County, CA. She saved my life when I was an at-risk youth enduring extreme trauma and abuse.

I want to tell her thank you. Two people sit on a plaid f...
Unfortunately I have trauma-related memory loss and I cannot remember her name. But largely thanks to her I made it through. I’ve since volunteered myself as a “Big Sister” to an at-risk youth & also tutored at-risk youth at a rehab facility to help others the way she helped me.
Because of some good advice on this thread: I left my contact info with BBBS so she can choose to contact me (or not if she doesn’t want to!). I am hoping she sees this post so she can contact me directly. No need publicly name her. Thank you all for your kind words & help!
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#OnPoli #OntEd

Where is the analogous leadership?

There is an election coming

Stop catering to #COVID19 flat-earthers

🛑 #CovidTroglodyte response

Show me you understand science

Lead like @SoniaFurstenau…

Same in ON

We are all 1 mass re/infection away

“…the province is not doing much to educate the public about #LongCovid. She cited a recent study showing that #LongCovid can affect 1 in 4 children”

PHO = approx 50% = #LongCovid…

@SoniaFurstenau 👏

#OnPoli #OntEd

Match & lead

🛑 #CovidTroglodyte response

Election coming

“W/ HIV/AIDS…govts educated people about how the virus was being transmitted. They were told that unprotected sex & shared needles contributed to the spread.”


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Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?


It’s a no-brainer

“ON will be extending #maskmandate in select higher-risk indoor settings for at least another month”…

More care with kids, not less

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#6ThWave ImageImage
The following have #maskmandate

Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?

It’s a no-brainer

More care with kids, not less.

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#maskmandate NOW

#6ThWave ImageImage
Universities have them.

Why isn’t there a #maskmandate in ON PS & daycares?

It’s a no-brainer

More care with kids, not less.

Ford 24/7 416-325-1941

#maskmandate NOW

#6ThWave ImageImage
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A new group, Tehreek-e-Taliban India (#TTI), announced its existence yesterday.
"Taliban is a common name& it has nothing to do with the Taliban in Afghanistan or Pakistan. The Indian Taliban is made up of Muslim scholars& created for peace in India & Kashmir," the group tweeted. Image
On the bases of human sympthey, the newly established movement in #India, in a tweet warned U.S. of consequences, if give #AFG money to the 9/11 victims:
"If Biden gave the #frozen_money of Afghanistan to the victims of 9/11. In India, Americans will face a strong TTI response." Image
While "Twitter has received request by Indian law enforcement agencies to shut down newly formed Tehreek-e-Taliban India (TTI) account", Pakistani media blamed Indian government for forming the new movement, TTI "to shield state terrorism against Muslims".…
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Testen, vooral in de context van bron- en contact onderzoek #BCO is de standaard en efficiëntste manier virus epidemie bestrijding.

Vaccinatie gaat virus verspreiding niet voorkomen, en test, traceer en isoleer #TTI kan een lockdown voorkomen.
🌧️Aantal #COVID19 besmettingen gaat in de herfst en winter toenemen.

💉Vaccinatie vermindert het aantal mensen dat ernstig ziek wordt met ~90%, maar als het aantal besmettingen 10x zo hoog wordt (2020 - 5%🇳🇱) dan liggen de ziekenhuizen overvol.
🇳🇱 heeft #TTI nog steeds niet op orde en daar is werk aan de winkel.

🧪Waarom hebben zoveel mensen kritiek op de overdaad aan testen die @hugodejonge heeft ingeslagen?

Dat is het enige punt waar 🇳🇱nu - eindelijk - voldoende scoort.
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Impressed at how quickly the masking recs in the ON schools guidance were taken out of context and misinterpreted. 🧵…


1. Masking is important + effective

2. We recommend aligning school practices with PH guidance on masking indoors


We read this 👆 carefully when it came out 10d ago and compared with our guidance.

Aside - found its vent/filtration section lacking in strategies and details.

(Our stakeholders said they wanted a roadmap.
So we built that into the recs 👇)

Back to CDC doc:
"Masks should be worn indoors by all individuals (age 2+) who are not fully vaccinated"

"Not fully vaccinated" i.e. guidance based on individual vaccine status?

How would this work for 12-17 now? 5-11yo later?
How to not discriminate against unvaxxed?

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1/4We’re stuck in a variant vs vaccine loop. Current UK border control=bandaid solution til IP barriers around max vax production are removed. Indian vax export ban (due to domestic crisis) causing knock-on shortages. Even @BillGates has u-turned to support #IPwaiver @chrischirp
2/4 @Dominic2306 damning revelations on No 10s total lack of #COVID19 strategy further demonstrates why a “wait & see” approach is deadly during outbreaks. @IndependentSage also concerned around #AZ efficacy against #B16172 as some Indian #HCWs testing + after 2 doses @skynewsSam
3/4 @IndependentSage continues to step up & fill the gaping hole in Gov leadership during the largest #publichealth crisis of a generation- pushing for better #globalhealth policy on borders, reforming #TTI vaccine access etc but the UK is risking making the same mistakes again!
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🧵 on asymptomatic testing in schools:

Testing is one of the tools in our toolbox of risk controls to keep schools open and safe for in-person learning.

Framework explained with @AmyGreerKalisz @AshTuite…
And in school guidance:…
COVID testing should prioritize the highest transmission risk groups
= symptomatic + asymptomatic high-risk contacts as identified by contact tracing

This relies on robust #TestTrace systems. But
This approach does NOT necessarily detect large # asymptomatic/symptomatic individuals (see serology studies) esp if insufficient resources to follow-up cases and trace contacts.

What can asymptomatic screening (with rapid Ag or PCR test) ADD?

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Alle rufen nach einer #Langzeitstrategie.

Hier ist sie:

#RunterBis10 powered by #NoCovid

Ein Strategie-Thread für wenig #COVID19, wenig #LongCovid, noch weniger #Coronatote, #BildungAberSicher und einen tollen #Sommer für uns

Bitte RT!
Gerne wird #NoCovid von vorneherein als Option ausgeschlossen, da man behauptet es wäre unmöglich die Infektionszahlen im Winter zu senken, wie bspw. von @stohr_klaus Anfang Januar.
#Leerdenker / #Covidioten / #Verharmloser nehmen diese Argumentation gerne auf. ABER, sie ist falsch:

#WIR können das #coronavirus BESIEGEN, wenn wir es WOLLEN.

Der #lockdown wirkt, die #Inzidenz fällt, schwere Krankheitsfälle sind rückläufig.

@risklayer 21.12. vs 06.02.
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The purpose of "control" in Europe is totally different from "prevent and control" as in #Vietnam
In Europe, it is about guarantee beds/ICUs for Covid patients in hospitals.
So when Germany or France ordered #lockdown.. that is unavoidable as healthcare system may collapse soon
What's the lockdown like if daily cases = 1000 per 100K or 1:100:
Europe doesn't intend to hospitalise infected people.
Many people would likely share the household with an infected person (tested or not). And they still go out for foods, maybe schools and protests, parties
In such a situation, without a lockdown, the chance of exposures to infected people is much higher.
But it's not much different if lockdown at 1:100
So Germany lockdown at 1:500 or 200 per 100K.
The hospital beds could expand but at 1:100 or 1:500 your HCW was eliminated at home
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Do #lockdown, #mask #ventilate work?
Why it seems not in some places?
Of course, they all work.
My analogy is with #football, there are rich teams, highly paid players... but the win belongs to the team has the best strategy, take any chance they have and minimised all flaws.
Ask governments: how many daily local cases can you control without a lockdown?
Study their answers or simply follow the news.
Hint: They are very different. So are lockdowns.
Germany at 200 per 100K or 1:500, others when they have been cornered at 1000+
For even Germany: risky
Vietnam lockdown at case number 202. Order mask mandatory at case 50.
It lasts for 3 weeks. No limit who and how many times to go out.
Just not hanging around.
They lockdown Anytime #TTI getting complicated, cases without link to known cases.
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Jokainen #EteläAfrikka’ssa viimeisten viikkojen aikana käynyt karanteeniin heti‼️

Etelä-Afrikasta on löytynyt #VirusVariantti2, mikä on edellisiä #UK/ #SouthAfrica -versioita vielä tarttuvampi sekä lapsille/ nuorille vielä hankalampi. Virusversio on jo tavattu #UK:ssa. 1/
.. Uusin #SouthAfrican2-versio on mutatoitunut lajemmalti kuin #UK tai aiempi #southAfrican1-versio. Mutaatiot yleistyvät kun virus päästetään lisääntymään populaatiossa laajalle.

Afrikan maat ovat ilmeisesti siirtymässä nopeasti #Aasia-/ #Oseania-malliseen tiukempaan 2/
.. #TTI #TestTraceIsolate sekä #KaranteeniToimi’in. #EU seuraa perässä?

#LaumaSuoja-ideologia ja siihen rokotteetta pyrkiminen väestöön virusta ajaen oli epäonnistunut ratkaisu siihen pyrkineiltä mailta sekä näiden #CDC-johdolta.

Jännää on joulunaika 2020 ja alkuvuosi 2021.
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[Thread in 6: aktuelle epidemiologische Lage]

Ich vergleiche hier die Lage in USA, Italien und bei uns. Zunächst einmal die aktuellen Sterbefälle in den USA - sieht hier irgendwer eine #Gompertzfunktion??

Natürlich nicht! Hier überlagen sich verschiedene epidem. Wellen.

Von "Sättigung" weit und breit keine Spur. Über 1.000 Sterbefälle/Tag ist auch für ein Land von der Größe der USA hässlich, zumal hier Untererfassung eine Rolle spielt.

Die 1. Welle war stark von New York geprägt. Dort finden sich moderate Sättigungseffekte.

Teuer bezahlt.

Zum Vergleich Italien:

Aktuell gipfeln dort die täglichen Neuinfektionen (endlich!), aber die tägl. Sterbefälle liegen auch verglichen mit den USA sehr hässlich hoch:

590 pro Tag (7-Tages-Glättung), und noch weiter ansteigend. Autsch!!

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[Mini-Thread in 5 - der Fall der Tschechei]

Es ist hochinteressant, wie die Epidemie in der Tschechei verläuft! Ein Grund dafür ist:

Die Tschechei hat in Sachen Epidemie ca. 5-6 Wochen Vorsprung zu uns. Hier können wir gut sehen, wie es läuft, wenn es schief läuft.

Im März hat man in der Tschechei

a) sehr schnell
b) sehr konsequent

die Epidemie bekämpft - und das sehr erfolgreich. Ähnlich wie wir, mittels Semi-Lockdown, Veranstaltungsverboten, #TTI, MNS.

Im Sommer war man dann nahezu virenfrei und hat noch konsequenter "gelockert".

Musterknabe im Europavergleich, quasi.

Im August ging es dann wieder los, und am 18.09. hatte man dann das Inzidenzniveau, das wir zur Zeit in Deutschland haben.

Man hatte sogar die gleichen pol. Kämpfe wie wir heute! Zögerer versus Coronaleugner.

"Das Virus ist weg!"

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"Wenn wir mehr auf Klinik-Belegungen achten, können wir das Risiko besser einschätzen." (Hendrik Streeck)

Heute: 850 (Intensivstation - insgesamt eher 1100)
Gestern: 769
17.10.: 731
16.10.: 690
15.10.: 655
14.10.: 602
13.10.: 618
12.10.: 590

(eine Woche)

"Es gibt Hochrechnungen, dass Mumbai und New York mit keinen hohen Infektionszahlen mehr zu rechnen haben, weil dort bereits Herdenimmunität eingetreten ist." (Streeck)

Mit 22 % Seroprävalenz (NYC) ergibt es keine Herdenimmunität! Auch in NYC steigen die Zahlen wieder.

"Auch in Schweden sinken die Fallzahlen." (Streeck, 14.10.2020)

Zum Zeitpunkt des Interviews muss man das leider eine klare Lüge nennen. Sowohl in der Stadt New York, als auch in Schweden steigen aktuell die Fallzahlen!

Etwas weniger steil als bei uns. Aber sie steigen.

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We Still don’t have a National Strategy/ Logistic For #TTI . TTI is Test , Trace, with Suported Isolation . If #TTI is not Standardized Nation Wide , we will have a 50 State Solution. #TTI is similar to the #SouthKorea strategy. We Working a Plan B for #USA @realDonaldTrump Image
We need a National #TTI Strategy/Logistics @MSNBC @AliVelshi @TeamCavuto @AC360 @donlemon @DavidBegnaud @CNN @NPR Must Get the @CDCgov leading this #TTI effort our plan B will have . Strategy , Concept, Tactics , Techniques and Procedures , Working with team of Selfless Leaders
The second wave could kick our collective butt if we don’t , organize , standardized, train , fund #TTIT ,TEST ,TRACE , ISOLATE,TREAT . A 50 State Solution without Federal #Logistics Funding will not be effective. The @CDCgov @HHSGov must be leading this effort with the States Image
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1- İdeal programını adım adım kullanımına yönelik bilgilerindirmelere burdan sırayla başlayalım,
adım adım formul yükleme, basit formulleri yazma, basit al sat sistemleri, sistem birleşmeleri vs..
2-Basit hareketi ortalama sistemi oluşturma, hareketli ortalamanın fiyatı kesmesi sonucunda oluşan al sat sistemi.
3- RSI a göre al sat sistemi. Rsı istediğiniz rakamın üzerine çıktığın al, rakamın altına indiğinde sat mantığında. başlangıç için adım adım gitmeniz öğrenme hızınızı arttırır.
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One year ago today I played THE best game of hide and seek with the police. A thread⤵️
Okay guys buckle up and grab some snacks because this is gonna be a long story consisting of an underage party, some teens, and a mattress.
So where do I begin? Well a little background first.
•I was 18 years old when this took place.
•It was the summer after senior year.
•I was not typically labeled as a regular partygoer and only occasionally drank, but didn’t like smoking.
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