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Last night 11 people plus the shooter died at a bar in California. Look at Twitter trends for the details. It's horrifying. But here's a thing - I'm seeing a lot of tweets about how "California has stricter laws so strict laws won't stop gun violence".
Our CA gun laws are garbage
My hubs and I bought a Beretta m9 about two years ago or so. It's a nice gun. We googled gun shops in the area. Found one about 15 minutes away that had it in stock so we could hold one and test the safety and loading.
We told them we'd like to buy it so they gave my husband (not me, just him), a one page test. they sat us in a corner of the store, away from patrons, asked us if we want sodas, and left. We we're by ourselves, and I was on Twitter on my phone.
I could've easily looked up all the answers to the multiple choice questions but I didn't need to. As he was taking the test, we lolled at some of the questions because they were so ridiculously easy. They didn't require any research or logic.
I don't remember much of the questions, but one was along the lines of if you shoot a window, will the bullet still pass through.
So yeah, I didn't need to look up any answers, because they were so easy.
He got 100%.
So we took our paper to the front counter, they graded it, took his ID (not mine), and told him they'd do a background check and he could pick up his gun in 30 days. In the meantime, we purchased ammo so we could go to the range when it arrived.
Once we got our gun, we bought a biometric safe, set that up, and learned how to clean the gun and how to properly handle it at the range. Thank you to my friend out here who is a instructor!
We never had a check to see if we'd taken any safety courses on gun ownership. No one ever made sure we had a safe. No one did a background check for me or made me take a test, even though it's in our house. Nothing. After we bought it, no one gives a shit what you do with it.
I'm from Missouri. I used to walk from the Barbie isle to the gun isle in less than a minute because they were right next to each other. When I was little, all of my friends dad's had guns. We had lots of deer jerky. It was yummy!
And moving to CA, and offering to take my out of town guests shooting and seeing how they interact with the gun (especially my international friends)... I never, not once, thought the CA laws were tough enough.
Gotta wait 30 days? No prob. Test is so simple my cat could take it? Yup.
And there's no laws about gun storage or ensuring you know proper handling? Nope. Not even the new ones that ban semi autos or the ones that but restrictions on ammo. NBD.
I can only use a 10 round mag? No problem, we have three of them and it takes seconds to reload.
Some folks may read this and be like "she wants to ban all the gurns! Down with snubs! Rawr!"
Please. I enjoy my hobby. You know why we wanted to buy a gun? Cuz I'm a prepper, and I like being prepared for the Apocalypse. And I like to know how to do things.
But seriously, how many deaths have we seen in the past two weeks alone? How many had to do with some pissed off American from America?
Restrictions on ammo or how you buy a gun obviously don't work so what do we do?
Do we treat guns like the tools they are (ala cars) and require humans (the ones with the fingers that pull the trigger, ya know?) to be licensed, insured, and held responsible for their gun?
I ask that to you, my logical, educated followers. What do we do?
Americans would never want to ban all the guns, so what do we do?

How do I keep my niece safe when she goes off to public school.

* Any trolls, bullshit, or trash talking in the comments will be blocked immediately. I don't have time for that and neither do my followers.
A since blocked comment that I would like to clarify:
I want rules in place that effect me too. I want someone to tell me "hey, you have to take a gun ownership test at the range and provide proof of proper storage, and insurance" or whatever would be good.
Hell, if my hubs and I were told we had to do that, I'd be like "yeah that makes sense." And then we'd whine about having to do it but we'd do it anyways because it is logical, and then I'd ask for a gold 🌟 on my exam for passing because it'd be tougher.
Also, anyone that knows me knows that I'm not a lady and oh shit now that I think about it they probably weren't following me in the first place and are just trolling Twitter to attack people. Dammit.
I'm going to close out my thread here and get ready for work. Just wanna say -Thank you- to folks having civil debate and convos in the thread. Y'all aren't in agreement with everything but I'm happy to see lots of respect for individual beliefs and thought provoking ideas. 🙌
I only had to block two individuals for attacking me when I asked, quite clearly, that there be no trolling in the comments.
Neither of them followed me so I suspect they just found my thread while searching for users to attack for discussing guns.
So thanks to everyone else! These are the kind of conversations that I appreciate and enjoy seeing. Civil conversation about what we can do to make our country a more positive environment for kids, gun owners, etc.
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