Another reason why I'm hesitant about Max... He calls himself the REAL Conservative, but alienates social Conservatives.
Social issues are HUGE right now. Charter rights of freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, in particular. 1/…
Within Conservative circles many disdain "Social Conservatives" and dismiss them as though their only issue was Pro-Life and pro-religion. That is dead WRONG.
Freedom of speech, opinion, thought and expression are SOCIAL ISSUES, and have they ever mattered more than now?? 2/
Max does touch on this as far as the immigration aspect, but as far as I'm concerned, that is treating a symptom, rather than the cause.
We wouldn't be having this conversation about Cdns opposing so much immigration if it wasn't for the upheaval we're seeing SOCIALLY. 3/
Supply management isn't remotely on my radar. By comparison to these, I couldn't care less. On equalization, sorry, I hate it too, but I'm far more concerned about the indoctrination of my six children in our schools, and that they're discriminated against when they speak out. 4/
From what I'm seeing among Conservatives, the main problem they're having with the immigration issue is that we're shouted down, shamed, shunned, and called names for even DISCUSSING it. Same for this "gender identity" issue. These are symptoms of something FAR DEEPER. 5/
Our culture, our SOCIETY, is a social issue, and it is in serious danger, but among Bernier's supporters, and Bernier himself, personally I have felt no different than I have among Liberals... that "Social Conservatives" are a blight, a stain on Conservatism at large. 6/
So why on earth would I support that? Give me ONE good reason why I should give my time, money and efforts to support a group that disdains what matters most to me?
Here's the thing. You can't put forward a platform based on EVERYTHING that's dysfunctional in Canada...7/
So obviously, it's important to prioritize. What is the proverbial hill Canadians will chose to die on in this coming election?
Who we choose to vote for is a personal decision. I am an individualist, not a collectivist.
For me, Supply Management is NOT the hill to die on... 8/
Frankly, I don't feel immigration is either. These are SYMPTOMS of something VERY wrong, that is far deeper. Along with climate change, abortion and gender identity, they are WEAPONS the left uses against us, to divide and shame us, and make themselves look morally superior. 9/
The really sad part is, it's WORKING better than they could have ever hoped for, because we're playing right along! They toss out that bait, and we gobble it up like pigs at the slop bucket.
This is why I've not taken a solid position on EITHER Scheer, or Bernier & I'm not sure that I'm likely to publicly leading up to 2019. I will not be used as a tool of division, and I will not be pressured into choosing against my conscience.
I am FOR CANADA & #TrudeauMustGo 11/
I will not be turned against fellow patriots. Bernier patriots, or Scheer patriots, if you love Canada, and want to preserve what our grandfathers fought and died for, if you want Trudeau GONE, as far as I'm concerned, then we're on the same team.
Because we ARE... 12/
We might disagree on how best to do that, and that's ok, b/c the right to DISCUSS that, without tearing the country apart IS the hill to die on.
What could be a more solid foundation than basic fundamental human rights?
How could Trudeau oppose it, without exposing HIMSELF? /13
This is Trudeau's Achilles heel. He touts "standing up for human rights" but has proven his hypocrisy in this area, globally, over and over again. We all have the evidence. It's indisputable, and it definitively proves he is UNFIT to lead this country. /14
How could Trudeau debate AGAINST defending freedom and fundamental human rights?
He couldn't debate his way out of a paper bag, but how could he argue against the charter rights that are his father's legacy? 15/
The howling left that screams in the streets to drown out Conservative ideas, who falls back on their own "right to free expression"... Will they side with him in arguing against it? Some will... as we've seen in the States. Others will clearly see who the real fascists are. 16/
To be fair, @AndrewScheer has disappointed me too in this area, specifically by banning @TheRebelTV from the convention. I have been VERY vocal in my rebuke of that, and I absolutely commend @MaximeBernier for not bowing to that pressure from the left.
WISE move, Max! 17/
The TRUTH matters. Preserving the right to speak it, to DISCUSS these issues and ideas, defending our fundamental rights IS THE HILL TO DIE ON.
Without them, ALL of these other issues are literally.... 18/
For all of those that can deal with my refusal to be cowed to take sides, I'd love some company fighting what REALLY matters, instead of fighting each other.
What matters is not only protecting the right to speak, but the freedom, without persecution, to speak THE TRUTH.
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