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Clinton In 2014: Immigrant Children “Should Be Sent Back”.

Bill, Hillary and Obama: No Friend of Immigrants…
Actually, the Clintons personify many of the most shameful moments in our history.
Under Bill Clinton’s Operation Gatekeeper, the focus was on crossings in high-visibility areas of San Diego, erecting a fifty-two mile fence that stretched from Imperial Beach to the Otay Mountains. The barrier forced migrants to cross in significantly more dangerous regions.
In essence, Clinton was waging a war on migrants — with all the attendant casualties. Scholar Bill Ong Hing points out: “The number of migrant deaths increased six hundred times from 1994 to 2000; a number that could be attributed to Operation Gatekeeper.”
One estimate put the number dead since Operation Gatekeeper’s enactment at over 6,600 — “and the remains of another 1,000 migrants have been unidentified.”
Clinton also signed two laws before the end of his first term: the 1996 Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act.
Many claim these laws tore families and communities apart “and entire generations of immigrants have been criminalized.”

But of course, Bill Clinton’s laws were enacted with utmost compassion and dignity.
Today the Clintons try to downplay the militarism and sheer aggressiveness of their deterrence strategies. Yet immigration control was central to Clinton’s presidential identity: his re-election campaign featured ads highlighting his administration’s harsh immigration laws.
Barack Obama

Obama moved into the Oval Office and many assumed he would be more sensitive than his predecessors to the racism underlying US immigration policies. His promises during the 2008 campaign help fuel that assumption.
Speaking before the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), he proclaimed: “I will be a president who will stand with you, who will fight for you.”
Obama earned the “deporter-in-chief” epithet by building on Clinton’s aggressive enforcement apparatus and expanding George W. Bush’s surveillance state.
Under Obama’s DHS, the Secure Communities program requires local police agencies to forward the fingerprints of apprehended people to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The government then orders the deportation of any undocumented arrestees with criminal records.
2010 was a banner year for severe enforcement. The admin increased removals by 71%.
and the president signed a $600M “border security bill” that called for an additional 1,500 Border Patrol agents, customs inspectors, and other border enforcement officers, as well as the deployment of unmanned aerial drones.
But Trump BAD!!

By September 2011, Obama had deported more than a million undocumented people — just shy of the 1.57 million Bush expelled in his entire two terms.
The Obama administration then offered Operation Border Guardian - an enforcement surge which included among its targets “more than 300 recent migrants from Central America, youths who crossed the border without their parents.” (Separating families with compassion and dignity)
Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s 2014 comments to Christiane Amanpour were in keeping with past statements. In a 2003 interview with WABC radio, Clinton said:

I am, you know, adamantly against illegal immigrants. . . . [C]ertainly we’ve got to do more at our borders.”
“And people have to stop employing illegal immigrants. Come up to Westchester, go to Suffolk and Nassau counties, stand in street corners in Brooklyn or the Bronx – you’re going to see loads of people waiting to get picked up to go do yard and construction and domestic work.”
When she was in the Senate, Clinton was Trumpian before Trump was. She supported the Secure Fence Act of 2006, a bill to build more walls on the border. *gasp*!! (Shameful moment in history!!)
And while on the campaign trail in the 2016 election season, she has touted the “numerous times” she voted “to spend money to build a barrier to try to prevent illegal immigrants from coming in.” #BuildTheWall

In her capacity as secretary of state Clinton added to her inhumane record, proposing deportations as a way to deal with a tragedy she helped create.
Clinton’s State Department provided material support for the 2009 Honduran coup, aiding and abetting the golpistas in their successful drive to consolidate power via a sham election.
The resulting chaos from the putsch, as scholar Dana Frank notes, led to an “almost complete destruction of the rule of law in Honduras.”
Dignity and compassion:

According to Hing, “920 Honduran children were murdered between January and March of 2012,” and many other Latin American refugee children fell victim to human and drug trafficking rings.
Many of them meet the criteria for receiving asylum: they have a “well-founded fear” that if they returned to their home country, they’d endure “persecution on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion.”
Dignity and compassion:

Yet Clinton worried that granting these children asylum would send a “message that is contrary to our laws.” Instead of welcoming them, she publicly called for their deportation.
The two largest for-profit prison companies . . . more than doubled their revenues from the immigrant detention business since 2005.”
What’s more, these prisons are subject to weaker regulation and oversight than other institutions under the Bureau of Prisons, allowing their operators to spend far less on detainees and pad their bottom line.
Dignity, compassion and the all to familiar Clinton GREED:

In order to cement that lucrative arrangement, top firms like Corrections Corporation of America and the GEO Group have parlayed their enormous growth into political clout.
In the 2016 presidential election cycle alone, the two companies together contributed over $130K to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and “I’m Ready for Hillary” SuperPAC. So while detainees languish in squalor, execs‘ bank accounts swell, knowing the Dem establishment has their back
“Draconian immigration policies and neoliberal restructuring dovetail neatly. Both exact a stark human toll while benefiting capital. That the Dems most powerful elected officials have been among their staunchest advocates is a stark reminder of whose interests it serves.
So, yeah. Please try to remember that although you have a hazy memory and can’t decide on which position to take at any given time, your prior words and positions are available, for all who are interested, to see.
What’s most disgusting is not your prior positions, it’s that you think we’re all too stupid and ignorant that we don’t notice that you’re talking out of both sides of your mouth. As usual. And this time, it’s because of your irrational fear and hatred of Trump, because you LOST
This is one more reason why everyone, minus your extreme, ignorant sycophants. Keep asking you to GO AWAY. You have no relationship with truth, your ears only perk up at the sound of cash counter & you actually dare pretend you’re compassionate and treat illegals w/dignity
You treat no one with dignity, you’re hard, cold, callous, calculating. The more you speak, the more disgust you invite. Stop treating us like stupid ignorant peasants. If you can’t do that, at least stop humiliating yourself: a devious multiple loser, and frankly a pathetic joke
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