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Got a little free time, so let's try something new. Let's roll-up a #RuneQuest character! The new edition from @Chaosium is beautiful, and character creation reminds me a bit of Traveler. Very involved. I'm going to go completely random and see what we get.
Here’s the #RuneQuest character sheet for those of you playing at home.
Stats first. I'm rolling 4d6 per stat, pick best 3, roll in order. NOTE: Human Size and Int are 2d6+6. Here goes.
STR 13, CON 11, SIZ 9, DEX 15, INT 17, POW 18!, CHR 11. (I actually picked the smallest SIZ result)
Next, HOMELAND. There's no randomizer for this, so I'm going with Sartar (sexy tattooed storm-worshipping rebellious barbarians). FAMILY HISTORY: What did grandma do? 19 on a d20 says.... THIEF!
I've decided Grandma was the famous thief Veringa the Shadow, who once stole the fuzzy slippers of a troll high priestess. (Stealing troll shoes is a thing super-cool Sartarites do).
Next step: What famous events did Veringa participate in? d20 says... Veringa was at the Battle of Grizzly Peak (early Sartar vs. the Lunar Empire battle). D20 says... She was killed by Lunar Spirits! My character gains the skill HATE LUNAR EMPIRE.
Skipping to Parents Occupation. Cause poor Veringa died at 21, leaving a young boy all alone back in Sartar. Dear old dad. D20 says dad was... A Bandit. Makes sense. Bitter at the loss of his mother at a young age, Gar Bloodtear became one of the most feared bandits in Sartar.
Dad has 5 siblings? Must've had some half-brothers and sisters from second mom. Brother 1, Alive and Married, Brother 2, Alive and Married, Brother 3, Alive and Unmarried, Sister 1, Alive and Married, Brother 4, Alive and Unmarried. My character has a big family.
In 1612, Dad fought in Starbrow's Rebellion, the first major uprising of the Sartarites against the Lunar Empire. Dad survived the failed uprising without major incident. In 1619 he fought the Lunars again in Hendrikiland. Where... D20 says... He died with great glory!
My character gains the Honor skill and 1-3% reputation. D3 says... 1%. My character was born in 1604 (two years after the Lunar Empire conquered Sartar). First notable event: Fought in the Battle of Auroch Hills (yet another Sartar vs. Lunar battle). D20 says...
Fought with Great Glory at Auroch Hills! Badass. Gain Honor (already have that) and Loyalty (Temple). We'll sort out what god s/he follows later. Also 1-6% more rep. d6 say 5%!
Also, looks like I get a Random Boon. s20 says Gain the Favor of Your Temple. +10% to Loyalty (Temple). My character is super connected to his/her local temple. With a POW of 18, I think we're looking at a priest. But let's see.
In 1623, D20 result of 20! says my character fought in the Seige of Nochet (Lunars vs Esrolians, the Earth-worshipping queendom to the south, that's a long way from home). D20 says 20 again! Blessed by Queen Samastina! I must've done something pretty cool.
Character gains... Loyalty (Queen Samastina), +5% Battle Skill, 400 silver coins of gifts from the Queen, and 2% more rep! Character loyally follows the Queen into her next battle, the Battle of Pennel Ford in 1624.
Sidenote: Siblings... My character has 3 siblings. Sister 1, alive and unmarried, Sister 2, Dead, never married (I'm gonna say she died in the Great Winter of 1622. Blame the Lunars!), plus a Brother, also alive and unmarried.
In 1624, my character got that Random Boon (guess I shouldn't have rolled it earlier) & Fought with Great Glory at Pennel Fields. Gain Devotion (Deity), +10% more Battle, another +1d6% rep - 3%) and joins Argrath the Sartarite liberator in the Sacking of the City of Wonders.
During the Sack, my character stole a magic item. Roll 3d6+2 on Family Heirloom Table: Ancient Gold Armband with a 2 pt Spirit Magic matrix worth 800 Silver. Let's make this a Coordination Matrix. (Buffs Dex).
In 1625, Kallyr Starbrow frees Sartar from the Lunars. I roll a 1. My character was nearly killed in the Dragonrise, when Kallyr woke a giant True Dragon which ate a bunch of Lunars. Gain Fear Dragon. Didn't do much else in the Liberation. Ah well.
Rune Affinity. Now I really have to sort out the god stuff I guess. I get 3 Element Runes. One at 60, one at 40, one at 20. I choose... Air, Fire, and Water. I'm thinking my character is a Storm Priest who summons lightning and rain.
That means my Loyalty (Temple) and Devotion (God) become Loyalty (Old Wind Temple) and Devotion (Orlanth).
Time for Power/Form runes. I get two at 75%. Since I've decided to go for Wind, Fire, all that kind of thing, let's go with Mobility and Death. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!
LOL, now I'm supposed to roll stats? I already did that. I love that I know all about my character's history before knowing stats or basic skills. Hilarious. I know how many uncles and aunts I have before I know what my primary combat skill is. Shows what #Runequest values.
Ooh, I get mods to stats. Since AIR is my main rune, I get +2 to either STR or CHR. I choose... CHR. FIRE as secondary gives +1 to INT or CHR. I pick INT. No racial mods to stats.
Magic Points = POW = 18 because I'm a caster I guess. Hit Points = 11 for CON + 1 for an 18 POW = 12. Very average. Better not get hit. I get 4 HP in each leg, my head, and abdomen, 5 in the chest, 3 in each arm. Healing Rate is 2 HP per week. But MAGIC! so that's okay.
My melee combat damage bonus is based on SIZ + STR, which comes to... 0. Doh. Spirit combat damage is based on POW + CHR so 1d6+1. Max Encumbrance is average of STR and CON, so 11.
STRIKE RANK, which determines when in the round I attack, is based on SIZ and DEX. I get 2 for each so 4 (lower is better). Not bad. I plan on focusing on magic and missile weapons, because melee will suck for me, so DEX Strike Rank of 2 is pretty good actually.
Let's name this character & pick a sex since I'm getting tired of indeterminate pronouns. 1-3 on a d6 = female, 4-6 = male. 6. Male. Given the "Wind Fire All that Kind of Thing" theme, let's call him Yggar Sixdemon. Egg for short. Because you can't go wrong with a BTiLC ref.
Time for some skills! SKILL MODS: Derived from stats: Agility +5%, Communication +15%, Knowledge +15%, Magic +10%, Manipulation +15%, Perception +15%, Sleaith +10%.
Manipulation is also the Weapon Skill bonus, so that's pretty good. Egg is a well-rounded guy who's best at talking, knowing stuff, and seeing what's up, and he's pretty good at combat.
Cultural Skills give him bonuses to Ride, Dance, Sing, Speak Heortling, Speak Tradetalk, Heortling Customs, Farm, Herd, and Spirit Combat. For Egg's cultural weapon, I choose Composite Bow.
Occupation Time! I could choose Priest because LIGHTNING BOLT but then Egg would suck in combat and I don't want that. Let's go with Warrior (Light Infantry). That gives him Battle, Hide, First Aid, Move Quietly, Survival, Weapons, Listen, Scan.
I'm changing cultural weapon to Sling for reasons. Egg's best skills so far are Sling, Battle, Medium Shield, Farm, Broadsword, and Spirit Combat.
Time for Cult. I choose Orlanth the Storm King, god of Farmers, Warriors, and Kings. Also Lightning, Rebellion, and general Badassery.
Oh, have to choose a subcult, Thunderous or Adventurous. Since I want to Fly and Lightning Bolt stuff, I choose Adventurous. For Rune Magic, I choose Flight, Lightning and Shield. For Spirit Magic, I take Protection 4 and Mobility 1.
Oh, I missed bonus skills. +25% to any 4 and +10% to any 5. Now we're getting good at some stuff.
Okay, I think that's it. Egg is amazing at Broadsword (100%) and Medium Shield (90%), really good at Orate (85), Sling (80), and Battle (70). He's a master of Air and Movement Magic (90) There's more stuff to fill in, but that's going to be campaign specific.
With an Honor of 90, Egg is well on his way to being a Wind Lord of Orlanth Adventurous, which is like a champion of his god. Just need to get Sling and Orate to 90, which should take a few adventures.
Here’s Yggar “Egg” Sixdemons, ready to play. Pretty fun character. #RuneQuest
Rolling a character takes a while, but the detail is fun. Figure a half session to roll up characters, then a skill based encounter and a combat for a good introductory session. #RuneQuest
All in all, the new #RuneQuest is pretty sweet. Seems like an outgrowth of the best of RQ2 and RQ3. Beautifully put together. Some things were a bit hard to follow 1st time through, but will get easy with experience. Definitely want to play this.
Here endth the session. Hope you enjoyed it. If you have questions about #RuneQuest or anything, send them my way. Otherwise, happy Saturday. May Orlanth bless your fields with soft rains, warm breezes, and clear skies, all in their time. Free Sartar!
Oh, and @Chaosium_Inc, if I screwed anything up, let me know. =P
I mislinked the publisher of #RuneQuest. It’s @Chaosium_Inc
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