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Day 1: Arrived in Bangkok with no problems for most of the time, except losing a bit of time from running around the airport since no one actually told us tht we could just exit the airport before transitting to our next flight the next morning.
So we missed out on the countdown and the fireworks that we anticipated so much. But, its no drama really, least I got to experience a bit of Thailand for the first time. So, it wasn't all that bad.
Day 2 "Thailand bisa dingin jg pagi2)
Day 2 (Kathmandu): Spent the morning figuring shit out as we were taken to our hotel with some random ass travel agent from the airport. It seemed pretty shady at first, went along with it, went to his office, worked out a deal for our whole 11 days trip here, all is fine (?)
Got to the hotel, pretty nice and cozy, all is good, no problems there. Decided to walk around looking for some Nepali Buffalo Momos ( basically samosa fillings in gyoza dumplings), shit was bomb. Next, walked around Durbar Square, cool native hindhu-looking structures.
Though, some structures were still being rebuilt, if I'm not wrong, it was probably the result of the 2015 Kathmandu earthquake. End of the day, went back to the hostel, wemt straight to bed.
Here on Day 3 - we'll be going on a trip, in our not-so-favourite rocket ship, to Pokhara
View from our hostel in Pokhara. This place is wholesome af. They got horses eating grass and all.

#sorrynotsorry for the potato quality
Spent some time floating and relaxing on a boat in the middle of Phewa Lake while waiting for the sunset. Most peace and quiet I've ever gotten in ages
Had a few new things to put down in our authentic food list during our walk around Pokhara. These are the Nepali Chow Mein (top) and the Thukpa (bottom). I'd say the Chow Mein is basically fried noodles and the Thukpa is Capcay with added noodles. But yea, they were still good.
Day 3 (Pokhara): Lesson learnt that you gotta be able to bargain your way around here, especially with the taxis. They could rip you off as easy as breathing air for them.
Shortly after dinner, finished the day off going around town on the way back, buying stuff for people and getting myself a pair of nice pants perfect for the Malaysian weather. Paragliding tomorrow morning, so sleeping off early again.
It's a fine morning here on Day-4
End of Day 4 (Ghandruk): so today was pretty filled with things to do. Started off getting my hands freezing cold from paragliding. To catching a bus for a 4-5 hours of absolute carnage of a ride to Ghandruk, where it's even higher than Pokhara. Which means, it's even colder here
Day 5: It's a truly a breathtaking morning here in Ghandruk
(I had to re-tweet it cus i forgot to put it in the thread)
End of Day 5: sorry, was tok tired to update anything last night. Yesterday was only filled with us walking down from Ghandruk to Nayapool (?) in a 4 hrs-ish hike for 15kms-ish. Got back to Pokhara by bus, knees weak, arms are heavy, just plain dead as we got back to he hostel.
We agreed that we'll just spend the rest of the night in the zostel cuz we tired af w/o even having dinner, that's how tired we were. But, we had to rest anyway since we had to wake up early the next morning, for a bus ride to Lumbini.
Day 6: Here in the bus to Lumbini, where we'll be setting off in just moments. Plus it's cold af, you could tell by the image of my sis all cooped up in her parka.
Ens of Day 6 (Lumbini): Nothing much happened today, mostly spent on the road in the bus to Lumbini. As we arrived, I noticed how flat it was here, probably cuz this palce is much lower than Kathmandu. Also, things were mich warmer, probably bcs it's close to the Indian border.
Got off the bus, the place is dusty, small town, not much to see besides the temples that are located around, which we'll be seeing tomorrow, since my sis wants to go photo hunting there. We straight up went lookig for food, found the best Momos so far and sweet snacks.
That's it for today, as I said, not much happened today. So we off to rest now. Until tomorrow, signing off on day 6.
Couldn't be bothered updating anything last night, since I wanted to get some shut eyes early. We had to wake up really early this morning so yea.
End of Day 7: spent the whole day hitting up the streets of Lumbini on rented bikes with baskets on the front which were pretty useful to put our unused jackets, cuz it was way too damn hot there. Anyway, used the bikes to go around checking out he different temples in Lumbini.
Apparently Lumbini is said to be the birthplace of the Buddha, hence different Buddhist communities from various countries like Thailand, Myanmar, and even Switzerland built buddhist temples around Lumbini. But, the one that were really really memorable was probably China's.
Not only bcs it was one of the biggest and fanciest-looking one, but also bcs my sis had a take on becoming one of the local attractions. Probably cuz of her blue hair and it seemed unusual to the Indian tourists. But i think it's much deeper than just tht.
I think bcs the blue hair resembles the colour of the Buddha's hair, so that must've thought she was somewhat sacred or something. I mean, that's just what I think, so those people are gonna have some exciting stories to tell when they get back home.
Ending the day visiting Mayadevi Temple, was really cool, had lots of Buddhist prayer flags. So we headed back, gave back our bikes, showered, went to bed
Day 8: Only 4 days left of ourr whole trip, going back to Kathmandu on a bus, which will take roughly about 10 hours, so gonna be exciting. 🙃
End of Day 9 (Kathmandu): Arrived back in Kathmandu quite late into the afternoon. Tired and road sick, tbh it was my first time that I felt road sick, i think the never ending bus rides during our trip has finally started to take a toll on me.
Tho before actually ending the day, met up with a friend of my sis', which I've actually met already back in Canberra but I just forgot. He took us to town for dinner, food was great, music was great, place was cold af tho.
Oh, forgot to mention that we met up with some nice few travellers from Singapore and Sweden, talkative bunch. But it's cool, since we hadn't rlly talked to anyome else here besides the shopkeepers and tour guides.
End of Day 10: Soo we pretty much stuffed our faces with a bunch of different Nepali food on this secret Nepali food tour. Going from 7am till 3pm just non-stop eating. The food here are the bomb tho, tho some doesn't really suit my taste, but overall was awesome.
This food tour pretty much took us around the streets of Kathmandu, from the more crowded places to the lesser-known places that we pretty muh had to go through shady, small corridors to reach them.
Here are some examples of the food. There's Poori, Bara, large ass samosas, and some sweets which i forgot the names of.
End of Day 11: Yes, we had our 13th momo for breakfast I think? Idk I lost count how many momos we've had in Nepal by this point. Just can't get enough of these babies. Ok so this first tweet of the day will be about the momos. And yes, we've also had them for lunch, surprised?
Highlight of the day wasnt just about the momos tho, went to the Swayambunath Temple, or as people here call it, the Monkey temple (as seen in pics below). Had to go through a quick work out going up the steps towards the actual Stupa or temple. But was totally worth it.
Honestly, not only the temple looked great, the view of the surrounding city from the top was nothing but amazing. Plus, we've had the chance of coming close with the local settlers of the temple, the monkeys.
Tho I used to live in a place surrounded by thick forests in Eastern Borneo, never got a chance to come close to these many monkeys in one day like this. So yea, pretty nice addition to our temple visit.
Next up, visited Patan since people said that the town was pretty nice and chill, so why not right? Spent a few hours just strolling around Patan and just taking in the sureoundings. Patan seemed more organised than Kathmandu, so it was quite worth the trip.
Patan had some interesting artsy and edgy artworks placed around the city from stories of the locals to poems. So, if you feel you're edgy enough, Patan is the town for ya. Lastly, spent some time at a nice gift shop that was owned by a Japanese woman, she was nice and fun.
Oh we also walked back to our hostel from Patan, that was fun.
Thought we'd end our day once we got back to our hostel. But then we met up with this nice Italian dude, real legit dude. Talked a bit, apparently he just arrived in Nepal with no plans, so we gave him a few ideas on wht we did in Nepal.
He showed me an ig account of his restaurant back in Italy, had a lot of posts on the food there. Got me all hungry, so we thought it was a good idea to grab some dinner together, might as well get him to try some of the local food.
Found a really good street vendor that had some momos and something called Nebhali (?), shit was the bomb, basically like the Indonesian Pastel with momo fillings. Had them with Nepali curry, perfect way to end the night.
Oh before we actually dozed off, met up with Ivy from the US in our room, from there, the four of us (my sis, Ivy, and Hampus the Swedish dude we met up few days back) funnily discussed random shit from Kinder eggs, American Politics, to people shooting fireworks off their ass.
Day 11: Today's gonna be our last full day in Nepal, Hampus asked us to join him and Ivy for breakfast at a local cafe nearby. They had some great Himalayan coffee, probably the best coffee I had here so far. Now, we're taking a bus for Bhaktapur. Stand by for more updates
Right, Bhaktapur was basically a town of bricks and pottery, great for pictures and cultural tours, but yea not much else was there to look at.
BUT, I did find some rare gems there. Introducing some.more Nepali sweets I found! The best was the legendary sweet samosa, that was unfortunately too hot and I burnt the top of my mouth. But, totally worth the pain tho.
Later left Bhaktapur with a local friemd of ours to get some good Himalayan coffee at a pretty chill place, where I also found some rare sightings of First other Indonesians in Nepal besides us.
Then, our friend took us to a momo place that was apparently famous around Nepal for their best Momos, so I was up for that. The place was also where we would fulfill our quest for frozen momos to take home! Here are the deep fried momos, and the Choilla (?) momos. Fck yes momos!
Jist as we were about to leave, our friend noticed that one of the female waitresses at the momo place kept looking and smiling at me. He said she might have the hots for me, but I think she just sees me as a weird looking Nepali.
Lastly, we parted with our local friend as we got to our hostel. Ending our 11th and last day in Nepal, we juat went straight to bed.
Day 12 (Kathmandu Int'l Airport): parted with our good Swede friend and also Ivy, our very outgoing American friend, went to the airport together. Immigration and customs check was an ass. Just waiting to board our plane now. Stand by for more updates.
(Thailand) Aight, so we in Bangkok, tho flight was delayed issall good. Gonna head out to Kausan (?) to stroll around Thailand before coming back to the airport and spend the night there, since our next flight back to Jakarta is 8 in the morning
Update: I was told thay the correct spelling is Khaosan, not Kausan. How very Indonesian of me
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