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Serious question to journalists? 'retiree tax' & 'housing tax' are Liberal campaign slogans. Not actual 'things' at all?

Below says "attack". So what should be reported?

Woohoo! An 'attack slogan' is successful, go you good thing?


"attack slogan" misleading voters?
I'm not asking this to have a go at Bevan, just the priority when it comes to journalism?

Importance of marketing success of campaign
Importance of correctly informing the public as to what they need to know?

Thinking of Trump success? Would think 'reality' more important?
We see many journo's in the states lament they did not take Trump seriously and are now facing the consequences of reporting just the 'marketing' and 'campaign interest' angle.

National leadership is a serious issue, really deserves serious reporting imo.
Same with Tony Abbott when in Opposition.

How many times have you seen Journalists say "Tony Abbott was the most successful campaigner"?

Well yes obviously. But... reporting like that, using his 'attack slogans' like "carbon tax" is why we ended up with him as PM?
Also why we ended up with pretty much no environmental policy and an energy situation that is really crook and going nowhere in a hurry. Which again, many in media now lament as to why we got here?

Would we be in this place if the 'attack slogan' had not been treated as legit?
I know it might sound like semantics, but I really think this matters.

Bevan is not the only one I've seen saying stuff like "retiree tax is cutting through"?

We have to ask why?
In 'reality' there is NO tax on retirees? The whole premise of 'retiree tax' is false?
The proposal is for a tax loophole to be withdrawn. Same as when the baby bonus was withdrawn, or hundreds of other tax amendments over the years?


Tax changes all the time.
So every time you see a journalist even uttering the word 'retiree tax' without some sort of precursor indicating to readers or viewers that this phrase is false, misinforming &/ misleading the public?
Of course there is place in our news for 'analysis', particularly when it comes to election campaigns.

Though considering the PM should NOT even be campaigning, he should be working, I would note it is remiss to not be mentioning that either?

Surely the 'analysis' portion of success of marketing slogan should be secondary to 'informing the public'. We are talking about politics here, who will run the nation, who will address the problems we face. Not a footy team?

This is serious stuff.
For people to hear 'retiree tax' and run with it, use it as a legit term, particularly in media, are you not then disseminating false information?

I mean, when the baby bonus was 'removed', we didn't suddenly start calling it "a big new family tax"?

imo this is a worry.
I understand journalists are reporting what they see and hear. But these people are supposed to be wordsmiths and words matter.

I don't want to see another round of bullshit "carbon tax", "mediscare" etc etc. UNLESS I see the precursor "Scott Morrison has stated..."
When these slogans are used on their own in reporting it makes them 'legit'. As if they are a serious 'thing', not just a campaign slogan. Heard over & over again it cements in people's minds.

Media should not be assisting this when it is a falsehood.
Not to mention this falsehood of 'retiree tax' is actually scaring quite a few elderly people, people who are NOT even affected by the 'proposed' dividend imputation policy change.

This is not responsible government, surely not responsible reporting?
Not to mention those who could be harmed by the dividend imputation change but are vulnerable due to being reliant on pension are EXEMPT.

Now I don't watch all political news, but not seen this reported but heard 'retiree tax' squealed heaps?
In fact COTA already acknowledged this "Pensioner Guarantee" back in March 2018. cota.org.au/news-items/med… Even giving suggestions as to how this money saved from the policy could go towards assisting the elderly better.
Every recipient of an Aust. Govt pension or allowance with individual shareholdings will still be able to benefit from cash refunds. This includes individuals receiving the Age Pension, Disability Support Pension, Carer Payment, Parenting Payment, Newstart and Sickness Allowance.
So as we see, even the marketing slogan of 'retiree tax' in relation to this policy is a stretch considering those on a full Age pension - who last I looked are retirees - will not be affected.

So who does that leave us with?
Wealthier retirees are the only ones left. So maybe the Govt could be correct in saying "wealthier retiree tax"?

But even then, incorrect as in earlier tweets, this is NOT A TAX!
As many know, I'm not the biggest fan of Bill Shorten, due to recent folding on #AABill previous odious Nat Sec shite and not putting as much thought into raising Newstart as they have 'franking credits', I can't support them.

So be under no illusion this is ALP cheerleading
I don't like seeing people conned. Don't like elderly people who are not all over what a policy is being scared they will be hurt, when they are NOT EVEN AFFECTED but terms like 'retiree tax' scare them.

If you know any, shoot them Pensioner Guarantee pdf d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/australianlabo…
I also worry we are in back in Abbott days again, where bogan slogans, based in marketing crap, not reality are reported as 'news' and will help sway voters in an election.

Attack slogans only 'cut through' if media give them the free publicity to do so.
Anyhow... That is my 2 cents.

I'd like to see 'real' reporting.
Policy reporting that informs public who & how they will be affected in 'reality'.
No slogans reporting without precursor of '... said'

As no election has been called, maybe mention that too?

<end rant>
Sorry, couldn't let it go, so...

Please don't buy the 'retiree tax' line, please also talk to others as too much misinformation out there, most coming from Government 😡
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