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A serious escalation of the #conflict between #Russia and #Ukraine over #Azov Sea and #Crimea…
Radio communication of these #Ukrainian and #Russian #ships
Timing might not be coincidental since it follows a pattern of similar escalations of #conflict in #Donbas before international summits & such confrontation with #Russia might give Poroshenko pretext to declare martial law and stay in power by canceling #presidential elections.
As I suggested, martial law and cancelling of presidential elections in #Ukraine is now real possibility. Turchynov states that the Security and Defence Council would convene to declare martial law following this military incident at sea with #Russia.…
#Poroshenko now calls for martial law in Ukraine under fake pretext that the military incident at sea between #Ukraine and #Russia is a #war. Martial law would mean cancelling presidential #elections that he was going to loose and him staying in power.…
The Security and Defence Council headed by Turchynov has issued a decision to introduce the #MartialLaw in #Ukraine. This would enable him also to stay in power.…
The martial law under false pretext is attempt by current regime to institute open #dictatorship in #Ukraine since such #law prohibits any #Elections, strikes or mass gatherings & gives them rights to eliminate remaining vestiges of #Democracy in Ukraine…
Attempt to introduce martial law in #Ukraine is hardly surprising. I said before based on my research that current regime would do anything to prevent Tymoshenko's victory in presidential elections & to stay in power because they are implicated in #Maidan massacre & other crimes.
The fact that many Western #journalists, other commentators & self-proclaimed experts are surprised by martial law and its clear use by current leaders of #Ukraine to stay in power by undemocratic means is another illustration of failure to understand #Ukrainian #Politics.
It is amazing that people continue to take everything told by Poroshenko and co at face value. They falsely claimed that Ukraine is at war with Russia since spring 2014 and did not declare martial law during direct Russian military interventions in Crimea and Donbas.
The military incident at sea is not a war, and it is used by current leaders of #Ukraine illegally as a false pretext to stay in power. Much more serious incidents between South and North Korean ships did not lead to any martial law in South Korea.…
#MartialLaw decree by Poroshenko explicitly states that following rights and freedoms specified in #Ukrainian #Constitution can be limited in #Ukraine under the law: elections, strikes, meetings, freedom of expression & movement, education, ownership, etc.…
#MartialLaw is blatant attempt to cancel presidential elections in March 2019 & to institute open #dictatorship by eliminating vestiges of #Democracy in #Ukraine.
Reaction of Western democracies on the martial law in #Ukraine would be revealing. They de facto supported undemocratic measures, such as violent seizure of power by current leaders of Ukraine in February 2014 by means of the #Maidan massacre or protesters and police.
Kravchuk, Kuchma and Yushchenko, three first presidents of #Ukraine, have issued a statement opposing the introduction of the martial law in Ukraine because it limits rights and freedoms, and they called not to cancel presidential elections. in March 2019.…
Live: Confrontation in the #Ukrainian #Parliament concerning the vote to approve the martial law in #Ukraine. Tymoshenko and Liasko and their deputies block the speaker of the parliament.
The attempt to introduce the martial law in #Ukraine and cancel the presidential elections in order to stay in power is consistent with finding of my academic studies that the ruling clan tries to consolidate its undemocratic rule in Ukraine.…
Live: #Poroshenko claims that the martial law is to prevent #Russian invasion and that he would not declare war with #Russia . Because of strong opposition in #Ukraine, he states that the martial law would be for 30 days and not 60 days as proposed.
Oksana Syroiid, deputy speaker of the parliament from the Lviv-based Selfreliance party, also publicly opposes the martial law in entire #Ukraine.
Most of deputies from the ruling #Poroshenko Bloc and Self-Reliance party, reportedly, support the martial law, while the Opposition Bloc deputies oppose. Other parties, including ruling Peoples Front, reportedly demand changes to the proposed martial law.…
#Poroshenko has left the #Parliament of #Ukraine after he was unable to make a speech there and the vote on approval of the martial law was postponed because of the opposition to his power usurpation attempt.…
The text of the martial law decree on the #Poroshenko administration website deliberately omitted his proposal in the decree text, which was given to the parliament and which I posted here, to limit constitutional rights and freedoms in #Ukraine.…
Live: The #Parliament of #Ukraine considers the martial law approval
Poroshenko now proposes martial law in regions of Ukraine in oblasts bordering Russia, Black Sea, and Transdniestria. Voting is underway.
#Ukrainian parliament has voted to approve the martial law in regions of Ukraine bordering #Russia , Black Sea, and Transdniestria. The martial law would be in about half of #Ukraine, in particular, in regions that the current regime has lowest support.
The #Parliament of #Ukraine also has voted to set the presidential #Elections for March 2019. But the approved #MartialLaw for 30 days and in half of Ukraine would mean that the presidential elections would be in such conditions unfree and unfair even if they would happen.
Trump comments on the incident involving Ukrainian navy ships. Western leaders appear publicly to ignore martial law in Ukraine.…
There are certain indications that the incident with #Ukrainian #ships was #staged by current #Ukraine leaders to create pretext for canceling presidential elections and stay in power, similarly to staging #Maidan massacre, Bulatov crucifixion & Babchenko assassination.
#Ukrainian & #Russian officials confirmed that #Ukraine #ships attempted to cross under Crimean bridge without prior permission. Russia imposed such permission after Crimea annexation & building the bridge, contrary to free passage provision in 2003 #AzovSea agreement.
It appears that the three small #Ukrainian #ships were sent to the disputed area without such unilaterally imposed permission to garner such #Russian response and to use it as pretext to declare the #MartialLaw, cancel the presidential elections in #Ukraine, & stay in power.
Tymoshenko said in her TV statement a few months ago that Poroshenko planed to stage an escalation of the war #Donbas in order to introduce the martial law and cancel the presidential elections. Polls showed that he had 8% support & would loose to her.…
Ukrainska pravda #journalist suggests that PR film, which included interviews referring to this sea incident with #Russia and which was shown by #Ukraine #Parliament TV, indicates real possibility that this incident was staged since such film would take a long time to make.
Girlfriend of #Ukrainian sailor on this ship reportedly said that he told her that they received order to go to #AzovSea do not stop if someone tries to stop them & shoot if they would be shot, not to tell about this to their parents & had phones taken
Published recordings deliberately omitted first part of the incident. This omitted part is just made public. It reveals that Russian border guards stated that Russia temporarily & unilaterally stopped the passage of foreign military ships to Azov Sea.
#Russian border guards denied passage to #Ukrainian navy ships & told them to wait for permission as was the case with passage of Ukrainian navy ships in September. Ukrainian responded stated that Ukrainian ships had right of such passage under 2003 #Russia & #Ukraine treaty.
Russian border commanders told the Ukrainian ships that they were in Russian territorial waters, told them to leave, and then told the Ukrainian ships to stop because they violated the territorial waters. Ukrainian ships refused to stop and said that they would leave the area.
Russian border ships followed Ukrainian navy ships, and then stopped them by force. Videos and photos showed Russian border ships ramming a Ukrainian navy ship, shelling another ship & wounding Ukrainians there.
My #interview on the incident between #Ukrainian and #Russian ships and #MartialLaw in #Ukraine is now available online in one of Latin American editions of Metro newspaper.…
English-language text of my Metro #interview concerning #Incident between #Ukrainian and #Russian #Ships in #KerchStrait and martial law in #Ukraine.… via @academia
Misrepresentation of this incident & martial law in #Ukraine by Western governments & #media for political reasons was predictable based on my research & based on their misrepresentation of #Maidan & Odesa massacres & war in Donbas. This is rare exception.…
My #interview concerning the incident between #Ukrainian and #Russian #ships in #KerchStraight and #MartialLaw in #Ukraine is the Ecuador edition of Metro newspaper.…
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