So someone asked me if I have any credible documents against 5G rather than just panicmonger conspiracy sites and youtube videos. I am just going to dump links to credible seeming docs here, with title and maybe some background. READ. UNDERSTAND. EXPLAIN. SHARE. QUESTION GOVT.
I can't go into the depth of EVERY scam that (((Western Thugs))) unleash upon the world. Aadhaar was a lucky exception because I was casually going deeper and deeper into it over 5-6 years without being dedicated to much else from govt. Now we have SO MANY SCAMS, mostly deadly.
Apparently @FCC of USA has some Electronic Comment Filing System ECFS. I don't know what that is but probably where public files comments? Some docs on 5G from there:
1) 5G Radiation Dangers - 11 Reasons To Be Concerned _ ElectricSense…
Maybe the above doc was a submission to FCC by this website
2) 5G And The IOT: Scientific Overview Of Human Health Risks (Another submission to FCC.)…
3) The 5G appeal - Scientists and doctors warn of potential serious health effects
of 5G…
(Above link is submission to FCC but doc itself has a link to EU website which may have much more I suppose on it @ :…)
4) 5G networks in European Countries: appeal for a standstill in the respect of the precautionary principle (from International Society of Doctors for Environment or ISDE) [This link was also on FCC submission website but redirects to ISDE website link:]
5) Why we should oppose 5G on health grounds - from Dr. Ronald M. Powell Ph.D in Applied Physics from Harvard, retired US govt scientist, worked at @NSF, @usnistgov etc.…
6) Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space
(Wow! Do they mean 5G from space? Haven't read. Remember, space weapons launching thug @elonmusk wants to give you internet from space too. 5G is a killer weapon)…
By Dr. Cindy Russell, SCCMA V.P. Community Health…
8) 5 G wireless telecommunications expansion: Public health and
environmental implications

(A research paper by same Dr Cindy Russel as above but this time in a journal which I suppose is peer reviewed?)…
Spectrum Frontiers is a Boon to Industryаа and Devastation to Public Health
(A letter by public to 'Decision Maker', gives 20+ references)…

The title reminds me of a joke tweet earlier
11) What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells (submission by @saferphones)…
The above one actually has many impressive sounding links inside it.
The engineers are mere wage slaves, looking for promotions and pay raise. And they do not understand or give a shit about biology, especially when vested interests are there. And when Deep State is involved, if not one then other will do it anyway.
Anyway guys above 10 links are just top results when searching for 5G + health within web domain You will get many more where that came from. To search within a domain, do a search with 'site:[domain]' in Goog search field & also include terms to search.
Typically, to find credible results, search within government, education, military etc related domains and subdomains.
For example, many universities have .edu as their top level domain. So if you enter search terms along with the term '' in Google, you get results from lot of universities which have such top level domain.
So if I search "site:edu 5g health" in search field, an example result I get is from Georgia Southern University which says that while most 5G health research is about uplinks and asks you to be cool about it, 5G downlinks are dangerous to health.
So anyway there are possibly hundreds or even thousands of docs with credible people,industry people,STEM people,medical people speaking about 5G dangers credibly. You just need to learn to search. If you @ me more credible links, I'll add to this thread. Goodnight! #StopKiller5G
Perhaps alphanumeric trolls like you are not affected by non-ionizing radiations. Trolls are literally fairytale characters, not humans. For humans it's a different story, as told by many researches on NCBI website.
Forget just 5G.Whole damn non-ionizing spectrum is toxic. I remember reading succinct abstract on NCBI that whole RF from ELF to 300Ghz is carcinogenic,breaks DNA which acts as fractal antenna.But here,take bigger one from International Journal of Oncology…
Maybe this is that one which says DNA is fractal antenna at all non-ionizing frequencies RF frequencies starting right at ELF and thus all frequencies can cause cancer
Take. Effects of electromagnetic waves on various organs & tissues…
And suppose you don't get cancer and your organs & major systems also stay intact? Well still the RF will not let your semen create a baby…
Another one on RF damage to sperms
Effect of mobile phone on sperm quality…
There are researches on effects of mobile, wi-fi and other non-ionizing radiations on female reproductive system too but sleepy now.
Two-fold privacy concerns from 5G (via @agarwal_mohit)
1) Cell towers very close so your location will be tracked very accurately
2) Trying to scare us about @Huawei of China putting spy tech in its 5G infra. But same would be true for all companies.…
Hello @iam_juhi why did you go silent about dangers of 5G after writing a letter about it to @Dev_Fadnavis? We need strong, sane and popular voices like yours to #SaveIndia #SaveTheWorld from killer 5G. You will find many good info sources in this thread above, and also below.
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