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Dear @MattHancock I'm a little confused and was wondering if you could explain why the NHS is currently in crisis.
GE 2010 Tories promised no more top down reorganisations of the NHS,however straight after GE you announced a top down reorganisation of the NHS.
You see what really confuses me is that at the time when Tories were asked why you were having a top down reorganisation that you promised wouldn't happen,you promised that this would fix a system that wasn't broken and provide great competition and efficiency savings
You also promised that this reorganisation that you promised wouldn't happen and promised that it would create efficiency would mean no more reorganisations.
Since then you have had CCGs carrying out further reorganisations that you promised wouldn't happen.
Yet services haven't improved in the way you promised the reorganisations you promised wouldn't happen would happen. You now promise to provide the funding to fix the NHS which didn't need fixing when you promised to fix it with the reorganisations you promised wouldn't happen
So why haven't all those promises left the NHS on a long term stable footing after carrying out all those promises you promised wouldn't happen?

It does appear a pattern is appearing.....
So please forgive me if I don't believe your promise that further backdoor privatisation will deliver the improvements the Tories promised with their other promises.
This is why your incapable now of negotiating Brexit, undeliverable promises rather than real truths. If you treat EU like UK public then I completely understand why they can't take anything your party says in good faith anymore
I also shudder every time a Tory promises to seek protections for the NHS, food, farming and schools in any future US trade deal.During TTIP negotiations DC promised they'd be safe but now negotiations have failed the papers are available from US Gov, you were asking for none
ATL conference few years ago in fringe meeting with Stop TTIP and War on Want, shown a copy of summary of the TTIP draft negotiations obtained from US Gov after Tories refused to answer FOIs, a table with country's down the left and industries along the top.
Most countries sought protections for a handful of industries eg France had farming. The UK asked for none, total free for all

So which industries will you promise to protect in a future US trade deal?

Because let's be honest this is what Brexit's all about
During EU Ref remainers did say we'd have to leave CU and SM, however many leading leave campaigner called this Project Fear and nodded towards a Norway style deal. Straight after the Ref the Brexiter MPs demanded we embrace Project Fear and seek to leave CU and SM
The reasons are simple, so we can strike up new free trade deals with the rest of the world,but where are those trade deals?Don't they all appear nebulous?All except one, the US that one is pretty much ready to go,why? It's just a rehash of TTIP negotiations from weaker position
So we have to get out the CU and SM,otherwise what was the point of Brexit,that's what those who funded it paid for,same people funding all those RW think tanks with opaque funding who are constantly allowed airtime by the complicit media who advertise them as grassroots/experts
And what really annoys me most is that those who are going to profit most from the asset stripping of our public services and the deregulation of our rights and standards, are the same ppl who benefited from the global banking crisis
The banking crisis that provided Tories an excuse to shrink the state and sell off assets, the same austerity that worsened the living conditions of those who have suffered from globalisation for decades, the same people who are most likely to be Brexit voters.
Globalisation, like capitalism isn't inherently bad. As Machiavelli says, it's all a matter of a balance of power between the oppressed and the oppressors, the nobility and the plans. Good democratic government means keeping the correct balance between oligarchy and anarchy
The digital age and Soviet coallapse led to a rush of greed and superiority in the west.
The coming of digital banking and neoliberalism at the same time was a disaster for the working classes, without a great enemy to keep them on task politicians put power ahead of the state.
Problem is this happened at the same time as the EUs creation. Globalisation and migration has brought great wealth to this country, it is the division of globalisations profits and the disempowerment of workers that has caused living standards to fall
Our political class brought us to this point of crisis, a decade or two of stagnating living standards then a decade of decline, always promising soon all you promised will come true. But no body trusts you any more, you have allowed oligarchy to rule,the balance is broken
Democracies die when the balance breaks,when trust in the institutions of the state is gone. Machiavelli also says that democracy can survive a corrupt elite but it cannot survive a corrupt people. The problem is we the people have been corrupted.
The people who make lots of promises, also like to pass on the blame for their broken promises, and my, how masterfully have they sown the seeds of division amongst us
Working/middle class,men/women, Leave/Remain, north/south,public/private sector,gay/Straight,trans/cis, Free market Brexiter/Lexiter, moderate/corbynite, they will break us down into ever smaller factions ever increasing the violent rhetoric goading us,Anarchy births Tyranny
We are set on a path where no deal promises anarchy as far as some are concerned, others threaten anarchy unless they get no deal. And for some on both sides the alternative to their wishes will result in Tyranny. We are playing a rigged game and we do have enemies
it's clear the net is under attack from troll farms and bot networks spewing fake news, some are the work of the owners of those think tanks their motives are overpowering greed, the kind of sociopaths who'll cover up asbestos in baby products if it will harm profit margins
The others are the Russians and affiliated racists groups,we can argue what impact they have had on election results here and in US but we have to admit that they are very active in our online world. Sure Putin was pleased with the results but I think that was a bonus for him
I think people misunderstand Putin, ex KGB he grew up with a cold war mentality then saw the Soviet Union fall and his nation asset stripped by rich individuals and corporate interests. He clawed back power for himself but there's many oligarchs he hates and sees as traitors
The US and by extention the UKs renewed passion for regime change worried Putin, it increased terrorism in Russia as well as the West as those seeds of division sowedby the people who made all those promises continued to grow.we probably tried to fund/support opposition to Putin
We probably tried to use an earlier form of the military psyopps that was privatised for profit and became Cambridge analytics,AIQ and other heads of that particular hydra,methods that we know were used against us in the Ref,whether you think they changed opinion or not
In UK and US our own oligarchs hold the power, in Russia Putin holds power over the oligarchs, they comply or are destined for exile or death. London is awash with the laundered money of the global elite,greed, power, corruption its a dangerous mix when the ppls needs are ignored
The promise makers should have addressed the ppls needs, but they were too busy blaming other people for promises made about broken promises,while making more promises.

The best way to Putin to resist regime change is to make western democracy seem like a worse option
And in US and UK we fell for it,the greed of the promise makers,the pursuit for personal power, the seeds of division that they'd sown, Putin watered those seeds,he might not have changed the result but he certainly helped to change the tone of the debate.
So we find our democratic system on the point of collapse and it looks like Putin succeeded in removing any threat of regime change, number of democracies are in decline, and at the moment I don't think any countries are looking at us thinking 'that's the model we want to follow'
Our institutions are broken, our political classes corrupted or incompetent. I think we can all agree that parliament isnt fit for purpose,the only question left is are we the people too corrupted?because there's enough real blame to spread around that none of us are innocent
Whether it be apathy or tribalism, we spend too much time living in echo chambers seeking confirmation bias,attacking each other, growing those divisions, bringing us closer to anarchy and or tyranny. We the voting public deserve to be angry,but we are all victims
We are not the victims of a global conspiracy, we are the victims of hundreds of thousands of individual acts of self interest by a variety of powerful individuals and conflicting factions. As in ages past the powerless are crushed between the rival ambitions of the rich
When we give in to tribalism we do the work of foriegn interests they want us divided.I personally believe leaving the EU will leave us poorer, and without the protections of the CU and SM I fear the predations of corporate interests,but staying in EU won't fix anything either
Nothing will change until we start to find common ground to heal the divisions sown by those who make promises.

Nothing will change while we are still served by the same political class who made promise after promise and got us into this mess,then divided us to save themselves
The EU Ref was about power and sovereignty, but the people haven't taken back power, all we've done is vote to give those who make promises even more power over our lives, and we've already established the fact we don't think Westminster is fit for purpose
So I think I see the uniting cause to bring us together. The EU Ref was the one of the only times when all our votes had equal value, every vote mattered. If we the people really want to take back control then we need to renew our democracy and it's institutions.
Those who make promises must once again answer to the people and not oligarchs, we cannot afford their greed, the human race and the world cannot afford their greed. Resource scarcity,climate change,antibiotic resistance,nuclear proliferation,the threats are real.
I lean to the left, I believe in strong public services, sensible regulation and long term planning to support a strong private sector creating a support base for entrepreneurs and SMEs to compete fairly with big business but most of all I believe in freedom and democracy
It isn't right that UKIP can get 4m votes and almost no representation in parliament,it also allows them to snipe from the sidelines without having to be scrutinised on policy, Brexit has energised political debate but we have never felt more powerless.
Can we all agree on just one policy to make this country better.Left and right, whether we leave or remain we've got to reform parliament, and we have to do it now. Every voter should know that their vote matters where ever they are and the two party system needs a shake up
Safe seats need to be less safe and MPs need to be more accountable to their constituents.

I propose a Single Transferable Vote for commons elections, a list of candidates to be numbered in order of preference. This means leave and remained candidates from same party could
stand against each other, while smaller parties can be given 1st preference while giving your 2nd preference to Labour or Tory to keep the one you hate the most out (let's be honest most ppl vote against one of the big 2 rather than because they believe in their choice)
This would shake up the party system meaning candidates would have to cater more to local opinion.

The lords would also be replaced with a new revising chamber elected based on PR of voters first preference on the STV vote for commons MP. Commons remains soverign
I suggest 100 elected to second house each GE for 3 GE term to prevent any one party controlling both houses a form a Salsbury Convention should probably be codified.
The 2nd house would also have additional spaces for public and private sector industries
Unions, services, CBI,SME council, etc would be able to internally elect a representive for the 2nd house to act as the voice of their industry in Westminster to improve the quality of policy. All other forms of lobbying would be banned now they have a transparent channel
Select committees, opposition and private member bills also need more power to bring binding motions/bills to vote so we don't get any of this filibustering nonsense over generally attempts to prevent abuse towards women
My model might not be perfect but it's better than the broken mess we have now and ensures every vote has value, I'm sure it could be improved, however I'd like to think we can all agree to the basic principle that we must fix our broken politics before it breaks us the people
I cant see the Tories putting country before party so I implore every other political leader in this country,in particular @jeremycorbyn it would take a brave person to weaken Labours hold on UK politics but at the same point you would be remembered for returning power to the ppl
Build a consensus with the other party leaders, stand on a manifesto of cross party political reform and emergency funding for public services, renew our democracy then hold the first GE where every vote has value. Then we the people will prove if we have been corrupted or not
Great Britain is Great but its not the Monarchy or the Establishment as they believe that makes it great. It's us, the People, our creativity and determination has made this country great DESPITE being ruled by the Monarchy and the Establishment.
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