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Ecuador Interior Minister: 'In the next few hours the government will reveal details that will justify, in excess, the decision to withdraw asylum. Details like that, during his stay at the Embassy he put fecal feces on the walls.'
'We have evidence that Assange is behind the destabilizing attempts against the government. Among those involved would be the former foreign minister Ricardo Patiño and two Russian hackers living in Ecuador.'
Video of Ecuadorian Interior Minister making the claims about involvement of Russia.
Video of Ecuadorian Interior Minister saying that they'll reveal more details about Assange's Embassy stay, mentions smearing feces on the walls.
Reminder that the alignment of Wikileaks/Russia with former President Correa's campaign against his successor has been obvious for some time.
And that just this week the Foreign Minister José Valencia said that they'd removed an official at the London Embassy who was "extremely close to Mr. Assange in personal terms."
Valencia: "Mr. Julian Assange had to comply with the protocols of coexistence. Among these was not to issue opinions about the country that gave asylum or other countries. But this was not so."
For background from Quito on the domestic reasons why today's Assange eviction happened read this by @VeraMBergen.
buzzfeednews.com/article/verabe… … …
This has been floated before, now confirmed, Ecuador will investigate "whether there was fraud or deceit on the part of the granting of Ecuadorian nationality to #JulianAssange" That was under previous (Moreno) Foreign Minister.
The Bloque Correísta (ex President's supporters) in the Ecuadorian parliament have switched all their screens to this. Via @_Jgallo
Ecuadorian presidential adviser Santiago Cuesta:
'Assange at the time of @MashiRafael ordered food from the best restaurants in #Londres. He even entered #prostitutas at night.'
Bloque Correísta turning their backs on the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister in Parliament. Via @_Jgallo
'Correa used the image of Assange to confuse the world that he respected journalists when in reality he harassed, mistreated, and violated their freedom of expression, association and work.'
'It is better that the United States and the United Kingdom assume the consequences of the legal actions against Assange. And not Ecuador.'
Interview with the new (Moreno replaced the previous one) Ecuadorian Ambassador to London last December. Add his claims to other reported figures & Assange has cost Ecuador north of $10m.
More background:
Lenin Moreno and the struggle for the soul of Ecuador’s (and Latin America’s) left @REvanEllis
*Correction: It wasn't a 1/3 of the space. Ecuador's Attorney General Íñigo Salvador Crespo said last November that Assange occupied 41% of non-contiguous space in Hans Crescent
Ecuadorian Presidential adviser Santiago Cuesta says the cost of Assange has been $7m. So I wasn't far off.
Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Ecuador under Rafael Correa "designed & implemented a systematic policy to discredit, stigmatize, + punish journalists, media, human rights defenders & opponents." oas.org/es/cidh/expres…
Ecuadorian Presidential adviser Santiago Cuesta to Correa's FM: ' explain the trips you did with Dutch hacker to Venezuela, explain why they gave you a residency visa.'
The correístas in Ecuador's parliament proposed that Assange's lawyer Carlos Poveda be allowed to address parliament. Parliament said no thanks 🤷‍♂️
Independent MP Eliseo Azuero said that the Assembly is not a police station ready to receive a private lawyer. via @lahoraecuador
Could this have been what finally pushed the Ecuadorians that bit too far?
< Joke >
'With 82 votes in favour (31 against) the Assembly approves a resolution of support for the decision taken by the President @Lenin to withdraw the political asylum to Julian Assange.'
'What are the nine reasons why diplomatic asylum was withdrawn from Julian Assange?'
Ecuadorian reporter @PaolaVintimilla noting that "we (media) could see that there were irregularities in the granting of" citizenship to Assange, such as changing the regulations to allow it & his odd supposed residence.
'Look @MashiRafael How many rogue officials worked for you! You, who controlled it all, very difficult to take away the body of that legacy of corruption and authoritarianism that will always persecute you.'
'The former Foreign Minister @RicardoPatinoEC says he remembers #JulianAssange playing ball, skateboard and box, but not assaulting officials.'
Homepage of Ecuadorian anti-corruption website planv.com.ec/english
From one of their writers earlier: 'It is better that the United States and the United Kingdom assume the consequences of the legal actions against Assange. And not Ecuador.' planv.com.ec/ideas/ideas/hu…
Leaflets distributed earlier in the Ecuadorian National Assembly saying that since Assange took refuge in the London Ecuador Embassy the state spent more $6 million, between 2012 and 2018. Via @jcarlosaizprua
The inconsistencies in the issuance of an Ecuadorian passport to Julian Assange, as presented to Parliament earlier. Includes adulteration of signature, non-payment of fees and adulteration in qualification of the Spanish language. Via @anniecanizares
Signature does not coincide with that of your passport.-He Does not speak Spanish, but in the tests he took out 100/100.-Payment of the respective fees for the process Is not recorded. Via @DanielAcostag
By my reckoning the Ecuadorian Foreign Minister claimed that they were spending $5,500 a month on 'doctors, food, laundry and consultancies' for Assange.
From a year ago From a thread from when Lenin Moreno cut off Assange's communications because he ignored previous warnings.
One of the stranger things from today, a convo from my thread ending up with someone pinging John Cusack because someone else vaguely remembered a film star also smothering the walls with feces, though not recently.
Lenin Moreno's Secretary and spokesperson: "You have to ask him @RicardoPatinoEC [Correa's foreign minister] how he allowed someone to put fecal feces on the walls of the embassy."
Former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa's Facebook page, with 1.5m followers, closed "for breaching privacy policies that prohibit the publication of data content that facilitates the theft of identities."
Correistas are calling for a 'national mobilisation' and for Ecuadorians to 'take to the streets' April 16 to protest for Assange.
Ecuador has an Ombudsman's Office and it is doing its job and questioning whether the government followed the right procedure over Assange.
Ecuadorian Presidential adviser Santiago Cuesta: 'We've been very tolerant with Assange until he threatened to blow up our embassy.' I don't think this claim has been widely picked up.
To sum up: Ecuador is claiming that Wikileaks was working with the Correista former foreign minister Padron (who was working with Correa who lives in Belgium), and Russia, and Venezuela to undermine Lenin Moreno. They say they've got the receipts.
A flavour of the bitterness: Ecuadorian Presidential adviser Santiago Cuesta referring to former President Correa & his followers as "el psicópata de Bruselas y sus corifeos borregos" - the psychopath of Brussels (where Correa lives) & his Corifeos sheep.
'The Chavismo is a caricature: for years they have closed media, censored, used Conatel (ISP) as a threat, removed from the air foreign channels, detained Venezuelan and foreign journalists, but they give chest blows by Assange.'
More on Assange threatening to blow up the Embassy from Ecuadorian Presidential adviser Santiago Cuesta: "Assange one day he also threatened the ambassador with crushing a button to detonate at any time and hurting him and the people of the embassy.'
Ecuadorian journalist Carolina Bazante: 'Without the intention of putting firewood in the fire I have to remember these statements of Assange on the insignificance of Ecuador. For the solidarity who care about him, know what we are worth.'
'Correa has little understanding and a great ability to lie. @wikileaks did not publish The Inapapers, only promoted it as if they did. It is so clumsy that this message is validating a false argument that has been used by the Government of Moreno.'
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