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Bird’s-eye view 👁 on what to look out for @WCGIC #WorldGI2020.
Opening remarks on important data 📺 @myESMO - by Dr. Eric Van Cutsem @UZLeuven.
🟩Good to see more #PrecisionMedicine🧬
🟥#Immunotherapy #Immuno-#oncology
🟦TNT & other chemo strategies
@Annals_Oncology #OncoAlert
🆕#ctDNA #liquidbiopsies 🩸🧬
👀 👇🏾at the number of #clinicaltrials cropping up in this space‼️
We have 2🇺🇸studies open. #CRCSM #WorldGI2020
#WORLDGI2020 This is 🆒 ☢️ 32-P EUS-guided implantation in #pancreascancer #PANCSM @myESMO @WCGIC @Annals_Oncology.

Still miles to go. OS median of 16 months pointing again to the systemic nature of disease. Need to piggyback these local approaches to better systemic. #OncoAlert
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Worth using google translate to watch the #propagandalive as @Erkanomia is in #Moscow to cover the #Kremlin #Military parade #HappeningNow. Some ++good #OSINT & #IMINT in his #live & candid coverage. 😎
For example, while the #Moscow #Elite typically use a black #SUV with license plate ending in 88 (sometimes 888 for family of senior officials & oligarchs who must #Drive themselves), here we see the first of the latest #cars with new #licenseplatedata.

Close-up I made from the #Finland team's #photography showing @mod_russia's Army #celebrity #swag bags for the Diamond Jubilee #celebration of the #Soviet #WWII win... ignoring 1939-1941 🙄

The Hon Minister Mr Singh, #IndianArmedForces, is a special guest at #VictoryDayParade.
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#HappeningNow: FBI Director Wray joins federal law enforcement partners for a press conference at @TheJusticeDept:
@TheJusticeDept Director Wray: I want to begin by expressing my deepest sympathies for George Floyd and his family. Like most of you, I was appalled and profoundly troubled by the video images of the incident that ended with Mr. Floyd’s tragic death.
@TheJusticeDept Wray: Our entire country is looking for a way forward. That’s because this isn’t just about George Floyd. This is about all of those, over the years, who have been unjustifiably killed or had their rights violated by people entrusted with their protection.
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Briefing 5/22/20

@realDonaldTrump - CDC directed to designate houses of worship “essential” during the COVID lockdown.

This weekend. If Governors do not allow this, the Administration will force them do allow for openings.

President Trump promptly leaves the briefing upon announcing Houses of Worship will be designated “essential services” by the CDC.

Dr. Birx now briefing on the decreasing amounts of illness associated with Covid across the country.
- President Trump donating his salary to HHS.

- Data showing people are starting to return to normal way of life while infection rates continue to decline.
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#HappeningNow: Director Wray joins @TheJusticeDept for a virtual press conference to provide an update on the investigation into the December 6, 2019, shootings at the Pensacola Naval Air Station in Florida.
Director Wray: We’re here today because of a tragic reminder of just how grave, how imminent, the terrorism threat still is—an Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) associate’s murder of three people, and wounding of eight others, right here in America.
Wray: As the AG described, through a combination of skill and determination, the men and women of the FBI have succeeded in accessing the terrorist’s two phones—both of which he tried to destroy.
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#HAPPENINGNOW: @PressSec McEnany hosting press briefing 5/6/20

- The US has conducted the most tests to date in the world.
- Small business loans granted thus far: $181 Billion

PPP was an all hands on deck, bipartisan effort.
PressSec on the US-China Relationship now:
- It is one of disappointment; China has not been transparent in their handling of this virus
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Daily Briefing 4/27/20


- Consistent decline in cases across major cities
- There is a hunger for getting our country back; and it’s happening faster than we think
- Every Gov has more ventilators than they know what to do with

- Collaboration with the private sector to develop testing capabilities has been unprecedented
- Top Executives across the US to make major contributions
- Quest Diagnostics: 10 mill tests by end of May
- Labcorp; 45 days ago, we could do 2k tests per day; now it is at 60k
#NEW: Labcorp to ensure at home test kits are available with no upfront cost to the consumer.
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Daily Briefing 4/24/20

- Country is reopening; infection rates consistently going down actoss the nation
- Signed Paycheck Protection Plan fund replenishment today
- Direct payments to 81 million Americans. With families, average check ~$3k

- FDA working round the clock to cut down needless barriers to ensure safe testing is distributed
- Process that usually takes years; condensed into weeks and months
- 63 diagnostic and antibodies tests approved
- First home test officially approved
- FEMA, HHS, Private sector working together to coordinate supplies and shipments to states nationwide
- 5.1 million Americans have been tested for Coronavirus as of this morning; compared to last month 80k tested
- 2hr call w/Governors; all implementing fed resources
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Briefing 4/23/20

- House ready to pass latest addition to Paycheck Relief
- Wealthy Institutions like Harvard, Stanford to return stimulus $
- 46 states reported drops in daily Coronavirus cases
- Continued diligence essential part of strategy @OANN
- 52k academic articles being screened by AI in collaboration with top tech leaders to ensure we are cultivating the best data

- Metro areas continue to show signs infection rates have peaked
- Encouraging reports regarding Sunlight and it’s effect on this virus
- States like Missouri, Texas, and Pennsylvania following WH Guidelines for reopening, and adding regions guidances
- The administration will continue to work closely with the states to provide the latest data to inform their reopening plans
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#HAPPENINGNOW: Daily White House Briefing 4/22/20

CDC’s Dr. Redfield:
- CNN misconstrued statement; actual statement was about upcoming fall and winter bringing in flu cases that may complicate efforts.
- My comments were to appeal to Americans to embrace the flu vaccine

Fake news ignores the truth, ignores the Administration’s incredible successes; after panicking for weeks about ventilators, no one in fake news talks about ventilators anymore. We did such a good job fake news doesn’t want to cover it.
- Admin working closely with governors to ensure they have strategies in place to mitigate spread for the most vulnerable
- Technical assistance through one on one phone calls via @VP
- Dr. Ben Carson to spearhead economic initiatives for African American communities
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#HappeningNow: Daily White House Briefing 4/21/20

- Senate just passed the PPP and funding for hospitals and testing. $382 Bill for small businesses
- As the ink is drying and the House votes on the Senate bill tomorrow, Sec Mnuchin will begin work on Phase 4 relief

Secretary Mnuchin:
- FAQ to be released elaborating on certification for PPP eligibility and severe consequences for those who violate the certification requirements
Secretary Mnuchin:
- Premature to lay out the cost of phase 4 relief bill
- Phase 4 should be the last tranche of Coronavirus relief bills
- PPP saved over 30 mill jobs
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#HappeningNow: White House Daily Briefing 4/20/20

- 30 states have 1 case per 1000
- 30 mill American Jobs affected by Paycheck Protection Plan; hope to have Senate vote by tomorrow
- US is filling up its oil reserves- 75 mill barrels to be added on top of current levels

President Trump:
- States have now tremendous capacity for testing
- Gov Cuomo agrees with Administration that states should lead on the testing front
- Gov Cuomo to visit @WhiteHouse, 4/21
- US in a great position to help other countries with ventilators (10k in US stockpile)
General Semonite, US Army Corps of Engineers:

- Coordinated w/ HHS, FEMA, TaskForce

- Constructed major hospitals across the country

- 16k bed capacity

- Assessing sites in collaboration with mayors and governors

- Building Wall on southern border, 4K contractors on ground
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Daily Briefing 4/17/20

- Treasury has sent relief checks to over 80 mill Americans -
- Out of 80 mill deposits less than 1% experienced minor problems
- Dept Ag implementing $19 BILL relief program for farmers/ranchers @OANN
AG Sec Sonny Purdue:
- Ag Relief Program is in 2 parts
1) $16 bill in direct payments
2) USDA will purchase $3 Bill in food to give to food banks and faith groups to help distribute food to those in need.
President Trump:
- Over 5 mill testing swabs being sent out to Governors
- Will significantly help increase testing capacity
- Ventilators being produced for the national stockpile; did not need as much as first estimated but US still producing for the stockpile
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Daily Briefing 4/16/20

- The US has built the most robust testing system in the world
- Through it all we have seen the heroism of our medical community and our citizens in a national endeavor.
- Our strategy has saved hundreds of thousands

President Trump:
- 30% of the country has reported no new Coronavirus cases
- The US has achieved a significantly lower mortality rate than any other country
- Now is time for the next front of this war: Reopening our Country
- To preserve our health we must preserve our economy
#BREAKING: Three phases of reopening to be laid out...
- Not all at once but one step at a time
- Sheltering the highest risk individuals
- State by State decision
- Governors need to tailor their needs accordingly
- We will support the governors’ and their decisions

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#HappeningNow: White House Daily Briefing 4/15/20

- Abbott Labs has just announced it has produced an antibodies test for Coronavirus
- DPA has GM shipping 600 ventilators this month alone

- Therapies most important because it takes care of people right now
- 35 clinical trials underway now
- Convalescent Plasma continues to show promise

- 448 Fed Judges approved
- 129 judges stuck in Senate due to partisan lagging
- Other major positions not filled, Dems blocking
#BREAKING: President Trump to use constitutional authority to adjourn both chambers of Congress under recess provisions in order to appoint federal positions.

On Dems blocking appointments: It is a scam and a dereliction of duty.

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#HappeningNow: Daily White House Briefing 4/14/20

- Officially HALTING WHO funding until US can investigate why WHO helped China cover up Coronavirus Outbreak

- Trump ignored WHO and banned China travel; a decision that saved American lives - Border Control saves lives.

President Trump:
- Inability of WHO to obtain Coronavirus samples from China is testament to their suspicious allegiances.
- Had WHO done its job the outbreak could have been contained at its source in China.
- Instead WHO took all China statements at face value, pushed misinfo.
President Trump:
- US will find other ways to cooperate with other countries on the worldwide health front.
- US to redirect aid to more effective groups/health partners unless WHO reforms itself.
- No hospital in the US has had to turn away patients for lack of ventilators.
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#HAPPENINGNOW: White House Daily Coronavirus Task Force 4/13/20

- US continues to make progress; infection rates across nation going flat.
- Charts and models early on estimated way more fatalities than latest data are showing.
Dr. Fauci:
1. Much lower death rate than first thought
2. Must focus on getting testing to demographics most at risk - data continues to show disparities across demographics
3. Addresses interview from yesterday: clarifies this Administration is not at fault.
Members of White House Press Corps apparently upset that Dr. Fauci correcting the record and praising Trump Administration’s early action and willingness to act upon data and expert advice.

Terse voices challenging dates, times, and whether Fauci was “coerced” to say it. @OANN
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#HAPPENINGNOW White House Task Force Briefing 4/9/20:

- Labor Secretary Scalia in Attendance.
- Project Airbridge: 49 flights scheduled
- American Med System performing strong
- Testing capabilities, best in world
- Spoke w/ Mental Health leaders today

- 19 Therapies being tested now
- HydroxyChloroquine and ZPaks being distributed for use by doctors at discretion
- Admin working w/ Congress to implement Paycheck Protection
- dept of Ed 6bill for students impacted by suspended classes
VP Pence: We continue to see evidence that we are reaching or at the peak - America is succeeding against this virus.
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#HAPPENINGNOW: Daily Coronavirus TaskForce 4/8/20

- POTUS spoke with 10k of America’s Faith leaders; encouraging Americans apart to self reflect and pray in this time.

- Spoke with 3k mayors for updates; virus may end much more quickly than first estimated.

@SecPompeo: US Repatriation efforts one of the largest undertaken. 58k Americans brought home thus far.

We continue to help countries across the world thru CDC.
- 30 mill HydroxyChloroquine pills in the federal stockpile
- CDC to issue updated guidance to frontline responders
- US spent last year $452mill on WHO while China paid $42mill. Yet WHO covers for China transgressions.
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#HappeningNow: White House Daily TaskForce

- Granting Gov Cuomo request to use Navy ship for Coronavirus patients from NYC and NJ.

- Javits Center to be manned by US Military starting tomorrow.

- Praising the nation’s Governors; all supportive and positive.
- Alternate Care Sites in 18 States.
- 8k ventilators from National Stockpile sent across the country.
- American industry stepping up to the plate.
Dr. Fauci: Even states not strictly enforcing stay at home orders, States are reporting back people are maintaining a functional level of staying at home.
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#HappeningNow: White House gives an update on their continuing coronavirus response. (Thread)
#BREAKING: President Trump says the CDC is issuing new national guidelines for face masks: (Thread)

*Recommending voluntary use of non-medical/surgical face coverings.

*Medical-grade masks to be reserved for health care workers.
#DEVELOPING: President Trump says the Defense Department is providing 8.1 million N95 masks, with 200,000 going to New York City.

He also said he's directing FEMA to prevent the export of N95 masks under Defense Production Act. (Thread)
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#HAPPENINGNOW: Daily Briefing discussing status of the $350 Billion Small Business Loans.

Physical Update: I am, as I have been these last two days, properly socially distanced from all.
Jared Kushner and Peter Navarro join the briefing today.

DPA enacted to ensure further uninterrupted production of Ventilators and Masks.
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#HappeningNow: White House Daily Briefing bringing national security firepower today.

DOD Esper: Counter narcotics operations capabilities nearly doubled in the Southern Command.
70,000 Americans die on average from drug overdoses. The US Military will not allow drug cartels to take advantage of the Covid-19 to kill more Americans.
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#HappeningNow: White House Coronavirus TaskForce rolls out New Guidelines extended to 30 Days.
President Trump warns this will be “a very tough 2 weeks” before we see light at the end of the tunnel. America must work together.
Dr. Birx presenting the Data behind Administration’s decision to extend social distancing measures for the next 30 days.
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