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Okay lets do an India/Pakistan update

Pakistan have shot down 2 Indian jets, and have closed all airspace to commercial flights.

The escalation came a one day after the Indian Air Force bombed a "terrorist training camp" inside Pakistan.
Pakistan’s PM @ImranKhanPTI currently addressing the nation:

"We didn't take action earlier without assessing our own damage from Indian airstrikes...Two Indian MiGs that entered Pakistani airspace today after our retaliation were shot down. But where do we go from here?"
In direct breach of the Geneva Convention, an Indian Air Force pilot tied up and filmed by Pakistani captors

#Pakistan PM Imran Khan again offers peace to #India and asks Indian PM #Modi to start "dialogue".

Says if war starts no one could stop it.

These captured pilots could be key - this footage shows one of the Indian pilots being held in Asa’s Kashmir

French Embassy advises residents not to travel to Jammu and Kashmir 👇👇
More from @ImranKhanPTI: "The only reason for the action today was to show India that we have the capability to respond

History tells us that wars are full of miscalculation. My question is that given the weapons we have can we afford miscalculation"
All hospitals in Kashmir directed to paint Red Cross signs on rooftops - @sameeryasir
Pic from @AFPphoto showing wreckage of the Indian jet shot down by Pakistan
Hospitals in Karachi put on high alert - this is from Jinnah Hospital in the south of the city
"In a boxing ring you give a punch and you get a punch in return....."

Meanwhile on the other side of the world, @SecPompeo calls on both countries to de-escalate "current tensions by avoiding military action"
To be clear, I CAN’T VERIFY THIS, but @nazir_masoodi reporting six Indian Air Force officer and one civilian killed in a helicopter crash in Budgam, Kashmir.

No reason to suggest it is related to India/Pakistan tensions though
@nazir_masoodi .@timesofindia reporting it was an Mi-17 helicopter
Statement from @omanair (incidentally, the worst airline I've ever flown with.....)

@omanair Important point this - we’ve seen no evidence to confirm India’s claim of downing a Pakistani plane

Pakistani solider poses with the downed Indian jet
Video supposedly shows Pakistani pilot celebrating having shot down the Indian Air Force jet

Prime Minister Theresa May: “We are in regular contact with both countries urging dialogue and diplomatic solutions to ensure regional stability. We are working through international partners including through the UN's Security Council to de-escalate tensions"
Only one Indian pilot being held by Pakistan: Wing Commander Abhi Nandan - Spokesperson for Pakistani Armed Forces

Statement from UK Foreign Secretary @Jeremy_Hunt - have been in touch with both India and Pakistan. “Neither side wants to see this escalate further”.

@MarkFieldUK travelling to India tomorrow on a planned trip, and will discuss the crisis while there.

BREAKING: reports that the Pakistani Army have begun heavy shelling of Mendhar (Western Kashmir).

Awaiting confirmation

Video available here

Indian Ministry of Foreign Affiars make a statement re captured pilot 👇👇

Says Pakistan in breach of Geneva Convention

Indian Prime Minister Modi currently meeting with head of the Indian Army in Delhi - @DunyaNews
LATEST: Lots more reports of clashes now

Indian and Pakistani armies "exchanging heavy fire" at Krishna Ghati and Mendhar along the Line of Control (LoC).

There are also UNCONFIRMED reports of clashes breaking out at multiple other locations.
Indian Army reportedly told to prepare to be mobilised

Worth keeping an eye on @flightradar24 - some notable aircraft movement in the region today

Clashes continue on the LoC between India and Pakistan.

Neither nation have confirmed yet, but multiple journalists and locals have verified.

Definitely involves mortar shelling + unconfirmed reports of small arms/infantry fighting.
LATEST: Pakistani tanks have been filmed moving through Sialkot south towards the Line of Control with India

Two further videos coming in now.

First one 👇👇👇

Second one 👇👇

Quick situation report:

-jets heard flying over Islamabad
-aircraft taking off from PAF Base Nur Khan (south of Islamabad), home to the PAF transport and air-to-air refuelling squadrons
-meanwhile Indian Air Force transport aircraft very active
Worth watching the pilots that have been captured. The numbers are disputed.

Pakistan denying India shot down an F16.

BUT we think India are holding two Pakistani pilots, and the one aircraft they’ve accepted was shot down is a single seater.
LATEST: @CNNnews18 - Indian PM has given Indian military freedom to move forward/take “necessary” action.

As was the case in the 2018 Kerch Strait crisis, the respective militaries are in control. Delhi & Islamabad are increasingly becoming spectators.

.@NewsNationTV now also reporting that Indian PM @narendramodi has given a "free hand" to his armed forces to act against Pakistan.

In other developments, all schools within 5kms of LoC will remain closed tomorrow, via @ANI
Statement from @guyverhofstadt: "A true sign of strength & leadership would be for India & Pakistan to start talking, instead of provoking each other"

A case study in how to make a statement without really saying anything - thanks Guy :)
Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has spoken to his Pakistani counterpart and has offered to mediate with India.

No suggestion that Iran will get involved any further than at the diplomatic level (yet)
LATEST: There were some reports that the clashes had stopped on the LoC.

BUT clashes have now resumed - shelling in Akhnoor, near the Chenab River

Side note: I'm learning a lot of Indian and Pakistani geography/place names today....
Aircraft flying over Karachi now - reportedly fast jets. Aircraft still flying over Islamabad too.

@flightradar24 has just picked up something taking off from Lahore. It can't tell what but definitely not a commercial airliner...
Latest quote on the Indian PM situation from a 'government source' in Delhi: "we won’t buckle under pressure. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives free hand to [the] three chiefs (navy, air force, army)"

Caution of a dodgy translation, but that's fairly clear....
Supersonic blast heard over Bikaner (300km ish North West of Jaipur) - presumably an Indian Air Force aircraft heading north.
Latest air movement: Pakistani Air Force helicopter has just departed Islamabad and heading south.

Due to the airspace closure, it’s one of only two aircraft currently visible in Pakistani airspace on civilian air traffic radar.

Via @flightradar24
An Indian Air Force Antonov An-32 is currently climbing out of Delhi heading North West (funnily enough, that's towards the LoC....)

As I typed that, it went off the radar - military aircraft switching off the civilian transponder (not unusual).
Indian fast jets have just departed Srinagar Air Base (East of the LoC from Islamabad), and are now heading west towards Uri, a town on the border.

Via: a source on the ground
Pakistani artillery and vehicles seen on side of road in Jhelum, Pakistan (directly next to LoC with India, South East of Islamabad).

This is rather new for me - using @Snapchat for OSINT.
LATEST: power outage across the Pakistani side of the LoC. One Twitter user reporting "Total blackout in Sialkot. Heavy movement".

As of 7 mins ago, shelling continues along LoC. It's now 100% clear that both sides are shelling the other - it's NOT one way aggression.
Statement from US NSC (@WHNSC): “deeply concerned about rising tensions between India and Pakistan. The potential risks associated with further military action by either side are unacceptably high for both countries, their neighbours and the international community"
"Many" Indian Air Force jets are now being seen over Baramulla (west of Srinagar).

That's just 40km from the LoC where clashes are still continuing.

That's the closest jets have been seen to the LoC (from what I can tell)
Pakistan Chief of Army Staff says there is "fear of further mobility" from the Indian military.

Via @geonews_urdu
Pakistani Air Force are still airborne over Karachi.

"Jets are doing rounds over Karachi again" tweets one user
Just seen the first maritime related report: some suggestion that the Indian navy are moving north towards the coast south of Karachi.

Will try and get more info now....

Via @KazmiWajahat
Earlier today some Pakistani civilians were seen evacuating from the border town of Chakothi (3km from the LoC....)
More Pakistani fast jets active, this time heard flying over Peshawar, 100 miles West of Islamabad.

Unclear in which direction they were heading.

Via local source on the ground (@masifmanan)
Pakistan’s air bases are at “war alert levels”.

“Ground facilities including health and emergency facilities are red alert”

I was rather slow to pick up on this - it’s 1 hour old news 😬

Pakistani Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood has reportedly said Saudi Arabia has been in contact and want to assist to "defuse" the tension.

Via @khalid_pk

Struggling to find that many sources for this - take with a pinch of salt.
Indian Air Force C130 inbound Delhi right now.

Pakistani politician Faisal Vawda at the site where the Indian fighter jet crashed 👇👇

Photos of @FaisalVawdaPTI at the scene via @ArmghanKvirk
LATEST: Earlier I reported power cuts in Pakistan, near the LoC.

There’s now no electricity in some areas of India near the LoC too

“No electricity in Cantt, Lahore. Is this a blackout?” - @sabizak

“Same in kharian cantt! Total blackout! No light!“ - @AhsannI_
All police officers across Karachi are to remain on duty tonight.

Via @khalid_pk and @Homesecpak
This video from @Snapchat supposedly shows tanks being transported on trucks in Amritsar, India.

If I'm being honest, it's dark and I can't tell.....
India has officially asked for the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan who is being held by Pakistan after his aircraft was shot down.

They haven't yet had a response.

Source: @BDUTT
The case of the mysterious missing pilot has apparently been solved.

Indian officials say Pakistan's reference to two pilots being held was because two Pakistani pilots bailed out and one was mistaken for Indian pilots according to @BDUTT

I'm still a bit confused...
Another video of tanks and vehicles moving towards the LoC. Unclear which country

LATEST: Military urges residents to remain indoors amid powercut due to possible military activity in Sialkot, Pakistan.

"A blackout in Sialkot Cantt area. Army patrolling and asking residents to keep a minimum visibility protocol" - @ucmanshahid
Lots of military transport activity taking place at Rajkot airfield (440km North West of Mumbai).

Pakistan's Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mehmood says India is expected to launch an offensive, either through the coastal or desert regions, tonight.

All via @KazmiWajahat
Indian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 heading North towards the LoC.
Pakistani Air Force fast jets and helicopters are still circling over Karachi.

Via @KnightRises_
Not really news anymore, but I've only just seen it - Indian air force pilot being captured earlier today 👇👇

Hospital staff in Peshawar (Pakistan) banned from leaving work due to the “prevailing security situation”
Karachi in darkness this evening. Announcements being made over loudspeaker.

Not audible in the video, but there are still reports of Pakistani fast jets flying low over the city.

Seen some reports of Indian websites being defaced to show their support for Pakistan.

I've managed to find this one 👇👇👇
Leaving the shift also cancelled in hospitals in Sindh, Pakistan.

Via @muhammadbySky
Emergency sirens currently sounding in Hyderabad, South East Pakistan.

Via @shabeehspeaks
Latest quote coming out of Karachi: "Pakistanis are sh*t scared in Karachi, there are rumours of attack by Indian Navy" - @DeraBugti

It's hard to track naval movement in the area. It's next to impossible for me to verify rumours of maritime activity.
LATEST: Pakistan airspace to remain closed until midnight on Thursday.

Via @NasimZehra
Six emergency relief camps have been set up in Sialkot (Pakistan) in view of a possible Indian offensive tonight along the LoC.

Via @dawn_com
Just seen another report of Indian Navy activity, this time off the coast of Gujarat.

Via @ELINTNews
Announcement in Karachi asking people to turn off all interior and exterior lights immediately 👇👇

Report from @muhammadbySky that the Indian aircraft carrier INS Vikrant is currently moving North towards Karchi.

VERY difficult to verify, but certainly a concern if true cc @AliBunkallSKY
Emergency services including ambulances to remain on "alert" throughout tonight in Quetta, northern Pakistan

Via @geonews_urdu
The latest Indian website to be defaced: Holy Cross Senior Secondary School in Raipur

Now showing this..... 👇👇👇
Blackouts in residential areas, including Karachi, are "passive measures" according to a 'security official' cited by @Roohan2Ahmed
Pakistan have called on the United States to help ease tensions.

“We would certainly like to have more, and would certainly like to see more active involvement of the United States,” said Pakistan’s Ambassador to the US Asad Khan.

Via @Reuters
BREAKING: Pentagon says @DepSecDef is focused on de-escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, urging both to "avoid further military action."

Says Shanahan has spoken with Bolton, Dunford, General Votel and Admiral Davidson.

Via @idreesali114
More low flying jets spotted, this time over Rawalpindi, Punjab (Northern Pakistan).

"Jets flying at a very low altitude here in Rawalpindi right now" - @AhmedGohar96
Love this

‘The curious case of the 2nd pilot’, as explained by @ShivAroor
Latest air movement: Indian Air Force Antonov AN-32RE takes off from Chandigarh, India.
We're in a weird phase at the moment. Both Indian and Pakistani troops are moving towards the LoC. Aircraft moving supplies too.

Not much else. The shelling and mortar fire appears to have stopped.

For the next few hours, likely to just be air and maritime activity
Latest aircraft movement: fast jets circling over Narowal, Punjab (Pakistan).

Via @Rana_abdullah33
Snapchat posted from Sialkot, Pakistan.

Is anyone able to translate?
Shelling from both sides being heard in Sialkot, Pakistan side of the LoC.

"Sialkot :- Severe firing with heavy guns from both sides.. clearly being heard now" - @ZakiCheemaPTI
Air raid sirens being “tested” outside Karachi

Apparently it’s normal for them to be tested at 3am.....

.@ZeeNews are reporting that the Indian Navy is on "high alert".

BUT the usual maritime caveat: it's really hard to verify this sort of thing.....
This is from a few hours ago, but shows tanks on a road near Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Difficult to tell which direction they’re heading
Blackout near the Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore 👇👇👇

We already knew this, but another confirmation is always useful:

"Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) announced complete closure of flight operations for all domestic and international airlines across Pakistan till further orders" - @ANI
IMPORTANT: this footage supposedly shows Pakistani LY-80 air defence systems on the move through Karachi tonight

(Great spot from @ELINTNews)
Dawn breaks over Karachi.

It’s going to be an interesting day

Pakistani jets have been active all night.

But now as dawn breaks, Indian jets too are beginning to take-off.

"After a lull of about a few hours, and at the break of dawn, jets again take to skies in Indian controlled Kashmir" - @_projectkashmir
BREAKING: Pakistan will shortly reopen its airspace to commercial traffic.

“Pakistan to restore its airspace for commercial aviation temporarily” - @AirportPakistan
Commercial air traffic has resumed departures 👇👇

UPDATE: a Pakistani reporter is claiming 5 civilians have just been injured by Indian shelling on the LoC.

“5 civilians have been injured today as a result of Indian firing and shelling on Line of Control, Battal sector” - @khalid_pk
The Pakistani Minister for Foreign Affairs has in the past hour said "If the release of the pilot of the downed Indian plane will help to relieve the tension in Kashmir with India, we are ready to think about it."

That sounds positive

Via @eha_news
Another source for Pakistan’s claim that civilians have been injured by shelling 👇👇

LATEST: image purporting show the LoC on the Pakistan side this afternoon. Smoke seen rising after shelling from both sides.


Source: @khalid_pk
We've had news of shelling the past 12 hours.

Now there are also reports of RPGs and small arms being used along the LoC - the distance between the respective forces is it would seem falling.

Via @ShivAroor
As of an hour ago, WiFi, 4G, and 3G services were still blocked in South Kashmir.

Via @makboolveeray

This is (supposedly) having an impact on regional stock markets, although I haven't seen any evidence of that yet.
BREAKING: Imran Khan announces in Parliament that Pakistan will release the Indian pilot Squadron Leader Abhinandhan tomorrow as a "peace gesture".

Via multiple sources, including @DunyaNews and @maryashakil
Khan also said he's tried to get in contact with @narendramodi, but has so far not been successful.

Via @DevirupaM
Full quote from Khan, via @ShereenBhan:

"In our desire of peace, I announce that tomorrow, and as a first step to open negotiations, Pakistan will be releasing the India Air Force Officer in our custody"
Some official confirmation 👇👇👇

T-minus 8 mins everyone

Pakistani opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif:

"PAF fighters deserve praise. They have made the nation proud. It has been proven that our armed forces will defend every inch of this land and not hesitate from making any sacrifices"

Via @dawn_com
Just seen a few reports of a civilian being killed during Pakistani shelling along the LoC.

"Reports suggest a woman has been killed by a #Pakistani artillery shelling attack in Mendhar, Poonch, #India. #Pakistan" - @AuroraIntel
LATEST: Joint Indian Military press conference postponed to 7pm (Delhi time - GMT+5:30).

The military reportedly need to update their messaging in light of the Wing Commander Abhinandan release announcement.

All via @ShivAroor
The moment @ImranKhanPTI announced that Pakistan would release Wing Commander Abhinandan

Via @dawn_com

Just seen a report that Pakistan’s airspace may be closed again. @flightradar24 certainly seems quiet.

BUT no confirmation from @AirportPakistan or a NOTAM yet.
.@CNNnews18 reporting that the postponed press conference will now have no Q&A, and no power point.

Just a statement.

LATEST: Wing Cdr Abhinandan will walk back into India tomorrow afternoon through the border village of Wagah.

Via: sources cited by @shreyadhoundial for @CNNnews18
While speaking in Parliament, @ImranKhanPTI said India wanted to launch a missile attack against Pakistan last night but cancelled plans at last moment.

IF his claims are true, India planned to attack, but then changed their mind.

So what changed?

Via @MoeedNj
LATEST: sources in @PakPMO cited by @Mehmal & @geonews_urdu are saying there's possibility of a phone call between PM Imran Khan and PM Modi later this evening (or for those on GMT, next few hours....)
Side note: this whole time difference thing is a nightmare.....
LATEST: Two Pakistani civilians reportedly injured in Indian shelling across the LoC a few minutes ago

Via @Natsecjeff & @khalid_pk
IMPORTANT: Russia is ready to mediate between Pakistan and India "if they want this" says Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov via @tassagency_en and @Reuters

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova also said Moscow was ready to help.

"We are concerned about the escalation of tensions between India and Pakistan and the dangerous manoeuvring of the two countries' armed forces near ​​the Line of Control"

Here’s @realDonaldTrump claiming the US has mediated between India and Pakistan.

Interestingly, there have been no reports from within the region of this being the case.

The reopening of Pakistani Airspace at 6pm tomorrow will coincide with the release of the detained Indian Pilot - a symbolic decision.

Via @Homesecpak
LATEST: US Secretary of State @SecPompeo says the US continues to be engaged with India and Pakistan. He's spoken to the leaders of both countries.

Urged them to avoid "any action that would escalate and greatly increase risk"

Via @ReutersIndia
LATEST: Joint press conference from India's Military (all of the following via @manupubby)

Indian radars detected Pak fighters breaching Indian air space at various levels yesterday. Indian Su 30, MiG 21 and Mirage 2000 were sent to intercept
CONTINUING: One PAF F16 of was shot down by an Indian MiG 21 Bison.

It fell in Pakistan occupied Kashmir
Indian military accuses Pakistan of spreading disinformation: they first claimed two Indian aircraft were shot, then revised that.
BREAKING: "Indian navy is deployed in high state of readiness - to deter, prevent and defeat any misadventure by Pakistan. I can assure you resolute and swift response when needed" says Rear Admiral Gujral (Indian Navy) via @pzfahad
“As we speak ceasefire violations continue. Now it is up to Pakistan [to decide] what they want" says Indian Major General Mahal
India are really insisting Pakistan was the aggressor. They say further provocation will be responded to.

"Pakistan has targeted our military installations so they have escalated it" via @pzfahad
This morning: Pakistan say they'll release the Indian pilot. They call for calm and dialogue.

India 👇👇👇

Oh wow - asked whether they see the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan as a "peace gesture" (as it was branded by @ImranKhanPTI), the panel respond that they simply see it as Pakistan following the Geneva Convention....

Via @manupubby
The full quote from Air Vice Marshal Kapoor: "We are happy our officer is being sent back. We see it as a gesture in consonance with Geneva Convention" - @PoulomiMSaha
The line from the navy: "Indian Navy is prepared to defeat any misadventure by Pakistan. We can assure you of a swift response when needed" - Rear Admiral Gujral via @ndtv

This sounds so lovely, fluffy, and peaceful. All is groovy.....
Major Gen Nahal, Rear Admiral Gujral, and Air Vice Marshal Kapoor.

These three have had an absolute storm of a press briefing......
"Despite the turn of events, the Indian Army is committed to maintaining peace and stability in the region. We continue to maintain strict vigil along the LoC and the IB sector" says Major Gen Nahal (Indian Army)

Via @dawn_com
That's the takeaway from this briefing.

Khan used calm, peaceful language. He was very convincing in his assertion that he wanted everything to de-escalate.

The Indian military have taken to the stage and have shattered that.

All schools within 5km both sides of the LoC have been closed yesterday and today.

Just seen a report that they'll also be closed tomorrow. It would make sense - clashes along the border are yet to calm down.

Pakistani PM @ImranKhanPTI has reportedly just been on the phone to UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

UAE pledged support to Pakistan.

Via @khawajaNNInews
These images supposedly come from Tatta Pani, a small village on the Pakistani side of the LoC.

As ever, pinch of salt required.

Several casualties have been reported by both sides as a result of the shelling today.

Via @khalid_pk
Confirmation of phone calls.

Pakistani sources are insisting @MohamedBinZayed has sided with Pakistan. Hard to verify obviously.

"Long leave" cancelled for all police officers in Karachi.

No leave until further notice.

Video from @IndiaToday showing civilians hiding in a bunker near the LoC

Amarinder Singh, the current Chief Minister of Punjab, will meet Indian pilot Wing Commander Abhinandan at the border tomorrow.

Via @MumbaiMirror

The handover is rumoured to be at the border village of Wagah, but that is as yet unconfirmed.
LATEST: Indian @SpokespersonMoD releases press statement

Found here pib.nic.in/PressReleseDet…
Indian Air Force full statement

"Pakistan stated that no F-16s were used in the operation and no Pakistani Plane was downed by Indian Air Force. There is enough evidence to show that F-16s were used in this mission and Pakistan is trying to hide this fact"
Indian Army

"We continue to maintain strict vigil along the Line of Control and the IB [International Border] Sector. Our Ground Based Air Defence Weapon Systems have been put on alert on all along the Line of Control and some parts of the IB"
Indian Navy "remains poised in all the three dimensions – on surface, under-sea and in air"
After the somewhat inflammatory rhetoric from the Indian military in yesterday’s press briefing, aircraft are still moving cargo towards the Kashmir region 👇👇

Media presence at the Wagha border right now, where Wing Commander #Abhinandan is expected to be released shortly.

Pics @ShirazHassan
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