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15)You know that joke you’re sick of telling? Write/type it w/ space in between each sentence. Add some details, change a word or unpack an idea. To me, unless it’s on a Special a joke isn’t done. When the audience is mouthing the words with you it’s done. #GulManTip #WriteNow
16)Be the comedian you wanted to see. Think about the things that you wished someone made jokes about when you sat in the audience. Make a list of topics and ideas that you’d be EXCITED to see someone discuss. Become that comedian. You’ve got 30 years. #GulManTip #WriteNow
17)You’ve been killing every night. You’re not sure this is still a challenge. For the next few months ask to go on first. It’s a great test of your act. The booker and host will love you for it. #GulManTip #WriteNow
18)Read books. Listen to Audio Books. You need a huge inventory of words to write interesting jokes. If you bombard your brain with words it will improve your writing. You’ll also learn new ideas and insights to write about. LOOK UP THE WORDS YOU DON’T KNOW.#GulManTip #WriteNow
18a) “You can’t be a good writer without being a devoted reader.” - J.K. Rowling
19)Use variety in your words. Don’t keep using the same word. If you use a word that is crucial to your punchline you should try not to use it before then because it will diminish the impact. This is where listening to your sets is so helpful. #GulManTip #WriteNow
20)Today, try to eliminate those verbal tics. The “and aaaahs” (I Call it Miller-ing) after the flat punchline, the “What else...” when you forget your next bit. The ahms, y’knows and stammers that muddy your rhythm. Again, record and LISTEN to your set! #GulManTip #WriteNow
21)I could never prove it but I believe that young Jews started walking a bit taller in 1995. I did. That was the year Adam Sandler released The Chanukah Song. Comedy is influential. Comedians are powerful. Just jokes??? #Preachy #GulManTip #WriteNow #GoldieHawn!
22)You can learn by watching the other comics on your show. The great ones will teach and inspire and the bad ones’ shortcomings are instructive. You can assess the crowd and note overused premises to avoid. Also you may be able to offer a peer a good idea.#GulManTip #WriteNow
23)Timing. Some say it’s “essential” others “useless”.You can get by with lousy timing but you can soar with great timing. It can take thousands of shows to figure it out. EXPERIMENT every show to see what works best. Some day you’ll just feel it. #GulManTip #WriteNow #heuristic
24)There are things you’ve become expert in because of passion. List them and write jokes about them. Writing informed by a vast knowledge in unusual subjects will lead to original compelling jokes. @pattonoswalt is King of this. Today, mine your obsessions. #GulManTip #WriteNow
25)There is no shame in working a day job. Take notes. Caddyshack was inspired by writers’ memories of working at a snooty golf club. The insight your experience will bring to a joke/sitcom/screenplay is priceless. Today write about a job. #GulManTip #WriteNow #Tip24:PigInTheCity
26)Today go through your joke inventory. Write/type it out. Identify or create logical connections between jokes and combine them. It can be easier to hold a crowd’s attention when you stay on topic longer. Have a good show tonight! #GulManTip #WriteNow Shabbat Shalom!
27A)You will be designing your set with a Producer. Most of them are excellent and can provide valuable insight. JP at Conan and Jessica at Colbert have been TREMENDOUS. Be polite and professional. Make a case for your preferences but don’t be a pain in the ass. #GulManTip
27B)This seems obvious but practice the set in front of as many crowds as possible, good and bad, until you’re sick of it. Especially if it’s your first time, you want to know it cold. #GulManTip
27C)Video if possible so you can eliminate the physical habits that annoy you. See what you look like on tv so you can adjust to look like you want to. Make changes to tighten the set, squeezing in as many laughs as you can. Just clear changes with the Producer. #GulManTip
28)One thing to take the stress out of a TV set or any big show is to ignore the 8 Mile idea that you only get “one shot”. NONSENSE!!! If you’re kind and WRITE you’ll get 60+ shots. It’s an ultra-marathon. B Rabbit got a second shot later that month! PERSIST. #GulManTip #WriteNow
29)Feel like “I’m too old. I’ve been doing it so long. I can’t get any better.”? George Carlin said he really figured it out in 1988. He was 51 and at the time he was GEORGE CARLIN!!! Don’t stop pushing yourself. You owe it to your audience and yourself. #GulManTip #WriteNow
30)Today, Remove your ear buds for an hour +. Take time to ruminate in your head and toss around ideas. If you can think out jokes while listening to music, I envy you. For a lot of us near silence is best. If you need the distraction for anxiety I get it. #GulManTip #WriteNow
31A)Day of Show: Bring a calming friend who hasn’t appeared on the show you’re doing so you can try to get them on in the future. If you’re a napper plan one that won’t make you groggy at show time. Run your set in your head or out loud many times. Exercise. #GulManTip #WriteNow
31B)It’s still very hard to get a TV Set. Don’t think about what it can lead to. This is a milestone. It doesn’t have to lead anywhere. The kid who watched standups on TV growing up would be blown away by you. Congratulations! #GulManTip #WriteNow
31C)Watch me on Conan @TeamCoco tonight! When I tug on my ear lobe it’s to say hi to Carol Burnett’s grandmother. #NewBlazer
31D) If it’s your first time: Ask for your introduction cue cards signed by the host. They’re a fun memento. Frame them with some or all of your appearance fee. #GulManTip #WriteNow
32)Today’s tip is a challenge. February is the shortest month. I want you to write EVERY SINGLE DAY. You don’t have to write all day. You do have to write every day or be marked incomplete. Put your head down. Look up on March 1 a stronger comic. #GulManTip #WriteNow
33)Change your writing routine today. If you usually write on a laptop, write longhand and vice versa. If you write in small note pads write in a big notebook. I may be imagining it but I think using unruled note books changed my writing years ago. #GulManTip #WriteNow #Day2!
34)Today, start by going over your writing from the past few days. Highlight or mark the parts you like and organize them so you can remember to try them on stage next chance you get. Review them before your show. Repeat this tip regularly. It’s important! #GulManTip #WriteNow
35)If you’re struggling to find an area to write about today, you can always find original jokes by examining your family. Identify the unique aspects of your family in writing. It’s a rich vein you could mine through March and beyond. #GulManTip #WriteNow
36)I’ve heard this attributed to both Leno and Seinfeld. “I never worried about agents or deals or auditions. All I worried about is: Am I getting funnier?” For the rest of February and March ignore the bullshit. Just get funnier. Godspeed. #GulManTip #WriteNow
37)My favorite writer @Kurt_Vonnegut said he wrote for an audience of one, his sister Alice. I write for a 21 year old me. Today think about your ideal audience member. This should help you narrow your writing focus and help you find your voice. #GulManTip #WriteNOW
38)Want to stand out? Avoid hacky topics. You know what they are. Unless you’re Pryor I don’t have time for your angle. But @_______ said “There’s no hacky premise! It’s what you blah blah blah.” I disagree. No one’s ever been accused of being too original. #GulManTip #WriteNow
38A) Watch the comics before and after you. The topics that keep getting brought up, Tinder, TSA are most likely hacky. Instead of accusing theft, write on a less pedestrian topic. #GulManTip #WriteNow
38C) You really have to be your own judge of these things. I don’t feel comfortable being the arbiter of hackiness. Be strict with yourself. It will pay off later. In response to @ThatJordanBrady
39)This weekend, spend two hours in an art museum. Notice how meticulous and precise the artists are with their paintings/sculptures. Consider the countless choices they made. Seeing masterpieces up close makes writing a joke seem far less daunting. #GulManTip #WriteNow
40)This weekend do something new and/or ridiculous. Examples: Take a date on a hot air balloon (@RyanHamilton), fight anarchy at Trader Joe’s (The Gul), be a Jew at a meeting of young Antisemites (@alexedelman). #GulManTip #WriteNow
41)You know those quirky little things you do and think? Collect them in a file or on paper. Even if you’re a story teller you can use these as details to add depth and distinction to your jokes. #GulManTip #WriteNow
42)If you’re still with the challenge, writing every day is now habit. Hopefully you’ve had a session where it flows. When you’re in a flow DON’T STOP. Cancel appointments, stay up late, be late to lunch. The Muse is elusive. If you have her attention, WRITE. #GulManTip #WRITENOW
43)Proximity contributes to funniness. In general, a brother or sister is funnier to mention in your joke than a sister/brother in-law. Use aunt instead of a neighbor etc. Adjust your jokes to make the people closer relations. I don’t know why this works. #GulManTip #WriteNow
44)Headliners! Watch your opening acts at least the first night. When asked for it, be generous with guidance and encouragement. These comics are paid poorly and under appreciated. You can help them immensely with some small kindnesses like lunch. #GulManTip #WriteNow
45) Don’t worry about “burning” material on a special or album. Hoarding jokes may signal your brain that you’re out of ideas.
“You can’t use up creativity.
The more you use, the more you have.” - Maya Angelou #GulManTip #WriteNow
46)Your most original, compelling ideas will come from inspiration which I see as a type of luck. If you’ve been writing every day you’re starting to get luckier. The month is halfway done. Keep writing!#GulManTip #WriteNow
47) Limitations often breed creativity. Today, set in writing some restrictions for your act. (“I won’t talk about ______. I’ll only write jokes this month about _______.”) It seems counterintuitive but it works. #GulmanTip #WriteNow
48) Hosting/MCing shows is a great way to become comfortable on stage and develop a valuable skill. Volunteer to MC shows and it will pay off in many ways. One great thing is that you can consult your notebook and then go back on and try a new bit. #GulManTip #WriteNow
49) SPECIFIC is usually funnier than general terms or words. Go through your set today and find where you were general and change to a specific. There will be cases where general is still funnier. Use good judgement. #GulManTip #WriteNow
50) Hopefully you’re writing for longer periods now. You’ll notice it takes time to warm up. After you warm up go back to the beginning of your session and make changes to the jokes there. I just learned this and it’s very helpful. #GulManTip #WriteNow
51) Get out of the house! There are too many distractions and temptations (mostly to nap) in your home. Go to a coffee shop or book store or library (my favorite) and write. #GulManTip #WriteNow
52) You have a new joke. It seems too easy. Go online and type in some of the joke and see if someone has said something similar ANYWHERE. Ask your comedy obsessed friends if they have heard anyone do a similar bit. #GulManTip #WriteNow #shepardize
53) Listen to a recent recording - I know it’s excruciating and it won’t get much easier. Pause every sentence or two. 1) Can you say it in less words? 2) Can you add or change something to make it funnier?
Press play and repeat.
#GulManTip #WriteNow
54) If you suffer from mental illness make sure comedy is helping you cope or feel better or get out of the house and be with people. If it’s adding to your suffering, take a break and get healthy. Comedy can wait. #GulManTip #RIPBrodyStevens @BrodyismeFriend
55) This one will meet with resistance. Many of us lean toward sloth but exercise, even just a long walk, fuels creativity. Try your best not to listen to music or podcasts. If you’re ruminating on your act it counts as writing. #GulManTip #WriteNow #WalkNow
56) Choose at least one thing to work on during every set. Work on a new joke, adding a physical component, a character or voice etc. every single time you take the stage. This helps at every level. #GulManTip #WriteNow
I’m going away on a very well- deserved vacation this week. I’ll still tweet a tip every day because I’m a great person. I will not respond to any tweets. #GulManTip #WriteNow #Hero #Mensch
57) As they say in AA “Compare and despair.” It’s human nature but it’s time better spent reading/writing. Be happy for the good guys/women/et al. Keep your head down and work. Some day it will be you. #GulManTip #WriteNow
58) The most common advice I give new comedians is to “make it sound more conversational.” I’m not entirely certain how to go about that other than to make it a goal to sound less scripted. Yet another instance where listening to your set is helpful. #GulManTip #WriteNow
59) Early on in your career it can be difficult to win over a crowd. It’s very helpful to open with your best joke (the shorter the better) and close with your second best. #GulManTip #WriteNow
60) You will have countless setbacks if you stick with comedy. It’s ok to take a day or two to lick your wounds after a rejection. Then, ask yourself: Can I be working harder? If yes then it’s not a setback, it’s a message. #GulManTip #WriteNow #Pithy
61) Even if you’re not a topical comedian, try to stay informed. You don’t have to read the newspaper front to back every day but knowing what’s going on in the world will broaden your comedy palette and enhance live performance. #GulManTip #WriteNow
62) Look for inspiration EVERYWHERE. Paintings, music, poetry, rap, novels, nonfiction, short stories, theater, philosophy etc. can all provide a spark for creativity. Cross-pollinate your work with broad influences and watch your creativity grow. #GulManTip #WriteNow
63) Write it all down while the coffee is still telling you you’re mighty. Reread after you’ve turned back into Dr. Banner (yes he’s a genius but not as self confident in that condition.) That buzz is so valuable but needs editing. #GulManTip #WriteNow
64)You have a joke on a topic you want to cover. It gets a good laugh but it’s pedestrian. Keep it! Use it as scaffolding to build a better joke by adding on-topic jokes to the original joke. Just remember to remove the scaffolding once the joke is great. #GulManTip #WriteNow
65) Writing a new joke can be intimidating. Break it down. A good joke is just a collection of good sentences. Today, write a funny sentence. That’s it. It can be to an existing joke or set up or completely new. #GulManTip #WriteNow
66) Thursday nights are perfect for trying out new jokes. Today, before trying it out on stage, say the joke out loud to play with and figure out the rhythm. You will probably change or drop some words. And, per tip 58, make sure it doesn’t sound too written. #GulManTip #WriteNow
67) You should try to adhere to George Orwell’s first rule for effective writing: “Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.” Take the time to create your own. It’s part of the job. #OrwellTip #GulManTip #WriteNow
68) Don’t “Give it up for your host!” or “Give yourselves a big hand!” or “How’s everybody doing tonight?” etc. You could do another minute of jokes with the time you waste on this claptrap. Especially foolish if you only have 5 minutes. #GulManTip #WriteNow
69) “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” - C.S. Lewis (published The Lion, The Witch...after 50) Please don’t use your age to keep you from starting standup or improving as one. You will just have to work harder than the kids. #GulManTip #WriteNow
70) Today, put together a list of the most embarrassing moments in your life. Take one or two and write them out in detail. Next time you’re in front of a warm crowd, work on telling the story. #GulManTip #WriteNow
70A) This exercise should help you to be more vulnerable on stage. A lot of us feel this is a major component of the best contemporary standup comedy.
71) “I hate my act!” This is usually a good sign. Don’t despair. Use the frustration to motivate you to work in some new stuff tonight. Soon you’ll have a new 20 minutes to be sick of. #GulManTip #WriteNow
72) If you want to make a good joke denser and deeper do some research on the topic. You will find insight and perspectives that you hadn’t thought of. Spending an hour or two to add a minute to a good joke is a bargain. #GulManTip #WriteNow #GOLD
73) We all hate waking up early to do radio but you should do it and take it seriously, especially early in your career. It will be your biggest audience of the weekend BY FAR. Many comedians still build a fan base with radio. Do your best stuff! #GulManTip #WriteNow
74) I once spent a year asking veteran headliners advice on doing an hour. “I take them on a ride!” “You need to build slowly.” “I sing a song!” Only one person gave me worthwhile advice. @TomPapa who said w/o sarcasm “You need A LOT OF JOKES.” #GulManTip #WriteNow #PapaTip
75) Take acting classes. Don’t go to a culty one and make sure you get to act every class. It will make you a better comic. “But @____________ never took a class and blah blah blah.” Please shut up. #GulManTip #WriteNow #Act
76) I’ve heard so many stories of comedians performing in front of a handful of people with as much zeal as they did for a sold out show. Be that comedian!!! It’s difficult but great training. It’s ok to acknowledge the poor turnout but don’t dwell on it. #GulManTip #WriteNow
77) NEVER, under any circumstances, use a stock line. It undermines your entire set. Example: Someone arrives late to the show. The comic says: “Welcome, can I get you anything? Like a watch?” 🤮 #GulManTip #WriteNow
78) “I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life - and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.” -Georgia O'Keeffe
A lot us get nervous before and even during shows. It may never go away, but the audience can’t tell. #GulManTip #WriteNo
79) When you start thinking of yourself as an artist it makes you work like one. So, tell yourself you’re an artist today and believe it and everything that goes with it. #GulManTip #WriteNOW
I’m putting out two tips today 80) Read this by my friend @ChrisGethard: medium.com/@chrisgeth/my-…
81) On F—: Use or don’t. I don’t care. If you use F-in’ as the penultimate word in a joke try it w/o once to see if it works. On a show with other comics limit F’s so it still has impact when they use it. If you’re opening for someone ask if it’s ok. #GulManTip #WriteNow
82) On “Savers”: Don’t keep a weak joke because you came up with a great saver for it. It’s tacky. If you must then at least leave a generous tip for the club’s staff for stifling their contempt during your treachery. “But Johnny Carson...” SHUT UP please. #GulManTip #WriteNow
82A) Don’t “That one was just for me!” or “You’ll get that one on the way home!”. They won’t, they’ll be too busy trying to rinse their brains of your lazy act. #GulManTip #WriteNow
83) Frustrated with a joke? 1) Keep writing. The next sentence could crack it OR 2) Write about something else for a while. Sometimes when you return the subconscious has solved it. It’s frustrating but when you solve it, it’s exhilarating. #GulManTip #WriteNow
84) It’s helpful to make a set list esp. for long shows. I write it on a napkin and put it next to a drink on the stool. It’s mostly new jokes and new lines for old jokes. It’s so aggravating to forget to do a new joke you’ve been honing. Glance sparingly. #GulManTip #WriteNow
85) Feel too old? 50 years ago this month @Kurt_Vonnegut published this masterpiece. He was 47. That’s like 65 today. He’d written 5 or 6 books before but reached only a small audience. It continues to heal and educate and inspire. PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP! #GulManTip #WriteNow
86) LISTEN TO THIS! vulture.com/2019/03/gary-g…
87) Here’s a helpful organizing tip for notebook users. I can keep a premise together by adding ideas to the Post-It™️ and sticking it to the original page. #GulManTip #WriteNow
88) On Patience: It’s better to be seen by the comedy “industry” 2 years too late than one second too early. It’s hard to undo a bad first impression and you change and grow so much year to year the first ten years of your career. #GulManTip #WriteNow
89) Your friend has brought you to open for them this weekend. If you are not trying out some new jokes in that prime spot, you are a fool. Don’t over-indulge but take advantage of the weekend crowd to expand your act. #GulManTip #WriteNow
90) You just had a great set. Instead of celebrating, use that hour or so after when the synapses are still firing and your confidence is soaring to voice record or write down the ideas that pop up during that especially fertile creative time. #GulManTip #WriteNow
91) Organization Tip: When transcribing your sets, leave space in between each line so that you can make changes and edits later on that day. #GulManTip #WriteNow
92) This week, notice where you do your best thinking. The shower? Running? Listening to music? Not listening to music? Driving? Walking? Make sure to put yourself in the places where you’re doing your best thinking as frequently as possible. #GulManTip #WriteNow
93) It’s ok to “bomb”. Taking risks is essential to becoming an original voice. You SHOULD bomb occasionally even frequently if you’re taking risks and COMMITTING!!! Bomb taking risks, not with Tinder jokes. #GulManTip #WRITENOW
94) 99% of us are awful for our first few years. It’s frustrating because we want to honor this art form we revere. Have FAITH that you’ll improve if you #WRITENow and GET ON STAGE as often as possible. It is BIZARRE to learn a craft in public. We’re carnies. PERSIST. #GulManTip
95) Over the next several months take the time to become an expert in something new. Read a few books and a ton of articles. This exercise will give you a new topic and fresh beginner’s enthusiasm and perspective to write from. It’s also good for your brain. #GulManTip #WriteNow
96) With any competitive field there are crabs trying to pull escapees back into the bucket. Be polite, I guess, but don’t let cynics and the embittered get in your head. We need to pull each other up not drag each other back to Sidesplitters Tampa. #GulManTip #WriteNow
97) For your first few years limit your crowd work. You need joke inventory and practice. There will be plenty of time to work on your whereyafroms. Many headliners don’t like an MC or opener to do crowd work. It emboldens hecklers. #GulManTip #WriteNow
98) In general, when the audience is laughing, stop talking. It’s our insecurities that make us want to fill every moment with sound. #GulManTip #WriteNow
99) Starting a punchline “Bitch...” is a guaranteed laugh. It is also a guarantee you will sound like 1000 other comedians. #GulManTip #WriteNow #99Problems
100) “When someone asks you if you’re a god you say YES!” - Winston Zeddemore
Accept challenges zealously! It will help you expand your limits. If you fail, so what?! #GulManTip #WriteNow @briankoppelman told me this!
101) “Writing” on stage is a super-effective way to create. Listening to the set after to harvest the good lines is CRUCIAL. If the riff goes poorly, have a strong joke ready so you can fulfill your entertainment obligation. #GulManTip #WriteNow
102) It will take between 3 (UNLIKELY) and 15 years (LIKELY) to feel like you know what you’re doing. Write as if you only have 6 months. #GulManTip #WriteNow
103) On the road this weekend? Open with a few jokes about the city. No traffic jokes or jokes that seem like they had to have been done 1000 times before. Don’t spend a ton of time writing but make an effort. #GulManTip #WriteNow
104) Hang out! Early on in your career if you’re not on the show you can sometimes get a spot if someone is late or a no show and you ask NICELY. You also get to watch comedy and make friends and build comfort. If you don’t get on, go home and write. #GulManTip #WriteNow
Not sure if @punchlinesf still requires hanging out for 6 plus months while never going on. If they do you should not do that. It seems excessive and mean. Perform elsewhere and then go in and headline years later.
105) Friday and some Saturday late shows can be BRUTAL. It helps to lower expectations and coordinate with staff on how to manage hecklers and rowdies. If you can be generous of spirit but fair to yourself it can be fun and valuable. #GulManTip #WriteNow
106) READ and HEED! This essay by @Kurt_Vonnegut has gotten me through so many rough times. Print it and tack it up where you can see it when you need it. #GulManTip #WriteNow #LIFEVEST Thanks for gifting me this @thenickgriffin !
107) Use the time on the way to the show to go over your set, especially new jokes. Figure out what you want to open/close with. I love my 45 minute subway to @ComedyCellarUSA for this. You can do it while driving. If driving with a comic, discuss together. #GulManTip #WriteNow
108) When is it time to move to NY or LA? Are you the best comedian on nearly every show you do? Dissatisfied with stage time? Then start thinking about one of those cities or a bigger standup scene. Like most fields, you get better by being around better. #GulManTip #WriteNow
109) How long to stick with a joke? If it’s truly original and funny to you and/or especially personal, you should keep working on it until you figure it out. A more pedestrian joke? Give it 3 tries. My favorite joke took 19 years to solve. #GulManTip #WriteNow
110) Make sure you’re in this because you love comedy and NOT because you love show business. #GulManTip #WriteNow Happy Passover @DBashIdeas !
Take “the road less travelled”.
112) Holidays are rich topics with near universal recognition for audiences. This weekend write about holidays and personal stories about them. Just be careful not to do the ordinary takes or bite my “All I Want For Chanukah is Christmas”. #GulManTip #WriteNow
113) Be aware of the constraints your appearance may put on jokes. For example if you’re really attractive it can be hard to convince the audience that you’re having a hard time finding a date. Wearing expensive clothes will contradict claims of poverty. #GulManTip #WriteNow
114) At Boston College, Professor John McAleer wrote on a short story I turned in: “You have a story telling ability you should zealously cultivate!” I was lucky to have a lot of John McAleers. Be that Professor for a new comedian you work with. #GulManTip #WriteNow @BCAlumni
115) It’s been so long since I wrote what’s another day? Open 📝 or your joke file on 💻 and put in the date. Done? The hardest part is over. Write some thoughts, a set list, goals, ANYTHING. Keep writing until you can’t, plus 15 minutes. #GulManTip #WriteNow
116) Forget about fairness. I can name 100 comedians better than me with less and 100 worse than me with more. We’re in a business where there’s an annual benefit for Patrice O’Neal and a Celebrity Tribute Roast of Bob Saget. A pen is your only equalizer. #GulManTip #WriteNow
Just to be clear. Patrice’s talent should have left him rich beyond all of us.
117) Headliners, consider doing a meet and greet after your shows. The audience really appreciates it and it feels pretty good. Mine rarely take more than 45 minutes so it’s not a huge time issue. Don’t charge for pictures or autographs. That’s super tacky. #GulManTip #WriteNow
118) Last night @iamcolinquinn filmed another magnificent Special. Standup veterans, you can continue to do great work and reach greater heights if you write diligently and prepare like CQ. This weekend, PREPARE! #GulManTip #WriteNow
119) Today, try and add some laugh lines to the setups of some of your jokes. This will be fun, add denseness to your jokes and put some new energy in old jokes. Try and work them in tonight during your show. #GulManTip #WriteNow
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