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#Global #ETF Weekly (thread): 15 Jan 2021

- 2020 worst perf #sector making comeback in 2021 $IXC

- This is helping #oil producing countries with #Nigeria, #UAE & #Russia in top5 #Country ETF YTD performers in USD $NGE $UAE $ERUS

- Few countries moving in red this week

#Global #Value #stocks still making short-term recovery, with $IWVL #ETF still looking very strong relatively over the short-term. Over 3yr period it is however still lagging quite substantially.

This should be interesting for this months #OrbisvsSP500 unofficial challenge

This one is worrying, but then again, it's been for some time. #Global #Tech #stocks relative to #MSCI All Country World Index is definitely creating some concern. Be very careful.

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Thread 🧵on Why to Invest Money ❓

Must read for everyone, especially youngsters....

(If you like then please re-tweet to maximize reach)

#FinancialLiteracy #InvestmentPlanning
1⃣ With the passage of time the term #Money has become one of the most important necessity of everybody’s life, without which thinking about anything is next to impossible.
2⃣ Today with increasing human wants, longer life spans, and huge number of opportunities available to spend, just #earning good is not enough; it is equally important to #invest money wisely to ensure that it is generating a good return to secure yours and your family’s future.
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Basics of learning #Bitcoin
#Bitcoin does not flow through the traditional #banking system
#Bitcoin transactions are made via #computer immediately with usually low charges
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@RaoulGMI Good Morning! You asked what is happening to #Gold and #Silver. This is my take - a summary of the governing Thesis on for a long time! Hope you can use the input! 🙋‍♂️🙂
Since ~2000 we have been in Kondratiev's Winter. A period where GLOBAL DEBT causes low and falling growth rates. Central banks try to counter this by printing money (Monetary Stimulus). However, Deflationary forces from debt causes deflations to unfold - despite extreme measures
To the frustration of Central Banks, they cannot create inflation despite extreme money printing. They stimulate by infusing money into the system but cannot make the money circulate. Velocity drops dramatically. What they miss...You cannot solve a solvency problem with Liquidity
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1/ Been getting many calls about #Bitcoin and whether now is a good time to buy. I'm not a financial advisor and these are my personal thoughts not financial advice. Do your own research before deciding what to do.
2/ There isn't a one size fits all answer here. It depends on
A) Your time horizon
B) Your ability to stomach volatility
C) Your discretionary income
3/ In the long run I think #Bitcoin is still cheap. At R650k ($41k) I still think over the next few years it could more than 10x from here. At a $750bn market cap it's still 1/15th the value of #gold and I think it will far surpass the value of gold in the long run.
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A few tweets on one of my favorite under the radar junior explorers tonight...... Bitterroot Resources $BTT.V has projects in Michigan and Nevada. Tonight I'm focusing on the LM Project located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.... #copper #metals #mining #nickel #palladium #platinum
Bitterroot Resources Ltd.(51%) and its partner Below Exploration Inc. (49%) are exploring the LM Property for high-grade nickel-copper-platinum-palladium deposits similar to Lundin Mining's Eagle and Eagle East mines in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. $BTT.V Image
At Lundin Mining's Eagle Mine and elsewhere in the Mid-Continent Rift region, disseminated sulphides occur around bodies of massive and semi-massive sulphide mineralization. In August $BTT.V released encouraging drill results from a 4-hole 1,411 meter drill program at LM.... Image
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I am expecting the stock markets to rise on asset reflation into Q2 of 2021, as my cycles say so.

in the mainstream news backed by new presidential office euphoria

Expecting a big dip/retrace in the second half of 2021, which will be responded by more asset reflation.
This monetary response will drive all asset categories into their long term cycle tops by end of 2022 or early 2023

i am expecting a tech bubble style runaway move for whole of 2022 in #gold #silver #stockmarket into an everything asset bubble
i am expecting 2023 to mark the end of the stock market rise and i expect a decade long bear market.

after that 8y cycle correction, 2024-2028: the gains in #gold #silver will start on an even bigger level.

this is my longterm framework
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How high can #gold run during this next intermediate cycle?

my current target stands at $2440 by May

targets are not exit points: the combination of a lot of signals/ratio's are. we adapt along the way

an 38% is fairly high for a 6month cycle
averages are 20.6% to 48.6%

the average is 30% = equal to $2300

however look at the very LT chart posted yesterday

we just had a breakout above a new high, after a multiyear bear market and advance phase

the last 5months, we backtested the breakout from this base (the red dot)

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1/ The Tether ( $USDT ) controversy and its relation to #Bitcoin ( $BTC ). Join me in exploring why #tether is crypto's dirty little secret, and why #2021 might be the worst year yet (for crypto). Image
2/ I will use this thread to collect even future events / developments on #tether, so you might want to come back to it later on.
3/ For the uninitiated, #tether is a stablecoin supposedly "backed" 1:1 by real $, yet it has been surrounded by controversy for years over whether or not that is the case, considering the companies behind #tether and Bitfinex never presented an actual audit of their reserves. Image
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Extremely undervalued #gold play. 17% return p.a compounded over the last 10 years.

Let’s start with some history: Image
2/ $TBR is a gold producer & explorer listed on the #ASX in 1989. Anton Billis is founder & still CEO. The major asset for $TBR is the East Kundana Joint Venture (EKJV), in Western Australia. $TBR holds a 36.75% interest in #EKJV. Billis first pegged the EKJV in the late 80's. Image
3/ $RND, sister company to $TBR (same founder / ceo) holds a 12.25% interest, the current operator and JV partner, $NST, holds a 51% interest in the EKJV. Open pit mining started here in 2006 and there are three deposits currently being worked.
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Some of our most reviewed #ResolveRiffs episodes of 2020...

Thank you our friends and followers!

@RPARETF creators Alex Shahidi & Damien Bisserier
Navigating an Impossible Market with Chris Schindler…
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I want to say something. I put much work into showing you guys nothing is random. Everything is set up and done by design. With that said, you have meaning and purpose. You're here for a reason. Your life is more valuable than #Xrp or #gold. Never end it. Keep fighting.
Your worth isn't tied to something inanimate. Love one another genuinely and unconditionally. Elevate others above yourself. This in turn nourishes your spirit. I know these lockdowns are tough, take it day by day. You guys know I pit my faith in Christ. It makes this
bearable. Lol. Anyway, you matter and your loved. Never end your precious life. Fight and be proud that you never gave up.
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@HarrisSamaras @Bitcoin @elonmusk @Halsrethink @TheBondFreak @NorthmanTrader @DiMartinoBooth @mtmalinen @RaoulGMI @APompliano Part 1: There is a huge #Bitcoin-hype (and thus #bubble), which makes #BTC sexy to many and dulls their senses to the risks involved (high volatility thus just seen as "buying opportunities").
@HarrisSamaras @Bitcoin @elonmusk @Halsrethink @TheBondFreak @NorthmanTrader @DiMartinoBooth @mtmalinen @RaoulGMI @APompliano Part 2: Many things drive #Bitcoin:
- We have a new #Tech-#bubble (see #Tesla pushed as a Tech, not car company)
- It's presumed scarcity seems overvalued, but seems to convince many
- The danger of a few players manipulating the BTC-price is underestimated
- See Part 3
@HarrisSamaras @Bitcoin @elonmusk @Halsrethink @TheBondFreak @NorthmanTrader @DiMartinoBooth @mtmalinen @RaoulGMI @APompliano Part 3: Driving #Bitcoin too:
- Initial #investors saw themselves as fighting the system (the bad #banks & fiat money), but fail to see that they buy in US$, express the value in $ & sell #BTC in $ (ironic if fiat money is so evil).
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🚨💥 $SGO $SMOFF Webinar Summary Thread💥🚨
#gold #GoldStocks

Will cover
- Property 🇲🇽
- Approach
- Upcoming 👀
- Financing
- Chart 📈



$SGO PROPERTY - Cerro Caliche - Mexico

- Dozen of other mines surrounding them
- 4 high grade zones (slide)
- Great extension work on these zones
- All zones are shallow - mineralization starts at surface down to 80m
- Assays coming in Jan

- Production to generate cash flow to further expand operations
- Insiders hold 21% of shares = highly motivated
- Looking to advance share price thru fundamentals

Investigated 20% of prospective mineralization = reasonable to assume million ounce resource 👀
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We looked our financial advisor in the eye and told him gold will turn into a scam because of #bitcoin
He laughed and condescendingly came back with the 6000 years argument.
Here is why we think gold's years are numbered. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽
1) Gold throughout history has been mainly used as a store of value. Even as jewelry it’s main purpose is to store & transfer wealth. That is why it is used in East Asian & middle eastern countries as dowries
2) Gold salesman like @PeterSchiff will lie to you and tell you that golds value comes from practical use cases like electronics. Gold does get used for other things besides store of value but that demand is not what gives gold a $10 trillion dollar market cap. This does
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Nachdem der #Degussa-Bürokrat #MarkusKrall antisemitische #Kulturmarxismus-#Verschwörungsmythen verbreitete, 1 „Revolution“ samt Einschränkung Wahlrecht forderte & die #Covid19-#Pandemie leugnete, versucht er es nun mit Trollen. 👇

Es bleibt mir eine Ehre, aufzuklären. ✊ ImageImageImage
Hier ist übrigens mein #Krall so ärgernder Text zum antisemitischen & gefährlichen #Kulturmarxismus-#Verschwörungsmythos, der leider auch nach 1945 & den Morden von #Breivik u.a. von „Libertären“ wie #MarkusKrall & #TilmanKnechtel weiter propagiert wird.…
Liebe Freundinnen & Freunde des @AJCBerlin - ich bin einigermaßen fasziniert, dass #MarkusKrall Sie in seinem #Troll-Post an mich markiert. Wissen Sie dazu mehr? Geht Herr #Krall etwa ernsthaft davon aus, ich würde vom American-Jewish Committee kontrolliert oder gar gesteuert? 💁‍♂️
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1⃣ İyi akşamlar herkese. Yine sorulardan gidelim. Yeni başlayanlara tavsiye sorulmuştu. Bu akşam biraz anlatmaya çalışayım bu konuyu. #VİOP #VİOP30 #BIST30 #GARAN #ASELS #THYAO #EREGL #Algotrading #USD #DOLAR #DolarTL #Altın #GOLD #BTC #fx
2⃣ Arkadaşlar borsa bırakın zengin olmayı kısa sürede para kazanılacak bir mecra kesinlikle değil. Öncelikle herkesin bunun bilincinde olması lazım. Çok arttı veya çok düştü diye bir hisse alınmaz veya satılmaz.
3⃣ Hisse almak ciddi bir iştir. Piyasanın o an belirli bir fiyat biçtiği bir hisse için, o hissede işlem yapan herkese "Ben bu işi sizden daha iyi biliyorum, bu hissenin fiyatı bu kadar olamaz gerçek değeri bu kadar olmalı" diyorsunuz çünkü. Yaptığınız işin ciddi olduğunu bilin.
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1⃣ Temel sorular geldiği için bir kaç örnek paylaşmakta yarar var gibi görünüyor. #VİOP #VİOP30 #BIST30 #GARAN #ASELS #THYAO #EREGL #Algotrading #USD #DOLAR #DolarTL #Altın #GOLD #BTC #fx
2⃣ Gel vatandaş gel #matriks 'te robot nasıl yapılır burda :) Golden crossla başlayalım. Önce herhangi bir hissenin grafiğini açalım. İstediğimiz periyodu seçelim. #KCHOL günlük bakalım. Sonra sol üstteki "KHN" menüsünden "System Tester" seçelim. Sonra "Yeni System" ImageImageImage
3⃣ Sisteme Golden_cross ismini verdim. 50 periyotluk üssel hareketli ortalama, 200'lüğü yukarı kesince alsın. Tam tersi durumda da satsın. İsterseniz ön tanımlı fonksiyonlardan "moving average" seçip düzenlersiniz veya kodlamaya aşinaysanız direk yazabilirsiniz. Image
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We are starting our Christmas Countdown a little early this year with the A-Z of @drakonheritage #ChristmasIsComing #ChristmasCountdown
First up. A is for Archaeology. Our year has been full of many great objects from the field. Swords, brooches, lots of iron and so many coins... #ArchaeologicalConservation #Archaeology
B is for Broken. This Anglo-Saxon vessel was hit by a plough. By re-joining the fragments we can appreciate its form but I loved seeing the repairs made in the past. What a valued object this must have been to someone. What stories it could tell. #conservation #ChristmasCountdown Riveted repair inside the c...Vessel before conservation....Vessel after conservation. ...
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Sunday Charts-DD thread. Ready for another 🔥 week as we roll into December #mergers #investments #filings #custos #OTC Lets get it....👇👇
$BRNW Verified profile late in the trading day Friday. 620M float (updated SS) Do you see what’s running now...2.8B floats, 3.6B floats, 10.7B floats. You better have eyes GLUED to this one. You put HALF of that volume into THIS one and man oh man. Gonzo! $SUTI $PRPM $TSNP
$AWGI LOVE how this held up and found a base in those mid 20’s despite the crazy volume on a few others. Moody custo with LOTS of eyes on it. Watch it trade. Not hard to tell. Accumulation starting to curl back up. 006+ I’ll be looking for this week. $KAVL $TKSI $CHSO
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$QRC (0.57 CAD) 1/25 - @QueensRdCapital $QRC.V I recommend people watch the recent @CruxInvestor interview with CEO Warren Gilman: . This is a very interesting interview. In this mega-thread I share my thoughts and notes. Please read on...
$QRC (0.57 CAD) 2/25 - Important to note that $QRC.V became a public company because Gilman's investors 'asked him to'. This is a vehicle whose primary concern is growing (+preserving) the capital of its biggest investors a la 'Don't lose Mr Li's (read: Forrest et al.) money!'...
$QRC (0.57 CAD) 3/25 - Gilman emphasizes how important it is to invest in great ore bodies. If it will be a mine, the commodity doesn't matter (commodity agnostic). It means $QRC.V will not invest in many 'potential' mines, but rather take concentrated bets on 'when, not if'...
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1/ Let us share some fundamentals on #gold price, given latest price action has been testing nerves of bulls after 50% increase post 2018.

Thread @Mintgecko @TheLastDegree @GMoneyResearch @AdamMancini4 Image
2/ View gold as a currency Image
3/ Like other currencies, #gold prices are volatile despite safe heaven backdrop... Image
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Hilo sobre #Bitcoin: ¿Es el oro del s.XXI? Muchos ven paralelismos al comportamiento como activo real que tuvo el oro en muchas décadas, especialmente en los 70: (1/16)
Visto de otra forma esa comparativa entre el #gold/bitcoin de la década de los 70: (2/16)
El #BTC #bitcoin ha sido uno de los claros ganadores de este 2020, siendo el activo, con mucho diferencia, que más ha subido desde los mínimos de mercado (3/16)
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