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The 100 Year World Reserve Ritual draws to a close and with it brings social unrest, economic collapse and war.

BUT the new cycle begins with a new #GOLD era of wealth and prosperity!

We are entering magical times my friends #XRP
Under this 100 Year model, we find the final bottom by the end of 2024/early 2025.

It is then #XRP becomes the Pheonix and is reborn as the new World Reserve Currency.
In the 100 Year Cycle, Biden becomes the symbol for the "death" of the old world. ImageImage
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1/ Hey frends! Have you heard the news? @PythNetwork is now officially live on the @injective #mainnet, bringing a whole new level of possibilities for #dApps and the #Injective community!
Let's dive into what this integration means and how it impacts the world of #DeFi🌐
#INJ Image
Pyth is an #oracle network that revolutionizes the way real-world data is brought #onchain
Through its innovative low-latency pull oracle design, Pyth publishes continuous real-world #data, inc. prices, for various markets spanning equities, #commodities, forex pairs & #crypto
With this integration, #Injective #dApps now have seamless access to #Pyth's #onchain #data, empowering #developers and users alike to leverage real-world #asset information within the #blockchain environment. This is a game-changer for Injective's #ecosystem! 🆙
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We went max gld/gdx/gdxj yesterday as tweeted. 4 main reasons:
1) #GOLD and miners below low end of @Hedgeye risk ranges and bullish trade/trend
2)bond yields at upper risk range
3)@KeithMcCullough went max long(macro pro subs see his pa trades
4) @HedgeyeDC on THE CALL yesterday
Said very little progress was being made on debt talks contrary to what the MSM was saying.
BTW,THE CALL is awesome. Case in point. This am @HedgeyeIndstrls said that Deere's numbers were not as bullish as earnings headlines implied. We shorted DE in our PA at the open at $389
(Above top end of RR) and closed it 2 hours later at the low end of risk range($364) also before debt ceiling news so it wasn't luck. We aren't trying to brag but to show u if u use @Hedgeye tools, you can do this without @KeithMcCullough's hand holding.
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How to interpret this? Think that it's very much a case of perspective.

Yes, the Central Bank of Turkey is selling #gold, which is counter to the theme of unprecedented central bank buying.

Putting this another way, if all the sales from the CBT have been to fulfill demand for gold domestically, then retail investment demand for #gold has exploded in Turkey.

Here is quarterly #gold bar and coin demand from our #GDT data series. Image
Q1-2023 saw strong demand of about 50t...

The implication is that in April alone 80t of #gold was bought in Turkey.

Turkish investors have turned to #gold to protect then from high inflation and the prospect of currency depreciation.
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#Gold has recovered a litle of thegrounds lost over the past few days and is trading around $1963/oz on Friday just after noon in Europe. Image
The dollar has slipped a little overnight, which has taken the pressure of #gold for the near term. Image
There are more fundamental (or sentimental) reasons why gold has corrected.

There hasn't been a bank failure for a few weeks.

The appearance of progress on the debt ceiling talks in the US.

A slightly more hawkish Fed. Image
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THIS IS #BIG ! #Hawala 2.0 Will EXPLODE in India post JULY 1st. Just My opinion:

By IMPLEMENTING 20% Tax Collected On Source (#TCS) on Foreign Spend (Currency, FX cards, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Transfers), it becomes Increasingly more Cost Effective to Transfer Via #Hawala Image
If you try and BUY #Foreign Currency in the Black, that spread that used to be 2-3%, will now become 10% possibly

Unused Balances of Loaded Forex Cards will Go at a Premium of 10-12% Image
This REMINDS me of what happened in GOLD SMUGGLING in India post June 2022 when @nsitharaman decided to Raise IMPORT duty on GOLD to 12.5% from previous levels of 7.5% ImageImage
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🧵 Gold is underrated and could be pushed up by #Dedollarization, Bridgewater's Co-CIO said.
"This geopolitical turmoil is not going away. This is a slow-moving secular support for #gold," Karen Karniol-Tambour said.
👉 #Inflation will also keep interest in gold elevated as well. Image
#Gold could be at the start of a lasting growth period as global #Dedollarization trends continue, Co-CIO of Bridgewater Associates Karen Karniol-Tambour said.…
#Dedollarization is no longer a matter of if, but when, said International Crisis Group cochair Frank Giustra.

A sudden drop in dollar demand could lead to #hyperinflation and a debt crisis, he said. Image
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We published a new primer on #gold last week at the same time as #golddemandtrends

"Gold Market Size and Structure"… Image
I'll tweet out some of the highlights from the report for those too lazy to download it.

Above: total stock of #gold above ground is about 209,000t.

Below, the value of this stock. Image
Note that there are substantial quantities of OTC #gold derivative positions that are not included in this total as this information is not readily or reliably available.
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Are you losing sleep over your investments?

Constantly checking prices and worrying?

That’s a sign that you’re probably overexposed and you’ve bitten more than you can chew.

You’ve invested more than you can handle.

These tips are for you 🧵👇 Image
I need to first make it clear that I’m not a financial advisor but a battle tested, seasoned investor with some life experience!

Rule number 1: Never invest more than you’re willing to lose

But if you have, here are some guidelines…
Reassess Your Risk Tolerance

Before deciding whether to sell or hold, it's important to reassess your risk tolerance. Ask yourself how much risk you're willing to take on and how much you can afford to lose. If you're feeling uneasy about your investment, it may be a sign that……
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Since the recent event with arguably the largest echo was the #FOMC decision, it's called - what else- "The Pause That Refreshes"
#FederalReserve Image
The first thing to notice is that goods prices have broadly stabilised and volumes are fairly flat - in other words, #NGDP has ceased its torrid pace of increase. Service prices are still elevated but #payroll cost increase is slowing.
2/n Image
The #ISM #PMI showed an uptick but is still below 50 which implies that revenue growth is NOT about to accelerate again. Again, slower #inflation & flatline volume = an end to the boom, but not yet a bust.
3/n Image
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❌ Peg #XRP to Gold - Not Possible ❌
✅ Peg #Gold to XRP - Possible ✅

Sounds crazy? Here is how it can be done...

🧵 Image
I've expressed before that XRP's value cannot be tied to any particular asset/commodity. A decentralized digital currencies value is determined by the forces of supply and demand. However, what follows is a theoretical and speculative scenario, yet still plausible.

First of all, what got me into this train of thought was an article from late last year. Go ahead and read it to grasp some similarities in what I will explain. Essentially its a forced revaluation of gold driven by market oil prices.

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Gold is moving up to test all time highs around US$2089 (basis futures).

The mover higher has been steady so far but should become very active once new highs are achieved.

A Wave 3 is in play and short covering should add zip.

A US$100 intraday move soon?

#gold $XAU $GDX Image
Breaking to new highs should bring about an out-of-the-box move.

Over 40 months in this box so the compression pressure should be very high.

Targets are over US$2500.

Should get that US$100 intraday move soon.

#gold $XAU $GDX Image
The long term outlook for gold looks very robust indeed.

That `box' is just a small step in this long journey to a new gold standard.

Gold is being reassessed before it is being revalued.

And revalued much higher.

Expecting over US$3300.

#Gold $XAU $GDX Image
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Today - the most auspicious lunar day - Vaisakha Sukla Dasami, the sacred day Lord #Srinivasa (Venkateswara) married Sri Padmavathi Devi that is reckoned as Sri #PadmavathiSrinivasaKalyana

कल्याणाद्भुतगात्राय कामितार्थप्रदायिने ।
श्रीमद्वेङ्कटनाथाय श्रीनिवासाय ते नमः ॥ Image
ಕಲ್ಯಾಣಾದ್ಭುತಗಾತ್ರಾಯ ಕಾಮಿತಾರ್ಥಪ್ರದಾಯಿನೇ ।
ಶ್ರೀಮದ್ವೇಂಕಟನಾಥಾಯ ಶ್ರೀನಿವಾಸಾಯ ತೇ ನಮಃ ॥

కల్యాణాద్భుతగాత్రాయ కామితార్థప్రదాయినే ।
శ్రీమద్వేఙ్కటనాథాయ శ్రీనివాసాయ తే నమః ॥

kalyANAdbhutagAtrAya kAmitArthapradAyine |
shrImadve~NkaTanAthAya shrInivAsAya te namaH
Kalyaana means marriage/auspicious. When it is Kalyaana of the Supreme God, the auspiciousness will be in abundance and it will be for the universal welfare and well being of the humanity. +
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You may have heard the term BRICS recently, and how this group of countries has taken issue with the USD

But what exactly—or should I say *who* exactly—are the BRICS, and can they really topple the USD?

Time for a US Dollar 🧵👇
🧐 What is BRICS?

First things first, BRICS is just an acronym for a group of countries seeking to form their own economic cooperation

A non-Western-centric bloc, you might say

These countries are currently, Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa

The term BRIC was originally coined by Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill in 2001, and when South Africa joined in 2010, it became BRICS

See, BRICS wants to break away from the need to hold and transact in USD

They're looking to do this for various reasons, but two are clear:
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तुमचा सोनार तुमच्याकडून सोन्याचे योग्य पैसे घेतोय का?

काल अक्षय तृतीयेच्या निमित्ताने अनेकांनी सोने खरेदी केली असेलच. जरी केली नसेल तरी भारतीयांचे सोन्याबाबतचे प्रेम पाहता सोने खरेदीला खरे तर मुहूर्ताची गरज नसते. #म #मराठी #gold Image
मात्र हीच सोने खरेदी करताना किती भारतीय सोन्याच्या किमतीकडे लक्ष देतात? आपण एखाद्या सोनाराकडे वर्षानुवर्षे सोने घेतोय म्हणजे तो आपल्याला फसवणार नाही अशी सगळ्यांचीच धारणा असते. त्याच नादात बरेचदा सोनार सोन्याची किंमत कशी मोजतोय? यावर कोणी फारसे लक्ष देत नाही.#म #मराठी #gold Image
आज घडीला भारतामध्ये सोन्याच्या बिलींगसाठी कुठलाही स्टॅंडर्ड पॅटर्न नाही. म्हणूनच एका सोनाराकडून दुसऱ्या सोनाराकडे गेल्यास सोन्याची किंमत बदलताना दिसते. प्रत्येक शहराची तालुक्याची एक ज्वेलरी असोसिएशन असते आणि प्रत्येक दिवशी त्यांच्याकडून सोन्याचा दर जाहीर केला जातो. #म #मराठी Image
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This is the path the Roman empire went down. Reduce the metal content of the coins ... make the money worthless.

This is late stage empire type of stuff.

None of own enough #gold and #silver.
Get it while you still can. Image
Quarters until 1964 were 90% silver and 10% copper.

Quarters now are 91.67% copper and 8.33% nickel.

So now even that is getting too expensive for them and they want to use even cheaper metals to make our coins.

Next step is just all digital, zero metal.
Worthless currency.
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This #Thread is for those who say UP Police only #Encounter Muslim Accused.
Today UP Police encountered 2 #Gangster Kaushal Yadav and Paravat Kushwaha in #Jhansi they are accused of looting a Gold business man Munna lal in gunpoint on 12 April.
#UttarPradeshNews #YogiAdityanath Image
On 12 April, Mannu lal Soni trader of Gold jewellery in Sarafa Bazar, Jhansi was looted by 4 gunmen - Girvar Rajput, Om Babu Yadav, Parvat Kushwaha and Kaushal Yadav.
Munna lal reported to the police about this loot, police immediately registered FIR against 4 accused and started investigating the matter.
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The White House insists, ‘no’, the Fed muses, ‘maybe’, and bond markets say, ‘yes’

But who's right? Are we headed for a recession or not?

Time for a macro 🧵👇
🧐 What is a Recession?

Let’s start with the basics, shall we?

What is a recession, and before predicting any, how can we tell that we are, in fact, in one?
Well, using various economic definitions and descriptions, a recession is simply a period of economic decline lasting at least six months

Indicators of a recession include:
• a decrease in GDP,
• rising unemployment,
• and reduced spending by consumers and businesses.
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It's impossible to retweet this too many times.
- The #RoadOfDeath And a #DarkPlace | Apr 8
@POTUS @vonderleyen @ZelenskyyUa Image
@POTUS @vonderleyen @ZelenskyyUa #Rand Co | Jan 25
- 'The key objective described in the doc is to #divide #EU by placing #UsefulIdiots in political positions in order to stop #Russian #energy supplies from reaching the continent'
- The entire #EU #economy will #collapse
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1) Today in 1933, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 forbidding the hoarding of #gold coin, gold bullion, and gold certificates within the continental United States. Make a plan ₿ for future black swan events. The technology is available. #Bitcoin #XAUT Image
2) In 1971, President Nixon ended the Bretton Woods agreement and un-tethered the Dollar from Gold, attacking gold once more. Yet gold is still around and went from $35/oz to $2,000+ today. Even states and central banks use gold as a hedge. Gold became what it is under pressure.
3) While many say that Gold failed as money, the purchasing power of major fiat currencies and commodities have significantly eroded relative to Gold in modern markets. Don't sleep on hard moneys such as Bitcoin and #Gold. Image
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🗓️ 2020 - 2021 - 2022 + 2023/Q1 Returns

1) #SPX

S&P 500 Endeksinin geçen 3 yıldaki ve bu yılın ilk çeyreğindeki getirileri
2) #IXIC

#Nasdaq Endeksinin geçen 3 yıldaki ve bu yılın ilk çeyreğindeki getirileri.
3) #DAX

#DAX Endeksinin geçen 3 yıldaki ve bu yılın ilk çeyreğindeki getirileri.
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Thank you @RonStoeferle for the endorsement!

How are we looking at the gold market that may be different from the others including research produced by large brokerage houses?

$gold #Gold
First, mapping the level of M2 money supply onto the gold price offers increased utility relative to monitoring its rate-of-change alone.

The level shows gold reached a major support in Nov 2022.
Here we use a projection of a 94 year old gold price from 1929. One may think, what really can that tell us about the modern gold market?

It turns out the mid-cycle-level has functioned as support/resistance many times in the past 50 years and 4 times in the last 7 yrs.
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1/8 "The @federalreserve used to have #gold and that became dollars. We're reinventing that for the digital age where the currency comes out of this asset and we own it" 18:20, 38:25
@CormacKinney CEO @DiamondStandard @hedera $HBAR $BCC $BCB #BitCarbon
2/ "The next exciting thing we're launching is a breakthrough currency called #BitCarbon...Each BitCarbon is 1/10,000th of a coin and if you're a business and you accept BitCarbon as payment, you can always cash it in for a coin, and there's no fees" 18:25
3/ "The users, we think, will choose the platforms that have lower transaction costs, but we don't make that choice for them. So BitCarbon will be coming out later, I think later this year and we think it'll be a major breakthrough" 54:05
$HBAR #BitCarbon…
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In today’s #MoneyShow #MarketMinute:

#Equities are adding to Friday’s gains in the early going today, while Treasuries, #gold, and silver are selling off. The dollar is flattish while #oil is slightly higher.

On the news front...
The banking sector is catching a reprieve here, and that’s leading to “Risk On” trading across all asset classes. First Citizens Bancshares / $FCNCB is buying $119 billion of #deposits and $72 billion of #loans from failed Silicon Valley Bank.
Meanwhile, the Chairman of Saudi National Bank Ammar Al Khudairy resigned for “personal reasons.” He helped trigger the plunge in shares of Credit Suisse Group AG $CS several days ago.
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