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This November, millions of Americans’ access to health care is on the line. Each day from #100DaysOut to midterm elections, we’ll share the story of a Little Lobbyist who needs YOU to be a #HealthCareVoter for them. THREAD 0/100
#100DaysOut “Meet our kids and think of them when you vote. Our children deserve that.” @ElenaHung202

This November, Xiomara's access to health care is #WhatsAtStake. She needs you to be a #HealthCareVoter. 1/100
#100daysout Timmy would’ve lost his insurance in the NICU if he hadn’t been born just 6 days after the #ACA banned lifetime caps on care.

Timmy's access to health care is #whatsatstake this November. Be a #HealthCareVoter. 2/100
#100DaysOut Kids like Anna need you to vote to #ProtectOurCare “I joined Little Lobbyists to educate legislators about kids w/complex medical needs. I wanted politicians to see who their legislation impacts.” – Anna’s Mom 3/100
“Imagine having to defend and apply for your child’s right to live.” –Ethan’s Mom

We need your support in this fight. Help Ethan's mom defend his right to live -- pledge to be a #HealthCareVoter this November. 4/100
“Every day, we struggle between life & death. I’m afraid because lawmakers decided to sacrifice my daughters’ health care for political gain.” -Stacy, Emma’s Mom 5/100

Our families are afraid. You can help. Be a #HealthCareVoter
Pierce can go to school, be a kid & get the nursing care he needs to survive while his parents can continue working thanks to a #Medicaid Waiver, #IDEA & #ACA. 6/100

Supporting Health care & disability rights supports the ENTIRE family. #ProtectOurCare
“Without the #ACA Charlie would’ve exceeded her lifetime cap before coming home from the hospital & would’ve been uninsurable.” Charlie’s Mom, Rebecca @woodra 11/6/18- vote to tell Congress they can’t put a cap on kids’ lives. 7/100
“In Illinois, the independence of people w/severe developmental disabilities is being compromised...” Kids are forced to live in institutions and GOP plans to cut Medicaid in 2019. Be a #HealthCareVoter so Jack can go home. 8/100
The #ACA allows entrepreneurs, like Myka’s dad, to purchase health insurance. Myka needs you to be a #HealthCareVoter so her dad can pursue the #AmericanDream and still protect her precious heart. 9/100
10/100 “Our family story is not unique. Babies are born every day to parents who never expected to need Medicaid to help them meet their children’s needs.” Caroline’s Mom, @MartitaConner

#Election2018 #HealthCareVoter
11/100 “I lose sleep over the fear my child could lose access to ACA protections. I‘ve spoken to families who went bankrupt trying to keep up with therapy bills.” -Louie’s Mom, Kathleen

Be a #HealthCareVoter in 11/6/18 so Louie’s mom can get some sleep.
12/100 “It’s exhausting to care for a child w/disabilities, put them in front of politicians & explain if pre-existing conditions aren’t covered our kids will die.” Louisa’s mom, Andrea

We take our kids to DC to #ProtectOurCare. We're asking you to VOTE.
13/100 Owen’s a curious kid who wants to explore his world. Unfortunately, NYC’s subway has accessibility problems & the House recently voted to gut #ADA. 11/6/18 use your vote to protect Owen’s civil rights.
14/100 In November, Utah, Idaho, Nebraska & Montana have Medicaid expansion on the ballot. In Claire's state @AkGovBillWalker named Alaska's Medicaid expansion as one of his most important achievements. We agree. #HealthCareVoter
15/100 The care Liam’s Medicaid waiver provided allowed his mom to get her nursing degree. Now she's a case manager helping adults w/disabilities get the care they need. In November be a #HealthCareVoter because caring for each other makes America great.
16/100 Kids w/disabilities grow up to be adults w/disabilities, with goals to pursue & gifts to contribute. For many, ACA & Medicaid mean more than health care, they mean independence. VOTE for Estie to have the future she deserves.
17/100 “Just one of my daughters medications is $3K a month.” Aurora needs 5 meds daily for uncontrolled epilepsy & the cost is crushing her family. We need affordable prescriptions & drug research. We can do both. #HealthCareVoter
18/100 In honor of Amber Tatro. In 1979 a kid with a smile & spina bifida wanted to go to school. Amber’s fight for #inclusion went to #SCOTUS. Little Lobbyists are still fighting to protect civil rights Amber won for our kids w/disabilities in 1984. #VOTE
19/100 “A lifetime cap on benefits is the same as saying, ‘Sorry, you're not worth keeping alive anymore. You're just too expensive.’ Look my son in the eyes and tell him that. I dare you." Ethan’s mom @aliranger29 Be a #HealthCareVoter – Ethan’s worth it.
20/100 In 1981 Pres. Reagan created a Medicaid waiver for kids w/complex medical needs inspired by Katie Beckett, a girl like Jillian. Kid’s health care once had bipartisan support. Be a #HealthCareVoter to prove it still should.
21/100 “While families protested the cuts, government officials decided to play politics with our children’s lives.” Mila & Felo’s mom, Tory The miracle twins just turned 5! Our kids should play, not our politicians. #ProtectOurCare
22/100 "I’m a very dedicated single mom caring for a very sick kid - without Medicaid - I’m terrified to even finish that sentence.” Joey’s mom Debbie

#MidtermElections - be a #HealthCareVoter because #MedicaidMatters to families like Debbie and Joey's.
23/100 "Her hospital stay was $7 million. Monthly medical expenses are $40K. My husband & I work full time (not easy w/a medically complex kid) & have savings. But our middle class lives can't meet Jo’s medical expenses.” Jo’s mom Samantha #HealthCareVoter
24/100 “We’ve never met our federal commitment to school districts to fund special schools have been reliant on Medicaid.”

As kids go back to school, commit to #VOTE for kids like Abby to be included. #WhatsAtStake
25/100 Thanks to Medicaid schools have therapists. Thanks to school therapists, Franklin can walk independently. (Though he’s a bit young for Driver’s Ed)

#Medicaid helps schools help kids. You can help by being a #HealthCareVoter
26/100 People w/autism already face barriers to employment. Ryan's mom fears Medicaid work requirements will further harm his chance at future independence by jeopardizing access to health care & community support. #ProtectOurCare
27/100 “IDEA rolling back makes our stomachs turn. He deserves access to the same experiences as his peers." Gunner’s mom

School voucher programs often force kids w/disabilities to lose #IDEA w/o informing families. #WhatsAtStake
28/100 Early intervention helps Tegan play today & prepare for tomorrow. “Research shows early intervention services like speech, occupational, & physical therapy improves outcomes for children when they are older.” #HealthCareVoter
29/100 Hank has countless seizures, which can be very tough on him and his family. Fortunately, Hank’s beloved service dog Dosi and his Medicaid waiver are both there when he needs them. #DogsOfTwitter #MedicaidMatters Dosi says – be a #HealthCareVoter
30/100 “The federal government, which outlines what needs to be covered, doesn’t have anything in there for safety protocols for disabled children.”

Gabbie is standing up for herself. Use your #midterm2018 vote to stand with her.
31/100 Max spent 11 mo. in NICU & his Dad had to give up work/school. Having a hospitalized child is hard. We're fighting for our kids’ lives, we shouldn’t need to fight for health care. Be a #HealthCareVoter & protect our families.
32/100 Addilynn’s mom hopes she’ll be in an inclusive classroom, a right won through the courts. #SCOTUS matters to the future of special education - we need a nominee who believes #DisabilityRightsAreAmericanRights #StopKavanaugh
33/100 Isaac lost insurance when he reached his lifetime cap at age 1, 1month before #ACA was law. This #ThrowbackThursday read a 2008 article “Health Insurance Caps Leave Patients Stranded” to remember why we must #ProtectOurCare
34/100 Naomi reminds us an organ transplant is a medical miracle & proof the miracle of love lives on. Make sure you’re #RegisteredToVote to protect Naomi’s heart & maybe register to be an #organdonor, too.
35/100 Max’s mom Marsheila says access to affordable health care is "the difference between life and death for my son. We couldn’t afford his treatments if he relapsed."

Today, we remember how his senator, @SenJohnMcCain courageously voted to defend it.
36/100 For people with disabilities like Sami, Medicaid’s more than health care - it’s a lifeline to their community. Use your #midterm vote to #ProtectOurCare and community inclusion for people w/disabilities.
37/100 "Lawmakers are facing a choice: reject Kavanaugh and defend the #ACA, or ignore the millions of Americans w/pre-existing conditions - including my daughter — they were elected to serve.” Claire’s mom @JamieDavisSmith @thehill
38/100 Christopher has severe cerebral palsy. His mom Nancy says w/o #Medicaid #ACA - “I’d have to surrender him to an institution...Our kids have mothers who go far beyond to care for them, but we can’t do it alone."

We need you to be a #HealthCareVoter
39/100 “Access to affordable, quality #healthcare is our lifeboat, keeping our family afloat in challenging circumstances. Ayla gets the care she needs and our entire family can function with some level of normalcy.”-Ayla’s mom @angelanortiz #WhatsAtStake
40/100 Ellie's mom, Megan is asking you to be a #HealthCareVoter "It's enough that we fight for our children to survive. There is so much weighing on us everyday... We shouldn't have to worry about losing insurance that is so desperately needed."
41/100 Dallas lives in Alabama which recently proposed work requirements for #Medicaid, a move that will hurt the most vulnerable. Be a #HealthCareVoter in November because people need health care to work – not the other way around.
42/100 Gigi is deaf, has a heart defect & is adopted. Her mom Becky says “Medicaid supports not only medical healing, but social, emotional & cognitive development.” Medicaid for our most vulnerable is #WhatsAtStake in the #Midterms. Vote to protect them.
43/100 The 2019 GOP budget includes deep cuts for #Medicaid, even though many who qualify are wait-listed. Be a #HealthCareVoter so kids like Elliot won’t have to wait even longer for the early intervention they need NOW to reach their fullest potential.
44/100 “Access to health care’s vital for Miranda, without the ACA her quality of life would be poor.” Miranda’s mom, Heather The #ACA is under threat, likely headed to #SCOTUS. We’re asking Senators, including Miranda’s in North Dakota, to #StopKavanaugh
45/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #MidtermElections: “Even with health coverage through our employers, we couldn’t provide the care Teddy needs to thrive without #Medicaid. Access to health care is vital to Teddy's quality of life.” – Teddy’s Dad, Jason
46/100 “At 5 weeks old, Elise was nearly killed by a distracted driver, causing spine & brain injuries. Our private insurance only covers a fraction of her nursing & therapy needs.” Elise’s Mom, Alison

Accidents happen to anyone, anytime. #HealthCareVoter
47/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #MidtermElections: “Being able, as a single mother, to get my son’s daily prescriptions without having to worry if I am also going to be able to feed him.” – Desirae, Kadan’s Mom
48/100 “If protections for pre-existing conditions are lost, I’d never be able to leave my job, G-d help me if I lost it. If lifetime caps are reinstated, Lucy would’ve already exceeded hers. It'd be a death sentence.” Katie, Lucy’s mom #WhatsAtStake
49/100 Amy ❤️being Cary Lynn & Marvin’s super mom, but w/both kids on a Medicaid waiting list she struggles to get all they need. The wait may soon be over – VA just expanded #Medicaid and it’s on the ballot in 4 more states this Fall. #HealthCareVoter
50/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #MidtermElections: “#IDEA allows our family to be an active part of our community. The #ACA is nothing short of the difference between life and death for our family.” - Wyatt’s mom, Mary
51/100 Sarah’s mom, Lisa on #WhatsAtStake - “Without the #ACA, Sarah wouldn't be alive & our family would've crumbled under the financial burden. Thanks to the ACA, Sarah lives at home, goes to school & has a fantastic quality of life.” #HealthCareVoter
52/100 “Therapy’s been crucial to develop the confident middle schooler Jack is today. We're not only worried he’ll lose Medicaid services now, but future medical coverage, job support & independent living assistance.” Jack's mom, Christine #WhatsAtStake
53/100 #RareDisease patients like Nellie already face barriers: “Her doctors are learning from her, which makes getting insurance to cover her needs difficult. A delay can be life or death.” Be a #HealthCareVoter to make our system better, not worse.
54/100 “We hope to see our child thrive & grow like any other child. If we can’t help him live because of the cost of medical care, he could die. My child has a right to life.”
Today is Teddy’s 6th birthday! Give him the gift of being a #HealthCareVoter
55/100 Nik’s mom provides him w/the best care, saves the state $, and has stability for her family w/Colorado’s Caregiver Certified Nursing Program.

Supporting families’ is what ALL legislators are supposed to do. #HealthCareVoter
56/100 Henry’s in constant threat of renal failure but Georgia didn’t expand medicaid & his parents (both teachers) have very limited insurance options.

#HealthCare for Henry, Ryan & many more is #WhatsAtStake in the #GAgov race.
57/100 Alice was born with a heart defect and has needed 3 surgeries. Her mom says “I can’t express how gut-wrenching a time this was for my family. Without the ACA, we’d be bankrupt.” Thanks to the #ACA Alice has survived and thrived. #WhatsAtStake
58/100 Health care & civil rights for ppl w/disabilities are #WhatsAtStake in the #Midterms “We want Luke to be as happy, healthy & independent as possible. If legislators are truly #prolife they need to be pro-full life, not just pro-birth!" – Luke’s mom
59/100 Those in power say more attacks on health care are #WhatsAtStake if they win the #Midterms. Natalie’s dad says that would “result in de facto segregation by health status. Our daughter would lose her right to affordable care”
60/100 Health Care is #WhatsAtStake in the #MidTerms, so Vic’s mom contacted her legislators: “Because of @LauraLpelg telling her story, @BetoORourke now better understands the reality she faces every day.” #YourVoteYourVOICE
61/100 What’sAtStake in the #MidTerms#Medicaid changed our lives. It was impossible to pay for all the care she needs. If we lost it, I’d likely almost lose my job again b/c of all the responsibilities... It’s a terrifying thought.” Lily’s mom, Christine
62/100 Holden doesn’t let stage 3 Neuroblastoma slow him down, so we won’t stop trying to #GetOutTheVote! Even if you're not rolling in "blue blue" the #Midterms will be here super fast – get ready to vote for #HealthCare & #CivilRights!
Daphne needs 24/7 care insurance doesn’t cover, but #Medicaid does. The #2019GOPbudget has deep cuts to Medicaid - they must think it’s okay for kids like Daphne to pay for #GOPTaxBill deficits by sacrificing health care. It’s not.
64/100 “If insurers have lifetime maximums my son’s healthcare would be in severe jeopardy.” – Elijah’s mom

The #ACA is in jeopardy from a lawsuit likely headed to #SCOTUS & #Kavanaugh won’t #ProtectOurCare. Call your Senators 202-224-3121 #StopKavanaugh
65/100 Declan’s life is at risk. The 2019 House GOP budget has deep cuts to #Medicaid – the program helping him eat, breathe & access his community – to offset deficits created by their tax bill. SAVE DECLAN - be a #HealthCareVoter
66/100 Haley has a ❤️ condition & needs medical care, but GOP Congress & Admin’s health care sabotage has already made her insurance 📶 $1K a year.

Legislators should work to make health care better, not worse. #HealthCareVoter
67/100 “He’s truly my hero and the bravest person I know. The impact Emmett has on those he meets gives me hope that we'll be able to save the #ACA.” Emmett’s Mom, Jennie

#BeAHero like Emmett & our friend @AdyBarkan#Vote in #Midterms to #ProtectOurCare
68/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #MidtermElections: “Lorelei has #DownSyndrome. I was diagnosed with renal cancer in 2016. Every test and procedure that’s saved our lives and reduced our pain could be denied if the #ACA is repealed.” – Lorelei’s mom Kate
69/100 “James hit the $ value that would’ve been his lifetime cap as an infant. We're a middle class family w/good employer insurance, but it had a lifetime cap before the #ACA.”

Our kids' lives are #priceless. Let's keep it that way. #HealthCareVoter.
70/100 #Midterms are in 30 days. Angelica’s mom Mary knows #WhatsAtStake “1 med is $20K/mo – w/o health care coverage we couldn’t afford to care for her.” #WhenWeAllVote we can ensure Angelica has the health care she needs to keep defying the odds.
71/100 Health care, education, and civil rights for kids w/complex medical needs & disabilities like Danny are #WhatsAtStake in the #MidtermElections. Are you ready to #vote to protect him?
72/100 “Like most Americans, if we lost our insurance we’d be bankrupt. We saved before we had kids, but the costs of disabilities are insurmountable.” Evie’s mom, Jen

Medical bankruptcy is an epidemic we can prevent by pledging to be a #HealthCareVoter
74/100 Jack's 1 reason Little Lobbyists & @CF_Foundation support Senate Resolution S.J.RES.63 against the Admin’s junk insurance. It goes to #vote tomorrow – call 202-224-3121 & tell Senators: protect kids w/ #PreExistingConditions!
75/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #MidTerms: “Health care means everything to our family! Our child is medically fragile and if his health fails, our world stops until he recovers.” John’s mother, Brigit
76/100 “We spend a lot of time advocating for Jacqueline’s needs as outlined by law. Losing protection for pre-existing conditions & lifetime caps would have a big negative impact.” Jaqueline’s Mom Pamela works hard to #ProtectOurCare. Your #vote can help.
77/100 Ryler’s mom Amy: “I want Ryler to have a CHANCE – to grow, learn & be part of his community. The #ACA & #Medicaid give him that chance.” #FridayMotivation – In the #Midterms we have a chance to #vote to #ProtectOurCare & civil rights. #LetsDoThis!
#SaturdayThoughts – For kids like Zoey coverage gaps in employer health insurance are life-threatening. #Medicaid & #ACA are critical to ensuring our kids have the health care they need to survive & thrive. Be a #HeathCareVoter so Zoey can #RockOn.
79/100 Politics is more than personal for our families. It’s the difference between life & death, security & bankruptcy. Threats to the #ACA #Medicaid #ADA #SpecialEd are constant & terrifying. Be a #HealthCareVoter in the #MidTerms to make it stop.
80/100 Being a #HealthCareVoter means protecting Emerson’s #MedicaidWaiver and her self-employed parents’ access to health insurance though the #ACA. #ProtectOurCare so they can keep living, working, learning, growing, playing, and loving life together.
For many kids w/complex medical needs like Jonah, #Medicaid isn’t just health care, it’s #freedom. Freedom to live at home with their families and still get the care they need to survive. In the #Midterms vote to #ProtectOurCare and Jonah’s freedom.
81/100 An #organdonor gave Will and his family the gift of their heart when he was only 3 weeks old. Help protect the vital medical care this precious heart needs by pledging to be a #HealthCareVoter in the #Midterms.
82/100 Maisie brings her family joy every day, though she spent her first 88 days in #NICU & still needs specialized care. The #ACA & #Medicaid she relies on to survive are under threat by the party in power. #Vote to give Maisie a lifetime of happy days.
83/100 “Employer insurance isn’t enough to cover the medical bills. Cuts in Medicaid mean Aadi could be denied health care. Bottom line, we’ll go broke as we try to care for our child. It’s lose-lose for everybody!” Aadi’s father Dipendra #WhatsAtStake
84/100 The hospital told Anthony’s family: get home nursing (not covered by insurance) or he’d be placed in medical foster care. They needed #medicaid waiver but the wait’s years-long. Fortunately, their senator @clairecmc was able to help. #ProtectOurCare
85/100 #WhatsAtStake “Health care is LIFE. We use #ACA through insurance exchanges b/c I’ve lost jobs due to her high medical costs. If I put her on my employer insurance I’m at high risk of discrimination & job loss.” Kiersten’s mom Debra #ProtectOurCare
86/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #Midterms: “Cuts to #Medicaid, lifetime caps, and loss of protection for #PreExistingConditions could not only affect the quality of life for Matias and kids like him, but more importantly their lifespan.” Matais’ Mom, Heather
87/100 “I’ve known dads to change jobs & move cross country for services for their kids.” Penny’s, Dad Josh

Admin's new rules letting states waive #ACA #PreExistingConditions protection will uproot families. Be a #HealthCareVoter
88/100 The #ACA gave kids like Hailey a promising future, but the admin’s deregulation of the insurance industry through exec orders & rule changes breaks that promise. In the #midterms #vote for legislators who put kid’s lives above corporate interests.
89/100 #WhatsAtStake: Nathan’s middle-class family needs Ohio’s BCMH program to help w/his care, but in OH & across US such programs are being underfunded/cut. Know which candidates will care, not cut, our kid’s resources. #midterms
90/100 Jayce’s Aunt on fighting w/insurers for coverage: “How can a country think they're great & claim to be prolife when you can treat a newborn like this?” The #ACA 's progress needs improvement, not 2yrs of sabotage. Time for change. #HealthCareVoter
91/100 “We’re in desperate need for Tennessee to have a Medicaid waiver program.” Heath’s mom, Sylvia #WhatsAtStake in the Governor’s race in TN & across the US? #Medicaid expansion & the future of health care for the entire state.
92/100 Abigail’s mom Chelsea shares #WhatsAtStake if #GOP has a chance to implement the cuts they’ve promised: “Without #Medicaid she may have to move back to the hospital to live instead of living at home.” #HealthCareVoter
93/100 #WhatsAtStake: “Without #ACA protection for ppl w/ #PreExistingConditions Seamus is sunk. He has many medical issues & without protection any insurance provider could refuse care to my resilient, beautiful son.” Seamus’s mom, Rennie #HealthCareVoter
94/100 #Medicaid helps Lillian get the vital care she needs, and in UT, NE, ID & MT Medicaid expansion is on the #ballot. Be a #HealthCareVoter so thousands more kids like Lillian can survive & thrive. As her mom Anne Marie says, “It means everything!”
95/100 “Participating in @NIH Undiagnosed Diseases Program is a glimpse of how incredible our country’s health could be if we fully invested in it.” – Simon’s Mom, Laura #VOTE to invest in the health of our people to make America great. #HappyHalloween
96/100 #WhatsAtStake in the #MidTerms: “#Medicaid has paid for her medications, doctor visits, and private duty nursing. It provides our daughter with much-needed healthcare we couldn't afford without it.” Emory’s mother, Elizabeth
97/100 GOP leaders want to repeal #ACA & cut Medicaid if they win #midterms. Here’s #WhatsAtStake “My son would’ve met his lifetime max in his first few months. Cuts to #Medicaid mean Asah could lose nursing & need to live in a hospital.” Asah’s mom Andrea
98/100 School means EVERYTHING to Olivia. It’s where she gets therapy & equipment insurance doesn’t cover while she’s on Texas #Medicaid waiver's 15yr waitlist. Vouchers & #Medicaid cuts threaten kids’ w/disabilities #civilrights. #GoVote to protect them!
99/100 Jeremiah loves the freedom his motorized wheelchair gives him, but his mom fears if #Medicaid is cut he’ll lose it. Medical equipment is $$$$ and often not covered by private insurance. Be a #HealthCareVoter to choose care, not cuts, for our kids.
100/100 “No elected official who claims to be pro-life could oppose ACA and Medicaid for kids like my daughter, and yet, so many do.” Cal’s mom, Maria
#Midterms are tomorrow & our children’s lives are #WhatsAtStake. Help us protect them. #HealthCareVoter
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