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Welcome to Shire Hall in #Taunton for @SomersetCouncil full council - here's your agenda for today: democracy.somerset.gov.uk/ieListDocument… #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil Here for a couple of items today - update on reserves, and some details about school building. A lot of today will be annual reports (i.e. a lot of stuff we already know), so my tweets may not be as comprehensive as usual. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil Cllr Nigel Taylor has been returned as chairman of @SomersetCouncil. @CllrMarkKeating has been elected as vice-chairman. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating We come onto public questions - starting with Nigel Behan from @UNITE_Somerset. Here's all the questions that have been submitted: democracy.somerset.gov.uk/documents/b267… #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset He's asking about official records of meetings, and whether it is right for @SomersetCouncil to delete the recordings of meetings after the minutes have been published. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset .@DJAFothergill is responding: "Our information team have reviewed proposals and signed minutes are the principal record. The purpose of the recordings is to enable the creation of full and accurate minutes." (in addition to public transparency). #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill Nigel Behan is back - asking about the climate emergency motion and the impact of @ExtinctionR/ Sir David Attenborough. Wondering how the public will be involved in putting together action plans. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR Cllr @DavidHall_ replying: "Following the motion that was carried by full council in February, we've developed the agreement with #Somerset's district councils to create a joint strategy." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ "We know we will need to engage businesses, community groups and the citizens of #Somerset." He's big on engaging young people, and says more detail will follow shortly. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ Eva Bryczkowski is next, talking about transformational change and outsourcing - "the rapid rate of transformation has led to some service users' families and staff saying safety was compromised." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ She says "staff at Mendip House have been so cruel, making one of their patients eat their own vomit." I'll try and substantiate that. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ Cllr David Huxtable is replying: "The balance is achieved through having a clear plan and ensuring the plan is followed." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ "We do take safeguarding very seriously, and the board regularly gets updates. We do have a bit of a retrospective look at things, because until it happens you can't predict it, and when it does happen you seek lessons." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ He says Mendip House "while physically based in #Somerset had none of our clients in it" and says the council was "praised in how it dealt with the aftermath of that." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ "We do not leap forward very often, and if we do, we have to be pretty sure where we're leaping." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ We're now going into the various annual reports - including the make-up of different committees. Will let you know when things get interesting again. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ The monitoring officer is proposing that meetings continue to be recorded and will be published online, and remain there for 2 years before being deleted - rather than the current practice, when they are deleted when the minutes are published. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ Cllr @DJAFothergill is wanting a vote on the amendments individually, but then all the monitoring officer's proposals en bloc. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ Gemma Vernon is putting an amendment forward to the amendment re meetings being recorded: "We would propose that a scrutiny place task and finish group be formed to explore best practice for recording and archiving meetings." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ That will include cost, storage, data protection and the public's role. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ Cllr @glfraschini has seconded it - but @tessamunt is "slightly amazed by this" - she wants to know why these issues weren't raised by the legal officer at the constitution and standards committee on Friday. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt "I find it remarkable that we have to kick this into the long grass by having a task and finish group. We have a process already. I would have thought the legality was already established - so I don't see why we shouldn't be as ambitious as any other council." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt "Since any member of the public can record our meetings, or use social media, everything's in the public domain anyway. This is about being more transparent." She's talking about people in #Wells being unable to attend meetings in #Taunton due to poor public transport #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt "Why on earth would we not put these recordings on the website for a period of two years? I find it completely extraordinary that we're trying to kick this into the long grass - it's a matter of democracy, transparency and accessibility." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt Cllr @MartinDimery: "On Friday we were advised it was standard practice to record meetings. We are attempting to be more transparent on this council, to give people more access than just the minutes." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery "This amendments moves our aim to transparency not just into the long grass, but out of touch altogether." He wonders why the council is going to "ignore" the committee. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery Cllr David Huxtable is talking about the cost of streaming - "I think rather than agree to this without knowing what else is out there would be doing our constituents a disservice, quite honestly. The task and finish group is a positive thing." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery "We are mindful that we are spending the public's money, and some of them if it's a big cost may rather have it spent on services for them rather than a means to listen to us." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery Cllr Hugh Davies: "I'm appalled at what's happening to the standards of this organisation. We have distinguished members of the public here today, with class and knowledge. I'm amazed that this is being challenged." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery "You have support from the public for the recordings. I'm disgusted at the way we're all behaving - it's like #Brexit again: you're not accepting all the rules." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery .@DJAFothergill wants to know if Hugh Davies has broken purdah for the EU elections from his comments. Monitoring officer says no but asked councillors to be careful with further comments. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery Cllr @tessamunt: "#Wedmore Parish Council managed to stream its own meetings and put them on their website. I don't know what the challenge is." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery "Frankly, fretting about the cost is utterly irrelevant, because the costs exist already - we put them on our website." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery "If this was to go through a working group, on what occasion would any changes be enacted?" #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery Scott Wooldridge (monitoring officer) says it would have to come through scrutiny for policies and place committee, and constitution and standards committee, and then full council. He says potentially it could be in July (the next full council meeting). #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery If Ms Verdon's amendment passes, the current policy will carry on until the task and finish group's report is presented and agreed upon. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery .@DJAFothergill: "I'm trying to allow us time to understand what the implications of the constitution and standards committee's decision from Friday are." He says the committee's recommendations "came out of the blue" to him. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery "We're not disagreeing that it needs to be changed - it's just a question of how we do it." @Bridgwater_Lab is disputing how "out of the blue" it was. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab We'll consider the committee's proposals (keep recordings online for 2 years) first, then @CllrGemmaVerdon's amendment. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon Cllr @MikeSRigby: "I'm almost glad that we are not webcasting this meeting, because this is a shambles." Hints of the #40Commando debate here. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby Cllr @Bridgwater_Lab is threatening to leave the chamber if the vote goes ahead without others being allowed to speak, accusing @DJAFothergill of "stifling debate." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby .@CllrGemmaVerdon has withdrawn her amendment - so we'll be voting on the original idea put forward by the constitution and standard committee. What a palaver. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby The amendment is "These recordings will be available on the website for two years and then deleted from the website and the council’s electronic filing systems." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby That is DEFEATED by 29 votes to 19 with two abstentions (Nigel Taylor in the chair and William Wallace). Vote largely on party lines. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby .@DJAFothergill: "I think we're all disappointed." He'll be asking policies and place scrutiny to form a task and finish group to look at streaming - "We need to look forward and make these meetings accessible." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby Cllr @lizleyshon is disappointed too - she want this new accessibility to be rolled out across all tiers of local government in #Somerset. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon She is proposing a task and finish group from policies and place scrutiny look into "greater transparency" for this council and the four district councils - she says there is precedent for this with the climate emergency work that is ongoing. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon The monitoring officer says it cannot do stuff on other councils' behalf - the four districts would have to agree. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick Cllr @lizleyshon is proposing the task and finish group (established by policies and place scrutiny) should "explore all possibilities" of making recordings etc. available to public, and invite district councils to work with them to "create a #Somerset-wide policy." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick Looks like @lizleyshon will work with @DJAFothergill and others outside of this meeting to work on the wording of an item on this - which will then come to policies and place scrutiny, after which the task and finish group will be set up. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton .@DJAFothergill: "There are things in the constitution and standards recommendations that I don't like - but it's wrong to suggest that just because I have a view that this is the view of my party." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton To clarify: the council's current policy stands. The matter will be looked at once a proposal for a task and finish group has come to the council's policies and place committee in due course. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton The council is also being asked to consider the deadline for public questions being changed - from 3 working days before meetings to 2 working days before. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton Cllr Anna Groskop: "The most complaints I have had as chair of scrutiny from the public is that 2-3 days is not long enough. I think we should extend it to five days." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton Cllr @tessamunt: "There are occasions when reports come very late to members, and that sometimes makes it extraordinarily difficult even for members to compose themselves in time for our meetings, let alone members of the public." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton The committee's recommendation is DEFEATED - 19 votes in favour, 29 against, 2 abstentions (Taylor and Wallace). Again, on party lines. So deadline to submit questions for committees remains at 3 working days before a given meeting. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton "The great news is that here in #Somerset we haven't waited around for a government handout - we haven't sat back and watched our resources drain to nothing. We have come through the hard times and are building the foundations for a strong and health financial position."
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton "We have robust spending plans in place for 2020 and 2021. I do not forecast bringing forward any new cuts or savings for front-line services." Remember this moment for after the comprehensive spending review is over. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton "I'm not going to stand here and pretend austerity is over in #Somerset - it isn't. We don't get anything like enough funding to build the schools we need." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton "Government has to step in and sort out how we fund social care in the future." I know @54035com is getting impatient for the green paper the government promised... #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com "All county councillors will have £2,000 to spend in their communities." They will bid for the share of £110,000 in total in the autumn. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com Small improvement schemes put forward by county councillors could be fast-tracked under new proposals - "we will be putting £2.4M into developing these schemes, with a commitment for next year. We will deliver nearly 60." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com Mike Pullen will be a junior cabinet member with specific responsibility for small improvement schemes - he'll report to the cabinet specifically on that matter. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com Government letter says: "We have identified @SomersetCouncil as one of the most efficient local authorities in delivering new schools." The DfE is using this to develop guidance for all LAs to help them be more cost-effective. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com "I want to bring an expanded vision back to council for all #Somerset. The recent district elections have brought significant change. We can achieve a lot more by working together." More unitary conversations will be forthcoming...

@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com "I am still convinced that unitary is absolutely the right way to go. I will seek to meet new and existing council leaders over the coming days and weeks to see if this can be progressed. The potential savings are in the tens of millions of pounds - they are eye-watering."
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com Cllr Jane Lock: "I would like to be associated with his words of thanks to all who helps make services work in #Somerset as they do." She also welcomes the reinstatement of local project funding. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com "Schools are a great example of how things can be done, but I would like to remind the council of how much has been done through borrowing." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com The council has voted to adopt its children and young people's plan. In a named vote, 44 voted in favour - 0 against, 0 abstentions. (a number of those who were here earlier have left to attend other meetings elsewhere in #Somerset). #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com Cllr Jane Lock is responding to @DJAFothergill's report: "I do hope that lessons have been learnt on the disposal of the Six Acres day centre issue - it wasn't handled very well." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com .@DJAFothergill re Six Acres: "There's an aspersion that we deliberately misled the public. I want to be absolutely clear that there was no misleading the public." Cllr Huxtable says the clients have been "very happy" with the transition. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com Cllr @tessamunt re comms - she wants to know about how the closure of local newspapers will impact on how TROs and other notices are made available to the public (stuff the council has to advertise by law). #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com @WesternDaily @CountyGazette @levellerlive @SomersetLive @ChilcottMandy Cllr @ChilcottMandy is replying: "The refurbishment of A block is on track. No refurbishment of Shire Hall is planned. The costs re the boiler are £713,892 - excluding over-aching fees and charges." #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com @WesternDaily @CountyGazette @levellerlive @SomersetLive @ChilcottMandy @woodyburnham @FirstBusnews Cllr Terry Napper: "It's been reported that we're going to be buying our own buses in the future. Will they be of a green gender?" That's to do with supplemented school routes with new transport - @DJAFothergill says this will come back as a public decision. #LDReporter
@SomersetCouncil @CllrMarkKeating @UNITE_Somerset @DJAFothergill @ExtinctionR @DavidHall_ @glfraschini @tessamunt @MartinDimery @Bridgwater_Lab @CllrGemmaVerdon @MikeSRigby @lizleyshon @fayepurbrick @JohnHuntTaunton @54035com @WesternDaily @CountyGazette @levellerlive @SomersetLive @ChilcottMandy @woodyburnham @FirstBusnews We're cantering through the scrutiny reports - again, nothing that you've not heard from me in more detail before. @DJAFothergill is extending his thanks to Cllrs Prior-Sankey, @Bridgwater_Lab and Groskop for charing their relevant committees. #LDReporter
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