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1. There was no "PTM" until the end of December 2017 but rather a small group of tribal students led by Manzoor Ahmad Mehsud under the name of "Mehsud Tahaffuz Movement (MTM)".
2. In Dec 2011, Manzoor started venting his frustration against drone attacks on his personal Facebook profile. Interestingly, Manzoor accused then President Asif Ali Zardari (PPP) and then COAS General Ashfaq Kayani of allegedly killing innocents.
Copy: archive.is/EEYvD
3. Till mid 2012, Manzoor was clearly struggling with unemployment; one Facebook post offers insight into his efforts to secure a tuition opportunity.
Copy: archive.is/25oDz
4. By Sep 2012, we see Manzoor announcing his interest in raising voices for people allegedly affected by the war in FATA. This, despite being unemployed. He urges people even based overseas to help him in his 'cause'.
Copy: archive.is/ucAVB
5. Almost a year later, in Sep 2013 when Manzoor is at Gomal University, he involves himself in student politics through association of tribal students.
Copy: archive.is/fq5va
6. Manzoor at Gomal University (early formative years).
7. In May 2014, we see Manzoor sharing unverified content about alleged collateral damage by Pakistani security forces in tribal areas. Perhaps these posts influenced Manzoor's thought processes at the time.
8. In Sep 2014, Manzoor is seen requesting his Facebook followers to suggest a good symbol representative of his political ideals. Note that his group at Gomal University is then named "Tribal Students Organisation".
9. In Nov 2014, we see Manzoor following/ sharing content and news from tribal areas shared by Mashaal Radio (operating under US Agency for International Media/ US State Department). Bear in mind the effects of certain foreign content on the mind of a young Manzoor.
10. Manzoor is seen sharing content in a Facebook group of tribal students at Gomal University co-founded by his friend Aman Wazir, presently studying in Nanjing, China. The group was set up in October 2014.
11. On 23 Nov 2014, Manzoor had his first mainstream media appearance, interestingly on state-run PTV, as part of the show "Hum Bhi Pakistan" co-hosted by prominent security analyst Mr Imtiaz Gul.
Video: dailymotion.com/video/x2b31ek
12. Apr 2015: Manzoor requests his friends to join him in signing a petition urging Chinese President Xi Jinping not to change the proposed western route of CPEC. First indication of interest in affairs beyond tribal areas.
13. Sep 2015: Manzoor vents his most detailed frustration against Pakistani security forces and seeks assistance to organise a demonin front of GHQ. This is the earliest indication of his on-ground confrontationalist approach against state authorities.
14. Manzoor is once again seen subscribing to and sharing unverified media reports published by Mashaal Radio (US State Department) about collateral damage allegedly caused by aerial bombing by PAF.
15. Sep 2015: Manzoor announces meetings to discuss course of action regarding demos against Pakistan Army against perceived hostilities.
16. Manzoor held his first anti-army meeting at Gomal University on 21 Sep 2015.
17. Oct 2015: Manzoor once again shares imagery to depict/ mock army operations in tribal areas, presenting all tribal area inhabitants as victims of a "massacre".
18. Manzoor and his friends used the platform of Tribal Students Organisation to mentor/ guide new tribal students applying for Masters at Gomal University. This obviously earned him significant influence in the times to come. Banner says "Manzoor Ahmad", term "Pashteen" absent.
19. Dec 2015: Manzoor expresses angst against then leader of KP govt Imran Khan, through a blog post by his old friend Hayat Mehsud alias "Hayat Preghal" (abducted briefly by LEAs during PTM's emergence).
20. Apparently Manzoor's source for reports on tribal victims of landmine incidents was Mashaal Radio (US State Department). Funny how Mashaal is regularly followed and believed as the gospel truth by Manzoor during his evolution.
21. Jan 2016: Manzoor delivers his first political speech outside Gomal University (at Polytechnical College, D.I. Khan).
22. Oct 2016: First interaction of Manzoor observed with Dr Said Alam Mahsud, founder of anti CPEC movement "Pashtoonkhwa Ulasi Tehrik" (Pashtun Awareness Movement) and currently a Core Executive Committee member of PTM.
23. Manzoor appreciates another propaganda piece by Mashaal Radio (US State Department) which quotes his ideal Muhammad Zubair; the latter was previously a law teacher at University of Peshawar before going to the US for doctorate and is now among influential PTM ideologues.
24. Dec 2016: Manzoor shares unverifiable images of collateral damage in tribal areas allegedly by the Pakistan Army.
25. Apr 2017: Manzoor's first video briefing on his personal Facebook timeline. Note the absence of any Mazari cap which has now become a symbol of PTM.
26. Apr 2017: Manzoor gets first coverage on Mashaal Radio (US State Department). This is the point from where he gains further prominence as an icon of Pashtun 'resistance'.
27. Sailab Mahsud of Mashaal Radio in D.I. Khan. The man who patronised/ introduced Manzoor Ahmad (Pashteen) to the world courtesy US State Department.
28. Manzoor refers to Dr Said Alam Mahsud (then leading anti CPEC agitation through Pashtoonkhwa Ulasi Tehrik) as "Mashar".
29. Jul 2017: Manzoor shares a propaganda report against PAF ops in tribal areas by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department). Notice how Facebook reveals Manzoor used the Voice of America Publisher app to share the post.
30. Nov 2017: Manzoor urges his followers to disseminate a propaganda piece against Pakistani security forces by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department).
31. Nov 2017: Manzoor officially shares his appreciation of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department) and reveals it as a primary source for his information.
32. Manzoor shares another report by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department) on land mine incidents.
33. Dec 2017: Manzoor praises future PTM comrade Ali Wazir through a Facebook post showcasing his photos.
34. 25th December 2017: First time in history when Manzoor donned the symbolic mazari cap. Video was broadcast through Facebook Live by his friend Shahbaz Khan Stouryani's account who happens to be a longtime ANP activist.
35. 31st December 2017: Manzoor appears for a second time on Facebook Live donning the symbolic mazari cap. This time, he goes live through his personal account, unlike his previous appearance through an ANP associate's profile.
36. 1st February 2018: First public emergence/ use of the term "PTM" while referring to Manzoor's movement. Interestingly, this name is never used by Manzoor or his colleagues before but is introduced through an interview to Voice of America hosted by Naseer Kakar.
37. Famous Pakistan Army critic Gul Bukhari wrote a column on 16th April 2018 titled "I Am Pashteen" to project PTM. It was not published by The Nation but instead taken up by Naya Daur TV whose Editor-in-Chief is Mr Raza Rumi.
Cached version: web.archive.org/web/2018050107…
38. BBC Urdu (Mr Shafi Naqi Jamie) highlighted censorship of Gul Bukhari's article and took her views along with Rahimullah Yusufzai and Nida Kirmani. The video was shared by Manzoor on his timeline.
39. 21st April 2018: Few minutes after sharing the BBC Urdu video, Manzoor posts an update on his timeline, using the words "Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement" personally for the first time. Apparent endorsement of VoA/ Gul Bukhari terminology.
40. 25th April 2018: With reference to PTM, Manzoor is seen promoting agenda-specific hashtags around planned events in Swat (April) and Karachi (May). This is perhaps the first time he understood the importance of using hashtags to gather people along a unified narrative.
41. Manzoor shares a post by his old friend Jamal Malyar Momin of Mehmood Khan Achakzai's Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party (PkMAP). Interestingly, Momin was a candidate for PK-113 from South Waziristan under PkMAP's banner and generated a PTM-related hashtag.
42. 2nd May 2018: Manzoor (perhaps very keenly) shares a report by Memphis Barker of The Guardian projecting PTM and who referred to him as "Pakistani Che".
Link: theguardian.com/world/2018/may…
43. July 2018: Manzoor highlights the alleged abduction of his longtime friend and social activist Hayat Mehsud alias Hayat Preghal of Ladha, South Waziristan by state authorities. Hayat is a well-known blogger in the tribal areas, previously wrote for Waziristan Times.
44. Manzoor organises a demo in D.I. Khan against the abduction of his friend Hayat Mehsud. The event is covered on Facebook Live by Waziristan Times for whom Hayat contributed as a blogger.
45. 10th July 2018: First observation of Manzoor using the hashtag "Pashtun Reject State Terrorism". Interestingly, Manzoor himself picked this up from an earlier post by his friend Ahsan Ullah Miakhail, activist of Mehmood Achakzai's Pashtoonkhwa Students Organization Quetta.
46. Manzoor shared the statement of his friend trying to defend the conviction of a terrorist Bakht Ullah Khan s/o Ajmal Khan who attacked Pakistan Army troops and martyred several personnel.
47. British journalist Samira Shackle writes an article on Manzoor's potential. Manzoor is apparently very excited and urges his supporters to share it widely. Shackle is historically known for writing reports critical of Pakistan's military.
48. 17th October 2018: First instance of Manzoor sharing a PTM agenda post containing the new blue-themed official PTM logo with dove symbol. Interestingly, the image appeared through account of one "Naqeeb Khan", leader of PTM Denmark.
49. Article from May 2018 by Abubakar Siddique, Editor of Gandhara website (US State Department funded) promoting PTM and warning Pakistani Generals picked up by Manzoor in Oct 2018. Concluding paras in Siddique's article provide meat for future PTM talking points.
50. The same day, Manzoor shares a report by Pashto website of Voice of America (US State Department funded) authored by Afghan individual Jafar Haand which also concludes with emphasis on need for Pashtuns to "end the war" (as Abubakar Siddique opined).
51. Early Nov 2018, Manzoor appears to be nostalgic courtesy Facebook Memories and recalls the time when his movement was simply known as "MTM" (Mehsud Tahaffuz Movement). Manzoor did not have any prominence back then and is seen perhaps reeling under burden of public exposure.
52. 9th November 2018: Voice of America Pashto (US State Department funded) airs second exclusive interview with Manzoor providing space for him to discuss his comrades' arrest.
Video link: facebook.com/voapashto/vide…
53. Manzoor shares a video featuring audio by Voice of America Urdu (US State Department funded) questioning PTI government's silence on killing of SP Tahir Dawar in Afg. Sharing of VoA Urdu post suggests Manzoor is clearly a subscriber to the service's multi-lingual fora.
54. End of Nov 2018, Manzoor urges his followers to sign an online petition initiated by Intl Human Rights Council-Hong Kong (IHRC-HK) along with a fake forum "IRESK Paris" (more on this later). IHRC-HK is led by Pakistani dissident in self-exhile Baseer Naweed.
55. Early Dec 2018, Manzoor shares live audio of his interview to Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) by Mujahid Jawad, an Afghan individual (his third exclusive so far).
56. Examination of Manzoor's chronological evolution in cyberspace reveals the following:-

▪️Influence of reports by multi-lingual fora of Voice of America/ associated RFE/RL outlets (US State Department funded)
▪️Sailab Mahsud of VoA (D.I. Khan) introduced Manzoor to the world
57. Examination of Manzoor's chronological evolution in cyberspace reveals the following:-

▪️Naseer Kakar ex VoA's reporting of Manzoor as head of "PTM" (ethno-centric connotation), not "MTM"
▪️Gul Bukhari's special feature on Manzoor and subsequent coverage by BBC Urdu
58. Examination of Manzoor's chronological evolution in cyberspace reveals the following:-

▪️ANP activist Shahbaz Khan Stouryani introduced Manzoor to possibilities of outreach through Facebook Live and use of symbolic mazari cap
▪️Patronage by Dr Said Alam Mahsud in early stage
59. Examination of Manzoor's chronological evolution in cyberspace reveals the following:-

▪️Regular projection by VoA and RFE/RL (US State Department)
▪️On and off print media reporting by British journalists known for inherent bias against Pakistan's military
60. Assessment: Manzoor was given prominence by US State Department-affiliated outlets as the "new Pashtun". Social media rhetoric witnessed contribution by ANP and PkMAP activists to pressurise State of Pakistan in collusion with Afghan elements (Washington-Kabul combine).
61. Now coming to Ali Wazir. He received foreign projection before Manzoor. On 1st April 2014, Ali gave his first interview to Mashaal Radio (US State Department). Guess who took the interview? Sailab Mahsud, the same reporter who would later on introduce Manzoor to the world.
62. 7 Dec 2014: Ali Wazir posted an update about his release from custody (apprehended for reportedly protesting against encroachments). He thanks special friends including blogger Hayat Mehsud alias Hayat Preghal who would later also prove a close friend to Manzoor.
63. On the day of APS Peshawar attack, instead of condoling or grieving over the incident, Ali shares a photo mocking Pakistani security institutions for allegedly harbouring elements who perpetrated the attack. Ali does not mention Jamaat ul Ahrar's base in Afg.
64. Ali tries to question the credibility of local security institutions post APS Peshawar incident by questioning security measures and highlighting mournings in India. Ali also challenges the perceived notion that State of Pakistan harboured elementd who executed the attack.
65. In mid Feb 2015, Ali speaks at an event at D.I. Khan Press Club to challenge perceived changes to Western route of CPEC. Noteworthy participants include Shahbaz Khan Stouryani of ANP (who introduced Manzoor to Facebook Live later on) and Zaffar Ali Khan Gandapur of PPP.
66. 18th May 2016: Ali shares an audio report by Sailab Mahsud of Mashaal (US State Department) about tribal citizens' reaction to propaganda video against Pakistan Army. Photo of then unknown Manzoor Ahmad (later Pashteen) also included, maybe this is when he came across him.
67. 4th November 2016: Ali gives his second interview to Sailab Mahsud of Mashaal Radio (US State Department). Sailab ignores journalistic neutrality and accuses Pakistan Army of destroying markets in Wana Bazar, South Waziristan.
68. 10th November 2016: Ali shares a report by Asian Human Rights Commission (Pak desk led by Baseer Naweed in self exhile) which shares version of Ali's family about alleged support to militants by Pakistan Army.
Article link: humanrights.asia/news/ahrc-news…
69. 25th November 2016: Ali hosts a meeting in D.I. Khan attended by Zahid Wazir (AVT Khyber) and Adnan Bitani of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department, circled in red), among others.
70. 26th September 2017: As if in nostalgia, Ali shares a photo paying homage to Dr Najeeb Ullah, late Afghan President and patron of Pashtunistan agenda.
71. 24th January 2018: Ali expresses his support for Manzoor and gang referring to them as "MTM" (they weren't marketed as PTM by US State Department back then). This is perhaps the first time Ali and Manzoor joined forces.
72. 12th February 2018: First public photo showing Ali and Manzoor together (uploaded through Ali's mobile). Notice Manzoor's use of the mazari cap.
73. 2nd March 2018: Gohar Wazir of Khyber News (presently under arrest) taking a selfie during a gathering of Mohsin Dawar, Ali and Manzoor during early formative years of PTM. This clearly indicates Gohar was linked to these elements beyond his call of duty.
74. 13th March 2018: First public use of the words "Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement" by Ali on Facebook.
75. Ali shares a report by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) projecting PTM's agenda.
76. 14th March 2018: Ali thanks his friend Hamdullah Arbab, an Afghan miscreant and govenrment employee, who draws his artwork for propaganda purposes. More on Hamdullah here:
77. 29th March 2018: First observed public meeting involving Ali and Mohsin Dawar. ANP activist Shahbaz Khan Stouryani (who influenced Manzoor to use mazari cap and come on Facebook Live in Dec 2017) can also be seen (circled in red).
78. 6th May 2018: Ali addresses PTM supporters at an event organised by Mehmood Khan Achakzai's PkMAP in Karachi. The video is livestreamed through Facebook account of PkMAP activist named "Gahez Afghan".
79. 12th August 2018: Ali shares the stage with Usman Khan Kakar of PkMAP.
80. 9th November 2018: Ali is interviewed on Facebook Live through Voice of America's Urdu page by Nilofar Mughal (US State Department funded).
81. 7th December 2018: Ali shares a report by Voice of America Urdu (US State Department funded) projecting his and Mohsin Dawar's reaction to DG ISPR's statements.
82. Assessment:

▪️Ali Wazir has been eyed by US State Department long before Manzoor Pashteen
▪️Sailab Mahsud was instrumental in introducing Ali to the world (same for Manzoor later)
▪️Shahbaz Khan Stouryani (ANP) has been a mutual influential friend of Ali and Manzoor
83. Now coming to Mohsin Javed alias Mohsin Dawar. On 13 Oct 2010, he posted a YouTube video (now deleted) promoting "Loy Afghanistan (Greater Afghanistan)" and calling for the removal of US troops.
84. End of Dec 2011: Mohsin informs his friend about the growing prowess of ANP.
85. 30th September 2013: Mohsin posts a photo of an event at Gomal University organised by PSF (ANP) welcoming guests, including Ali Wazir (Mohsin's future comrade in PTM). Clearly Mohsin and Ali were acquainted since 2013.
86. 8th October 2013: Mohsin shares a report by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) on Malala from Melbourne, Australia. One of many photos posted publicly confirm his stay in Australia during that period.
87. 25th October 2013: Mohsin bids farewell to his colleagues at "Super Cheap Autos" in Melbourne, Australia. Apparently he was working there.
88. 30th June 2014: Mohsin is seen participating in a social welfare program organized by National Youth Organization (NYO) of ANP. Mian Iftikhar Hussain is among the noteworthy guests.
89. 16 Sep 2014: Mohsin posts a photo with Reham Khan during a chance encounter.
90. 16 Sep 2014: Perhaps not a chance encounter after all. Mohsin shares another photo with Reham Khan, this time at the Bacha Khan Education and Awareness School in Bannu.
91. 28 Sep 2014: Mohsin speaks at an event to pay homage to Dr Najeebullah of Afghanistan (patron of Pashtunistan) at Islamabad Press Club. ANP leader Afrasiab Khattak also spoke on the occasion.
92. End of Sep 2014: Mohsin is Central Additional General Secretary of NYO (ANP).
93. 9th October 2014: Mohsin shares a report by Mashaal Radio (US State Department) funded highlighting his receipt of an award from IDPs for his welfare services through NYO's platform.
94. 18th October 2014: Mohsin appreciates a speech by PPP Co-Chairman Bilawal Bhutto and tags/ quotes Nazrana Ghaffar Yousafzai (Broadcaster at Voice of America/ US State Department). Clearly Mohsin knows her personally.
95. Feb 2015: Mohsin interacts with Ijaz Khan, former Professor of International Relations at University of Peshawar and presently a staunch PTM propagandist.
96. 17th February 2015: Mohsin shares the stage with ANP head Asfandyar Wali Khan during an APC on CPEC.
97. 10 Dec 2015: Mohsin shares a propaganda video on IDPs posted by his journalist friend Gohar Wazir of Khyber News (presently in custody under MPO).
98. 13 Dec 2015: Mohsin shares a video by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) paying homage to the "struggle" of Sanna Ejaz. Mohsin knows her personally as he tags her profile.
99. 8th June 2016: Mohsin thanks his comrades for approving his nomination as Central Organizer of NYO (ANP).
100. 9 Jun 2016: Mohsin announces media coverage of himself and friends to discuss problems faced by IDPs in North Waziristan in a program hosted by Reham Khan.
101. Mohsin shares an article by his friend Mona Aurangzeb questioning the efficacy/ legitimacy of Durand Line (disputed by Pashtunistan supporters).
102. Jun 2016: Mohsin shares an article by 'The Pashtun Times', a hostile anti State of Pakistan forum, questioning the counter terrorism successes of Pakistan Army.
103. 28th July 2016: Mohsin shares photo of a trip to Ziarat with friends. Tariq Shah alias Tariq Afghan can be seen standing beside Mohsin. He is a prominent ANP activist and led social media campaigns to discredit/ malign CPEC under the aegis of Dr Said Alam Mahsud's PUT.
104. Oct 2016: Mohsin attends a meeting on problems faced by IDPs organized by Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in Islamabad.
105. 29th November 2016: Dawn publishes a report of Utmanzai tribal elders refusing to accept reconstruction of demolished shops in North Waziristan. They are led by Mohsin, who later shares the report on his timeline.
Article link: dawn.com/news/1299369
106. 11th December 2016: First public photo showing a gathering of ANP comrades including Mohsin, Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar (latter two being staunch PTM promoters in the coming future).
107. 15 Dec 2016: Mohsin shares a report by Voice of America Urdu (US State Department funded) covering protest led by him and traders from North Waziristan.
108. 16 Dec 2016: Mohsin refers to PML-N leadership (then federal government) as "chauvinist Punjabis" who are perceived as a hurdle toward Pashtun unity.
109. 21 Dec 2016: Mohsin writes an op-ed for The Nation claiming that North Waziristan's residents are the sole affectees of Operation Zarb-e-Azb.
Article link: nation.com.pk/21-Dec-2016/re…
110. 26th December 2016: Mohsin speaks at a seminar titled "CPEC - Development or Exploitation?' organized by Pashtoon Students Federation at International Islamic University Islamabad.
111. 29th June 2017: Mohsin thanks Nosherwan Qalandar at Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) for providing him a platform to vent grudges against the State of Pakistan's efforts for economic revival of North Waziristan.
112. 6th July 2017: Mohsin shares a report by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) projecting efforts by him and his team for welfare of TDPs in Waziristan.
113. 15 Jul 2017: Mohsin condemns a militant attack on the residence of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) reporter Adnan Bitani, referred as a "friend".
114. 19th July 2017: Mohsin shares a video by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) covering ANP's protest against FATA Reforms in front of the Governor House (led by Mian Iftikhar Hussain).
115. 6th September 2017: Mohsin condemns the arrest of tribal protestors in D.I. Khan, including "Manzoor Mehsud", who would later become "Manzoor Pashteen", his co-leader in PTM. This is the first public indication of Mohsin's introduction to Manzoor.
116. Oct 2017: Mohsin attends the South Asians against Terrorism and for Humanity (SAATH) conference in London organised by Husain Haqqani and Dr Mohammad Taqi. Mohsin tags his friend Rahman Bunairee of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded).
117. Oct 2017: After the SAATH conference, Mohsin accepts the invitation to meet by ANP London leadership.
118. 20th November 2017: Mohsin shares a report for Voice of America Pashto (US State Department funded) authored by his friend Nazrana Ghaffar Yousufzai which questions the need for another Pakistan military operation in South Waziristan.
119. 29th November 2017: Mohsin addresses participants of sit-in outside University of Peshawar organized by Mehsud Tahaffuz Movement (MTM). This movement was co-founded by Manzoor Mehsud alias Manzoor Pashteen before being absorbed into PTM.
120. 9th December 2017: Mohsin shares a video report by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) about his visit to victims of North Waziristan incident undergoing treatment at Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar. He is accompanying Mian Iftikhar Hussain of ANP.
121. 12th December 2017: Mohsin shares grievances about perceived mistreatment of residents of North Waziristan at the hands of Pakistan Army after Operation Zarb-e-Azb.
122. 13th December 2017: Mohsin shares a report by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) about raising issues on behalf of tribal traders.
123. 17 Dec 2017: Mohsin shares a report by BBC Urdu quoting him and Afrasiab Khattak regarding perceived mistreatment of North Waziristan residents by Pakistan Army. It is authored by Azizullah Khan, a known ANP supporter.
Report link: bbc.com/urdu/pakistan-…
124. 19th January 2018: Mohsin expresses outrage at banning of Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) broadcast in Pakistan by the Ministry of Interior and claims it is another indication of "Punjabi Chauvinism".
125. 1st February 2018: Mohsin shares photos from a sit-in in Islamabad against the extra-judicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud in Karachi. Note reference to the event as "Tehreek Naqeeb Shaheed" (Martyr Naqeeb Movement) instead of "PTM".
126. 22nd February 2018: First photo showing Mohsin with future comrades Ali Wazir and Manzoor Pashteen at a meeting of "Malgari Doctoran" (Doctor Friends), an association formed by ANP. Apparently one Dr Mian Iftikhar Hussain (not the politician) facilitated this meetup.
127. 23rd February 2018: Mohsin shares a post by friend Shahbaz Khan Stouryani of ANP (also linked to Ali and Manzoor) who proclaims himself a member of "Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement". First emergence of these words on Mohsin's timeline.
128. 24 Feb 2018: Mohsin shares video of his interview to Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) regarding inauguration of Bannu-Miranshah-Ghulam Khan Road by then Pakistan Army chief General Raheel Sharif.
129. 27 Feb 2018: Mohsin shares a report by Abubakar Siddique (Editor of US State Department funded 'Gandhara/ RFERL') and Abdul Hai Kakar (RFERL) in which they mention Mohsin as a senior leader of "PTM". Mohsin himself never used this group name on his profile.
130. 28th February 2018: Gandhara website (US State Department funded) publishes Mohsin's first exclusive piece referring to PTM as a "Pashtun Spring" phenomenon (akin to Arab Spring). Ominously, Mohsin calls the movement an "awakening".
Article link: gandhara.rferl.org/a/pakistan-pas…
131. 2nd March 2018: Mohsin shares a video by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) projecting Manzoor wearing the mazari cap as leader of PTM.
132. 3rd March 2018: Mohsin shares another featured video report on PTM by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded).
133. 7 Mar 2018: Mohsin shares a report by Voice of America Pashto (US State Department funded) quoting him and promoting PTM.
134. 8th March 2018: Mohsin awards Wana-based singer Shaukat Wazir for singing the PTM anthem "Da Sangi Azadi Da?" (What Freedom Is This?) Interestingly, the award is given during a ceremony of ANP's PSF in D.I. Khan.
135. 11 Mar 2018: Mohsin shares a video report by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) covering PTM's march in Qilla Saifullah.
136. 12 Mar 2018: Mohsin shares another report of Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) projecting PTM's Quetta show. The video is edited by Pamir Sahill, himself a promoter of anti-Pakistan elements, and uses PTM hashtags.
137. 15th March 2018: Mohsin thanks his friend and Afghan government employee Hamdullah Arbab for painting his portrait. He previously made one for Ali Wazir also.

More details on Hamdullah and his role as a PTM imagery propagandist can be read here:
138. 10 May 2018: Mohsin shares a report by Voice of America Pashto (US State Department funded) about PTM's meetup in Karachi.
139. 10 May 2018: Mohsin gives an interview to Fazal Aziz Bunairee of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department) regarding alleged Sindh Rangers harassment of PTM activists. Fazal is himself a friend of ANP and PTM leaders.
140. 11th May 2018: Mohsin endorses praise for his colleague Sanna Ejaz (who would become leader of PTM Women Wing). Sanna was previously campaigner against CPEC for Dr Said Alam Mehsud's PUT. More on her later.
141. 14th May 2018: Manzoor shares live streaming of PTM demo in Karachi by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded). Host is Fazal Aziz Bunairee.
142. 18th May 2018: Mohsin shares a PTM imagery propaganda artwork by his friend and Afghan government employee Hamdullah Arbab.

More on Hamdullah and his artwork here:
143. 27 May 2018: Mohsin shares a report by Voice of America Urdu (US State Department funded) about nomination of PTM representatives to hold dialogue with the government (then led by PML-N).
144. 28 May 2018: Mohsin issues statements on PTM's course of action to Voice of America Pashto (US State Department funded).
145. 4th June 2018: Mohsin shares a video (originally shared by Asal Achakzai of PkMAP) showing Mehmood Khan Achakzai supporting PTM. Mohsin refers to Achakzai as "mashar" (guide/mentor).
146. 13 Jun 2018: Mohsin gives an interview to Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded).
147. 13th July 2018: Mohsin shares a report by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) covering his election campaigning.
148. 21st October 2018: Mohsin address a seminar in Virginia (US) organized by Association of Physicians of Pakistan in North America. Other prominent speakers include Mr Raza Rumi and Anwar Iqbal (Dawn).
149. 6th November 2018: Mohsin shares a sarcastic couplet meant to highlight his praise/admiration for ANP leaders Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar. Apparently both have heavily influenced Mohsin's thinking over the past years.
150. 5 Nov 2018: Mohsin shares live coverage of a PTM event by Facebook page of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded).
151. 5 Nov 2018: Mohsin shares a live interview of Manzoor Pashteen with his friend Nazrana Ghaffar Yousafzai through Facebook page of Voice of America Pashto (US State Department funded). Note that another page (Deewa) on the same day already covering PTM event live.
152. 5 Nov 2018: PTM propagandist Muhammad Zubair Mehsud (formerly Law teacher at University of Peshawar) speaks to Voice of America Urdu's Facebook page (US State Department funded). Deewa and Pashto pages covering PTM on same day, Mohsin shares the video on 6th Nov.
153. 7 Nov 2018: Mohsin gives a live video interview to Barakwal Myakhel through Facebook page of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded). Barakwal is himself a PTM supporter.
154. 11 Nov 2018: Mohsin pays homage to his mentor Afrasiab Khattak.
155. 14 Nov 2018: Mohsin gives interview to Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded) accusing State of Pakistan for the assassination of SP Tahir Dawar. Host is Bashir Gwakh, an Afghan and himself a PTM supporter.
156. 15 Nov 2018: Mohsin shares live interview of his mentor Bushra Gohar on assassination of SP Tahir Dawar. Host Nilofer Mughal conducts interview through Facebook page of Voice of America Urdu (US State Department funded).
157. 16 Nov 2018: Mohsin shares propaganda artwork on SP Tahir Dawar posted by mentor Bushra Gohar. Painting of PTM leaders carrying Tahir by Afghan government employee Hamdullah Arbab. Mohsin still has it as cover photo.

Details on Hamdullah here:
158. Assessment: Mohsin began taking a formal interest in PTM mid 2018 onward. He appears to be heavily influenced by ANP leaders Afrasiab Khattak and Bushra Gohar and has been covered by all platforms of Voice of America (US State Department) including writing for 'Gandhara'.
159. Now coming to Sanna Ejaz, leader of PTM Women Wing and a self-proclaimed human rights activist. Sanna's history is filled with anti State of Pakistan agitation including against CPEC.
160. 22nd May 2012: Sanna publicly announces her visit to Bangkok (Thailand) and exchanges messages with Lisa Dalzell, whom she refers to as "mama". Ms Dalzell is identified as an ordinary citizen in the US, perhaps acquainted with Sanna during her previous visit to the States.
161. 8 Oct 2012: Sanna reveals herself as alumnus of US State Department-funded Pakistan Educational Leadership (PEL) Project & Institute at Plymouth State University (PSU), New Hampshire, US (2010/2011 batch). This explains her relation to Lisa Dalzell, also from Plymouth.
162. Sanna shares her photo with friends in a Facebook group called "Asian Youth Forum-IDEA, Bangkok-Pattaya 2012". She was likely a participant in this summit.
163. 21st December 2013: Sanna shares her first post expressing grievance against State of Pakistan in a message copied from NGO person and Head of Hacem Fund Ms Azra Naseem Yousafzai; Ms Azra is herself a frequent guest on US State Department-funded media outlets.
164. 28th December 2013: Sanna begins appealing for "likes" (audience) on her newly-created page called "Gandhara - Center for Peace & Culture Education". Her bio mentions she is the "Founder" and "Chairperson" of this "center".
165. Sanna seeks assistance for submitting a project on "promoting civil society" to an event called "Alumni Engagement Innovation Fund 2014" organized by US State Department.
166. Sanna invites International Exchange Alumni to join her project on "Art For Peace" (first phase already approved by US State Department, as indicated by her). An Indian professor expresses interest in joining her project.
167. May 2014: Sanna receives a shield for participation in 'The Spring Games' organized by Pakistan-US Alumni Network (US State Department-managed) at IMSciences Peshawar.
168. May 2014: Sanna expresses her honour/blessing to be a citizen of Pakistan, a country which promotes "pluralistic roots and way of living". She borrows these words from her friend in apparent endorsement (contrary to existing ethno-centric rhetoric).
169. 22nd May 2014: Sanna shares a report by Gandhara website (US State Department funded) authored by Majeed Babar and Khalid Khan containing propaganda against army operation in Waziristan. Majeed is today himself a staunch PTM supporter.
Report link: gandhara.rferl.org/a/25390247.html
170. 22nd May 2014: Sanna shares a post by official page of US Consulate General Peshawar appealing State Department alumni worldwide to vote for her "Art for Peace" project. Link to video by US Consulate General Peshawar promoting Sanna's project: vimeo.com/95826475
171. 2nd June 2014: Sanna shares a photo with NASA Engineer Zainab Nagin Cox at US Embassy Islamabad. At the time, Sanna was an employee at FM 92.2 Peshawar and Training Coordinator at Department of Journalism & Mass Comm in Peshawar University.
172. 3 Jun 2014: Sanna jokes about and expresses joy on reports about Altaf Hussain's arrest (by Scotland Yard, briefly). Ironically, Altaf Hussain's MQM is one of the core external supporters of PTM today.
173. 9 Jun 2014: Sanna shares a propaganda video against Pakistan Army and supporting Baloch separatists, posted by Tarek Fatah.
174. 9th June 2014: Sanna shares details of her US State Department-approved project "Art for Peace" with Ali Imran of FM 107.4 (operated by Peshawar University).
175. 12th June 2014: Sanna appears in morning show hosted by Shazma Aqeel on AVT Khyber News (motive not known).
176. 25th December 2014: Sanna participates in a press conference organized by '16/12 Action Forum' for dispensation of justice to victims of the horrific APS Peshawar incident.
177. 29th December 2014: Sanna appears on program "Laluna Mashaluna" (AVT Khyber News) to discuss activities of her forum '16/12 Action Forum' regarding dispensation of justice for APS Peshawar victims.
178. 31 Dec 2014: Sanna thanks her friends for support during her arrest for arranging shutter-down strike against APS Peshawar incident. She pays special gratitude to members of Progressive Youth Forum. Interestingly, she tags Mohsin Dawar (future PTM comrade).
179. May 2015: Sanna participates in a protest against change in Western route of CPEC organized by Pakhtoonkhwa Ulasi Tehrik (PUT) of Dr Said Alam Mahsud (presently core ideologue of PTM).
180. 18th May 2015: Sanna formally promotes PUT's propaganda against CPEC in the name of "awareness" by sharing content from Dr Said Alam Mahsud's profile.
181. May 2015: Sanna is projected internationally through a featured profile by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded). The profile is by Asghar Pashtunyar, a prominent US-supported NGO person/activist.
Link: mashaalradio.com/a/27021162.html
182. 27th May 2015: Sanna speaks at a press conference by PUT against CPEC sitting beside Dr Said Alam Mahsud (future core ideologue of PTM). Coverage is provided by Mashaal Radio (US State Department funded). Video link: facebook.com/watch/?v=11054…
183. 9th November 2015: Sanna condemns Pakistan's "strategic depth policy" in Afghanistan and accuses the state of dividing Pashtuns. She also pays homage to ANP and members of NYO.
184. 10th December 2015: Sanna shares a post paying homage to women by Hamdullah Arbab, an Afghan government employee who would later craft propaganda artwork for PTM. Hamdullah is also linked with Ali Wazir and Mohsin Dawar.

More on Hamdullah here:
185. 10th December 2015: Official Facebook page of International Exchange Alumni (US State Department managed) appreciates Sanna Ejaz for her contributions on raising awareness about gender-based discrimination in Pakistan.
186. 12th December 2015: Sanna personally thanks Niala Khalil, Arshad Mohmand and Hashim Ali of Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) for highlighting her 'struggles' as an activist.
187. 16th December 2015: Al Jazeera English correspondent Kamal Hyder includes Sanna in his report about Peshawar city, a year after the APS incident. Sanna is apparently displeased for not highlighting her as a "human rights activist". Video:
188. 18th December 2015: Sanna is taken on air by Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) along with APS incident-affected students. She tries to project the program as if children were wrongly influenced by military persons.
189. 23rd December 2015: Shaheen Buneri of Gandhara website (US State Department funded) quotes Sanna while reporting on ANP leader Bashir Bilour's assassination. Sanna tags Shaheen which suggests they know each other personally. Link: gandhara.rferl.org/a/pakistan-bas…
190. 4th January 2016: Voice of America Deewa Radio (US State Department funded) gives Sanna space to project anti CPEC views on behalf of PUT. Link: voadeewanews.com/audio/3111353.…
191. 5th January 2016: Mashaal Radio (US State Department) gives Sanna space to project anti CPEC views on behalf of PUT, just a day after VoA Deewa Radio. Link: mashaalradio.com/content/articl…
192. 6th January 2016: Sanna shares a documentary by her forum 'Gandhara Center' highlighting plight of APS victims' parents who are not satisfied with security arrangements provided to school children. Link:
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