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(1) Update: to begin with, my "assessment" (more of an educated guess) that Maduro could be about to fall was only "almost" right, as SoS Pompeo told the press.

(2) The Regime is singing its praises and claiming victory. And that's foolish. Only the military and Cuba keep him in power. And today, cracks started to appear in the once monolythic suppoirt.
(3) So, Pompeo told us, Maduro was about to flee, but Russia said no.

Now he is ***officially*** a hostage to his own tyrany.

You want to call that a "victory", you must have no idea what real victory is like.
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voy a contarles una pequeña historia sobre #VenezuelaLibre que me pasó hoy. no sé si vieron, pero me quedé con la 🛵 en Av. Pueyrredón y Av. Las Heras. pedí el remolque y me dispuse a esperar las 2 hs. que podía llegar a tardar.
en el transcurso de la espera, me dieron ganas de tomar un café, pero no podía irme muy lejos por si llegaba el auxilio. así que vi un kiosko a escasos 5 mts. de donde estaba la 🛵 y tenían una bonita máquina de café express de Nescafé *cobro la publicidad por dm*.
cuando me atiende la chica del kiosko, Vanesa a partir de ahira, noto el acento y le pregunto si era venezolana a lo que me confirma que sí. le pregunto como estaba hoy y me dice que mal, preocupada por lo que estaba pasando desde hace mucho.
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Hola les voy hacer un hilo para intentar explicar a grandes rasgos que es lo que ha estado pasando en #Venezuela y el por qué de su crisis, síganme @Poeta70 @ma_osuna7 @danimede94 @vamoluda @jcordoba3 #Historia #hilosdehistoria
La historia de #Venezuela estará ligada su riqueza mineral, aunque parezca paradójico el ser un país lleno de #petróleo #oro y minerales será un factor determinante para la actual crisis económica. #hilosdehistoria
En 1910 se descubre #petróleo en #Venezuela y en menos de una década el país se convierte en uno de los mayores exportadores de este mineral, haciendo que haya una gran bonanza, se pague la deuda externa y se convierta en la nación más boyante de américa latina #hilosdehistoria
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Desperate for food and medical supplies the citizens and even police risk their lives in #Venezuela and form a human chain to frantically save whatever they can after Maduro’s military lit them on fire💔 #SOSvenezuela
Source and translation here:…
Young men in #Venezuela crowd a dumpster truck searching for food.
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(1) How poweful is Maduro's army?

Venezuelan army's equipment has no proper maintenance, including choppers.

#VenezuelaLibre #AvalanchaHumanitaria #GreatAwakening
(2) here it says that there are divisons, but "at least some divisions would fight an American invasion".
(3) so far, all we've seen is that they are always eager to hurt their unnarmed citizens.
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The privilege Americans have when speaking out against huminatrian aid in Venezuela, a thread:
Even if you live below the poverty line in America you are still wealthier than most of the world, in Venezuela despite minimum wage being raised 3000% it's still only $9.50 PER MONTH!
Even if you are not covered under any health insurance plans you're still able to find most medicines at your pharmacy, don't have to stand in lines for hours to shop & are covered by law for ERs not turning you down. In Venezuela the medical shortage is at an all time high.
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#VenezuelaLibre #AvalanchaHumanitaria #GreatAwakening

3 trucks filled with humanitarian aid burned by Bolivarian forces in a bridge between Venezuela and Colombia.

It's a war, if you had not noticed it ;)
(2) Venezuelans burned down a Venezuelan Army post on the frontier with Brazil.
(3) Look! Coca-Cola is "doing its part" in the freedom push in Venezuela.

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#VenezuelaLibre #AvalanchaHumanitaria #GreatAwakening


Venezuela positions missile sistem S-300 in the frontier with Brazil.
#VenezuelaLibre #AvalanchaHumanitaria #GreatAwakening


This action is a clear provocation against Brazil.
#VenezuelaLibre #AvalanchaHumanitaria #GreatAwakening


The range of the missiles includes the route for US-Brazil international flights.
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(1) A #QAnon thread about #VenezuelaLibre


(2) For a while, it seemed like yet another stolen election in Venezuela would result only in the same fruitless protests as always, and that the criminal Bolivarian dictatorship would continue unscathed.

(3) It seemed like the Bolivarian plague of Hugo Chaves e Nicolas Maduro would have no cure.

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El Paso is ready to #MAGA with @realDonaldTrump
Outside right now
#Latinos4Trump 🇻🇪🇺🇸#VenezuelaLibre
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#GreatAwakening #VenezuelaLibre #Brazil

(1) The US, Brazil and Colombia are about to "invade" Venezuela.

Armed with General Food, General Water and General Medical Supplies, the invincible weapons of the USAID, that waits to be sent in from two frontier towns.
#GreatAwakening #VenezuelaLibre #Brazil

(2) Socialist Dictator Maduro had a "great" idea: rather than accept help and see his support collapse, he chose to starve his people, and shut the roads.
#GreatAwakening #VenezuelaLibre #Brazil

(3) Troops were sent to the Colombian border.
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By @FrPinillos
Guterrez Secretary General of the UN affirms that by decision of the majority of the UN Assembly & its Security Council can only recognize Nicolás Maduro as legitimate president of Venezuela
How should be
📢📢Video Extremely important📹. ‼️I advise everyone to watch this video‼️.🧐
👉🏼It explains very well the attempted coup in Venezuela by the US do not start now, it started a few years ago👈🏼😲😠😡🤬
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#VenezuelaLibre #GreatAwakening

Today, I really begin to feel Guaidó has the upper hand in the struggle against murderous Maduro and his gang of socialist thugs.

I want to thank @POTUS, @SecPompeo and @AmbJohnBolton for the righteous and firm stance the US has shown. 👾🙏
WARNING: this fight against a socialist murderous regime is of paramount importance to me. ANY CYNICS AND SMARTASSES that come to disturb the conversation WILL BE BLOCKED. This is NOT fun and games - that's a vital war, right on my border.
those are the Maduro's last supporters. Look at the demographics: in beige the Bolivarian militias, in red the Chavist militants. hardly any common people, very few national flags. That is NOT the image of impending victory.
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Join me tonight at 6pmEST @EveningEdit on @FoxBusiness

@realDonaldTrump has done well up to this point handling #Venezuela but must be very cautious going forward.
America’s reputation & history in #SouthAmerica is a factor as we have sponsored multiple coups going back to ‘54 and as late as ‘73.
Key to the survival or demise of #Maduro is the #military. Theyr’re divided with senior leaders supporting Maduro and mid-grade officers and lower ranks supporting #Guaido. They could switch sides at any moment if leadership of the army sees that they are fighting a losing cause.
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#Venezuelasplaining how many venezuelans are out there dealing with a foreingn explainer? Uh?
Less: venezuelasplaining.
More: research before making a statement
#venezuelalibre #27Ene #abajocadenas #guaidopresidentevzla #venezolanosenelmundo
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(1) A#QAnon thread on "Dark to LIGHT"


(2) Take a close look at drop 703. Perhaps even read it twice.
(3) "Patriots have planned, installed, and by the grace of God, activated, the beam of LIGHT".
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I would have expected the transitional President Guaidó, supported by all his neighbouring states, US and Canada, to have had more momentum in the Army. Brazilian media treats him as "Opposition Leader", has him "pondering over Amnesty" for Maduro. Upper hand?
(2) While Guaidó does not seem to have cracked Bolivarians in the Military as he hoped, I don't see any sweeping moves by Maduro, either. Silence and tension in Caracas.
(3) Argentinian press has more dramatic developments:

Guaidó: "I may be arrested today".

New Regime tries to convince military "door-by-door"

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#Brazil #SpaceForce


Brazil and US recognize the president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó as interin president in Venezuela!!!

Now it's maximum political pressure to quickly oust bolivarian dictator Maduro and end this socialist nightmare.

(2) They sworn him in - the time for talk is over. It's ON.…
(3) A sign begs Brazilian president @jairbolsonaro for help in Venezuela's crisis. The man has been in office for 23 days and Maduro is already crumbling - that's PROGRESS.
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