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Really pleased that our Roundtable on 𝘈𝘥𝘮𝘪𝘯𝘪𝘴𝘵𝘳𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘷𝘦 𝘐𝘯𝘧𝘰𝘳𝘮𝘢𝘵𝘪𝘤𝘴 is up @Journal_BPA. Thanks to @billresh and the rest of the journal's team!…
In it, @herschelfthomas and I discuss "look-up" data systems versus those built for analysis and integration.
Democracies' concern for accountability and the triumph of "efficiency" in organizational research. Means that the vast majority of data systems are built for look-up and not for solving problems.
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This week, PEN America’s @jeremycyoung joined @madintangibles on the @TrendingInEd podcast for a conversation about the unprecedented assaults on the New College of Florida and what we all can do about it.
Listen to the full podcast here:…
“‘This fight matters even if you lose.’ That’s how @jeremycyoung of PEN America, a national organization that promotes freedom of speech, publication and thought, concluded an inspiring message to a recent gathering of professors at @NewCollegeofFL.”…
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📚🔍 Figuring out an efficient literature review workflow can be daunting. But fear not, because SciSpace has got you covered! Let's explore how you can supercharge your literature review process with @scispace_. 🚀💡

#AcademicTwitter #HigherEducation Image
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1. Op-eds aren’t data.

2. Only a short time ago, within many Americans’ lifetimes, #highereducation was badly segregated and reserved mainly for elites.

#Collegecampuses have never been as intellectually diverse and democratic, open to numerous #viewpoints, as they are now.
3. The idea that students are “censorious”--let alone "mad"--is a false narrative that pundits, propagandists, and mainstream media have aggressively promoted.
4. College-aged young people consistently express stronger support for #freespeech and tolerance for #viewpointdiversity than other age groups in credible survey research--not only in individual studies, but also across time.
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Classical authoritarian propaganda about #tenure/public #universities. 👇👇👇

Why? A 🧵

Aspiring authoritarians commonly attack #highereducation to:

* turn teachers/researchers protected by a merit-based system of employment into workers dependent on the state 2/6
* transform centers of teaching/research based on analysis of evidence and independent expertise into state-loyal institutions that indoctrinate students in mythologies, falsehoods, invented histories which reinforce authoritarian visions of power and cultural hierarchy 3/6
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🧵“This escalating battle for control over free expression in education should worry us all,” said PEN America CEO @SuzanneNossel in remarks before the House Committee on Education & the Workforce’s Subcommittee on Higher Education & Workforce Development.…
Nossel: "The university campus is the incubator of democratic citizenship and the breeding ground for leaders in every sector of society. If we don’t get free speech and open discourse right on campus, we won’t get it right in the media, the courts, or out on the streets." (2/x)
Nossel: "At PEN America we argue that the essential drive to render American campuses more diverse, equitable, and inclusive need not—and must not—come at the expense of robust, uncompromising protections for free speech and academic freedom." (3/x) #DEI #FreeSpeech #Education
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The German Federal Minister @starkwatzinger's amendment proposals to the Academic Fixed-Term Contract Act are an absolute slap in the face to everyone who's been invested in calling out current issues with German #academia and suggesting genuine solutions. #WissZeitVG 1/ Slogan from the ministry's webpage "Gute Arbeitsbedingu
For a start, much of the proposed "reform" is just hot air. E.g., Encouraging universities to give #PhD candidates an initial 3-year contract: Thankfully, most already do this and those that don't aren't going to be won over by a new "it would be nice if you could..." clause. 2/ Qualifizierungsphase vor der Promotion (R1): Ziel: Wir schaf
Nothing about changing the fact that the 6-year cap on #PhD contracts applies regardless of whether the contract is 50%, 75% or 100% FTE. Thus effectively confirming that doctoral researchers on part-time contract are expected to complete their PhDs in their free time or quit. 3/
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Discussions of context relating to #ChatGPT and #assessment in #HigherEducation are a bit thin on the ground: the structural condition of universities are a big part of why many commentators see it as a 'threat'. A short thread with readings👇 1/9
high student numbers, precarity and crushing workloads mean there is rarely time for academics to gain the familiarity with students’ writing approaches needed to support good practice, or to innovate with form: @UCU workload survey 2021 (pdf)… 2/9
across the UK sector, the volume of summative assessments being set has risen steadily over recent years: @HEPI_news Student Experience Survey 2022 (pdf)… 3/9
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From Monday night's Mott Community College Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting is more than five hours long. It hit all kinds of current cultural talking points, and not in good ways.

In comments, some of the highlights.
The most disturbing thing about the night was the inescapable undercurrent of racism. Two very right-wing trustees were elected last November, and word had somehow circulated that they want to fire Mott's first Black, female college president. 1/
Thankfully, several members of the Flint community came out to speak in support of Dr. Beverly Walker-Griffea, Mott's president. Their words were preemptive strikes, and some members of the board feigned indigence and insisted that this wasn't a topic on the agenda. 2/
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Today marks the last day of my sabbatical from work with Gertie. It’s been an experience so here’s a thread. I spent the first few weeks on sabbatical batting away work to create space to actually do what I had planned! The first teaching and learning sabbatical in @UlsterUni 1/
2/ (Umh just a bit proud of that!) Has it been successful? Absolutely! I worked my butt off & it has been the most productive period of my 20 years at Ulster. My professional development & networks have exploded! I am now reaping the rewards of working across the UK!
3/ I am involved in collaborations and research that wouldn’t have been possible without this time and my commitment to want to do more! Oh and my new friends along the way - you know who you are! So what’s been my bug bearer? Well pull up a chair 😀!
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As #DeSantisDestroysFlorida is trending (again), it behooves us to chronicle the many ways higher education in the state is under attack.

1: In 2021 @UF barred 3 professors from serving as expert witnesses in a voting rights case against the state ...…
@UF The case targeted legislation strongly supported by DeSantis that inhibited access to the ballot. After the university's accreditor announced an investigation, UF reversed their decision & allowed the professors to testify.…
When the attempt to use the power & pressure of the state to silence scholars w/ expertise failed, a new plan was hatched: change accreditors.
“These accreditation agencies have an inordinate amount of power to shape these universities,” DeSantis said.
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5 tips for networking with people effectively, a thread 🧵👇🏻:

#networking #communities #highereducation #student
1. Instead of just sending a connection request to people, send them a personalized note, writing about why you wish to connect with them.

#networking #linkedin #connections
2. Keep your messages crisp and clear. Don’t beat around the bush, get straight to the point. For eg, if you’re seeking guidance for your CS project, make sure that you write what you’re looking for, instead of describing your project idea in-depth.

#networking #linkedin
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5 things to do before pursuing a higher education abroad, a thread 👇🏻🧵:

#highereducation #student #community
1. 🎯 Develop a side hustle:

- work on projects in the domain that you wish to pursue a higher education in. 👨🏻‍🎓
- build a YouTube channel or build a computer science project to pursue a higher education in marketing or CS respectively.

#highereducation #student #community
2. ✍🏻 Develop a hard skill:

- side hustles are the implementations of the hard skills that you’re familiar with.
- Take up certification courses in these domains and integrate these learnings into the projects that you’re building.

#highereducation #student #community
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"#ALEC’s proposed Free Speech in Higher Education Act debated by members this week would ban public universities from using bias reporting systems to prevent or punish “offensive” or “unwanted” speech by students, faculty, staff, or guests."… #HigherEd Image
#ALEC’s FORUM Act "has passed in multiple states with the help of the hate group Alliance Defending Freedom, aims to address the manufactured free speech “crisis” being hyped by the Right, often by sending extremist provocateurs to speak at colleges and universities." #HigherEd Image
The real reason for the attack on libraries… This "has always been about keeping people uneducated and ignorant. Suppressing diverse ideas has always been the hallmark of conservatism, and free libraries stand in the way of their goal."
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Republicans Want Teachers to Leave Public Education… Republicans are literally running a political platform on weakening teachers, schools and education because they need the poorly educated to make up their voting base.
1/ DeSantis, conservatives score more Florida school board wins Moms for Liberty endorsed 12 for Florida school board and donated to campaigns. The 1776 PAC, which opposes critical race theory in schools, endorsed 49 candidates throughout 21 counties.
2/ Parental rights have been a key battle cry for DeSantis who pushed Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” law, aka “Parental Rights in Education”.
Together with "School Choice" laws promoting charter schools, DeSantis is dictating what kids can learn, and where they can learn it. Image
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of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema

“Cultural Rebirth, Aborted”

beginning with

Chapter 10

“The King Won’t Die:

“Attack of the Body-Snatchers…an Aborted Changing of the Guard”


CW22 10/1
[*Chapter 10 text begins:*] What do these events have in common? The popularity of Democrats since the 90s, with Obama’s favorability ratings high despite US entanglement in several wars; the astounding progress in race relations…”


CW22 10/2
“…exemplified by ever increasing numbers of African-Americans elected & appointed to the highest posts in US government since the 90s, highlighted by the election of the 1st ever black president in the most lopsided victory in decades;”


CW22 10/3
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American Universities can function perfectly well without vax mandates.

Look no further than U of Arkansas for an example. In Fall '21, State legislation forbid vax mandates, yet Higher Ed carried on.

Bodies did not pile up in the hallways.
From their website, the University shows goodwill in providing vaccination to those who wish for it, free.

But it does not require it for those who do not.
*correx to 1st link here (damned --…
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If you're thinking about classroom policies and accommodations as you draft your syllabus, here are some things to keep in mind. I realize that many of my colleagues don't understand how it works. Feel free to drop questions after reading the thread. 1/13
Disability accommodations are in place to protect universities. They are not the best way to support a student. Getting an accommodation is dependent on a diagnosis, a thoughtful doctor, and a legitimate understanding of disability. 2/13
You may think most doctors know how to write a letter. They do not. I have written almost all of my own. My doctors have no clue what my everyday access needs are. Most do not understand the embodied experience of being disabled. 3/13
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"Getting up and doing even ten minutes of light to moderate physical activity a few times [per] day is an effective strategy in reducing the likelihood of having a stroke. For overall heart and brain health, move more ... and sit less." Steven P. Hooker…
First microplastics found in Antarctic snow…
#MicroplasticsDiscovery, #AntarcticSnow
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"I hope to investigate how data cooperatives can rebalance power dynamics in cities, allowing people to learn about themselves and their communities while...using data to advocate for policy and practical solutions in their own best interests." @katyaabaz…
On the Very Serious Podcast: Tyler Cowen on Identifying Talent…
#TalentDevelopment, #TrainingPrograms, #HigherEducation, #ApplePodcast
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Hello all, Cathy here (Co-Comms & Media Officer) with live updates from the @stonewalluk Workplace Conference in London!
Really pleased to be representing @UoEStaffPride today. Looking forward to bringing my learning back to Edinburgh to share w/ my colleagues. #BeingLGBTQatWork
As some of you know, I’m a @ucuedinburgh/@ucutheunion member & have been on strike this week. I’m not striking today so that I can represent @UoEStaffPride & share my experience of current issues facing equality, diversity & inclusion efforts in the #highereducation sector. #EDI
As explained in this letter from @UoEBAME, @UoEREN, @dsn_edi, @UoEStaffPride, Womxn of Colour Collective & @ucuedinburgh, Edinburgh Uni senior mgmt cannot claim commitment to #EDI without working to resolve ongoing #FourFights & Pension Cuts disputes:
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Wasn't expecting my recent article in @FortuneIndia "Balancing Act Of #HigherEducation in India" to become contextual in sad light of an Indian student losing life in a distant European conflict in #Ukraine. A short thread summary & link for those interested @rajeevdubey
2/9 "Augmenting Quality Of Average Institutes" in India is paramount to making India the world's "academic capital". Not only does pedigree qualify us to stake a claim but also at stake is a USD $600 B domestic education market & USD $6 trillion global economic opportunity
3/9 Roughly 5 million students defined as #InternationallyMobileStudents study outside their home country each year of these 7 lakh are Indian students a third of whom go to the U.S. & rest to others & spend close to $13 billion under RBI’s liberalized remittance route
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🪶Hiding behind this academic #freedom argument…” says a politician in Texas about university professors whose jobs he wants to cancel. Along with what they teach. Particularly #CriticalRaceTheory. “They could have asked myself”. But they didn’t and now he wants to “end #tenure
Other than critical race he mentions “defunding the police” and gender (“girls being deprived of sports scholarships”) and concludes: “and here’s what we gonna do … the key word tenure (he says it as if it was something perverse)… tenure? It’s time that that comes to an end”
“Tenure has outlived its time, because they (uni admin) don’t have control over their own universities” (one cannot fire those on TT during their six years evaluation!). Aim: “end all tenure for all new hires”… @PrecAnthro #IchbinHanna @culanth @FocaalBlog
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