#KabirSingh is every thing that is wrong with #Bollywood and why a movement like #MeToo or #TimesUp would never get that mileage in India as they received globally! #KabirSinghReview
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#KabirSingh, our hero, is an abusive, misogynist, cringeworthy and overgrown man child whose entire universe works to justify his physical and emotional violence, even against the woman, he supposedly loves!
#KabirSingh glorifies, even defends, stalking and abuse of all 3 kinds -physical, sexual and emotional- against the main lead. There’s not even one character who looks our abusive man-child “hero” in the eye or stands up to him.
The most disturbing part being that most of this abuse is set on a medical college campus, indicating, that the best and brightest of our society are alright women being treated like crap! That is probably the most real #KabirSingh ever gets!
In the first 10 min of the movie,you know,that this is going to be the most dated portrayal of a leading man in a long time! Violent, loud, self centric, alcoholic, genius, abusive, cringeworthy - and many other things that were overdone in the #Bollywood of the 80s! #KabirSingh
Till #KabirSingh is picking random fights everywhere- like on a football field (and justifies it by calling the sport violent! Like, wow!) or on campus just to overdose on masculinity, it is alright. But it becomes truly toxic when he behaves like this with the women around him
#KabirSingh kisses the girl he just met the same day, in broad daylight, and “reassures” her no one saw (because “yeh meri bandi hai”, you know),while his other doctor friends sheepishly nod and be like“yeh zyada ho gaya”! Then get up and stop this fucker from abusing you morons!
#Bollywood’s old habit of flossing over serious boundary issues by background romantic songs continues here as well! The toxic masculinity of #KabirSingh is furthered by a rival who instigates him by abusing his girlfriend on #Holi! Yet another stereotype checked off the list!
Mind you, the girl in all this has barely spoken a word- not when she was being kissed, not when she was being kidnapped from the class, not while a creepy senior was drawing on her palm and forehand to teach her anatomy! NOT A WORD!

#KabirSingh #KabirSinghMovieReview
As the madness increases, so does apparently the love! Now he shows up to her house, behaves as if he owns her and hits her right outside her house, in front of her sister! But we are meant to root for this guy coz this is the leading man! #KabirSingh
It’s not just the portrayal of the main leads but also of the supporting cast that’s problematic with #KabirSingh. There are all other doctors, nurses, friends and even grandma who are nothing but enablers of a toxic masculine and alcoholic. #KabirSinghMovieReview
When the girl leaves #KabirSingh and he’s heartbroken, he literally, calls random medical college juniors to sleep with him! The conduct is so cheap and cringeworthy because he still does it brazenly as if he owns all of them just coz he was once their senior! #KabirSinghReview
At one point, to quench his libido, he literally puts ice in his privates, in broad daylight and full public view! Yes, that is a sequence in a 2019 mainstream #Bollywood movie ! Let that sink in!
#KabirSingh #KabirSinghReview
The reason I relate it to the failure of #MeToo and #TimesUp is coz all of this abusive and authoritative behavior seems to be alright with everyone else around #KabirSingh ! If that’s what #Bollywood is comfortable in portraying post #MeToo, then what’s the hope for survivors?
#KabirSingh makes multiple threatening attempts on the girl he supposedly loves, randomly calls girls for sex with hate and disdain, and yet is the protagonist of this movie and wants the audience to believe that this is just a love story! #KabirSinghReview
The women of #KabirSingh are nothing but props- there to be yelled at, to nod in silence, to lower their gaze, to “consent” for sex in silence, and in one sequence, even to be slapped in public! Yet, they appear to approve all of it. If that’s not a sorry portrayal, then what is?
6 sequences in this movie stand out as outright offensive and embarrassing to watch in a mainstream #Bollywood movie in 2019
1)#KiaraAdvani being kissed w/o consent
2)#KiaraAdvani being used as a helpless prop between 2 rival men...

#KabirSinghReview #KabirSingh
3)#ShahidKapoor still trying to have sex with a woman despite her repeatedly saying no,leading to a point where he tries to rip her clothes apart with a knife!
4)an actress begging him to return,clutching her unbuttoned shirt,after he changes his mind on sex,halfway! #KabirSingh
5)#KiaraAdvani begging #ShahidKapoor to calm down, while crying and repeatedly confessing her love for him, despite being just slapped in public, in front of her sister!
6)#KabirSingh chasing his middle aged help down multiple flights of stairs TO BEAT HER for braking a glass!
All in all,successful women of #KabirSingh,doctors and IITians all of them,are mostly reduced to begging, crying and being emotionally abused by a glorified protagonist,witnessed silently by everyone around!
There’s no need for this movie in 2019!
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