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I am #resident of #JammuAndKashmir .
I myself, my family, my ancestors & other citizens of #JammuAndKashmir had to #Tolerate the #Article370 & #Article35A !

Since constitutional bench of Supreme Court will take up #Article370 tomorrow , here is #VideoThread on
#HorrorsOf370 !
Video 2
How could we TOLERATE strange provision like #Article370 for about 70 long years ?
How #bizarre was the decision to introduce provision like #Article370 in the Indian Constitution that compromised the SUPREMACY of #IndianParliament & #IndianConstitution !
Video 3
I explained to @dograjournalist how #Article370 and #Article35A DISCRIMINATED against #FEMALE PERMANENT RESIDENTS of #JammuAndKashmir for 70 long years that was done away on August 5, 2019 by their abrogation.
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The ECB is creating a dangerous bubble and should not cut rates.…

Open thread @threadreaderapp :
@threadreaderapp 1) Eurozone states are already financing themselves at negative rates. There is no need for lower rates and this disguises real risk.

This has saved governments more than 1 trillion euro in interest expenses (…)
@threadreaderapp 2) The ECB has not abandoned its stimulus. It repurchases all maturities, launched a liquidity injection (TLTRO) in March 2019 and balance sheet stands at almost 40% of eurozone GDP.
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#Thread for #liberals who are fond of using term #IndianOccupiedKashmir.
Dear ill informed liberals,
There is no entity called #IndianOccupiedKashmir where as there is an entity called #PakistanOccupiedJammuKashmir also known as #POJK !
Its #Pakistan not #India that has occupied
#JammuAndKashmir was one of the princely states that had only 2 options like other princely states
Either accede to #India or accede to #Pakistan
Maharaja Hari Singh,a #Hindu ruler of #JammuAndKashmir didn't want to take #hasty decision for his sate that had #muslim majority 1/n
Maharaja Hari Singh could have easily acceded to India immediately as all powers of taking decision for accession was with him only but being a #secular Dogra ruler under whose rule not a single instance of forced #religious conversion can be found decided to take some time ! 2/n
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Revisiting the Tryst with Destiny speech by Jawahar Lal Nehru, and sharing a few snippets from it in a thread.
Reflecting on those words in the light current developments makes me realize why it is considered one of the best speeches of all times.
"Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very substantially."....
"At the stroke of the midnight hour, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance.'
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CM Kumaraswamy openly tells in the Vidhana Sabha that BJP calling and offering 40-50 crs to MLAs.

JD(S) MLA Srinivas Gowda stands up & names three BJP MLAs who came to his house with 5 crores cash which he rejected. Says they still call him & offer 30 crs.

BJP remains silent.
Three BJP leaders named by JDS MLA in the floor of the house for bribing 5 crores cash and offering 30 crores.

1) Ashwath Narayan, Malleshwaram MLA

2) Vishwanath, Yelahanka MLA

3) CP Yogeshwar, Former Channapatna MLA

Speaker says, let all the truth come out. Let people know.
JDS MLA Mahesh says Vishwanath, Hunsur JDS MLA, who is a rebel MLA sitting in Mumbai, told him a few weeks ago that BJP had offered to clear his loans of 28 crores.

Wonder how much these MLAs were sold for now? Apparently it is Rs. 50 crores 😲
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A thread discussing the fuzzing of structured formats with AFL... ⤵️
AFL is known to work well with binary and/or dense formats. Fuzzing parsers (XML, JSON, ...) is doable using dictionnaries. However, most testcases will be invalid.
If the target requires valid files (ex: ImageMagick and SVG), this strategy will not work. Luckily, @choller published a patch providing a bridge to external Python mutators
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#KabirSingh is every thing that is wrong with #Bollywood and why a movement like #MeToo or #TimesUp would never get that mileage in India as they received globally! #KabirSinghReview
#thread 👇🏼
#KabirSingh, our hero, is an abusive, misogynist, cringeworthy and overgrown man child whose entire universe works to justify his physical and emotional violence, even against the woman, he supposedly loves!
#KabirSingh glorifies, even defends, stalking and abuse of all 3 kinds -physical, sexual and emotional- against the main lead. There’s not even one character who looks our abusive man-child “hero” in the eye or stands up to him.
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Am Dienstag wird "Die schwarz-blaue Wende in Österreich" (Hg.: Emmerich Tálos) im Republikanischen Club präsentiert.…

Ich hab d Kapitel über d FPÖ in d Ära Strache geschrieben & darf es dort kurz vorstellen. Die Highlights aber schon heute als #Thread:
Die Entwicklung d FPÖ unter Strache (2005-19) weist einige Parallelen mit jener d FPÖ unter Haider (1986-99) auf:

- Zuerst Primärziel Stimmenmaximierung
- Nach Wahlerfolgen Hinwendung zum Ziel Regierungsbeteiligung
- Div. Vorbereitungshandlungen
- Eintritt in Koalition m d ÖVP
Tatsächlich war die FPÖ unter Strache bei Wahlen auch durchwegs erfolgreich. Nach einigen Verlusten im Jahr 2005 (die wohl eher noch nicht auf Straches Konto anzurechnen sind), gab es fast durchgehend Stimmenzuwächse (große Ausnahme: LTW Ktn 2018):
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« Voir loin c’est voir dans le passé. » #Thread
À l’entame de mon propos, je tiens à vous prévenir : nous allons plonger dans les heures les plus sombres de l’humanité comme dirait le grand Pierre Belmare... Bien évidemment, c’est faux. Nous allons parler des étoiles, de l’espace et du temps de manière poético-scientifique :-)
On commence par le plus simple : La lune. Savez-vous à quelle distance de la Terre se trouve-elle ? Réponse : 300 000 kilomètres. Pour vous donner une idée de cette distance, c’est environ 60 fois la distance Dakar-Paris. Il vous faudra donc beaucoup pédaler pour l’atteindre
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1. So in the We All Support Jeremy Corbyn group at least someone is honest about events Jeremy Corbyn has been engaged with, present at and has spoken at.

One of these being Al Quds Day, an event he was more than happy to continually support before he became @UKLabour leader.
2. Whats the problem with speaking and supporting Al Quds Day as Jeremy Corbyn has done, a lot in a nutshell.

Al Quds Day masquerades as pro-Palestinian, but as it was set up by Ayatollah Khomeni and is awash with Hezbollah flags, it resembles a celebration of Iran's regime.
3. Now to some facts about Iran's regime, which Al Quds Day and its speakers celebrate.

a) Iran's Revolutionary Guards are committed to spreading terror abroad and created Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah.
b) It has committed crimes against humanity in Syria.
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Thread pertama kali di EK! Kita akan sharing tentang: "How to start a brand?"

-A Thread-

(Thread ini ditulis oleh Rizky, founder EfektifKreatif, cofounder & ex-CEO dari NAH Project (brand sepatu online), dan juga pernah bekerja sebagai Content Marketing di Brodo Footwear.)
1.) Kenapa "Starting a Brand" jadi thread pertama di EfektifKreatif? Balik lagi, team EfektifKreatif hadir untuk memberikan info-info tentang dunia industri kreatif.

Dan sebelum mulai kasih tips & trick lain, ga ada gunanya kalo kita sendiri belum mulai kan? So, here you go!
Ps: Hope you enjoy the content! If it's useful for you, a quick click in retweet or love button would be very meaningful for us :)
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Semalam saya berkesempatan berkongsi mengenai buah durian dan pesakit buah pinggang di dalam rancangan Lensa 106 (Astro Oasis).
Adakah buah durian boleh memudaratkan?
Ini adalah thread pendek 👇
Gambar: sumber google
Pesakit buah pinggang terutamanya yang sedang menjalani rawatan dialisis tidak digalakkan mengambil buah durian ni.
kenapa? sebab kandungan potassium nya yang tinggi
Ini kerana bagi pesakit buah pinggang, mereka tidak lg berkeupayaan utk mengeluarkan bahan kumuh daripada badan (antaranya potassium ni) seperti orang biasa.
Pengambilan MAKANAN yang tinggi potassium mungkin boleh menyebabkan peningkatan aras potassium dalam darah. #MedTweetMY
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Mr. Integrity: The Legacy of Gamaliel Onosode
2. A Matter of Ethics.

#TheLegacyOfGamalielOnosode #Gamaliel #MrIntegrity #GamalielOnosode #Series #Second #AMatterOfEthics
Dressed in a pinstriped dark blue three-piece suit, starched white shirt and a silk parsley patterned tie, he disembarked the bus along Gresham Street, and emerged into the chilly October London morning.
Always organised, he quickly donned his black lamb wool coat and headed towards Wood Street. It was apparent that he knew his way around the City. 100 Wood Street, the head office of Hill Samuels, the merchant bankers, was his destination just a five-minute walk ahead.
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Mr. Integrity: The Legacy of Gamaliel Onosode
1. A Matter of Principle.

#TheLegacyOfGamalielOnosode #Gamaliel #MrIntegrity #GamalielOnosode #Series #First #AMatterOfPrinciple
A quick study and a brilliant scholar, he had joined the colonial development organisation straight from the university. In quick time, his abundant talents were recognised and he was being deployed to relieve regional managers whilst technically still in training.
Still in his late twenties, he had even been given delicate diplomatic assignments that involved meeting with and influencing top regional political leaders. His already princely remuneration was growing in tandem with his fast tracked trajectory to the top.
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(1) Cruz was an extremely troubled kid who was ignored time and time again by the police & FBI. He even called for help himself but was still ignored.

(2) Or was he? Was he tapped and groomed for a purpose? #KeepReading
(3) On the morning of the shooting, teachers were told in a faculty meeting to be prepared for a Code Red lockdown drill. Timing? Coincidence? Planned?

(4) Peterson saw Cruz enter the building. #KeepReading
(5) Cruz texted his friend in the Uber car on the way to the school. It was a casual "what's up" kind of text.

(6) Cruz was seen wearing black pants and a school shirt. He carried a backpack & longer bag (rifle bag?) into the building. #KeepReading
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Aujourd’hui, pr la #journeedusommeil, voici 1thread #ApnéeDuSommeil (j’en ai long à dire) prcq j'ai envie, qu'on est vendredi & que vendredi, c'est insomnie.
Mutez-moi si vs savez déjà/vous en tapez (ms jvous le déconseille, prcq vous allez apprendre des trucs, jvous promets)😊
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