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@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper In the U.S. at least, air pollution is down since 1992 for every single pollutant the EPA measures. And our CO2 emissions are down since the mid-1990s, yet #ClimateCatastrophists claim NONE of that improvement has slowed global, or U.S. #ClimateChange.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper For more than forty-five years the Clean Air Act has cut pollution as the U.S. economy has grown.
Carbon dioxide is not pollution. It’s colorless, odorless, and tasteless.
epa.gov/clean-air-act-… #ClimateAlarmism #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Watch the animated version & see how average global temperatures continually vary and move around erratically with no relationship or response to any nation’s #GlobalWarming prevention policies or actions.
#GlobalWarmingism #ClimateAlarmism #AlGore
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Why all world maps are wrong — especially if they make it appear that #GlobalWarming of less than one & a half degrees in the Arctic since 1880, is burning up the top of the world.
Making accurate world maps is mathematically impossible. #ClimateAlarmism
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #ClimateChange Deception Exposed: Scientific Proof CO2 Doesn’t Rise Up, Trap and Retain Heat
#Greenhouses aren’t "hot" because of CO2 trapping heat.
Plants “breathe” in CO2 & commercial growers add it.
principia-scientific.org/climate-fraud-… #GlobalWarming #GlobalWarmingism #AlGore #GreenNewDeal
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Don’t confuse negligible rising levels of the amount of atmospheric CO2 with claims that CO2 is rising up and creating a “heat trapping blanket”.
CO2 is heavier than most atmospheric molecules and eventually sinks below them, even into the oceans.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The IPCC’s CO2 “sky blanket” is shot full of holes as rational folk are increasingly abandoning the unphysical nonsense that carbon dioxide “traps” heat and raises global temperatures.
co2insanity.com/2011/09/04/top… #GlobalWarmingism #ClimateAlarmism #GreenNewDeal
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #NASA finds that from a quarter to half of Earth’s vegetated lands have shown significant greening over the last 35 years largely due to rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide being used by vegetation,
nasa.gov/feature/goddar… #GreenNewDeal #GlobalWarming #ClimateAlarmism
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper If #NASA is correct, we need more beneficial CO2 in the atmosphere, not less.
Life on Earth has thrived on CO2 concentrations at 3,000 ppm, far higher than today’s levels of about 400 ppm.
principia-scientific.org/climate-fraud-… #GreenNewDeal
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper “Over the past 10,000 years, we've seen warming and cooling oscillate within a range of +/- 2.5.
The rate today using satellite data is 1.5 degrees Celsius per century, which is right within the Holocene averages.
americanthinker.com/articles/2019/… #GlobalWarming
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Don’t watch this #ClimateAlarmists!
It’s only suitable for those who aren’t scared witless by colorless, odorless, tasteless #CarbonDioxide as a gas, such as what makes soda pop carbonated, or as a solid — which is #DryIce.

#GreenNewDeal #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The Wonders of #CarbonDioxide
Setting aside climate change, carbon dioxide is quite useful. It causes #CocaCola to fizz, #PopRocks to pop, & cakes to rise. It’s ideal for use in food & beverages, because it’s colorless & odorless.
qz.com/1321073/the-se… #CO2MakesEarthGreener
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Plants grown in greenhouses require #CO2 supplementation for best growth.
CO2 from the atmosphere within greenhouses becomes depleted because the plants are using it up for growth. Without supplementation, the plants will not grow to full potential.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #CarbonDioxide supplementation in greenhouses can boost yields and production capacity by 30% or more.
#Co2MakesEarthGreener #NewGreenDeal
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper As in 1928, this weather event will be added to the calculations for the #climate of Colorado because the climate of any area is determined by its weather over the past thirty years.
Climate forecasts are no more accurate than long-range weather forecasts.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Since #ClimateCatastrophists continually imply that ALL expensive human efforts to reduce global CO2 are having LESS THAN NO EFFECT on #GlobalWarming, they probably won’t want to take credit for verifiable #GlobalCooling trends — especially in America.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Earth's climate system underwent a series of abrupt oscillations during a "recent" #IceAge.
Shifts from cold stadials to warm intervals occurred in a matter of decades (obviously not from industrial #CO2 emissions),
nature.com/scitable/knowl… #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #NOAA's cartoon illustrates that #ClimateCatastrophism is a #TempestInATeapot.
Are the BILLION$ spent on limiting CO2 reducing #GlobalWarming?
#ClimateAlarmists continually imply ALL efforts are NOT making ANY difference.
If it's not helping, why do it?
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Why don’t #ClimateFixers take credit for this?
North America has been characterized as a “major cooling center” by the authors of a new paper published in Earth & Space Science.
A cooling trend since 1998 has nearly wiped out all the previous warming.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #GeothermalHeat & Arctic Ocean Sea Ice Melt
Is currently active Antarctic volcano, Mount Erebus emitting sulfur-rich aerosols that are cooling the planet, or is it emitting heat, which is melting glaciers?
Ironically the answer to both questions is … yes.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The root cause of the 2000-2015 western Pacific Ocean warming is increased heat flow from deep ocean volcanoes, hydrothermal vents, and heat-emitting fault zones… not man-made atmospheric #globalwarming.
#ClimateChange #ClimateAlarmists #ClimateFixers
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper NASA implies all of Earth’s man-made global warming heat energy for 15 years has been transported vertically downward in the ocean column bypassing shallow cooler water layers coming to rest at a 100-300 meter seawater depth.
#ClimateChange #GlobalWarming
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Atmospheric CO2 during the last 18.9 years has risen at a constant, moderate rate of roughly 2 parts per million/year. This trend agrees with the constant rate and very low-level temperature trends of the last 19 years,
plateclimatology.com/how-geological… #ClimateChange #ClimateFixers
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The 2014-2017 El Niño “warm blob” was likely created, maintained, and partially recharged on two separate occasions by massive pulses of super-heated and chemically charged seawater from deep-sea geological features in the western North Pacific Ocean.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #ElNiño ocean warming occurs in very short “eruptive” bursts originating at the same limited & fixed non-moving geographical point in the far-western Pacific Ocean.
It is progressively moved by normal ocean currents eastward toward Central America.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Global CO2 levels had nothing to do with the rapid creation & demise of the blob.
Fewer phytoplankton; fewer fish; starving sea lions & fur seals found stranded on California’s beaches. Warm water produced some strange weather.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Stable CO2 levels didn't contribute to the effects of the warm water blob caused by geological heat flow.
The maps don't depict absolute temperatures. They show how much above (red) or below (blue) water temperatures were compared to long-term averages.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper It has never made sense that a one degree increase in #Arctic temperatures could cause glaciers to melt.
Several Thousand Hot (60°C) Springs All Over #Greenland Melt The Ice Sheet From Bottom Up
notrickszone.com/2018/01/24/gro… #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #GeoThermalClimateWarming #DNC
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper With the 2018 data in, now is a good time to look at the long-term temperature trends of these stations. We do know that #Antarctic sea ice extent has seen an impressive upward trend over the past 40 years, and so tells us cooling may be at play:
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper “When you find helium-3, it’s a fingerprint for volcanism. It is relatively abundant in the seawater at the Pine Island shelf.
“Volcanic heat sources were found beneath the fastest moving & fastest melting glacier in Antarctica, the Pine Island Glacier,”
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Melting at the base of the #Greenland ice sheet explained by Iceland hotspot history
#GlobalWarming #ClimateChange #ClimateFixers
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The Greenland ice sheet is losing mass at an increasing rate. There is a large disagreement between observed & simulated ice flow, which may arise from inaccurate parameterization of basal motion, subglacial hydrology or geothermal heat sources.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Why can't you easily melt ice in a microwave oven?
Radiation waves from the sun or other sources aren’t hot.
They cause atoms & molecules to move against each other which generates heat.
The surface of the sun is only 100 times your own temperature.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The huge hole in the Sun’s bottom is only about 100 times hotter than your own.
10,000 degrees Fahrenheit sunearthday.nasa.gov/2007/locations… #GlobalWarming #GlobalCooling
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #NASA Scientist #JohnLCasey Warns of the Coming Cold Crisis #GlobalCooling #GlobalWarming
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Mini #IceAge 2015-2035 | 30 Top Scientists Predict #GlobalCooling 2015-2050 #GlobalWarming
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Climate Scientist: #GlobalWarming for Dummies and Activists #GlobalCooling #AlGore #Algorithms
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Beware of the #BLOB. It devoured the minds of almost half the voters in the last #PresidentialElection
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #GOD created this "brain-eating" amoeba to be a caricature of #tRump and #GOPism.
Don’t let it devour your mind.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper #GOD designed and created an amoeba to eat bacteria — unless you snort it into your brain animalplanet.com/tv-shows/monst… #tRump #GOPism
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Imagine if Earth had as many active volcanoes (150) as Jupiter’s moon #Io (which is slightly larger than our Moon).
Would they warm up the oceans where they are most active?
Earth has 1,500 potentially active volcanoes.
msn.com/en-us/news/tec… #GlobalWarming #GlobalCooling
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper There are about 1,500 potentially active #volcanoes worldwide, aside from the continuous belts of volcanoes on the ocean floor at spreading centers like the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
There are 169 potentially active volcanoes in the United States.
usgs.gov/faqs/how-many-… #GlobalWarming
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Since 1980, there have been 120 eruptions and 52 episodes of notable volcanic unrest at 44 U.S. volcanoes.
The update names 18 very high threat, 39 high threat, 49 moderate threat, 34 low threat, and 21 very low threat volcanoes
volcanoes.usgs.gov/index.html #GlobalWarming
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper The #ElNiño #ClimateChange phenomenon is characterized by warmer than average sea surface temperatures in a swath along the equator.
A huge blob of warm water beneath the surface of the Pacific has been rising from the depths, raising surface temperatures.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Notice all the unmonitored volcanoes in the Mariana Island chain near where #ElNiño ocean warming originates.
volcanoes.usgs.gov/index.html #GlobalWarming #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Some may ask why Himalayan glaciers are melting even though there are no volcanoes in the #Himalayas.
It is primarily non-volcanic geothermal activity — most of it not being monitored — that generates enormous heat in oceans & around mountains.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Sounds like the world is "blanketed" with geothermal heat & energy sources that are unmonitored, uncontrolled, & contributing to the mostly Arctic #GlobalWarming of less than two degrees in the last two centuries.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Warmer rocks lose their magnetic properties, so the team was able to use the loss of magnetism in certain areas to calculate an estimate of the geothermal heat flux.
wattsupwiththat.com/2017/11/15/new… #CO2DoesNotWarm #GeothermalGlobalWarming #AntarcticaIceMelt
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper Volcanoes & non-volcanic geothermal sources have not been emitting enough CO2 to account for the less than two degree rise in #GlobalWarming — neither have humans.
#CO2DoesNotWarm. Geothermal sources are the cause of the minimal increases.
thehill.com/opinion/energy… #ClimateChange
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper If you think not enough of Earth’s interior heat is escaping to add less than two degrees of #GlobalWarming over two centuries, compare the temperature of the Sun's "surface" (10,000 degrees) with the fluctuations of its “atmosphere”, which affects ours.
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper After a full year of listening to the rumblings of the #Mariana & Pacific plates 20 miles below the sea floor, they found the mantle contains four times the amount of water formerly thought. That’s as much water as all the oceans on Earth combined. popularmechanics.com/science/a25137…
@DrDenaGrayson @VP @jaketapper What goes down, must come up — especially the #GreenhouseGas water vapor (about 90% of the atmosphere).
#CO2 is only about 4 hundredths of one percent, most not caused by humans, which is why all human effort to reduce it is having less than no effect.
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