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The first #OpDeathEaters investigation begun with @OpGabon in 2013. It explored a web of Gabonese politicians trafficking children for ritual killings that involved organ theft and prominent French protection. #opgabon
.@OpGabon eventually led to the arrests of politicians and individuals involved in Ritual Murders and a reduction of this particular crime, due to international pressure and support given to victims and their supporters. #OpDeathEaters books.google.com/books?id=sRsxD…
.@OpGabon: "when the first Anonymous video came out the people of Gabon said 'wow someone is listening and paying attention'" "The government was also very shaken up, they did not understand how Anonymous understood the situation so well" #OpDeathEaters
This is why #OpDeathEaters is international, we have to be because the criminals are. | From @OpGabon: "People started to see there were some very intelligent people in #Anonymous who understood and would do something." #OpDeathEaters #OpGabon georgiebc.wordpress.com/2018/04/06/met…
Q: Why “Death Eaters” was selected as a key symbol for the op? A: Words are not facts, they are just a framework used to create social norms. We should examine them carefully and choose the framework we want to use. #OpDeathEaters
"#OpDeatheaters is not about an individual disorder, it is about the norms of an international society. There are people who are very much part of death eaters society who are not paedosadists or even involved in trafficking." 1/3
"They live within, enable and protect the society and allow it to exist. It is this structure that I want exposed, not just individual paedosadists. Paedosadists are a created market, often mentally ill or weak often former victims. Not driving the industry." #OpDeathEaters 2/3
Govs "arrest low-lvl paedosadists & leave those who created & run the industry untouched. As soon as anyone mentions a powerful society, their listeners demand to know who the group is and the conversation descends into ‘Illuminati’ or ‘Masons’ or ‘Satanists’." #OpDeathEaters 3/3
.@GeorgieBC: "So I had a choice, invent a completely new gobbledegook word or use one which everyone understands and is also a completely accurate term for what I mean." #OpDeathEaters 1/5
"The alternative terms were rationalizing, normalizing and completely false terminology like ‘paedophile’, comforting to listeners and allowing them to settle back into slumber in familiar surroundings". #OpDeathEaters 2/5
"We have seen this normalizing in the lies presenting child torture and murder around the world as ‘war’, ‘national security’, ‘policing’, etc., and the word ‘paedophile’ had already almost fully buried this story in the UK." #OpDeathEaters 3/5
"These people do not love children, they feed off of pain and death and they do not act individually, they are a fully functioning society." #OpDeathEaters 4/5
"I wanted to not use false rationalizing terms and I wanted people to confront the fact that we are in fact ruled by death eaters – a collaborative society of sociopaths." #OpDeathEaters 5/5
#OpDeathEaters is global, this is a society and structure that takes root with the oligarchs in government, media, and religion worldwide.
.@GeorgieBC: "Looking for logic in the indiscriminate bombing, imprisonment and starvation of people around the world is exactly like looking for logic in #OpDeatheaters". 1/5
"People who gather socially to torture and murder children for fun, gather professionally to mass murder for fun. This shouldn’t be shocking and it’s not like the phenomenon isn’t well documented in the origins of the word sadism." #OpDeathEaters 2/5
"Sociopaths have no motives in common with socially healthy people and sociopaths rule the world because the entire global social structure is set up to reward and promote sociopaths." #OpDeathEaters 3/5
"The point of #OpDeathEaters is to provide irrefutable proof that those at the top are sociopaths and force an examination of how they got there. OpDeatheaters is just one manifestation of the social cannibalism we have been going through." #OpDeathEaters 4/5
"Everything wrong with the world is because it is governed by sociopaths. ‘Arrest paedosadists’ just scratches the surface of what is wrong." #OpDeathEaters 5/5
How we came to be ruled by Death Eaters: "impossible to deny that those in power globally are both sadists and sociopaths." #OpDeathEaters georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/how…
.@GeorgieBC: "It is also important to dispel the ‘one lonely man’ and ‘social outcast’ myths so carefully planted because paedosadism and trafficking are not an ‘individual sexual orientation’, #OpDeathEaters 1/3
"they're a criminal industry with more in common with drugs & weapons trafficking than sexual orientation. While every drug bust is reported in media as being part of a global network, every paedosadist case is presented as an individual & isolated case." #OpDeathEaters 2/3
"Reporting on high level paedosadism as a personal problem instead of part of a networked international industry is inaccurate. The battle for the Internet was hardly just about “sexual orientation”. A massive criminal industry was created, not born." #OpDeathEaters 3/3
'The other Battle for the Internet': how a group of sociopaths decided to change the world. #OpDeathEaters georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/08/the…
.@GeorgieBC: "Porn and violent or risky sex addictions are well established, and known to be created, but unlike drug addictions (which typically harm only the addicted person) sex addictions are treated as personal freedoms and individual problems." #OpDeathEaters 1/4
"In fact, the drastic growth of the paedosadism industry, and of sadism in war zones and criminal gangs, clearly show it is environmental and created and it needs to be dismantled as an industry and through social change. "#OpDeathEaters 2/4
"We have ample evidence of genocides in every time & place to prove near ‘normal’ populations can be turned largely sociopathic. Look at the US military in Bagram: was torturing prisoners and raping their children a sexual orientation? Or was it environmental?" #OpDeathEaters 3/4
Yes, many psychopaths are born, but far more sociopaths are created and neither is a sexual orientation. Paedosadism is no more ‘natural’ than children in militias killing people is ‘natural’. #OpDeathEaters 4/4
Sociopaths, Psychopaths and Death Eaters: "In industrialized states sociopathy is not only normal, it is normative." #OpDeathEaters georgiebc.wordpress.com/2014/11/23/soc…
.@GeorgieBC: "I also wanted to challenge the idea of ‘paedophilia’ as a sexual orientation, a completely irrational idea that has been used for years to conflate paedosadists with homosexuals and other relationships between consenting adults." #OpDeathEaters 1/5
"The legal term for ‘sex’ with children in most of the world is rape and attraction to rape is paraphilic coercive disorder. Can you even imagine if people discussed rape of women as a ‘sexual orientation’ as they do the rape of babies and children?" #OpDeathEaters 2/5
"Or referred to the mass rape of women as ‘historical women sex’? The idea of the rape, torture & murder of children being ‘a sexual orientation’ is possible only in a world which dehumanizes the children and focuses solely on the point of view of the rapist." #OpDeathEaters 3/5
"No one pretends being raped, tortured or murdered is a sexual orientation. ‘Pedophilia’ has no word for the child. Consensual love does not end when one party reaches puberty." #OpDeathEaters 4/5
‘Child sex’ is even worse as it pretends the children are having sex when they are being raped, tortured and murdered. #OpDeathEaters 5/5
Example of PIE propaganda in legacy media, describing child rape as 'child sex' or 'child porn'; if you spot it please call it out, don't let them normalize child rape. #OpDeathEaters
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