🔥Here's a theory I've been developing relevant to why House Democrats are blockingan impeachment inquiry on #TrumpRussia.

1/x Israel - our ally & longtime friend - was involved in the 2016 election interference, an act of war against the United States.
2/x Billionaire Haim Saban is a prolific donor to Democrats. His #1 issue is Israel.

3/x Billionaire donor Haim Saban expects his demands to be met and acts accordingly:
4/x @SpeakerPelosi pledged support for Israel ⚠️even at the expense of the United States.

"Even if the Capitol crumbles."

5/x The House leadership's treatment of their own colleague - @IlhanMN - is but one example of the House supporting Israel, occasionally beyond reason.
H/t @historygirlMA
6/x Bears reiterating: @SpeakerPelosi
supports another country - one that participated if not instigated the Russian election attack in 2016 - at the expense of OUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES.
6/x House leadership is aligned with Pelosi's pro-Israel stance, a deliberate decision by the Speaker.

"So we have people very well placed who share our values in terms of the heart, Israel in heart, Israeliness in spirit."
7/x An impeachment inquiry and televised impeachment inquiry are fact-finding, powerful, and efficient. We can do these without impeaching Trump.

The only reason to avoid these is to hide information.
8/x Pelosi and House leaders have blocked and delayed an impeachment inquiry for flimsy reasons.
9/x Meanwhile, our 2029 candidates have taken stands supporting impeachment. 80% of Democrats and 45% of the public (compare with 19-34% for Nixon's impeachment when proceedings were opened) want Trump impeached.
10/x Theory: House Leadership is blocking an impeachment and televised hearings in order to protect Israel.

Cc: @SethAbramson, @Will_Bunch, @jennycohn1, @benFranklin2018
11/x Look at the information with a critical eye and decide for yourselves whether or not it's a plausible theory.
12/x Engage your minds instead of letting pundits and MSM twist you around.
Note: it should be interesting to see how many accusations of anti-Semitism arise from this well-sourced theory about Israel. Such accusations are a tactic to deflect scrutiny.

For those of you who use Facebook, here's a link. I don't recommend using Facebook for many reasons, but I do have admins keeping some of my pages going.

Facebook users' awareness lags Twitter considerably, so this is a "holy s***!" kind of post.
Link is broken, use this instead until I can figure out the problem: m.facebook.com/pg/mindpodge/p…
Ok, @peterdaou, @DavidCornDC, @FranklinFoer, @kbriquelet, @Katie_M_Baker, @rachaelmbade, @stengel, @KatzOnEarth, @S_Fitzpatrick, @AlexandraChalup it's a theory, but it's well-sourced and plausible, see senior former intel analyst's comment following it:
Twitter, has anyone listed here supported impeachment?
@NitaLowey, Appropriations.
@RepJerryNadler, Judiciary.
@RepAdamSchiff, Intelligence.
@RepEliotEngel, Foreign Affairs.
@RepTedDeutch, Ethics & Chair of the Subcommittee on the Middle East.
@RepJohnYarmuth, Budget Committee
@peterdaou, FYI theory on why leadership is blocking an impeachment inquiry thread.
Here's a foreshadowing of what to expect here. Fascists won't stop at the refugees, they'll come after your gay cousin, your grandma, and your autistic child.

"The American system itself did not label him as a persona non grata…the secretary who just resigned in the Trump administration was the prosecutor and he said he’d been negligent — so you expect me to have noticed [anything wrong]?" Barak said
Considering the religious extremism exemplified by #Dominionists and #Zionists, the Speaker's increasing official uses of ideological rhetoric are concerning.

Religion can be a wonderful thing, but when used in and for power, it can kill nations.
I'm unfamiliar with this account, but the person behind it has compiled a well-sourced thread of Israeli influence relevant to our government:
I am so SICK of the U.S. being run by billionaires!

"Two billionaires–one aligned with the Democratic Party, one aligned with the Republican Party...both agree that the US must be closely aligned with Israel and feel President Obama has not done enough."
"Always lurking, former intelligence officials say, was the powerful "Israeli lobby," the network of Israel's friends in Congress, industry & successive administrations, Republican and Democratic, ready to protest any perceived slight on the part of U.S. security officials..."
"A former counterintelligence specialist told Newsweek he risked Israel's wrath merely by providing routine security briefings to American officials, businessmen and scientists heading to Israel for meetings and conferences."
"We had to be very careful how we warned American officials," he said. "We regularly got calls from members of Congress outraged by security warnings about going to Israel. And they had our budget."
Congressman Nadler "is a member of the National Governing Council of the American Jewish Congress... He is a past president of District 7-A of the Zionist Organization of America." -

Holy s***! It's an opinion piece, but wow.

"Zionists of all sorts, including of the liberal kind, have collaborated with anti-Semitic forces towards a mutual goal of global apartheid, often at the expense of Jews who live outside Israel."
Thread. 🔃
Hagee is the pastor often connected to Pence and Trump. Sources next tweet.
Timeless thread, more relevant now than when I posted it in January. It offers a lot of insight into what's happening with our government, especially in relation to the Teavangelicals and Kochs: 🔃
"'I’m a Zionist,' Biden has said on many occasions..."

"'Israel is the single greatest strength America has in the Middle East, ' Biden has said. Israel is a 'security necessity' for the U.S."
"So that explains it. He [Democratic donor Haim Saban] doesnt [sic] care about Conservative or liberal issues, he has one issue - Israel - and he wants both parties being influenced to treat Israel equally..."
"the [sic] Republicans already have lots of pro-Israel donors, so this guy is concentrating on influencing Democratic politicians."
"We already have the Republicans being overly influenced by neo-con, pro-Israel forces, and willing to go to war in the Middle East for any reason, we dont need the Democrats having the same attitude."
(Source: reddit.com/r/SandersForPr…)
"Sanders also shattered taboos on Israel, not so much by breaking brand new policy ground — the support for a two-state solution, the notion that Israel has a right to defend itself, etc. were not especially novel — as by the frankness of his tone."
"'As somebody who is 100 percent pro-Israel, in the long run,' Sanders said at one point, 'we are going to have to treat the Palestinian people with respect and dignity.'"
"He later followed up with the observation that 'there comes a time when, if we pursue justice and peace, we are going to have to say that Netanyahu is not right all of the time.'"
"The importance of pro-Israel Jewish donors to the Democratic Party is a big unspoken secret of American politics."
*Disclosure: I'm a Warren supporter and have donated to her campaign. Harris has been my second choice, but is slipping. No third choice.
2015 "Treason claims leveled at Jewish senator opposed to Iran deal."

💭 Note the POV & propensity to accuse those not aligned with Israel anti-Semites. That's not working for folks nearly as well now, like the GOP's histrionics aren't so much anymore.
"Certain people."
This plus the prior tweet... That's a lot of focus on Israel, maybe he's hearing from donors? No idea what's up with that.
Wild and crazy guess here: what if Democrats and Trump are competing for some big pro-Israel money, such as from Saban, who seemed to infer (see thread nearer to the beginning) that things had better go his way if Dems wanted him to back their 2020 pick.

Look at how often Trump has mentioned Israel this year. What happened in March?
There was a Gaza protest in March, see next few tweets.
No, border violence ramped up in March, looks like the protests were recent.
Look at how little interest Trump had in Israel prior to March 4, 2019. This is interesting.
1/ Trump's a malignant narcissist, so it must be to his benefit
2/ Trump projects, therefore it's reasonable to consider that interest in Israel benefits him personally or 💰for campaign.
Now we're getting warmer. April.
"With Democrats embroiled in a wrenching internal debate over anti-Semitism and support for Israel, Republicans are moving to capitalize with an aggressive campaign painting Trump...as a fierce and unapologetic defender of the Jewish state."
"We’re at the intersection of a very unique moment in time where we have the most pro-Israel president ever in history in Donald Trump, and we also at the same time have the Democratic Party — because of the pressure of the progressive left—..."
"...moving away from the traditional support for Israel that has existed going back to 1948,” said Matt Brooks, who has served as RJC executive director for nearly three decades."
"This strain within the Democratic Party is making those centrist and center-left Jews who care about these issues feel more and more uncomfortable,..."
"...and with the strength of Donald Trump and the Republican Party on these issues, we believe that we’ll be able to bring those folks over to the Republican side."
Ach! How did i get the thread screwed up? Yikes!

Anyway, planning, printing, invitations, etc. for this event would have been in the works at least a month prior, so perhaps Democrats caught wind of it and that could explain #WhatHappenedInMarch.
"At a time when Trump’s approval rating remains mired in the low- to mid-40s, the offensive shows how Republicans are taking steps to contest any votes they can."

💭 And Democrats don't think live impeachment hearings would lower it further? Plus it's the right thing to do.
"Jews only account for about 2 percent of the U.S. population and have overwhelmingly supported Democrats in past elections. But GOP officials believe that siphoning off even a small portion the Jewish vote in a few battleground states could be critical in 2020."
Here's Saban:
"Kushner, the administration’s point person on the Middle East, has been in touch with Haim Saban, a pro-Israel megadonor who in 2016 gave more than $6 million to a super PAC backing Hillary Clinton for president."
"In an interview, Saban said that Kushner had never pressed him who he planned to support in 2020 and that their conversations largely surrounded Israel."
"While the billionaire media executive said he remained a Democrat, he offered a note of caution at a time when some high-profile figures in his party are questioning the long-standing policy of unflinching support for the Jewish state."
"I sincerely hope the [presidential] nominee continues the traditional Democratic Party [policy] as it relates to the U.S.-Israel alliance," Saban said.

💭 Same threat in above tweet.
I screwed up the thread. Here's the rest.
💭Fox is an 🎭entertainment channel and 50-74% false/misleading
Here's a little bit on Rubashkin and Pelosi that backs up part of Sarah's statement above: amp.desmoinesregister.com/amp/973772001?…
Back to that big donor meeting between pro-Israel billionaires and the GOP: that was April 5, and Trump also had dinner with Murdoch that night: washingtonpost.com/politics/trump…
The NY Post & GOP attack on @Ilhan occurred several days later. Just a correlation I'm noting here, and I think it worthwhile to look a bit more into what else was going on then and prior:
This thread has turned into a repository for holding relate info. The thread is just a series of dots I've connected: I'm not a journalist, and this isn't a formal analysis, just a theory & its backup.

Hopefully the info will prove helpful to a journalist or investigator. ✌
This is meaningful insight from James, whose work I've threaded and cited in the past:
Insight from Alexandra, who has solid expertise in domestic & international affairs, especially with Russia, Ukraine, and relevant criminal organizations:
Bruce is another scholar from whom I've learned a great deal about the religious right. I agree with his comment. This is a small piece of a large, complex picture:
Another attack and "defense" of Israel. Trump is manufacturing an "enemy" from whom to "save" his target base, which includes hawkish, anti-Muslim, pro-Israel billionaires and pro-Israel voters that Republican strategists think will help tip key states like FL in 2020.
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