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1/17 Un fil un peu décousu, parce que je me demande bien quoi penser, dans le contexte du "retour" de la #Russie sur la scène internationale, des exemples qui s'accumulent où Moscou et Poutine se posent en faiseurs de #paix.
2/17 Je ne parle pas de l'offre d'aboutir (enfin) à un traité de paix avec le #Japon, toujours en attente depuis 1945 (offre de #Poutine qui n'a d'ailleurs pas abouti avant la fin 2018, comme les déclarations initiales l'envisageaient).…
3/17 Je ne parle pas non plus de l'ambition que la Russie a toujours eu de jouer un rôle dans les efforts de paix au #ProcheOrient entre #Israël et #Palestine, qui irait au-delà de sa contribution au Quartet. Ambition qui a du mal à se matérialiser.…
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Jordan expands managing body of Temple Mount to stop #Israel from changing status quo.
Who's changing the status quo? The Wakf wants to take over an important part of Jewish history! Sent in shebab to capture "Bab al-Rahma" for new mosque.…
What's "Bab al-Rahma?"
In Hebrew known for 1000s of yrs as "Shaar HaRachamim" (or Golden Gate) thru which the Messiah will come, according to tradition.
The gate is sealed & an Arab cemetery placed there allegedly to keep the Messiah away. Pics inside Temple compound from 1800s:
3/ Here are pics taken from outside the city walls in 1800s in the area of the Muslim cemetery.
According to Jewish tradition, on Yom Kippur crowds on Mt of Olives could see into the Temple inside the walls.
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Former @SyracuseU faculty member Julia Ganson thinks we should teach our kids about the "good work of #Hamas."
At the same event, @AvaCarmeli suggests violence against innocent people could be a legitimate response to #Zionism.
Pat Carmeli, member of @SyracuseU's Peace Council, quotes terrorist apologist @normfinkelstein -- "Palestinians have the right to use violence... #Israel has no right to use violence."
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Luciana Berger cited #Labour becoming "institutionally #AntiSemitic" as a key reason for quitting the party.

Despite all the evidence, there are those who still deny the severity of #LabourAntisemitism. Here's a thread detailing how institutionalised it truly is...
Starting at the very top with @JeremyCorbyn.

He infamously referred to #Hamas and #Hezbollah as "friends". Both organisations call for the extermination of #Israel, and regularly carry out attacks against #Jews. They're also both officially classified as #terrorist groups.
Perhaps the most well-known incident is #Corbyn's attendance at a wreath-laying ceremony in Tunisia in 2014, which honoured the terrorists who murdered 11 #Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. Mr Corbyn claimed to be "present but not involved".
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#Breaking: Just in - Hamas is reportedly evacuating all of it's posts on the Gaza border, during heavy clashes between violent protestors and #IDF forces on the #Gaza/#Israel strip.
#Update: Also a IDF soldier was wounded from an IED explosive device after being thrown on the #Gaza border, towards the military police forces in #Isreal and is being transported to an hospital - channel 13 news
#Breaking: Just in - #Israel has fired two tank rounds on #Hamas observation posts in the #Gaza strip. Also reports of multiple Hamas members dead after #IDF Artillery/tank fire.
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#Thread on Trump, Pompeo and Pence's irresponsible banalization of the words "Genocide" and "Holocaust" at the State of the Union address (#SOTU) , the #WarsawSummit and #MSC2019.
1) Raphael Lemkin, known as the father of the Genocide Convention, rejected the terms "Barbarity", "Mass murder", "Denationalization", "Germanization", "Magyarization" and many others to depict Hitler's attempt to annihilate the Jewish population.
2) He wanted a word that would - according to @AmbPower44 in her book "A Problem from Hell" - "connote a practice so horrid and so irreparable that the very utterance of the word would galvanize all who heard it". To Lemkin words mattered. So he came up with the word "Genocide".
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#Breaking: Palestinians are burning tires again at the #Gaza/#Israel border!
#Update: Some more pictures of Palestinians are burning tires at the #Gaza/#Israel border!
#Update: A video of Palestinians exploding some chemical on the tires at the #Gaza/#Israel border.
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For the record @MEForum has never received any funding from #UAE or #Egypt (let alone any Arab country) and our narrative is #American not #Foreign vs. @Andreas_Krieg who worked on a #Qatar funded contract for the @DefenceHQ - stop shilling for your overlords.
1. #Israel had no need for #Qatar - it can speak to or bomb #Hamas without #Doha involvement.
2. @BarackObama may have been appeased the #Taliban by acquiescing to the #Doha terror office; but now it’s a #Taliban demand: “Our demand about having an official political office is clear, we want that our office in Doha is recognised by the international community and the UN.”
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1. Let me see here. A single voice dared to criticize the power and reach of a foreign government's lobby and to prove her wrong, the entire government got together to obliterate her and force her into an apology. #AIPAC, #Israel
2. Just to make sure you don't confuse Judaism and Jews with #AIPAC and its power and just to make sure you understand why it's necessary to call these organizations out, let's try looking at another country who has undo influence and power over the US...
3. In 2001, #SaudiArabia, funded the biggest attack on US soil. Not a single Saudi responsible was held to account. In fact, the government went to great lengths to cover up the financing side of the attack.…
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@IlhanMN .@IlhanMN The 2nd part of your response concerns me: citing #AIPAC as an example of ‘lobbyists’ in the same sentence as NRA and fossil fuel industry seeems to me to convey disdain for a layperson-citizen group of constituents that appeals to its Congress members re their views...
@IlhanMN .@IlhanMN ... like any other constituent-based interest group. There are all sorts of “special interest” groups comprised of ordinary constituents that “lobby” members of Congress, such as members of AARP or National Wildlife Federation. Reaching out to govt reps is civics. ...
@IlhanMN .@IlhanMN ... I’m a typical #AIPAC member. I’m an Am citizen, love #Israel deeply & believe Israel is strategic US ally in region. I go to conferences, hear speakers, read policy papers & contact my elected reps about my views on proposed legislation. That’s it. ...
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In a week where #Democrats have been trying to one-up each other for who can be the craziest, I’m going to rant about why @IlhanMN continues to lead the pack. (1)
Starting with her soft stance on #ISIS. In 2016, @IlhanMN asked for leniency in the sentencing of 9 Minnesota men who attempted to join ISIS, the terrorist organization famous for filming beheadings, owning sex slaves, and trying to destroy the West. -… (2)
According to @IlhanMN, lenient sentencing would somehow create less of an incentive for future recruits to join ISIS -- which is absolutely naïve, outrageous, and lacks evidence. (3).
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A couple of thoughts on @IlhanMN and the Israel lobby...

1. Lobbying is protected by the #FirstAmendment. There's no exception for American Jews....
2. The various pro-#Israel lobbying organizations function no differently than any other lobby. There isn't a shred of evidence of any inappropriate behavior. And there are a lot more lobbies which spend more money in DC....
3. Jews comprise just 2 percent of the US population. There's no way they could influence US policy toward #Israel without the support of vastly larger numbers of non-Jews...
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Je lis pas mal de bêtises et mensonges sur un soit disant "pink washing" de la part d'#Israel. Je voudrais expliquer quelques vérités sur les #LGBT dans le pays, basées sur ma propre vie de papa gay en Israel.
Merci de partager ce thread: ⬇️ 🇮🇱🏳️‍🌈
(Oui, c'est moi sur la photo)
1. J'ai 2 enfants, nés de #GPA à l'étranger (la GPA est réservée aux hétéros en Israel). Dès la naissance les deux ont obtenu la nationalité israélienne.
2. Sur leur état-civil sont notés leurs deux pères, sans distinction biologique ou non ⬇️
(Non je ne suis pas sur la photo)
3. A l'inverse, 3 ans après leur naissance, je galère encore (le mot est faible) pour qu'elles obtiennent la nationalité française, sans parler de faire reconnaitre le conjoint comme père sur l'état-civil...
4. En #Israel nous avons eu congé paternité, réduction d'impôts etc.⬇️
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#Breaking: Red rocket alert in #Israel one rocket landed in an open space in #Eshkol region.
#Update: In these areas are now Sirens sounding in southern #Israel.
#Update: Reports of #Israeli warplanes entering #Gaza airspace and hovering over the border of #Israel/Gaza!
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#Roseanne said President Trump loves the Jewish people and has a Jewish daughter and grandchildren and declared that is why they hate him. (1) #Trump #POTUS #TrumpLovesTheJewishPeople #JewishDaughter #JewishGrandchildren #TDS #TrumpDerangementSyndrome #JewHate
#Roseanne also addressed the thousands of years war against the Jewish people that rises again every 70 years. She said BDS is the current incarnation of that war. (2) #AntiSemitism #Genocide #DestructionofJewishPeople #DestructionofJewishState #Holocaust #70YearCycle #BDS
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1) #Israel released a report today called "Terrorists in Suits" about the secret links between the BDS movement and terrorism.

I thought it would be interesting to draw some connections between the report and other things we hear.……
2) "The Boycott, Divestiture and Sanctions" movement likes to claim that it is about achieving "justice" for the "oppressed" Palestinian people.

On its face, most people can understand that idea.…
3) But BDS is illegal in much of the United States.

"Around half of the US’s 50 states have anti-BDS laws, which in various ways prohibit granting state contracts to companies which boycott Israel."…
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#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign The first thing anyone shd know about @stop007org Katherine Horton's latest attacks on my name & work as rolled out in her new “Right to Reply” video is that I have reported it to Youtube for Copyright Infringement, 1/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign since she has engaged in the peculiar enterprise of playing, replaying, jeering, & ridiculing every sentence spoken, every gesture made on Report #99 , a video she did not create. 2/
#KatherineHortonsDefamationCampaign This aspect of play, replay, jeer, mock, cyber-stalk, & cyber-bully is hardly “Fair Use” nor educational; its purpose and intent comes across rather as degradational, derogatory, deprecating, and dismissive. 3/
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What the mainstream media won’t tell you about the man at the centre of the US-backed #VenezuelaCoup.
#rte #BBC #UTV #ch4 #VM1 #Tg4 #Newstalk ...
An uncritical MSM with no memory is critical for US foreign policy ...
None of them remember the WMD'S anymore ...
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'BDS-ed By ABC' In Tel Aviv, Roseanne Says Hollywood's Hatred of Trump & Zionism Brought Her Down. 1 #BDS #Zionism #Trump #ABC #deplatforming #ValerieJarrett #IranDeal #Mullahs #ExplanatoryMemorandum #MuslimBrotherhood #Israel #America #ExistentialThreat…
"[Roseanne] claimed her infamous late-night tweet was deeply misunderstood. 'I wasn't saying black people look like monkeys,' she said...(2) #misconstruedtweet
...Instead, as [Roseanne] has tweeted in the past, she said it was political commentary that 'the work of Valerie Jarrett's hands -the Iran Deal- turned Iran into a science-fiction movie where Mullahs sit at the top.' (3) #Jarrett #IranDeal #Mullahs #MuslimBrotherhood
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Allegedly the event at Eton Rd Masjid was "a massive success" 🤔 Looks more like a tiny group of #PVE wallahs to me. 1/
There we have Elizabeth Arif-Fear of the Interfaith group Nisa/Nisham in the front row sitting next to Sara Khan. Rashad Ali at the back. They claim to represent the majority of Muslims 2/
The Islamophobic #FarRight is rising in the UK & Europe, but these people won't be talking about the biggest funders of the far right being pro #Israel groups, as exposed by Spinwatch, Al Jazeera & even the Times of Israel. 3/…
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NEW @intheMatrixxx Thread... I have done some research into The real him... #JefferyPedersen is his name... Let begin with how I found out his real identity... #QAnon #PayTriots #DigitalSellouts #CIA/#MOS #Crowdsourcing #QArmy
@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @FBI
2/ The First Time I saw the Name #Pedersen Dropped was here...
The 1st Name Drop came from @ratisbonejr Who is “IN FACT”
💥💥 A Retired Law Enforcement Counter-terrorism Agent... 💥💥
HE KNEW SOMETHING!!! #QAnon #Paytriot
3/ I took that name straight to Livid & asked if it were him... For the record @Livid2point0 refused to partake in any Doxxing... But after name was dropped, aprox 5 women immediately came forward to confirm @intheMatrixxx was infact Jefferey Pedersen... #Paytriot #QAnon @FBI
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"We have reached to end the shutdown and re-open the federal government" announces @POTUS in @WhiteHouse Rose Garden saying he had a "powerful alternative" but didn't want to use it "at this time."
"In many case you encourage me to keep going," @POTUS claiming federal workers supported #GovernmentShutdown.
Senate @GOP leadership being asked to put 3-week stopgap funding bill on floor immediately, according to @POTUS.
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Murdering #Palestinians is always justified for #Israel & their lobbies, just because Palestinians continue to exist. Notice most Hasbara trolls these days deny the centuries of Palestinian history & culture.
#Hasbara trolls deny that Palestine every existed, despite the maps clearly showing that it did, they even deny that Palestinians were a people. #Zionist lies have reached epic proportions & this is being noticed.
#Israelis will not be believed, their epic lies have devalued any cause they may have had. Additionally, the lies they have perpetrated against #Corbyn & Labour have completely devalued the accusation of antisemitism. In the end they will lose.
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1. The Truth About Nicaragua
The CIA's Dirty War in Nicaragua
2.The Truth About Nicaragua
Violent Coup Fails in Nicaragua, US Continues Regime Change Efforts
3.The Truth About Nicaragua
Sanctions Backfire: US Is Being Left Behind
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