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How long has Kinsella been doing PR for May? Longer than many realize.

Recently confirmed, Kinsella is raising May’s personal brand recognition & popularity.

May has a recent WAPO & David Moscrop interview.

May can not be elected by Americans. So why publish in WAPO?
WAPO is a well known and reputable news source state side. But even WAPO has made a few blunders. This is one.

Is Kinsella juxtaposing May with AOC to cash in on AOC’s popularity? I’d say that’s a reasonable possibility. AOC was the first to present the Green New Deal publicly.
AOC is a very popular politician among leftist Canadians who espouse socialist leanings,. I see admiration, hero worship and extolling of her virtues on NDP and Green threads constantly. She is a smart and powerful force to reckon with. And she employs populism quite lavishly.
Problem is, many American politicians use populist strategies. If you watch US politics, you may wonder why some US politicians seem so much more charismatic. Populist politicking is a staple in US. Politicians train to be skilled at populist rhetoric. Especially Republicans.
Populism is neither good nor bad. It just means the appeal is to the average citizen, not the elites. Tommy Douglas was a populist. He successfully motivated the average Canadian to demand universal healthcare, thereby improving every citizen’s quality and length of life.
But many have used populism as a means to an end. Britannica describes Preston Manning as a prime example of a populist leader. Manning literally co-authored a manual with his father defining the social conservative agenda he has used to reshape Canadian values.
Warren Kinsella has publicly donated to Doug Ford this FY. Ford is an authoritarian populist leader, not only inspired, but directly connected to Preston Manning and the Political Realignment of Canada.

Elizabeth May hired Kinsella to help run her campaign.
Kinsella is a decent narrative manipulator. I’ll give him that. But his allegiance lies much further right than May’s policy. What is he up to?

His motives are clear. He’s positioning May to siphon off enough votes from Liberals, to help deliver a CPC win.
The worst part is, it seems May is a willingly participant. Are her single digit popularity & strong political aspirations motivating her complicity with this plan? What could have motivated May to join the Populist bandwagon to smear and malign Trudeau. As a favour to JWR?
Elizabeth May is Canada’s Bernie Sanders & Jill Stein.

We don’t have a photo of her dining with Putin, but we don’t need one to recognize her willingness.

Sanders is the independent Senator who ran in the Democratic Presidential candidacy race against Hillary Clinton.
Bernie’s populism gave people what they wanted to hear. Free college, universal health care, income equality, tax the rich at 90%, aggressively transition energy away from FF & toward renewable energy solutions.

Kumbaya, we will all live in peace & harmony. A utopian fantasy.
Stein is the Socialist Presidential candidate who won 4-5% of Presidential votes, assisting Trump’s win.

Cons have very limited imagination, so while the approach has been adapted for Canadian politics, this is THE VERY SAME strategy used in US 2016 Presidential election.
May is being positioned to be the moral choice to Trudeau; the superior integrity foil to Trudeau & the SNC scandal.

Thus, all the effort to sell the idea that Greens do politics differently.

Progressives bicker, but we all ultimately support the same policies. Or do we?
May’s current meteoric popularity is reminiscent of Bernie Sanders.

May increased use of negative Populist strategies around start of SNC scandal; amplifying desired narratives (i.e. No pipeline, GPC are moral politicians, May “believes” JWR before all evidence was available).
May started giving interviews criticizing LPC and Trudeau for SNC, lack of climate action, no electoral reform, immorality.

Sure Scheer, Raitt, Remple, & Poilievre all aggressively attacked Trudeau.

But May chastised Trudeau like a virtuous schoolmarm; affronted & derisive.
While CPC were clearly smearing the PM, May positioned her criticism to demonstrate her moral superiority, unflinching integrity and supercilious ethics.

That’s got Kinsella’s fingerprints all over it. He also did the same for JWR & JP.
Kinsella writes for the Toronto Sun. The same paper who received an exclusive interview with JWR. Philpott somehow managed to arrange for the Tyee to write a sainthood application, extolling her virtuous life experience.
Seems Kinsella may have been working behind the scenes for some time now.

Not that everyone aware of events didn’t suspect this all along, but this may be the very reason Mr. Kinsella was so upset that his wife was photographed and recognized by Patty. ☘️
Has he been doing PR for JWR, JP AND May to assist the Cons to effectively split the vote through his PR business, Daisy Group?

A quick look at the PR work Daisy Group does seems eerily close to a managed narrative (AKA PR or issues management).
Is Warren Kinsella the architect of Canada’s version of the Benghazi witch hunt? The SNC, “not a crime”, but JWR felt “undue pressure” scandal?

So who is paying Kinsella? And how long have they been paying him?
May confirmed Kinsella is helping the GPC. Did threats to expose the Kinsellas involvement with GPC & May surface, forcing a reveal of his official paid employment to “get ahead of the story?”

May confirmed his assistance, has anyone asked how long he’s already been employed?
May’s rationale for hiring Kinsella: she’s too virtuous (politically inept) to address valid criticism & she doesn’t want to sully her political brand, so she hired a blue Liberal hit man to do her dirty work.

That sounds like a narrative that was created on the fly.
Imagine May being in charge of national security decisions, or interacting with Trump, Putin, Xi.

Imagine her taking on Jason Kenney or Doug Ford and their belligerent bravado as they obstruct every climate action she’s proposed.

She is not an effective nor a strong leader.
Then realize there is a reason GPC popularity is generally in the single digits. May is an aggressively ambitious individual. But her personal/political brand is saving unicorns & moral sanctimony. Neither of which are qualities of an effective political leader.
A single issue party who hasn’t elected more than one MP, May herself, in the entire history of her leadership. Until recently. Curious?

Kinsella has his work cut out for him, but May is currently polling in double digits.

That’s how you split the vote.
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