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For too long, #HERstory has been relegated to the sidelines. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands & as we continue our fight for a #WomensHistoryMuseum will be sharing stories of incredible American women so that we can all be #InspiredByHer - I hope you'll share yours, too. Image
For our first #InspiredByHer feature, we are inspired by our 9/11 first responders. Brenda Berkman was part of the first class of female firefighters in the @FDNY, a 9/11 first responder & is a founder of the United Women’s Firefighters (@unitedwomenffs). 📸: @womensmediacenter Image
For our next #InspiredbyHer feature; a true American intellectual & artist, #ZoraNealeHurston. Though too many of her accomplishments went unrecognized until after her death, she was a groundbreaking force in American literature - notably writing Their Eyes Were Watching God. Image
This week's #InspiredByHer is a personal hero & mentor; Bella Abzug. A true champion of women’s rights, she blazed a trail for women in all levels of politics & American life through her time in Congress. B/c of her we have this platform to fight for a #WomensHistoryMuseum. Bella Abzug with advocates ...
Today, we spotlight Wilma Rudolph. After suffering from childhood illnesses that left her w infantile paralysis, she became an Olympic gold medalist & world record holding runner. After graduating from @TSUedu she became a civil rights & women’s rights activist. #InspiredByHer Image
Today, our #InspiredByHer spotlight is on Mary Cassatt, an icon of the impressionist movement whose art depicted touching & intimate scenes of women. In 1915, she participated in a charity exhibition for women’s suffrage.

Her work & her story belong in a #WomensHistoryMuseum. self portrait of Mary Cassatt
Celebrating women in #STEM w our #InspiredbyHer feature this wk: Chien-Shiung Wu. A groundbreaking physicist & leading expert on beta decay. She discovered the violation of the law of parity among weak nuclear interactions. A scientific pioneer deserving of a #WomensHistoryMuseum Image
#InspiredbyHer: the talented author Sandra Cisneros, who wrote The House on Mango Street - which has sold 6M+ copies and been translated into 20+ languages. She is a pioneer of the #Chicana literary movement and she and her work deserve to be showcased in a #WomensHistoryMuseum Image
We lost Dr. Emily Clyburn, librarian & civil rights activist, last week. Today, we're #inspiredbyher. Perhaps most indicative of the life she & @WhipClyburn lived is that they met in jail after being arrested for participating in a civil rights demonstration. Her legacy lives on. Image
Today we celebrate Annie Dodge Wauneka the “Legendary Mother of the Navajo Nation”. She was a leader of the Navajo Nation as well as a determined health activist, and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1963. #InspiredByHer Image
On this #NationalComingOutDay & #InspiredByHer Friday, we celebrate the work of STAR cofounders Sylvia Rivera & Marsha P. Johnson - fierce advocates for the gay, gender non-conforming & transgender communities. Image
This #InspiredbyHer Fri, we celebrate Jessica Meir & Christina Koch, who took the 1st all-female spacewalk this AM. According to many astronauts, spacewalks are among the most strenuous & difficult tasks done in space. TY Koch & Meir for being shining examples of women in #STEM! Image
This #InspiredByHer Friday I'm honoring the @KungFuNuns! This group hosts self-defense workshops in places where violence against women is endemic & removed thousands of pounds of plastic litter from the Himalayas. TY for helping to awaken the power that every woman has in them. Image
Today we honor lawyer & activist Mia Yamamoto. Mia was born in a Japanese-American internment camp during World War II & born into a body that did not match her gender identity. She has gone on to become a fighter for people of all gender identities & races. #InspiredByHer Image
Today I honor Opha May Johnson, the first woman to be sworn into the Marines. Johnson was also one of 300 women, nicknamed Marinettes, who took over office jobs for men at the Marine Corps headquarters during WWI. I'm #InspiredByHer & all the women who have served our nation. Image
This #InspiredByHer Friday, I honor Audre Lorde. The passionate feminist gave a voice to the voiceless by speaking about race and her lesbian identity & the importance of liberation for oppressed people through her activism and powerful poetry. Image
Today, I honor Ida B. Wells. Born a slave in Mississippi, Ida never stopped fighting for racial justice & was instrumental in the anti-lynching movement. As an accomplished journalist, educator, abolitionist & feminist, she fought for the advancement of all people. #InspiredByHer Image
This #InspiredByHer Friday, I honor @RepDebHaaland and @RepDavids! As the first Native American women to ever serve in Congress, they have already made history & I know they will inspire generations of women and girls to run for office. #NativeAmericanHeritageMonth Image
This #InspiredByHer Friday, I recognize Ellen Ochoa. While working for @NASA, Ellen became the first Latina to travel to space! I’m proud to have introduced the #STEM Booster Act so that more women like Ellen get involved in STEM. Image
@NASA Today, I honor the Women’s Trade Union League. In 1903, WTUL became the first national association for women workers & advocated for #EqualPay and #PaidLeave. More than 100 yrs later, I’m proud to have finally secured 12 weeks of parental leave for federal workers. #InspiredByHer Image
Today, I honor Justice Sonia Sotomayor! As the first Latina justice to serve on the Supreme Court, she has inspired generations of women to pursue careers in law and justice. Justice Sotomayor is a lifelong champion of human and civil rights and I am #InspiredByHer. Image
This week, Christina Koch broke the record for the longest spaceflight of a woman ever & last year she participated in the first ever all woman space walk. I know she will continue break records in space & inspire the next generation of women in #STEM. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
This #InspiredByHer Friday, I honor Edie Windsor! An LGBTQ+ rights activist whose landmark case led the Supreme Court to grant same-sex married couples federal recognition, Edie championed equality, freedom and justice for all. Her fierce advocacy will never be forgotten. Image
Alice Paul was a relative of my late husband and lifelong champion of #GenderEquality. She fought for women's suffrage & authored the first Equal Rights Amendment. A century later, we are closer than ever to putting women's rights in the Constitution. I'm #InspiredByHer! #ERANow Image
Today I honor Coretta Scott King, civil rights activist and wife of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who dedicated her life to equality. Her courageous advocacy for social justice helped establish @TheKingCenter and made #MLKDay a national holiday. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
As a sex therapist, media personality, & professor, @AskDrRuth has opened the minds of millions of people. As a Holocaust survivor she has dedicated herself to fighting against hatred. Dr. Ruth may be small in stature, but her force is mighty! I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
@AskDrRuth "If they don't give you a seat a table, bring a folding chair." - Shirley Chisholm.

Rep. Chisholm was a powerhouse - a fierce leader for us all to look up to. As the 1st black woman elected to Congress, she brought her seat to the table.

I'm #InspiredByHer. #BlackHistoryMonth Image
@AskDrRuth Katherine Johnson is an American mathematician & subject of the film Hidden Figures. She was one of the first black students integrated in WV grad schools & then spent over 30 years working at @NASA to send astronauts into space. To this day, #InspiredByHer! #BlackHistoryMonth Image
@AskDrRuth @NASA Today I recognize Andrea Jenkins, a fierce activist who is dedicated to climate justice, combating voter suppression, and championing equality. In 2017, she became the first openly trans black woman elected to public office. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
@AskDrRuth @NASA Today, I recognize “Little Miss Flint” aka Mari Copeny. When the #FlintWaterCrisis began, Mari used her voice to raise awareness about toxic water. Today, the 12 year activist continues her mission to ensure every child can breathe clean air and drink clean water. #InspiredByHer Image
In celebration of #WomensHistoryMonth, I'll be featuring a new #InspiredByHer figure each day for the month of March.

First up is Molly Murphy MacGregor, co-founder of the National Women's History Alliance & creator of Women's History Month! Image
Today, I recognize Emily Warren Roebling! As the Chief Engineer of the Brooklyn Bridge, she was a trailblazer for women in engineering & the first person to cross the bridge after it’s opening in 1883. I'm #InspiredByHer and other fantastic women in #STEM!

#WomensHistoryMonth Image
Today, I recognize Yuri Kochiyama, a Japanese-American civil rights activist who worked with Black, Latinx, Native American & Asian-American communities. Yuri’s own family was kept in internment camps. I'm #InspiredByHer and her fight for justice & equality!

#WomensHistoryMonth Image
Phillis Wheatley was kidnapped and enslaved, and then became the first Black woman to publish a book of poetry in our nation. As one of the best known poets of her time, her work contributed to the abolition movement that followed. I’m #InspiredByHer and her fight for freedom. Image
Elizabeth Birch is an American attorney who chaired the board of directors of the National LGBTQ @TheTaskForce & served as the Executive Director of @HRC, the nation's largest LGBTQ+ organization. Today, I’m #InspiredByHer and her tremendous advocacy for #LGBTQ+ equality! Image
Florence Howe is an American author, literary scholar, and historian who founded the @FeministPress, the longest surviving women’s publishing house in the world. I'm #InspiredByHer & her incredible commitment to #GenderEquality and #WomensRights.

#WomensHistoryMonth Image
Mary McLeod Bethune was one of the most important educators & civil rights leaders of the 20th Century. She founded a college that set fundamental education standards for black colleges. As an advisor to FDR, Mary advocated for the rights of Black Americans. I’m #InspiredByHer! Image
.@BeckyHammon is a professional basketball coach & former player. She is the first woman to become a full time assistant coach for the NBA or for any of the four major professional sports leagues in the US. I'm #InspiredByHer & glad she's a trailblazer for young women in sports! Image
Dorothea Lange, was a photographer best known for "Migrant Mother," considered the most powerful and lasting image of the Great Depression. She used her camera to inspire social change & her photos prompted the government to take action to prevent starvation. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Marie Ponsot was an acclaimed poet and NYC native. She wrote the majority of her poems while raising seven children by herself. Despite hardship, Marie never stopped writing & went on to win numerous accolades for her work. I'm #InspiredByHer creativity & dedication to the arts. Image
Wilma Pearl Mankiller was a Cherokee activist, social worker, community developer & the first woman elected to serve as Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation in 1985! I’m #InspiredByHer powerful voice & commitment to social justice. Image
Serena Williams has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles and four Olympic gold medals. When she is not setting records, she is an activist for both civil and women’s rights & an incredible champion for equality. For her incredible work on and off the court, I’m #InspiredByHer! Image
Dolores Huerta is an American labor leader, civil rights activist, & co-founder of the United Farm Workers. She is also a 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient. I'm #InspiredByHer and her advocacy for the working class, women, and children! Image
Clara Barton was a pioneering American nurse who founded the American Red Cross. She was a hospital nurse during the American Civil War, a teacher, patent clerk, and a humanitarian. I'm #InspiredByHer and her dedication to public health! Image
Gladys Bentley was an American blues singer, entertainer, and pianist during the Harlem Renaissance. She was openly a member of the #LGBTQ community & challenged gender roles and social norms during her performances. For her boldness and individuality, I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Patsy Mink was the first Asian-American woman to ever serve in Congress & wrote critical bills like the Early Childhood Education Act and Title IX. Patsy was a trailblazer for women of color & she was the first Asian-American to run for President. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Today, I recognize Rita Moreno! An acclaimed actress, Rita has won four major North American entertainment awards Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony and achieved (EGOT). She was also the first Hispanic woman to receive an Oscar. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Katie Bouman is a computer scientist who at just 29 years old, created an algorithm that generated the first image of a black hole ever! I’m #InspiredByHer and thankful to all women in STEM whose contributions should be celebrated and remembered in history. Image
Today, I recognize Maia Shibutani! An accomplished American Ice Dancer, Maia is a 2018 Olympic bronze medalist, a three-time World medalist, the 2016 Four Continents champion, and a two-time U.S. national champion. I’m #InspiredByHer! Image
Kalpana Chawla was an astronaut, engineer, and the first woman of Indian origin to go to space. She first flew on Space Shuttle Columbia in 1997 as a mission specialist and primary robotic arm operator. For her bravery and sacrifice, I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Dorothy Height was a powerful civil rights and women’s rights activist. For 40 years, she served as the president of the National Council of Negro Women & was a founding member of the Council for United Civil Rights Leadership. I’m #InspiredByHer and her dedication to equality! Image
Mildred Jeffrey was a political, civil, and human rights activist during the labor movement. She worked to unionize textile factories, helped establish the National Women’s Political Caucus, and supported the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment. I’m #InspiredByHer! Image
Known as “The Queen of Soul,” Aretha Franklin was a powerhouse who’s had 73 singles chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Aretha was a vocal advocate for civil rights, women’s rights, and equality. I'm #InspiredByHer command of “Respect” for herself and others. Image
Today, I recognize Grace Hopper. Known as the “Queen of Code,” Grace was pioneering American computer scientist, United States Rear Admiral, and inventor of the first human language-computer code compiler. I’m #InspiredByHer and her contributions to #STEM! Image
As the leader of the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Lab, which was contracted by NASA for the Apollo program, Margaret Hamilton oversaw the development of the spacecraft’s guidance & navigation system. For her revolutionary work, I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Barbara Walters is a trailblazer for women in broadcast media and television. When she signed with ABC in 1976, she became the first woman to co-anchor an evening news program. I am #InspiredByHER and her commitment to bringing honest reporting to televisions across the country. Image
Margaret Corbin, a Founding Mother in her own right, fought in the Revolutionary War. She was the first woman to receive a pension for her military service from Congress. I am #InspiredByHer patriotism and contributions to the birth of our nation. Image
Sandra Day O’Connor was the first woman appointed to the Supreme Court where she was known for her meticulously researched opinions. I'm thankful she broke this glass ceiling for women in our nation's highest court and I know many of our justices have been #InspiredByHer! Image
Today I recognize the "Queen of Tejano Music," Selena Quintanilla! She was one of the most celebrated Mexican-American entertainers of the late 20th century and was a beloved by many. Though Selena tragically died at just 23, her legacy lives on to this day. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Jessye Norman was an American opera singer, recitalist, and one of the few Black women to gain popularity in the opera world. She was passionate about social justice & helped establish a tuition-free performing arts school in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
TY for following along this #WomensHistoryMonth as we recognized so many inspiring women. We will continue to make history & our work is not done!

Today, I recognize 21 year-old Cassandra Levesque, a trailblazing member of the NH House of Representatives. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Today, I recognize Danica Roem! In 2017, Danica became the first openly trans VA state legislator. She's a champion for progressive causes & fearless fighter for the #ERA. She even got a tattoo of text of the Equal Rights Amendment when it was ratified in VA. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Today I recognize Maria Elena Salinas, a broadcast journalist, author, and the longest running female TV news anchor in US history. Referred to as the "voice of Hispanic America" Maria is dedicated to informing and empowering the Latinx community. I'm #InspiredByHer! Image
Chanel Miller is a writer, activist, and advocate. Her story and powerful victim impact statement sparked a national conversation about unjust sentencing & led to a change in California law. I'm #InspiredByHer incredible bravery & advocacy for survivors of sexual assault. Image
In 1963, Molly Gustine became one of the first Black women to join the NYPD. In spite of adversity and discrimination, she eventually became a detective & one of the first women union delegates. Sadly, she recently passed away due to #COVID19. I’m #InspiredByHer and her legacy! Image
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