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Again, we need to go right back to corporate accountability. Individualist, moralizing narratives about infant feeding help conceal corporate and regulatory misconduct and only help those seeking to profit from a crisis. Equity-oriented policies mean investing in better systems 1
Regulation of corporate behavior that fails to adhere to safety & engages in predatory marketing, while reaping record profits is top of the list along with other measures like #paidleave. 2/
Infant feeding is not about morality. It's about systems. We can create systems that enable & support lactation AND provide safe alternatives. We actually have DECADES of evidence. 3/…
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What does "full spectrum" #ReproductiveRights mean?

A #MothersDay2022 educational thread.

🙅🏽‍♀️ Protect the right not to be pregnant if you don't want to be.

Did you know? Most abortions in the U.S. are obtained by PEOPLE WHO ARE ALREADY MOTHERS.

This: 👩🏻👩🏾‍🦱👱🏼‍♀️ not the face of abortion.
This: 🤱🏿👩‍👧‍👦👨‍👩‍👧‍👦👩🏽‍🍼👩‍👩‍👧‍👦…
🤰🏾 Protect the right to decide if, when, how, where, and with whom to give birth

Did you know? Pregnant people are OFTEN hospitalized, cut open, and restrained against their will, and are coerced, ignored, restrained, and shouted at.…
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1/ YES!!! My statement on the historic passage of paid family and medical leave and other care priorities in the Build Back Better Act (linked & below).

2/ “The United States is one step closer tonight to finally enacting a national paid family and medical leave program so that every working person can care for themselves, a new child or an ill loved one...
3/ Paid leave supports women’s full participation in the labor force. It boosts earnings, mitigates families’ costs, honors the caregiving that happens within our homes, promotes racial and economic justice, and shrinks health disparities....
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1/ Passing #paidleave in #BuildBackBetter is the only pathway to putting paid family and medical leave in reach of an estimated 18.5 million people who need to care for themselves or a loved one each year.

This is Plan A. There is no Plan B that will deliver like this.
2/ #BuildBackBetter #paidleave will set a four-week baseline of affordable access to paid leave. Want more details?…
3/ Paid family & medical leave is one of the most popular policies in #BuildBackBetter.

#PaidLeave is one of couple policies supported by voters across party lines, even in this highly polarized climate. It's the only one that could touch any household.…
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.@VP Kamala Harris is the leader we NEED right now.

Yet, she has been subject to the kinds of petty criticisms reserved for women, particularly women of color and Black women.

Here's some advice for the media...

📸: Chris Carlson / @AP Image
Rather than fueling ridiculous critiques of her tweets, or number of public appearances, perhaps the media could focus on the issues @VP is championing and spearheading -- BOTH in the frontlines and behind the scenes…
Our @VP is working hard to ensure:
💪🏿 #OurBodiesAreRespected, by cosponsoring the Black Maternal Health Momnibus Act of 2020 and advocating for abortion access…
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Report on #familychildcare supply is here!🎉 FCC educators face many barriers to entry & sustainability. The biggest? #ECE #policy challenges. But their strengths keep them going. Buckle up 🧵(1/n)

#solvechildcare #earlyedchat #childcare @JulietBromer
In this exploratory mixed method study, we asked 179 current/former regulated #familychildcare educators (FCCEs) across 4 states (CA, FL, MA, WI) about their experiences entering, staying in, and/or leaving the field, and we learned A LOT. (2/n)
ON LEAVING: 30 former FCCEs (small N, exploratory!) shared intersecting challenges w/ systems, economics, working conditions, & personal factors that contributed to their decisions to close their businesses (pre-COVID). Most mentioned at least 2/3 of the core challenges. (3/n)
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Details on the contents of #BuildBackBetter are promising. The good news - the package includes transformational action on universal pre-K & unprecedented investments in childcare.

However, we still have a lot of work left to do.

Thread ⬇️ (1/7)…
#BuildBackBetter is the most significant investment our nation had made in children and working families in generations.

- Significant savings on childcare
- Universal, free pre-K for every 3 & 4 year old
- Extended and expanded Child Tax Credit

#BuildBackBetter expands access to high-quality and affordable child care for more than 20 million children per year & covers 90% of families with young children.

This is huge.

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This was 2 wks postpartum, a few hrs before I spiked a 105 fever & nearly fell unconscious home alone with 2 babies.

I was alone bc Chris was out of #paidleave & had gone back to work. Luckily I called a friend to get me to the hospital before I passed out.

⬇️ Thread (1/6) Image
I had retained placenta from Nicholas’ birth & got a massive infection. I was hospitalized for 1wk & then sent home with IV antibiotics for a week after that.

So at 4wks postpartum, I was sick as a dog, with an IV in, nursing two babies. (2/6)
I was in no shape to put on some pants, hand over my infant to strangers, and head into the office.

And yet that is what America women do every day. (3/6)
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Let’s talk about the shock families face when they begin the search for #ChildCare. 🧵
#ChildCare will likely cost more than their monthly mortgage or rent, and more than one year of tuition at a state public university. Most families have no option to lower costs. That's just affordability, though. What about access?
About half of families live in #ChildCare deserts, with no safe or affordable options. When they do find child care, many have to be put on a wait list – sometimes it can be 18 months long. For parents without #PaidLeave, this isn't realistic. And what about quality of care?
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Thread: Senate Budget Committee Democrats’ agreement on a budget resolution marks an important step toward robust and critically needed recovery legislation to build an equitable economy and address our nation’s long-standing challenges. #EquitableRecovery
There are many key details that haven’t been released and, in some cases, haven’t been worked out, but the last 48 hours demonstrate encouraging progress towards transformative change.
Once a budget resolution is in place, lawmakers will turn to the important work of crafting reconciliation legislation, consistent with that framework, that can transform our economy…
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🔺3k workers (20-69 yrs) perished in #CdnPoli pandemic @CPHO_Canada. Hard to get good official #OSH info . Using #ONpoli @WSIB injury reports & PHU data from
@TOPublicHealth &
to estimate where fatalities might b . #TOpoli #PaidLeave #SickPlan #COVIDZero Image
#Pandemic #ONpoli work hotspots inc warehouse, transport, health, #OntEd, manu, construction, stores & offices. Adj fatalities for #excessdeath as per @MoriartyLab . #DayOfMourning @FredHahnCUPE @HarveyBischof @ETFOpresident @aefopresidence @OECTAProv @SharleenStewart @FolkDawson Image
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Yes, @RepRichardNeal. Funds for #PaidLeaveforAll and affordable #childcare are key investments. Thank you for listening to the real experts, working women. @WaysMeansCmte
Care is not partisan. Everyone will need to give or receive care.

"Increasing access to #childcare and #paidleave are smart pro-family, pro-growth policies..." - @RepKevinBrady
#ThisAmericanLife: High risk pregnancy, postpartum illness, and –
** No paid leave
** No #childcare

America's mothers deserve better. America is the only developed country without #PaidLeaveforAll.

Thanks Joy Spencer @MomsRising for sharing your story @WaysMeansCmte
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Today the @WaysMeansCmte is holding a hearing on #paidleave, child care, and how the economy failed women. WATCH as working women from across the country give their testimony. We need #PaidLeaveForAll in the plan to #BuildBackBetter. Watch with us @ 12 pm.
The United States is the only industrialized nation with no maternity leave #PaidLeave - @RepRichardNeal
#Childcare workers care for the nation’s children while everyone is at work. Yet child care workers earn poverty wages in 40 states. Is it because it’s a “woman’s job”? It’s time to value and reward care workers like they are truly essential - fair wages and #paidleave
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THREAD: A voluntary tax credit will not help alleviate the caregiving crisis.

We face a caregiving crisis that existed long before #COVID19, now worsened by challenges like lack of childcare and remote school. Paid family leave is proven to be a more effective solution. 1/6
President @JoeBiden gets this -- it’s why @potus included comprehensive emergency paid leave in his #AmericanRescuePackage. 👏👏👏 Instead, Congressional Democrats on @Waysandmeans are moving forward with a watered-down voluntary tax credit. 👎👎👎 2/6
Restoring and expanding true emergency paid sick and family leave is central to the #COVID19 rescue response, saving lives & livelihoods of frontline workers.

And there are good arguments that the employer mandate for emergency leave can work in #Reconciliation. 3/6
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Today, (Feb. 5, 2021) is the 28th anniversary of the Family Medical Leave Act. It is the first bill that Fmr. Pres. Clinton signed into law.
Congressman William D. Ford (Bill to many of us) was among the #FLMA architects & in 1993 represented Taylor, Mich.

A 🧵👇🏾1/8
We know now (almost 3 decades later) what Bill knew then—that even with such bold, progressive legislation that aimed to help working people have time to care for themselves & their families that it didn’t go far enough. 2/8
I’m not just guessing this. When Bill was still alive, he told me & my husband so during one of our many conversations after he’d retired from Congress. 3/8
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🚨 In 2020, 60+ million women either lost income or experienced someone in their household losing income.

👉🏿 Women of color were hit hardest by #COVID19.

📣 We urge Congress to #savechildcare, #extendUI, extend emergency #paidleave and #paidsickdays & more. #momsbailout
🚨 Women are projected to lose $64.5 billion in wages annually due to reduced hours and lower labor force participation during the #COVID19 pandemic. #momsbailout
🚨 51% of mothers who voted say their caregiving has increased during the #COVID19 pandemic. #momsbailout
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As we head into the first full winter of the Coronavirus pandemic, too many Americans lack the financial support, housing protections, and access to health care that are critical to staying safe.


Read more from @DrRichBesser >…
Renters and homeowners must have the confidence that they can remain housed for the duration of this pandemic and not evicted in the dead of winter. #HousingisHealth
The millions of people without work must have the income supports to feed their families and to protect themselves and their communities.…
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The federal government *CAN* help the economy recover and ensure that recovery is broad-based and equitable. @equitablegrowth's @dsmitch28 lists 21 actionable policy recommendations to combat the #coronavirus #recession 👇… (1/x)
1. We need #UnemploymentBenefits! UI helps workers weather an economic crisis while keeping demand for goods and services from plummeting. The emphasis on work disincentives reflects racist biases against low-income workers of color.… (2/x)
2. We need to make #UnemploymentBenefits better, by addressing structural flaws in the system, as @alixgouldwerth writes:… (3/x)
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Thanks for asking @rothstein_jesse! Check out our write up of analysis that shows state paid leave programs cushioned the blow of COVID-19, sparking important new questions… 1/n
Here's the link to the *super interesting* paper by @ChantelBoyens finding a "finds a surge in new claims for own medical and family caregiving leave" post-COVID… 2/n
And, there's the always-insightful @SarahJaneGlynn who telling us how Coronavirus Paid Leave Exemptions Exclude Millions of Workers From Coverage - Center for American Progress… 3/n
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A4: We have seen many states and cities step up and enact legislation in the wake of COVID-19 that focuses on #jobequity and #workforcedev. #JobEquityCOVID 1/n
In MI, Gov. Whitmer intro’ed policy allowing employers to scale back worker hours & allowing the state’s UI program to make up difference in lost pay.

It also increased the number of weeks claimants can receive benefits from 20 ➡️ 26.… #JobEquityCOVID 2/
Other states like CA & OH have waived UI eligibility requirements, like having to be actively searching for a job.

Others like NY waived the 7-day waiting period between filing a claim and receiving benefits, writes @jljenniferliu… #JobEquityCOVID 3/
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KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Our new resource on the Families First Coronavirus Response Act has answers to your questions about the #paidleave and #paidsickdays rights provided the law, which goes into effect April 1.

Learn more here:…
Question: Am I covered by the Families First Coronavirus Response Act? #KYR

Question: In what scenarios can I take #paidsickdays under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act? #KYR

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In response to the #coronavirus crisis, the nationwide economic shutdown has put the economy “on ice” so that it can be ramped back up after the health crisis is addressed.

A thread. 1/5…
Concerns about falling into a deep and protracted #coronavirus recession are exacerbated by historically high economic inequality, which makes the United States particularly vulnerable to economic shocks. 2/5
Policymakers should keep income flowing by helping small businesses pay their bills, ensuring any corporate assistance helps workers, boosting unemployment insurance, and providing #paidleave 3/5…
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@SenSherrodBrown @ewarren I don’t know if you ever see this but I beg you to fight for more action on student loan debt. Focusing solely on federal student loans will not make this large impact you think it will. #COVID19
@SenSherrodBrown @ewarren many people like myself have private loans because before the crash of 2008 that’s all we could get to go to school. I was the first person in my my family to go to college @OhioState #COVID19
My family didn’t make enough money to pay for my school but we didn’t qualify for any federal grants or help. So I took loans out to pay for nursing school. Each year @OhioState sent me notices my tuition would keep going up.
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THREAD ON PAID SICK DAYS/PAID LEAVE EROSION. Earlier today, Trump said he was planning to fix the #paidsickdays & #paidleave provisions in #FamiliesFirstCoronavirusResponseAct to require more businesses to provide sick leave. Instead, his negotiators: (1/8)
(1) Scaled back extended paid #FMLA to cover parents affected by school or child care closure (no personal or family care leave)

(2) Made it easier for employers to carve out emergency workers and health care providers from both #paidsickdays and #paidleave (2/8)
(3) Made it possible for the Secretary of Labor to allow small employers to get out of providing reimburseable #PaidSickDays (similar provision already existed in #paidleave section) (3/8)
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