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As @sharrond62 shared earlier, her new book 'Unfair Play', written with journalist Craig Lord, is out on 22 June.

You can preorder at #OurFeministLibrary here:…

#FairPlayForWomen #SaveWomensSports #booktwt #BookTwitter 📚♀️ @fairplaywomen @DerryBanShee Image
'Unfair Play - The Battle For Womens Sport' makes the case that this callous indifference to women in sport is the latest stage in a long history of sexism on the part of sport’s higher-ups & provides the facts, science & arguments that will help us ♀️ get the justice we deserve. Image
Sharron was part of @fairplaywomen's panel 'Defending Women's Sports' at #FiLiA2022, which you can read about here:…
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🧵We are getting ready to listen to @glosswitch talking to @soniasodha at @Womans_Place_UK online launch of #Hags #WPUKHags - very exciting!

#WomensHistoryMonth #readwomen #BookTwitter #IWD2023 #InternationalWomensDay #WorldBookDay #booktwt Image
Victoria @glosswitch is talking first about how she got the idea for #Hags and how 2020 was named the 'Year of the Karen' and it struck her that middle-aged women were being demonised #WPUKHags
She is also talking about #feminism in the 90s as a member of #GenerationX and how she had thought that her generation would be different to her mother's generation. But then realising that our feminist experiences are the same throughout #HERstory #WPUKHags
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106 years ago, one of #Ireland's giants of #Astronomy, Margaret Lindsay Murray Huggins (1848 - 1915), passed #OnThisDay

#HERstory #STEM #GLobalIrishNation #OTD Margaret Lindsay Huggins
2) Margaret Lindsay Murray was born in #Dublin in 1848 and lost her mother her mother, Helen Lindsay, while still a child. In the absence of her mother, she seems to have developed a shared interest in Astronomy with her paternal #Scottish banker grandfather Robert Murray
3) Margaret seems to have been self educated, delving into #astronomy and developing photographic skills which became important for her future research in astronomical spectrography which involves the examination of light spectrums emitted by planets, stars and nebulae
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#Irish artist, Sarah Purser (1848 - 1943) was born #OnThisDay 173 years ago. Her family was prosperous with a background in brewing. Shortly after her birth, her father Benjamin decided to move the family from #Dublin south to Dungarvan in #Waterford

#OTD #BOTD #HERstory Image
2) Sarah would go to finishing school in #Switzerland where she learned to speak French and began painting. On her return to #Ireland she enrolled in the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art and would go on to attend the Académie Julian in #Paris Image
3) In the early 1870s Benjamin’s businesses collapsed and Sarah now had to rely on her ability to generate income from art commissions. While she did some landscape and genre painting, portraiture appeared to be her metier

#MaudGonne #WBYeats ImageImage
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We Still Here (day 15 of 28)

The queen of neo soul, Erykah Badu, was born Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971. She was raised by a single mother in #Dallas, #Texas. 1/

#BHM #HERstory #ShareBlackStories #threadstorytime
Badu started her training in the arts at age 4 and was a cast member at The Black Academy of Arts and Letters in her youth. By 14, she was freestyling for a local radio station. 2/
Believing her original name was a “slave name”, Badu decided to spell it as “Erykah” early in life, incorporating the term “kah” which means “inner self”. Her adopted surname, “Badu”, refers to the 10th born child in the native language of Akan people from Ghana. 3/
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Good morning and welcome to the weekend! Day 13 of our collab with artist Greg Edwards (@GregtheGrouch) features Amanda Gorman, who at 22 is the youngest entry of this series. Her story demonstrates the empowerment that comes with having a voice & creative outlet.

#BHM #thread Image
Poet and activist Amanda Gorman was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1998. She grew up with a speech impediment and has an auditory condition making her hypersensitive to sound.

Facing these conditions, Amanda did not despair. Writing in 2018, she said,

“I always saw it as a strength because since I was experiencing these obstacles in terms of my auditory and vocal skills, I became really good at reading and writing."

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1/1: President Joe Biden’s Inauguration was the beginning of a fresh start for America. This day had many key moments from Herstory being made, the fashion, celebrity appearances, to President Biden’s inauguration speech! Let’s review some key moments, shall we! #Inauguration
2/2: Now that Trump is out of office celebrities are beginning to embrace the White House again. The inaugural concert had a star-studded line-up including performances by Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi, John Legend, and other famous artists. #Inauguration2021
3/3: Not only were celebrities invited to perform for the inaugural concert, but they were also invited to be presenters for the “Celebrating America” special, such as actresses, Eva Longoria and Kerry Washington. Photo Credit: Biden Inaugural Committee via AP.
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This is the problem, anyone dismissing or criticizing missed #HERstory was made!Our own internalized sexism/racism/misogyny/patriarchy etc bc the ONLY reason this would be said is bc a woman, a black woman who had to tow a particular line or else THAT would be the news,while
Pence broke rules,rambled past his time,while she was held to hers. This is all too common, women dismissed, held to a certain standard & even more so WOC! Had .@SenKamalaHarris been any more assertive, & I think she was incredible, did what her white male counterpart did,
she would have been called 'angry,out of line, aggressive,hysterical' disrespectful'? Whatever the adjective, the ? are we saying easily forgettable, not holding white, male counterparts to account? We all know Obama has to also tow that line and it needs to end.
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Manchmal findet man in hist. Zeitungen sehr Rätselhaftes wie die Todesvermeldung der frz. Schauspielerin Louise Contat: lt. Zeitung 1769–1846, laut einem seriös wirkenden frz. Wikiartikel 1760–1813. Beide Louises (sofern sie 2 verschiedene Personen sein sollten) hatten Image
die Susanne in "Figaros Hochzeit"/Beaumarchais als Paraderolle. Erstere soll ein Landhaus in Nogent-sur-Vernisson besessen haben, wo sie auch gestorben sein soll. Hat sie ihren Tod etwa vorgetäuscht, um ihre Ruhe zu haben? Das Rätsel löst sich, wenn man in ihren engl. Wikiartikel
schaut: Dort ist eine Schwester, Émilie, mit Lebensdaten zu finden, die genau dieser erstgenannten Louise entsprechen. Im frz. Wikiartikel findet man diese Schwester ebenso, nur ohne dazu auch sichtbar eingetragene Lebensdaten, die teils übereinstimmen: nur das Geburtsjahr wird Image
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Wie würdet ihr diese Suppenanstalt nennen? 🤭
"Ein frz. Blatt wirft die Frage auf: ob es nicht nöthig wäre, eine Suppenanstalt für jene armen Männer zu errichten, deren Frauen ihre Zeit, statt bei dem Heerde, bei dem Schreibtische zubringen." (1846)
#Emanzipation #herstory Image
(Direkt unter dieser Bemerkung gibts einen Aufsatz, der sich über die "Überschwemmung" dt. Bühnen mit "Machwerken" einer Charlotte Birch-Pfeiffer (bedeutendste Bühnenautorin 19. Jh.) aufregt, der "gefährlichen Semiramis des deutschen Theaters") 🥱
"Friss oder stirb" | "Futtern wie bei Muttern" | "Im Potte nichts Neues"^^
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Wieder ein Fall von Geschichts(ver)fälschung? Erledigt! Ich bin im Jahr 1844 einer hist. #Augsburg|er Tageszeitung angekommen und erfuhr darin, dass Augustin Thierrys (1795–1856) Frau verstorben sei, ohne ihren Namen zu nennen. Ich googelte und stieß auf seinen #Wikipedia- 1/7
Artikel, der nur nannte, dass er 1844 seine Frau verlor. Er war relativ früh erblindet und verfasste seine Werke zu normannisch-britischer Geschichte mit Hilfe von Sekretären. In der hist. Zeitung allerdings wurde seine Frau als maßgebliche Hilfe hochlöblich gepriesen: 2/7
"[sie] las mit Bewunderung die vortrefflichen Schriften Thierry’s und faßte, als sie erfuhr, daß derselbe blind sei, den heldenmüthigen Entschluß, seine Leiden zu mildern und ihm in dem Lebensdunkel als treue Führerin zu dienen. Sie wurde seine Gattin und leistete, was sie 3/7
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.@KamalaHarris announcement THREAD.
I can't stop crying.
I am the gggggrandaughter of Eliza Burke, born into slavery in 1790 in Georgia. I am the first generation in my family born with the right to vote.
I was the Chief of Staff of a Party that once housed Bull Connor. And I CEO'd two national Party nominating conventions ... an institution that once refused to seat Fannie Lou Hamer.
And I have lived to see my Party nominate a Black woman as Vice President. This is #HERSTORY
Eliza joins Harriet, Sojourner, Fannie Lou, Shirley, and Barbara as they dance in jubilation.
And I'm dancing too.

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We have been running the #MyGrandmothersWildestDream campaign for a while now. This campaign seeks to celebrate #herstories and the women who came before us. The campaign aims to applaud the amazing women who’ve blazed trails. #AkiliDadaConversations #ThreadThursday
We want to inspire YOU to submit your story, inspire YOU to celebrate the matriarchs in your life. #MyGrandmothersWildestDream #AfricanWomenLead #CreateHerstory #TellHerStory
Often, women’s input goes unmentioned, uncelebrated, unrecognized. This is entrenched in the system, enabled by the patriarchal society we live in.
#MyGrandmothersWildestDream #AfricanWomenLead #CreateHerstory #TellHerStory
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[1/7 Thread 👇] Today we salute another African-American pioneer and historical #frontliner: Doctor Rebecca Lee Crumpler, born in 1831.
#BlackLivesMatter #HistMed #OldOpTheatre Image
[2/7] She was the first black woman doctor in the United States of America, obtaining her medical degree in 1864 in the middle of the American Civil War. Early on, Lee Crumpler was a nurse, and her transition to become a doctor was not an easy one!
[3/7] It took several letters of recommendation from doctors she used to work for, before she was able to secure a place to study at the New England Female Medical College, currently known as Boston University School of Medicine.
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For too long, #HERstory has been relegated to the sidelines. So, I'm taking matters into my own hands & as we continue our fight for a #WomensHistoryMuseum will be sharing stories of incredible American women so that we can all be #InspiredByHer - I hope you'll share yours, too. Image
For our first #InspiredByHer feature, we are inspired by our 9/11 first responders. Brenda Berkman was part of the first class of female firefighters in the @FDNY, a 9/11 first responder & is a founder of the United Women’s Firefighters (@unitedwomenffs). 📸: @womensmediacenter Image
For our next #InspiredbyHer feature; a true American intellectual & artist, #ZoraNealeHurston. Though too many of her accomplishments went unrecognized until after her death, she was a groundbreaking force in American literature - notably writing Their Eyes Were Watching God. Image
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We’re excited to announce the launch of #HerStory, Twitter’s new, monthly original video series highlighting the work and personal stories of women journalists around the world. Here’s a sneak peak:

Women journalists are essential to the storytelling landscape, and far too often face obstacles while doing their jobs that their male counterparts do not.
We need to highlight this gender inequality as often as possible, but especially on #WorldPressFreedomDay, when so many are celebrating journalism and the indispensable work that reporters do for society.
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All this talk of the Irish Parliamentary Party in #Election18 has reminded me how in 1901 in Westminster they forced an exemption from inspection for Magdalene Laundries under the mammoth Factory and Workshop Act 1901 - see section 103(4). #votail100 (Thread)
John Redmond's argument (which you can read here:…) went as follows:
"The claim we put confined to institutions, reformatory in their character, in which the labour employed is...of fallen women who have been taken by these charitable ladies,who have...provided them w/work and w/ means of salvation frm continuing in their evil courses
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There is so much silence, stigma, and shame attached to miscarriage.

But miscarriages happen and have always happened. A brief #herstory thread.
Miscarriage is painful and frightening, and can be lonely. People talk and post about their successful pregnancies. No one shares their miscarriages.

Hearing other women open up about their losses, and reading about miscarriage in history helped me feel less alone.
When I told my mother about my miscarriage, she asked, “So what did you do to cause it?”

She is the product of generations of Arab women who face blame and shame for everything, something that I internalised but #resist every day.

Miscarriage is not our fault.
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People ask what #patriarchy is. Think “Jim Crow” and apply it to women—all women. It’s a web of systems, structures, practices and believes that enforce gender hierarchy and silence women. 1/
#This is what #patriarchy looks like in the US right now. 2/
And #patriarchy looks like #this. Yesterday, .@OrrinHatch refused to listen to women and their concerns. 3/…
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"Women's history is women's right--an essential, indispensable……
"Women's history is the primary tool for women's emancipation." #InternationalWomenseveryDay #daywithoutawoman #WomensHistoryMonth #herstory
"Everything that explains the world has in fact explained a world that does not exist, a world in which men are at the center..."
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