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1 What we see now are the remnants of Trump. A jumble of fractured thoughts in an unraveling vessel. These thoughts, the essence that made up a toxic mix of narcissism, depravity & criminality are fading away. Ppl will say"I saw Trump- there's nothing left of him." Let's rewind:
2 "Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name." Who knew? Trump was just a TV clown to most people. How did a money laundering con-man get to the WH? Picture him- "I'm more than a money launderer, I can be SOMEBODY. I can be an American Oligarch, just like the Russian bigwigs"
3 Trump fell hard for Putin, because Putin could shut off his money laundering faucet. Trump was like a low level Associate- "A friend of ours" (I'm mixing Mob lingo here)-not even soldier or capo level in the org. Better yet, he'd show them all he could run dirty for President.
4 Trump auditioned in 2011 w/ his birther scam- a propaganda attack on Obama, he wouldn't let go of. Trump "made his bones" w/ it, and Putin was happy to help him in 2016. What Putin didn't count on was getting caught & Trump becoming an ineffective shell, dominated by dementia.
5 Trump is disintegrating & you can be sure his squad has a menu of phony disease excuses- back, hip, hearing, to hide it. Hiding Khashoggi’s murder & extorting Qatar was routine biz for Jared the Clever, so why not keep Trump afloat. When he humiliates himself, it’s his problem.
6 Trump is a figurehead, unable to perform basic executive functions. He makes appearances. They go badly. Even tweeting has been handed off. Ideas abound about who sends them- Kellyanne, Scavino & Miller rotate or present lists? Check out these grammatically correct dirt bombs.
7 Trump doesn't interact w/ people. He struggles w/ how to speak from a distorted thought pool while trying to impress. He has zero self awareness. The comments can range from silly- “beautiful baby” to belligerent- ”wipe out Afghanistan”. Trump is dominated by dementia 24/7.
8 Watch the GOP sharks start circling when they smell blood in the water when Trump cracks. Haley, Graham & more will either want to be Pence’s VP or bypass Pence & try to get the GOP 2020 nom themselves. Trump won’t be on the ballot. His health decline proves it every day now.
9 Trump supporters don't connect his aberrant behavior to dementia. They ignore obvious loss of speech- slurring & disastrous unintelligible interviews. What they won’t be able to ignore are his worsening physical symptoms like balance, stumbling and/or falling down. It’s coming
10 Last night, Trump badly dragged his leg, swayed & jutted his tongue out. He did not appear to be in pain. He talked mindlessly about "young people" bc he can't think of what to say. I’ve seen this exact pattern up close in Frontotemporal Dementia- PSP.
11 Trump sitting at his desk while everybody else stands is more than his regal rudeness. It’s a necessity. Trump requires multiple ways to brace himself & stances for balance & weight distribution. He sits, stands & walks differently than a healthy person
12 Trump's balance issues were evident last summer at the G7. They were much worse in the fall in Paris. They are, of course, worse today. He's literally at a tipping point. There are examples in layered threads here. Loss of balance is a safety issue, leading to safety measures
13 Sitting at his desk Trump keeps feet pressed to the floor, butt on chair, arms holding the desk. The left palm flat on the desk braces him when he shakes Buzz's hand. He can't sit back in his chair- he'd have no support & would move all over the place
14 When Trump is on a chair w/o a desk, he sits on the edge to spread his weight between his butt & his legs. If he sat back in an over-stuffed chair, he would move with an ants in his pants writhing. He needs to brace himself by leaning forward.
15 Standing at a podium is another challenge for Trump. He leans forward and hangs on like he's using a walker. He even uses his gut to balance on the podium when he isn't holding on. Video credit to Marco Rubio's cell phone here...

16 Solo or interaction standing, Trump adopts the classic spread feet, butt back, forward lean, arms out, dementia position. This is a form of compensation and is unsustainable. It can't continue for much longer.
17 Walking- Trump's been careful to avoid situations where he loses balance. He drives golf carts on the green. With Kim he was cautious. With reporters he side shuffles. To the copter, he’s often holding hands. Watch him wobble- unable walk straight here
18 For an overview of Trumps dementia, here’s a thread that has 8 layers of sub-threads for a deep dive going back over a year.
19 Trump’s enablers are willing to run him in to ground bc they simply don’t care. They are opportunists and they each get to be part-time presidents. Whether it’s Ivanka, Jared, Barr, Melania, Mnuchin, Pompeo, Mitch or Miller, they all get a piece of the action.
20 Trump's is reduced to doing the "it's OK to be stupid“ routine. He couldn't remember AOC‘s name so he stumbled around & tried to joke about it. It was a way to cover up his failing mental health in front of the crowd but it ruined his punch line.
21 Here's a new Trump symptom list. Everything on the list is worsening. When new symptoms appear they are added sequentially. If Trump saw a Doctor, they would be horrified by his condition. A neurologist doing a workup would instantly list a dozen more. Eyes, hands, balance etc
22 Projecting violence is a new symptom. He's gone there before but it's in overdrive now. So is his yelling. We saw his yelling this week with Trump going nuts on a reporter.
23 Keep in mind, we only see a snapshot of Trump when he’s trying for the cameras. The down time tells even more. That's the thing they really hide. The whole routine. I've been looking for a video of him eating- actually chewing food & swallowing, since he's been in the WH.
24 If WH physicians are hiding Trump's condition & keeping him upright, it’s a crime. A huge crime. I don’t give a rat’s ass about HIPAA privacy. Boosting Trump w/ a drug cocktail for dementia (doesn’t slow deterioration) while lying about his health is a crime & they will pay
25 Watching Trump crater from dementia will be a well deserved humiliation for his supporters. They will wear it around their necks for the rest of their lives. Enablers & opportunists who've covered up his dementia & helped extend his stay will face even more severe consequences
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