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Aujourd'hui, @EUCouncil et le @Europarl_EN adoptent deux régulations :

MiCA (Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation)
TFR (Transfer of Fund Regulation)

TFR a été accepté hier et les dernières discussions sur MiCA ont lieu plus tard ojd.

Suis-moi et lit ce 🧵 pour un brief...
L'UE est la principale juridiction à implémenter des réglementations sur les cryptos et, joue un rôle de standard global.

Ce thread n'est pas complet ; je présente ici ce que je juge être le plus important. N'hésitez pas à rajouter des motions que vous considérez essentiels !).
TFR (Transfer of Fund Regulation)

Le TFR sera implémenté une fois que MiCA est appliqué.

Le Conseil Européen reconnaît que les méthodes d'analyse de conformités des transactions blockchains sont suffisantes pour s'aligner aux règles d'AML.
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#Russia-#Ukraine: "One of the worst my view is that it focused attention of the European member states on the eastern front, lowering the already low level of attention on the south" Deputy Dir General of the EU Military Staff LtGen Giovanni Manione tells #EUDFF22
"It is a tragic effect. It is a huge mistake" per the EU Military Staff's LtGen Manione

"We are keeping resources stick to just in case something happens, forgetting completely that actions should be taken now in another theater"
#Ukraine - "I'm not sure this is the main target of the #Russia|ns" per the EU Military Staff's LtGen Manione

"The main target of the Russian could be having ppl focused on there [Ukraine], forgetting they're [Russia's] actions elsewhere"
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#Kaliningrad - "The land border between the 3
#Baltic states & #Russia, #Belarus, which for all intents & purposes a military district of the Russian Federation, & Kaliningrad is 1,635 km..." #Latvia National Security Advisor Jānis Kažociņš tells #EUDFF22
"The land border between the #Baltic states & @NATO is a massive 104km" per #Latvia's Kažociņš

Kažociņš calls it "a massive challenge"
EU currently providing #Ukraine w/long-rage artillery, tanks & #MLRS, per @eu_eeas Amb Charles Fries at #EUDFF22

"We have adapted our offers to the #Ukrainian needs"
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Hindsight on #Russia-#Ukraine: "We did an enormous amount of diplomacy in advance, trying to give #Putin an off-ramp so he would not have to make this absurd & tragic decision" to go to war in #Ukraine, @DeputySecState Wendy Sherman tells #EUDFF22
Unity in face of #Russia's war in #Ukraine - "I've rarely seen the kind of unity that I've experienced...this sentiment is very much there" @SanninoEU tells #EUDFF22

But "the work that is needed is more intense"
#Russia's Vladimir Putin - "Understand that Putin really in his own words has really said he wants to be 'Peter the Great' of the 21st & 22nd centuries" per @DeputySecState
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Indigenous leaders from Brazilian territories @ApibOficial and #XR Europe protested today infront of @EU_Commission demanding:

"Anti-deforestation law must include all regions/biomes, not just the Amazon in the 'Law on the Importation of Forest-Risk Products' (FERC)!"

Thread 🧵 ImageImage
@ApibOficial @EU_Commission The #EuropeanUnion is one of the largest buyers of soy and other forestry risk products from Brazil. This causes harm and destruction to #IndigenousPeoples and their lands.

“We need the EU government to stop these environmental crimes!” #StopEcocide ImageImage
@ApibOficial @EU_Commission Respect the International Rights of #IndigenousPeople!

Indigenous Land is a guarantee for the future of all humanity. There is no solution to the #ClimateCrisis and #Biodiversity loss without Indigenous Peoples - @ApibOficial
@EU_Commission @Europarl_EN @EUCouncil. Image
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Why the #oil embargo #sanctions is a disaster for #Europe & what you are not being told. A thread. Inflation of energy prices are is at all time high. In #USA which is a large producer #fuel #gasoline are up 48 % & 100 % over a year. Situation is much worse in #EU
In fact #EU is pumping more #oil from #Russia than before the #WarInUkraine. The #sanctions decided by the #EuropeanUnion are going to be imposed gradually & touch only #oil transported by sea. But you are not being told the truth . #Energy prices are hitting hard the consumers/2
will continue to grow while #Russia will make more money off gas & exports this year by exporting less, yes you read that right, because when you reduce the offer, the prices go up. But surely our leaders know what they do & have a long term strategy./3…
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I ve watched #Merkel presentation so you dont have to. Here it is the summary . Basically she tries to protect her legacy. At this moment she is under heavy fire having resigned as chancellor. Many accuse her of being to " kind " to #Putin, too tolerant/1…
On the other hand, she is also attacked for her strong fist ruling of #EuropeanUnion , encouraging #migration imposing hefty severe #rules for #financial disciple ruining #European solidarity,For this she is specially loathed in #Spain #Greece #Italy.Her point about #UkraineWar/2 Image
was that it was too dangerous to accept #Ukraine in the #EuropeanUnion #Nato at the summit in 2008. As a matter of fact i attended this summit & i can testify that #Putin was received as a partner, impressed the audience, got the attention of everyone even #GeorgeBush. /3 Image
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#Finland @NATO membership-"#Turkey's objection...we are still in the assessment phase, trying to figure out how serious the demands & objections are" @FINambUS Mikko Hautala tells @BrookingsInst

"We intend to discuss w/the Turks...This process is going on right now"
"This is a discussion we are having w/the Turkish gvt right now" per @SWEambUSA Karin Olofsdotter tells @BrookingsInst re: #Tukrey's objection to @NATO membership

"#Sweden of course is a very strong ally in all issues that deals w/terrorism & anti-terrorism" she adds
"The #EuropeanUnion has had #PKK on its terrorist list since 2002, so we have always been there for that" per @SWEambUSA

"We have been operating w/some of these organizations in #Syria, as the #UnitedStates has done, as many other Europeans have done"
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Why is having an EU passport so great? 🇪🇺
A thread. #FBPE #RejoinEU #IAmEuropean

In March 2019 I moved to #Belgium.

The process involved:

No visa
No 90 day limit
No employment contract
No criminal record check
No min. income
No travel insurance
No arduous bureaucracy
I stayed in Brussels for the summer, but I didn't feel totally at home.

Then a friend suggested that I might prefer Lisbon...

So I left Brussels and moved to #Lisbon in early 2020.

With an EU passport, country-hopping like that was easy. No major planning needed.
Becoming resident in #Portugal was so simple.

I just turned up at the local municipality office and declared my wish to do so.

Oh yes, and paid the giant sum of €15 for my residency certificate.

BOOM, five years temporary residency! ✅
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@valtioneuvosto @TyttiTup #EUarchives The Legal Entity of ‘Greater #Germany’ - The first president of the #Brussels #EU
- Walter #Hallstein, #nazi-German lawyer, chief architect and first president of the Brussels EU from 1958 to 1967, gave this speech in January 1939.…
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Can the European Union ban Russian gas imports?

Answer: Faster than you might expect, but it comes down to great leadership & setting the right priorities!

Let's go - Part 3 (total of 13 tweets) with a focus on the UK.

1/n 🧵
#UkraineRussiaWar #EuropeanUnion
In part 1 we explained EU LNG and the importance of its optimial use.

In part 2 we explained the potential of more local production & illustrated the need for policy corrections such as building German LNG regasification terminals.

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Can the European Union ban Russian gas imports?

Answer: Faster than you might expect, but it comes down to great leadership & setting the right priorities!

We continue - Part II with a total of 25 Tweets

1/n 🧵
#UkraineRussiaWar #EuropeanUnion
In part I we explained that Europe must replace 150bcm of Russian gas imports to help support the end of the Russian genocide in Ukraine.

It will also be the recipe to reduce the current risk-premium in gas prices & avoid long-lasting food shortages or a refugee crisis.

We explained that...
- (1) higher LNG imports from optimised infra & capacity utilisation can deliver up to 90bcm or 62% of 150bcm if free market prices can continue to "pull" LNG into Europe;
- (2) one-off storage potential of up to 25bcm (one winter) to buy some time...

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Can the European Union ban Russian gas imports?

Answer: Faster than you might expect, but it comes down to great leadership & setting the right priorities!

Let's go - Part 1 of a total of 25

1/n 🧵
#UkraineRussiaWar #EuropeanUnion
Basics first: How much gas does Europe need to replace (not just the EU, UK et al too)?

Answer: Europe purchased 150 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas from Russia, imported from 3 pipelines & 15bcm in the form of Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) by sea.

2/n Source: Burggraben
Why is it important to cut Russian gas?
Because it finances Putin's genocide in Ukraine which in turn pushes gas prices up. That destroys businesses and - for heaven's sake - creates food shortages with a subsequent refugees crisis.

3/n #foodshortage
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Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa Image
Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa
Why is this ok for the Western media to ignore ? #UKRAINE
Thousands of young Ukrainians are being tied to poles and trees with tape and tortured by Nazi gangs - In some cases stripped slapped and whipped with belt- for what?
#Donbas #DonbassWar #Donbass #Mariupol #Odessa #Odesa
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Human Rights Foundation "Ar.Rukh.Hak" reports that the prosecutor's office in #Shymkent is conducting a search in the house of a lawyer of the foundation, Shalipa #Bekkulova.@PACE_President @EUParl_EN @rozathun
Earlier, on 20 April, the KNB summoned Shalipa #Bekkulova for questioning in a politically motivated criminal case as a witness. Formally, this may be related to the fact that on January 5,
when the authorities deliberately turned off the Internet in the country in order to total information blockade, Shalipa Bekkulova together with her colleagues called civil activists around #Kazakhstan to find out whether they are safe.@NachoSAmor @KubiliusA @JosepBorrellF
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"we’re facing the worst #food #crisis since 2008. It’s a weird time to divert more grain from the food supply to fuel #tanks. In Washington, though, it’s always time to divert grain from food to #fuel."… #FoodSystems #EnergySystems
"The amount of corn it takes to fill an #SUV with #ethanol could feed a person for a year, and the #US and #Europe could immediately replace the lost grain exports from #Ukraine’s breadbasket by cutting their #biofuel production in half."
"In fact, a bunch of studies have confirmed that biofuel mandates were a leading driver of the 2008 food crisis, driving up prices by driving up demand for grain and vegetable oil."
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A la @laBnF, début de la table ronde organisée par @FRS_org sur la guerre en #Ukraine avec Xavier Pasco, @IFacon, @BrunoTertrais, @AntoineBondaz, @VincentTourret, Emmanuelle Maitre, Elisande Nexon & Carole André-Dessornes. A suivre sur youtube Image #UkraineWar
Pour @IFacon de @FRS_org, un putsch de l'armée russe contre #VladimirPoutine est peu probable #UkraineWar Image
Deuxième intervention avec @VincentTourret, chargé de recherche à la @FRS_org, qui dresse un premier de la campagne militaire russe #Ukraine #UkraineWar Image
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65 years ago today, the foundations of the #EuropeanUnion as we know it were laid.

On this day the governments of France, West- Germany, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands & Luxembourg agreed to set up the European Economic Community by signing the Treaty of Rome. (1/5) 65th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome
In the treaty, the six signatory states declared to:
🟣 create a customs union
🟣 create a single market across member states
🟣 establish some of the institutions we know today: Council, Commission, Parliamentary Assembly (later European Parliament) & Court of Justice. (2/5)
The treaty of Rome was a logical sequel to the European Coal and Steel Community, established in 1951. Robert Schuman 🇪🇺, one of the architects of the #European integration project, hoped that these steps would make war “not only unthinkable but materially impossible”. (3/5)
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#BiologicalWeapons #Thread
1/ On 4 April the 9th #1972BWC Preparatory Committee will convene until the 11th.
It had been proposed to have a 1-day meeting, basically to decide on postponing the PrepCom until later because the NPT Review Conference was rescheduled to August, ...
2/ ... which meant overlap with the dates foreseen for the BTWC RevCon.
Also, the Non-Aligned Movement is still not able to find consensus on nominating the President for the BTWC RevCon.
However, a BTWC state party had to break the silent procedure, as a consequence of which ...
3/ ... the full PrepCom meeting will go ahead.

What can we expect to happen?
Well, after 3 sessions in the #UNSC accusing #Ukraine of harbouring #BiologicalWeapons programmes funded by the #USA, the #EuropeanUnion and #Germany in its laboratories, and ...
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Is Friday the new Saturday? Europe eyes a 4-day week | Mar 16
- Two European politicians at opposite ends of the spectrum want the same thing: a four-day working week.…
The serial '#HappiestCountry', extreme poor and #corrupted #Finland is fooled to fund the rise of the #nextgeneration and much richer mafia economy countries like #Italy #Spain...
- In Finland people are starving while 30% of population lives under #EU standards. Image
#EuropeanUnion will lend money to those 'mafia' countries that have 'NOT FOUND a lender'
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$83.83 for almost a full tank of #gas in southwest #Atlanta.

Nonetheless, we persist 🇺🇦
#gasprices Image
As of Tuesday morning, the average cost for a gallon of gas in the country is $4.17 per AAA. The current price is up approximately 10 cents from Monday and more than 50 cents from last week. Costs are expected to continue to rise throughout the year.…
The sanctions put on #Russia by the U.S. and #EuropeanUnion severely impacted Russia's ability to sell crude oil, one of the biggest determiners for gas prices. Since the country is one of the biggest energy suppliers, crude oil prices have dramatically risen.
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reports to Feb.25th 👇
▶️40,011 AH
▶️8,415 Serious;31,596 Non-serious AH
▶️304 deaths;1,281 blood clot cases
▶️6,178 Special Interest AE’s; 1,857 Myocarditis/Pericarditis cases
▶️86%⬆️ in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in 🇨🇦
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 1,151,448 Reports to Feb.25th
▶️24827 Deaths;45615 Disabled
▶️135783 Hospitalizations
▶️40382 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️12731 Heart attacks;5812 Blood clots
▶️4209 Miscarriages
▶️35303 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;14364 Bells P
#UK #YellowCard Report for #AstraZeneca; #Pfizer; #Moderna, to Feb.23rd
▶️Total Reactions for #COVID19vaccines: 1,466,191
▶️Total Fatal Outcomes: 2,040
▶️Total Reports: 447,795
▶️Miscarriages: 776
#DutytoWarn #InformedConsent…
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One is the American roulette and the other, the French European roulette. The difference between the two is that an #Americans roulette wheel has 38 numbers while the #EuropeanUnion has 37. Players bet on what number and color a little ball will end up.… The wheel spins one way and the ball goes the opposite until it drops onto one of the numbers.

There is a rumor that Albert Einstein said that “You cannot beat a roulette table unless you steal money from it.” If this is actually true it would seem… that the person who plays roulette either isn’t too smart or just not in it for the money. It would appear that the last is true as many play roulette. There are websites dedicated solely to the discussion of roulette bets and there are numerous places
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