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#QAlert 5/22/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q's posts for May 22, 2018. RAPID FIRE, Avoid NSA data collection, its happening and more!

Buckle up and Let's Go!
@POTUS #FloodComing #QArmy #MAGA #PatriotsFight #WWG1WGA #ItsHappening
#QAlert 5/22/18 Post 1434
Slowly & carefully.…📁
Did you see the Ryan [PR] interview a short time ago?
When you are no longer seeking another term you are 'FREE' to make better decisions.
'Flood is coming'
Future proves past.
#QAlert 5/22/18 Post 1435 Anon posts "NELLIE OHR HAM RADIO" #Q responds:
Avoid NSA data collection.
It failed.
@POTUS #FloodComing #QArmy #MAGA #PatriotsFight #WWG1WGA #ItsHappening
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**NEW Q DROP** 05/09/18 12:50 Q posts a link to an article in Iran Daily News re. meeting in 2017 with Iranian delegation & Alexey Likhachev, the CEO of Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corp. in Moscow and says, “Happy Hunting”!! #WAnon @realDonaldTrump…
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Anons already know that Trump is NOT A BAD SPELLER and there are NO COINCIDENCES.

So...should we be looking into “chidlren” then????

Ex., Alibaba, the world’s 6th largest eCommerce store, HQ in China, a has a section on “chidlren.”

#HumanTrafficking #PedoGate #PizzaGate #QAnon
Foundations with misspellings of “chidlren” — not saying Alibaba, Florida Hospital Foundation, or Moyer Foundation are involved in #PedoGate or #PizzaGate ... but there are no coincidences. Is this misspelling some sort of ‘marking’ that flags a ‘participant?’ Investigate. #QAnon
As @trinity_toby pointed out, here's an interesting time that @realDonaldTrump 'misspelled' NY AG Schneiderman, now resigned.

"RM" was left out. Message? Learn how to 'play the game' & 'read the map.' Start digging #Anons !!!

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #ShineTheLight
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NXIVM paid a Canadian investigative firm to sift the financial records of six federal judges & @chuckschumer


Records: NXIVM hacked billionaire's emails with Hillary Clinton, world leaders
Former member alleges computer spying, plot to imprison foes…
Clare W. Bronfman, an heiress of the Seagram Company business empire

She had a keystroke program on Daddy's computer and she was extorting money from his connections... she saw all the email communications he had with all heads of state etc. including

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New Q 13:26 04/27/18 Q reminds us of previous Q drop re. Patriot @GenFlynn freedom, “Done in 30!!” Q links to Fox article that FBI didn’t think he was guilty!… #QAnon #WeStandWithGeneralFlynn #ReleaseTheTexts #Unredacted @realDonaldTrump
New Q continued!! Q asks why @GenFlynn would plead guilty! Because he wanted his testimony on the record, that’s why!!! He knows where the bodies are buried!! #Hero Q says General Flynn is safe!! #QAnon #WeStandWithGeneralFlynn #ReleaseTheTexts #Unredacted @realDonaldTrump
New Q 13:30 Q asks what was released today regarding @GenFlynn ‘Done in ‘30’? Expand!! The House Intelligence Committee Report was released today!! #QAnon #WeStandWithGeneralFlynn #ReleaseTheTexts #Unredacted @realDonaldTrump
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New Q 04/24 10:27 Iran is next, This will be a marker re_read past Q drops! @POTUS today, “Mark it down, bigger problems than ever before”! This was a signal to Iran! The CLAS refers to more than the cash pymts. of $250B!! #IronEagle Q says sweet dreams! #QAnon #AprilShowers
New Q 10:30 Anon asks if Macron is our friend/ally! Q says the sole purpose for his visit to the WH is to convince @realDonaldTrump on behalf of EU to stay in the Iran deal!! Q says you decide!! I say, he’s not our friend!! #QAnon #AprilShowers
New Q 10:37 (11) Q asks what’s at risk $250B x 2 years? What taxpayers don’t know is why the awesome developments in NK aren’t receiving Worldwide praise! We know this isn’t a good thing for the bad actors!! Q says we endure despite this!! #QAnon #AprilShowers @realDonaldTrump
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Fetal Tissue Procurement Organizations?

Baby Body Part & Fetal Tissue Trafficking?


Coming soon.

Following an investigation into the practice of fetal tissue transfers & the federal laws governing the practice, Grassley is referring several PP affiliates & companies involved in fetal tissue transfers, as well as the PPFA, to FBI & DOJ for investigation & possible prosecution



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It’s time to learn the TRUTH
Why are D’s inspiring activist groups to remove history re: slavery?
Why are history books painting a different picture than before?
Why are teachers following a new false script?
“Republicans are racists”

Learn the term ‘Projection’.
Why are they threatened?
MSM has you brainwashed.
They want you controlled.
They want you enslaved.
They want you divided.
They want you dependent!

What has the D party done for the black pop?
What has the R party done for the black pop?
What has POTUS done in 1 year?
What is the net worth of black leaders today?
Why does Pelosi mention MLK 74% of the time in weekly addresses?
MLK was a conservative
Learn the TRUTH

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#QAlert 4/23/18 This will be my THREAD for all of #Q's posts for Monday, April 23, 2018. Wake up! Happy Hunting! Armenia, NK freed, Order important, Happening now, World is Awakening Iran next and more! Let's Go!

@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
#QAlert 4/23/18 Post 1241- YUGE post here.
Iran is next.
CLAS - Sec 11A P 2.2.
Jan 1.
Jun 1.
No inspection @ GZ NR sites.
No missile tech prevention.
Load carrying.

@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
#QAlert 4/23/18 Post 1242

Do you believe?
The world is awakening.…
@POTUS #QAnon #QAnonPosts #GreatAwakening #ItsHappening #MAGA
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Nancy Pelosi just revealed STATE SECRETS, Classified information that the House Intelligence Committee has traveled inside of North Korea on National Television.
Carefully Listen and Watch her Reactions- someone whistles as if to say "you screwed up".
#QAnon #GreatAwakening #NOKO
Guarantee #Mockingbird media doesn't touch this unless you force them to.

Share. Save. Archive. Share. She admitted to discussing the purchase of missile technology with North Korea.

Just who is behind this? This is treason.
#QAnon #GreatAwakening
[Net Worth Intensifies]

#TimesUp for Nancy Pelosi
#ItsHappening very #soon

#QAnon #GreatAwakening #FridayFeeling #NorthKorea #Noko
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New Q 04/11/18 18:07 Q quotes his drop about FBI burning midnight oil, links to SC tweet, asks what was released to Nunes & links to article re. Ezra Cohen joining DOJ as Nat Sec Adv. Q asks, Warning? Telegraph? Links to DJT tweet! #ItsHappening #QAnon…
New Q 04/11 18:11 Q replies to his last drop and says, “A clean [H]ouse is very important!” #QAnon #CleanHouse #AprilShowers #MakeItRaun @realDonaldTrump
New Q 04/11 18:13 Q replies to his last drop and tells us the Q Team has to communicate with us this way. Q says to refer back to why! (Previous Q below re. Why) NAT SEC laws require it! Q says again to #TrustThePlan #AprilShowers #QAnon #MakeItRain @realDonaldTrump
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New Q DROP 1100!!! 11:16 04/09/18 Q talks Christmas in DC, Zuckerberg campaign donations & promises, private meetings, censorship, and misuse of fonations to line personal pockets!! (Zuck drop# 9 666 37)!! #DrainTheSwamp
The "Con." #QAnon #AprilShowers #GreatAwakening @POTUS
04/09 11:33!!! Q replies to last drop and says to follow the family and reread drops!!
New Q 04/09 11:55!!! Q replies to last drop & reminds us of our power as #WeThePeople Don’t let them divide us!! FB has violated your privacy, actively track you, read private messages! More info coming & @jack Twitter is next!! #QAnon @POTUS
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1. #QAlert Thread for 4/8/18. Open thread for all of the #Q posts & analysis. Want to ask YOU to post any thoughts or info in relation to #QAnon's post. Together WE are Stronger!

@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #GreatAwakenening #MakeItRain #RedPill #Q #ItsHappening
2. #QAlert 4/8/18 Post 1077 WAR Night [4]!

Night [4]
Increase in chatter.
Auth B19-2.
Sparrow Red.
Prevent at all costs.
@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #GreatAwakenening #MakeItRain #RedPill #Q #ItsHappening
3. #QAlert 4/8/18 Post 1078 Q responds to last post with this.

Auth 1st S.
Contact window ok.

@POTUS #MAGA #QAnon #GreatAwakenening #MakeItRain #RedPill #Q #ItsHappening
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1. #QAnon's intel drop today had included a line:

"Connect via past religious leaders (re: Hussein)...#Q"

Many are aware of 44's connection to the Rev Jeremiah "God-Damn America" Wright, & the suppressed photos of his association to Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan, but...(2.)
2. Before #QAnon's intel drop today, in context w #Q's ref to "past religious leaders (re: Hussein)", I was unaware of mention of his mother's, Ann Soetoro's, close assoc with members of Indonesian Subud cult founded by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo. #Q…
3. #QAnon's breadcrumb leading to the Subud cult info finds that the Indonesian Islamic cult was introduced to Hawaii in the 1960's, was headquartered in Chicago in 2001, but is now said to be hq'ed in suburbs of Washington DC since 2012.…
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(1) I #resisted following the March for Our post-birth Lives but some of the photos are too good not to share. In this one, a proud American NRA member who happens to be black peacefully protests the idiocy. Arguably, he has more at stake than most of the kids marching.
(2) If given the chance, I can make a very strong case for African Americans and "people of color" benefiting from this administration more than other groups. But the Left isn't interested in hearing it and resorts immediately to the expired race card.
(3) As @Dloesch is constantly telling us, black males are one of the groups, if not the group, most affected by gun homicides, especially in certain large cities, that have coincidentally been held by Democrats for many decades, and are supposed gun free zones (aka killing zones)
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Look at the Signs. Dave is Clearly Signalling that he has Top #Q Level Security Clearance. He Is Literally Hiding In Plain Sight.

A Preliminary Glance at these Hand Signals Proves Dave Was Telling Us He Is Q.

It's Obvious if You Know What to Look For.
Here He is Signalling to the #Illuminati, "I'm Q"
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TRUMP won the popular vote.
This will come out in the next 2 weeks. The NSA went through the data and as of Jan. 25, 2018 the votes are:
#Hillary: 57,177,958
With Hillary getting approx 7 million votes from machine fraud….#MAGA
@threadreaderapp unroll please
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😉 #Sunday When its all finished, you will discover it was NEVER random.
An explanation used by fools and liars.
#WaitForIt #DrainTheSwamp
#DeepState ➡owing no allegiance & acknowledging no responsibility to the people!
Ya know how #fakenews & establishment losers always say "Are you actually doubting our intelligence agencies?" 🤔Yes, yes I am. My question 2 you is, why do you doubt the men & women once in those agencies who risked everything TO TELL THE TRUTH?
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Shall we go back to news from June? #LisaPage #Strzok #Mueller #FBI bias. Who knew what, when & how did they know it?…
What if we go back to January? @JudicialWatch @TomFitton In light of the info finally coming out... It's time we see Peter Kadzick emails.…
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THREAD: My take on #QAnon and references to #OperationMockingbird and why its the KEY being used to overthrow the Cabal from. #ItsHappening already. Please like, retweat, and follow me for more. #MAGA #FollowTheWhiteRabbit here we go down the rabbit hole! Ready?
In reading through the Q material I’ve been intrigued by the repeated references to Operation Mockingbird, the codename for the CIA operation to infiltrate and control the MSM during the mid-20th century.
Interestingly, the references to Operation Mockingbird in the Q material isn’t always in that context.
It goes much deeper than that, and here’s my take on it:
The Cabal has been in power throughout the world for thousands of years; from Emperors, kings and princes to religion...
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PART II - Curious about #QAnon? Here's a thread of Q Clearance post summaries (taken from this link):…

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Curious about #QAnon? Here's a thread of Q Clearance post summaries (taken from this link):…

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(1) I'm usually the holiday season Grinch but I plan to spend the next 62 days in nonstop celebratory mode bc Democrats are GOING DOWN.🥂
(2) This image from December 2016 has aged well. 2017 is proving to be the best year ever for freedom loving people around the world. #USA🇺🇸
(3) Last New Year's Eve there was such a mood of optimism among us... and it turned out to be justified, didn't it? What a time to be alive.
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