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THREAD: Trump is coming to Minnesota this week to break our blue wall and flip our state red in 2020. That can’t happen. We’re launching a #MoneyBlizzard to make sure we have the resources to fight back against his hateful campaign. RT & Donate: secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
Here’s why this is bad news for Dems everywhere: 1) Donald Trump came within 1.5 percentage points (or 44,470 votes) of winning statewide in Minnesota in 2016. That’s the 2nd closest Democratic state in the country after New Hampshire.
Trump almost winning Minnesota was not a fluke.

Minnesota, one of the last bastions of progressivism in the Midwest, has been trending more and more red in the last few presidential elections.
2) Donald Trump is *personally obsessed* with flipping MN red. He’s convinced he would have won if he had spent more time here in 2016, and his campaign manager has made it clear that MN is their TOP flip opportunity in the country.
As this op-ed in @thehill notes, winning back Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania means nothing if we lose Minnesota. Donald Trump and his campaign know that.
@thehill That’s why Trump and Pence have already personally traveled to Minnesota SIX times in just the last two years. MN has the longest unbroken record of voting blue for president, and they’re putting everything they’ve got into flipping this state red.
@thehill 3) The Trump campaign is staffing up in Minnesota in ways we’ve never seen before, and frankly we just can’t keep up.

Trump and the GOP already have over two dozen staffers on the ground, and are promising more, and they have already trained over 600 volunteers in Minnesota!
@thehill Here’s the bottom line: There is no path to a Democratic victory in the Presidential race without Minnesota in the blue column. If Trump flips MN red by flooding our state with money and campaign staff, we are guaranteed to have four more years of President Donald Trump.
@thehill We need your help!

With this #MoneyBlizzard, we’re hoping to activate 1,000 new donors across the country who are committed to keeping Minnesota blue and sending Trump packing in 2020. Donate here: secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
@thehill Investing in the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor (DFL) Party is one of the best ways you can help Democrats up and down the ballot in 2020. Here’s why:
@thehill It’s crucial we re-elect Senator @TinaSmithMN, who has been doing a fantastic job standing up to special interests and fighting for Minnesotans. Republicans are trying to flip her seat and replace her with Jason Lewis, who was hand-picked by Trump to help him turn MN red. #mnsen
@thehill @TinaSmithMN MN also has more competitive Congressional races next year than almost any state in the country.

We flipped two seats from red to blue last year that we need to defend, and we’re working hard to flip back two seats we lost in 2018.
@thehill @TinaSmithMN In Minnesota, we are also on the verge of flipping our State Senate from red to blue. With only a narrow 2-seat majority, Republicans are blocking crucial legislation on everything from gun safety reform, a ban on harmful gay conversion “therapy,” stronger public schools, AND…
...perhaps most importantly for our future, a fair redistricting process that allows us to end gerrymandering once and for all in Minnesota. With a Democratic State Senate, we can finally pass a people’s agenda that moves our state forward. #mnleg
We need to win big in 2020, and here’s how we’ll do it: good old-fashioned grassroots organizing. Republicans may have big money donors, but we've got a people-powered party full of dedicated activists who are ready to keep Minnesota blue in 2020!
So here’s our ask: Give what you can. We need to hire a full team of organizers on the ground as soon as possible to get out there and do what we do best: Face-to-face conversations with voters about our values.

When Minnesota Democrats engage and organize, we win.
We’re trying to reach 1,000 new donors by the end of this week. That will allow us to fund our organizing program, recruit and train volunteers across Minnesota, and run the kind of grassroots campaign that we know can beat Donald Trump.
We know if we have the resources we need, Minnesotans will reject this President again at the polls. But if we fall short, Trump could flood our airwaves and Facebook feeds with far-right fake news that turns Minnesota red.

Invest in this movement here: secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
Thank you for believing in us as we fight this fight together.
BREAKING: Mike Pence will be in Minnesota on Thursday as well.

Pence will be working to take back a House seat that Dems flipped in 2018. Can we count on you to stand with us, donate to our #MoneyBlizzard, and help us keep Minnesota blue in 2020?
THANK YOU to all who've stepped up already! The forecast is already looking a lot worse for Trump! Let's keep the #MoneyBlizzard coming! ❄️ secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
UPDATE: We hit 750 donors to our #MoneyBlizzard!

Trump just doubled down AGAIN on flipping MN red. Now both Trump and Pence are coming this week.

MN was too close for comfort in 2016, and we need the tools to fight back and win in 2020. RT & Donate: secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
First, it was just Trump coming to MN.

Then it was Trump and Mike Pence.

Then it was Trump, Mike Pence, and Karen Pence.

Now it’s Trump, Mike & Karen Pence, and Lara Trump. All in one week. All to flip MN red - a state Trump only lost by 1.5%.
To make matters worse, the RNC is targeting Minnesota with over $330,000 of ridiculous and misleading TV ads this week in a bid to take back control of Congress.

This is why we need your support for our #MoneyBlizzard!
Here’s how we’re fighting back: organizing.

We’ll never beat the GOP when it comes to big money, but we know how to run a real grassroots campaign. We need your support to put a team of organizers on the ground to train volunteers, knock on doors, and register voters!
Can we count on you to be part of our movement and our #MoneyBlizzard by chipping in today? Together, we can keep Minnesota blue and defeat Donald Trump!
Thank you @LeaKThompson for bringing attention to our #MoneyBlizzard! As a Minnesota native, @LeaKThompson knows best the importance of working to keep Minnesota blue in the face of Trump’s attempt to flip our state.
@LeaKThompson Thank you, @GeorgeTakei, for calling attention to the importance of working hard to stop President Trump’s attempt to flip our state. What better way to fight in a Minnesota-Nice fashion than to donate to the #MoneyBlizzard?!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano is right, Dems need a strong organizing program to defend Minnesota in 2020! That's why we launched our #MoneyBlizzard!

Trump came too close to winning MN in 2016. That can't happen in 2020. With your help, we can keep Minnesota blue!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano #MoneyBlizzard Update: We just hit 800 donors! 💰🌨️💰🌨️

Thank you all so much for stepping up and helping us fund our organizing program that'll defeat Donald Trump and keep Minnesota blue!

If you haven't given yet, now's the perfect time! 👇🏽👇🏽
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano Randy Bryce, the man who intimidated @SpeakerRyan into an early retirement, knows the importance of organizing! Thank you @IronStache for standing with us to help build our organizing program and keep Minnesota blue!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache 😆 @OfficialJLD gets it! We work hard to make our politics Minnesota Nice!

That's why we launched our #MoneyBlizzard: to fund a grassroots campaign that'll beat Trump in 2020. If folks want to keep Minnesota blue, contribute to our #MoneyBlizzard today!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD New #MoneyBlizzard Update: We're up to 900 donors! Thank you all so much! 💸❄️💸❄️

By giving, you're helping the MN Dems fund the door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor organizing we need to beat Trump in 2020!

If you haven't chipped in yet, now's the time! secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD Take it from @TVietor08: Dems need to hold Minnesota if we're going to take back the White House.

In '16, Trump lost MN by just 44,765 votes. We want to make sure he doesn't come close next time around. If you're with us, give to our #MoneyBlizzard today!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD @TVietor08 Tonight, @DonCheadle is a Truth Machine!

Minnesota was very close in 2016, and we love our state too much to let it go red. Chip in to our #MoneyBlizzard campaign today and help us organize Trump out of the Oval Office!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD @TVietor08 @DonCheadle Thank you for standing with us, @anildash!

We're incredibly proud of Minnesota's legacy of love and kindness, and we will not let our state change course now by going red in 2020.

If you're with us, give to our #MoneyBlizzard today to keep MN blue!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD @TVietor08 @DonCheadle @anildash Well said @MrJonCryer!

Building a better Minnesota and a better America starts with beating Donald Trump at the ballot box. If you want to support our organizing work, chip in to the Minnesota #MoneyBlizzard today!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD @TVietor08 @DonCheadle @anildash @MrJonCryer Thank you @TVietor08!

Our state has a proud history of being a bastion of Midwestern progressivism and that's not changing now.

That's why we launched our #MoneyBlizzard - to fight back and keep Minnesota blue!
@LeaKThompson @GeorgeTakei @Alyssa_Milano @SpeakerRyan @IronStache @OfficialJLD @TVietor08 @DonCheadle @anildash @MrJonCryer WE HIT OUR GOAL! Our #MoneyBlizzard reached 1,000 donors before Trump even touched down! Thank you!

Since we launched, Trump has doubled down on Minnesota, so we're extending our campaign to make sure he stays buried in the snow! RT & Donate! 💰🌨️💰🌨️
Minnesota was too close in 2016, and Trump is obsessed with flipping our state red in 2020.

We cannot let Trump break our blue wall! That's why we're raising the alarm, extending our #MoneyBlizzard, and asking for your help! secure.actblue.com/donate/moneybl…
Winning back Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania means nothing if Trump flips Minnesota. If Democrats are going to take back the White House in 2020, our state has to stay blue.
Minnesota has the longest unbroken record of voting for Democratic nominees for president in the nation, but lately we’ve been trending more and more red.

We cannot and will not let Trump flip our state. Will you stand with us?
Here’s how we’re going to keep MN blue: door-to-door, neighbor-to-neighbor grassroots organizing. That’s how we stop Trump.

We need the resources to hire a team of organizers across MN. Will you chip in to our #MoneyBlizzard and help us fight back?
Thank you @anamariecox! With friends like these, we've got a fighting chance at keeping Minnesota blue!

You're exactly right, things were too close here in 2016. Thank you for being part of our #MoneyBlizzard and helping us fight back in 2020!
@anamariecox Randy @IronStache Bryce gets it! We're not stopping until Trump is buried by our #MoneyBlizzard!

Thanks for fighting alongside us to keep Minnesota blue and take back the White House in 2020!
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