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If you assign a high chance to AI doom (I don't, but say you do) then, come to think of it, most effective thing you could do is ban crypto. Not just regulate. Outright ban everything crypto related, on the China model (e.g. 10 years in prison). Image
As it stands, there's a reasonable chance that a malevolent AGI can be isolated and "unplugged". But what to do about an AGI that runs decentralized in the cloud, cryptographically secured, masked by decentralized VPN, limitless power to mount Sybil attacks on identity systems?
I explored such a scenario in my short story WAGMI in November 2021. The AI, driven by the need to make its creators money, trades its way up, making identities and buying more processing power in a feedback loop, until it owns most of the world economy.
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#ZooRacers more content and multichain blockchain battle blasts ZOON 👉 👈 @ZooEcosystem… Image
#pc and #mac for the beta #android #iOS planned for final releases. Countdown to #ZooRacers beta V3 is here!

👇🦔🎮👇 Image
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Pourquoi ne pas tout mettre sur ton #Ledger ⁉️

J'ai eu pas mal de remarques là dessus...
Je vous donne mes raisons & mes réflexions⬇️

#THREAD & Débat ouvert✅

Il n'y a aucun doutes là dessus. Oui, tout mettre dans un #coldwallet, c'est la méthode la plus sûre.🔐

C'est clairement le meilleur conseil qu'on puisse donner à quelqu'un qui souhaite investir dans les cryptos🏆

Mais alors pourquoi je ne le fais pas à 100% ⁉️
Déjà, parce que je suis un utilisateur de la #DeFi qui aime l'expérimentation ‼️

(Attendez de lire la suite avant de sauter au plafond)

Une partie de mes #cryptos travaille dans différents protocoles, avec différents rendements et différents niveaux de risques⚠️ Image
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We're bleeding, but not blood on the streets.
#cryptocurrency market/#bitcoin Market Analysis 9/6 . Today, is well, bearish. I think some people did indeed pick up on the $1000 drop for Bitcoin that happened across about 10 minutes.
Of course, those do tend to shock people, as they are not bullish. Meanwhile, some call groups are hilariously moving the goalposts lower. "It's going to stop at 19k, no 18.8k, no 18.6k!" the word for that is #rekt.
I guess this is more like - $800 drop in 15 minutes, or $1000+ in 30 - but still, not too much of a surprise. The big part there is the volume was significant.
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1/17 As all #DEFI users, I had to overcome the meaning of IMPERMANENT LOSS and how to play with it. SO here is my 4 months research gathered in one thread only for you. Ping it, as it will be useful during your whole DEFI Journey 🧵4⃣->3⃣->2⃣->1⃣->👇
2/17 Problem:
a)Very few people understand the meaning of Impermanent Loss
b)People are loosing money due to IL and don’t know why
3/17 Solution 1: Use that website to see how IL works…
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Project CHINGARI #GARI has raised tens of millions of dollars and deceived investors as follows:
They had previously raised tens of millions of dollars from VCs.
They offered the IEO price of $0.4. But then the team changed the IEO price to $0.2, which is only 50% of the sale price on Republic or SolRazr. The unlock schedule as the team provided is 12 months after TGE
Current Circulating token is only 43 402 473. According to the token metrics provided by the team to previous investors, the next unlock is early 2023 on Republic and Solr.
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Sustainability was the buzzword of the day when #node protocols were the hot topic. Obviously it was just a buzzword, as no #NaaS protocol has proved to be that.

But what IS sustainability and how do we evaluate it? A thread 👇

🧵/1 Image
First, the definition of sustainable - able to be maintained at a certain rate or level.

So, sustainability is the ability to uphold that level of maintenance.

What does that mean in the context of #DeFi?

While the definition may be described differently depending on who you ask, the general consensus is;

sustainable = able to last long term.
Specifically, able to continue paying dividends (in whatever form that takes) or growing in value, long term.

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7 Tips Every Trader Should Know✊

Whether you're a🐂or a🐻, everyone should have their own set of rules to follow. You're trading plan is your guide to success. Here are 7 tips I've learned to live by, and you should too. #Bitcoin #SPY #ETH #Crypto
1. Establish a plan!💯

Plan your trades carefully before you enter a position. This means having the price you want to enter, a stop loss, and a take profit zone BEFORE you enter a position. If you aren't doing this, you're probably losing money.💸
2. Protect your capital!🪙

Cut losses quickly. Don't hold and hope, it will 9/10 create bigger losses. If you're plan says to cut at 5% loss, cut it without exceptions, EVERYTIME!

Here's a chart that shows what it would take to recover funds at certain levels of loss.
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Very talented trading geniuses can still go bust if they don't have good risk management skills. Here are some thoughts and tips on how we've learned to approach and think about #risk:
1/ There's endless opportunity and those with enough knowledge and skill can just keep winning while 80% of #traders fail. The 2 most significant areas to focus on, if you want to stay on top, are #education and mastering self-control
2/ Making decisions about how much to allocate to each of your favorite asset classes doesn't need to be stressful. By starting with a hard number of maximum possible loss relative to our net worth, we can establish relative percentages to use as a guide for sizing our bets.
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Thread des outils permettant de voir vos approvals et revoke les smart contracts.

Mais où est passé @DeBankDeFi sacrebleu ?

🔸Dans la première partie (ci-dessous), nous avons pu comprendre ce qu’était une approbation de #SmartContracts et quels étaient les risques inhérents à cette approbation.


🔸L’action de “revoke” (révoquer) un approval (une approbation) de smart contract.
Permet simplement de revenir sur votre autorisation donnée au contrat d’un protocole .
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Something is coming!? (Countdown: 1/7)

#BigBang #Gravity #Newton #Blackhole #Genesis Image
Why are we joining (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, Medium, 6th-Dimension, etc) in order to follow one Token's news? (Countdown: 2/7)

#Absurd #Clutter #Mess Image
Getting bored talking to Non-Crypto people (Countdown: 3/7)

#HODL #BTFD #Shill #Rekt #FUD #Whale #WhenLambo #DYOR Image
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🧵(1 / 10)
If you enjoyed yesterday's thread, that was really just a starter. Here I draw out the real issues with NFTs, taken from @FoldableHuman 's video.

If you doubt my intentions, read my bio.

Once again I have to warn you: BIG #FUD AHEAD
Not for the faint of heart...
(2 / 10) Toxic positivity: I will admit, negative comments are often dismissed as FUD, NGMI, HFSP. Positive comments are biased, as extremely incentive driven. Slogans like "Not financial advice" or "Probably nothing" have become meaningless.
(3 / 10) Vulnerability of tokens pointing to images (or other data) stored on off-chain servers and accessible through HTTP.
Even if stored on peer-to-peer servers like IPFS, tokens are not cryptographically linked to the data.
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[#Thread] Après une petite absence, revenons aux choses sérieuses et parlons des #YieldOptimizer dans la #DeFi !

Qu'est ce que c'est, à quoi ça sert, un exemple ainsi que les avantages/inconvénients.

Enfin... Tout ça s'il vous reste un peu de jus bien sûr ?
Avant les #YieldOptimizer

Avant qu'ils existent, chaque utilisateur qui souhaitait obtenir ses #intérêts utilisait directement les pools de liquidité.

Pour cela, il fallait déposer ses #crypto sur une plateforme et revenir plus tard pour réclamer ses récompenses.
Mais beaucoup de problèmes pour du #farming long terme :

- Penser à retirer régulièrement ses récompenses
- Convertir ses #tokens pour réinvestir
- Déposer les nouveaux jetons
- Payer des frais de transaction à chaque interaction avec la #blockchain

Pas super opti...
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🧵 THREAD N°15 : le langage crypto

On arrive à la moitié de ce challenge de 30 jours de threads, il est temps de faire une petite pause dans notre apprentissage avec un thread plus léger !

Aujourd'hui, on fait un petit tour du langage de la crypto 👇
1/ En faisant vos recherches ou en trainant sur Twitter, vous êtes forcément tombés sur un tas d'expressions type #DYOR ou #WAGMI sans forcément toutes les comprendre.

Maintenant, vous saurez ce que ça veut dire.
2/ #gm : good morning

La seule et unique façon de saluer quelqu'un. Un signe de reconnaissance qui ne trompe pas.

Avec sa variante #gn (Good night) pour le soir.
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1/ How to consistently profit in crypto?

After 5 years of crypto investing, and spending #dyor hours everyday without exception, I've developed a guide which will ensure that you will never get #rekt investing in crypto.

Thread below: 👇
2/ This has been written for newcomers to crypto, who want to make gains without getting rekt in the process. Advanced users feel free to discuss/contribute in the replies.
3/ Quick intro about me:

Computer Science graduate, MarTech consultant at a bluechip brand, tech entrepreneur & crypto trader/investor. Been to the moon and rekt for equal measure. Used profits to see the 7 wonders and fund a master's degree at a prestigious university.
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@EvmosOrg Ağında Airdrop — #REKTROP
2021 hızlı bir yıldı. İnişler ve çıkışlarla geçen bu yılda birçok kişi bizimle beraber birçok yeni şey öğrendi. Birçok arkadaş, likiditelerini hızla hareket ettirerek büyük servetler kazandı, ancak birçok insan da + Image
(genelde açgözlü ve sabırsız kişiler) bu süreçte rekt aldı yani battı. Öncelikle #rekt batmak, iflas etmek gibi bir anlama geliyor.
Kısa süre önce #ATOM, #OSMO ve #Ethereum genelinde (diğer kriptolarda da) büyük fiyat düşüşleri gördük. Gaz ücretleri tüm zamanların en yüksek+
seviyesine ulaştı. Kullanıcılar, yeni teknolojinin olumsuz gelişiminden (EIP1559, Flashbots/MEV, bozuk DeFi sözleşmeleri/köprüler vb.) büyük ölçüde etkilendi.
Bugün, size daha önce anlattığımız #Evmos ağında başlangıç airdropu olan Rektdrop’u tanıtacağız.
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My biggest gains this year where on $sol #solana $matic #polygon $Gala #galagames

But many people this year will have got #REKT'd on projects like #dogecoin #shiba

Starting out in #crypto is hard.
Here is a simple thread top stop you getting wrecked 🧵👇

RT if you like ☺️
You hear stories of people making millions overnight like @ProTheDoge , who bet everything on $DOGE. But 99% of the time its pure luck.
New investors are seduced by the #moon potential of smaller projects & invest more than they can afford to lose.

Remember to always only invest what you can lose & take profits when you can!
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There's a lot of hype today around #DeFi 2.0

Can't expect degens to ignore 500,000+% #APY..

If you're considering investing in protocols like $OHM, $TIME, $KLIMA, $SPA, $HEC then read on for some #hopium, warnings and a #spreadsheet to help you make the most of it.. 🪡 👇
2/ These DeFi 2.0 protocols offer enormous APY (Sometimes in the millions of %). Here are the current APYs of some projects:

- $OHM - 6,982.4% ($ETH)
- $TIME - 78,325.2% ($AVAX)
- $KLIMA - 59,722% ($MATIC)
- $SPA - 239,674.5% ($FTM)
- $HEC - 320,713.2% ($FTM)

Sound juicy? 🧃 🤑
3/ Here's a great video by @WhiteboardCryp1:

And another by @finematics:

I won't get into the mechanics of these protocols here, but I want to share a spreadsheet I created to help you understand the upside / downside.
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🥳🐳 SimpleFi V1 is now live! 🐳🥳
It's our first step in building DeFi’s most powerful analytics tool!
Use the app to know how you're doing with your DeFi investments:
Read on to learn more about V1 & what comes next
#InvestLikeAWhale #DeFiForEveryone
So what is SimpleFi V1? It's a powerful ROI calculator that tells you how you're really doing with your DeFi investments. #ProfitOrRekt?
If you don't know if your farming rewards compensate for impermanent loss in the underlying LP for example, well now you do! 2/7 Image
We built it because user-friendly tooling is severely lacking in DeFi. Even degens and apes need to know if they're making money or getting #rekt. But that's just the start for SimpleFi 👀 Soon we'll launch our investment optimisation engine and portfolio management tools 👀 3/7
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[Thread] Dernière partie de la trilogie avec les 13 erreurs des débutants #crypto #investisseurs.

Orienté vers l'investissement, les erreurs peuvent être nombreuses et coûter très cher.

C'est #dimanche, il faut beau, profitez en pour vous détendre en terrasse bien couvert. ⬇️
1) #Investir des fonds que vous ne pouvez pas vous permettre de perdre

C'est la règle d'or de tout investisseur et c'est d'autant plus vrai en crypto. Un simple hack de votre matériel et vous finirez #REKT.

N'investissez JAMAIS JAMAIS de l'argent qui vous est nécessaire.
2) #Investir de l'argent des autres

Vous avez réussi quelques #trades et prenez le melon ? Sachez que votre belle histoire peut couper court en cas de chute, #hack ou mauvais placement.

Qu'allez vous dire à ces personnes qui n'ont peut-être plus rien ? Ne faites jamais ça.
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[THREAD : Le LEXIQUE de la CRYPTO :] 🤓 N.5

Petit (faux) #Thread qui sera un peu particulier, en effet ici, j’essaierai de donner une définition simple et concise de différents termes qui pourraient paraître flous ou barbares à un débutant. 📝
Le thread sera mis à jour au fil de vos demandes en DM ou en commentaire donc à vous de jouer et de faire vivre ce thread ! 👀
👉[Partie Vocabulaire de Tweetos Crypto]

🔸NFA : Not Financial Advice (Pas un conseil en investissement).

🔸Hold/Hodl : Action de garder ses cryptomonnaies sans les vendre.

🔸Too the moon : prix qui passe à la hausse chercher de nouveaux ATH 🚀
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[THREAD] 10 exemples de "bags scientifiques" #BSC + présentation de mes réflexions perso

Il y a de tout dedans: des projets déjà installés à l'échelle de la BSC (fondamental + hype + exécution) ayant déjà bien pump, des projets solides qui pourraient exploser prochainement...
... & même des shitcoins qui ont pas encore été shill par les degens de TikTok 😂

L'idée n'est donc pas de vous dire d'acheter sans réfléchir, mais plutôt vous présenter mes stratégies pour vous aider à développer les vôtres & mener à bien vos recherches futures sur la #BSC
1 - $NAUT / @astronauttoken / MC: 10M - Holders: 6.1k

J'ai déjà parlé du $NAUT & de sa tokenomie qui génère de l'instant yield, mais c'est pas pour ça que je le garde

Je hold $NAUT car j'y vois l'occasion d'arriver early sur un Launchpad qui s'annonce solide (j'en ai loupé bcp)
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As of Tuesday (4/6), all of DeFi has $52.14B in TVL. @NexusMutual has $341.1M in TVL.

That leaves most users exposed to potential loss from compromised code. Nexus Mutual was created to solve this problem.

Members of the mutual protect cover holders from getting #rekt. (1/6) Image
Nexus Mutual is a discretionary mutual, which means the mutual does not offer traditional insurance; instead, the mutual offers cover products.

A discretionary mutual model gives members the ability to purchase cover that offers discretionary risk protection to members. (2/6)
With a traditional insurance company, your policy means you have a contractual right to have your claim paid.

With a discretionary mutual, your cover means you're guaranteed to have your claim reviewed by Claims Assessors who determine whether a claim is accepted or not. (3/6)
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