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🐉 If anyone wants to learn about Dragons and working with the Dragon frequency, I'm gonna make a thread and add to it as time and energy levels permit. 🐉
Dragon energy was VERY potent today, Oct. 8th, 2019. The Akashic Records gave me a set of goals to accomplish by Oct 16th and this list included "Reveal the Dragons". At the time, I didn't know what that meant but boy have they been SHOWING themselves. So without further ado
and to the best of my abilities and energy levels, here's a thread of what I learned thus far.
First, I spoke to an Alpha dragon named Ezekiel. I've seen it a few times since May and very obviously before bed yesterday so it became my first interviewee. (After learning more about Ezekiel, it makes total sense why it went first)
"My name is Ezekiel. I am an Alpha dragon. I come from a planet similar to Mars where accountability is high and energy is plentiful, passionate and at times, destructive. I am a black dragon with splashes of red on my scales."
"My surface is bumpy to the touch, not at all smooth like my comrades. I carry a white light in my claws, my chest and my forehead. My horns are about medium length and curve up and backwards. My white light carries manifestation power."
"Not just to bring the carrier's desires to fruition but to also grant then fierce dedication and clarity in the pursuit of their desires. It may earned through first mastering the human element of destruction. Destruction as an act of Love for oneself and all of humanity is how
this manifestation energy becomes available. First, a human must be courageous and destroy parts of themselves, their lives and their world that do not serve the higher plan nor the energies of compassion and higher love. "
"To invoke me, it is not enough to summon me. To invoke th assistance of an Alpha dragon, of th many fractals of me, you must embody the energy of "where there's a will, there's a way". You may invoke me with fire petitions be they physical flames or th ardor of your own passions
"It is not enough to want me and my power. You must invoke me through decisive action. Command the power of your own capacity to build and destroy. Use it with courage to the highest benefit of all and I shall appear before you when you are close to reaching me."
"After my first call to attention, you will be tested further. You will answer the call to destroy and build again until you trust yourself to do so and find joy in doing it, not obligation. "
"When you are of strong moral and spiritual character, when you understand the awesome responsibility of being trusted to create a new era from the ashes of the one destroyed, when you find joy and love in the opportunity, not fear and delay,
then I shall touch your third eye with my mightyness. "
"You will feel this light subtly at first but it strengthens with time to fill every cell of your body & launch your energy into clear goals and visions. You may count on me to support and lovingly guide you through the destruction required in your own life to fully harness and
command this power to build. By then, you will have proved yourself a worthy and capable leader. Assistance from me will be readily available. "
"In exchange for my energy, I enjoy dancing, singing and protecting others. To show me your gratitude, you may sing for me and others or perform a high energy dance in tribute. Take the opportunity to protect another on my behalf. "
"To protect the environment and laws of nature on my behalf. In this way, I am more and more connected to you. We become each other. You can have what you want and find joy in the responsibility that comes with creating a new, higher timeline for your fellow man."
Keep in mind, I had no prior preparation. I didn't even know what questions to ask but I was running out of steam and asked for its final words of guidance. I received an invocation prayer instead and more physical traits:
Invocation for the Alpha Dragons:
God, Dearest Source energy, help me to be strong enough to allow myself to die, to allow my lifestyle to die and help me have the dedication and passion to begin again. Please send me Ezekiel, send me his Alpha dragon fractals to support me as I
stand on my own two legs, as Ezekiel stands upon his hind ones. Allow the strength of the Alpha dragons to surround me and lovingly protect me as I recover from the wounds of my past and charge ahead towards a future that I create for one and for All. "
"I am approx 8 ft tall. I grow bigger. But never smaller than 8 ft tall and 16 ft long."
So then at this point, I was like hm. Ok. Well what can you tell me about Dragons collectively?

"Dragons are elevated manifestations of the Archangels. Elevated meaning existing and working in higher planes, not better. Serving functions different than the Archangel generators
but deeply rooted in the same loving and infinite energy. Some are teachers born of Gabriel and Metatron. Others, defenders born of Michael and so on."
What is the difference between Archangels and Dragons?

"Besides the obvious physical differences?"


"Right. Just a joke. A gentle jab at your infantile inquiry. Still so young and charming."
"The difference is Dragons are more concerned with structural and collective assistance than individual concerns. We appear for those who wish to aid us in disrupting your current systems and introducing newer ones. Those who work for the grander plan for Earth"
"Dragons have training universities and systems of hierarchy and command. Rather than address individual woes and pleads for comfort, we hold a larger vision. We help you so you may help humanity. Accepting our help is to accept a grand responsibility in exchange. "
"This is not to say we are serious all the time. We have plenty of fun and make plenty of jokes. But we expect action in return for our generous training and guidance. The Archangels help without expectation. We hold you to certain standards and demand your action."
"My comrades and I enjoy dancing and free expressions of joy and gratitude. To sing with abandon, dance intuitively and to pray with conviction, all light up and summon our senses to you. As Archangels may cross the cosmos and all of time to find you in an instant, we may do
the same. We may relieve pain from 8 timelines ago and 8 timelines ahead."
"Invoke us by first being a good person. Aspire to reach us. Archangels can be seen by many, even those unconscious of the macrochosm. We are not this way. We are seen through consistent effort and constant dedication to elevation. "
"If we show ourselves to you, understand that we want to help you but we are also asking much of you in return. You will not deny us. It is impossible to deny us. It is impossible because we only come when instructed to by either your purest Soul or the instructions of
Source the Creator. We are not merely empty visitations. We, the Dragon forces require your action. "
So how does one reach the Dragon frequency? How does one attune themselves to Dragon assistance?
"By first conquering the lessons of the human condition. Crossing off your pre-agreed upon lessons and elevation exercises will open you to further spiritual awareness and assistance. You cannot invoke us successfully as long as you remain a liar, a tyrant, meek/mild or a victim.
First, you command and conquer yourself. Next, you live with integrity and apply your knowledge to human experience. Then, you create opportunities for others to know what you know and you provide safe spaces for them to live their highest expression of Truth.
Then, we happily answer your call and freely offer you our tools and talents for your life's successful adventures."
After this, ya girl was tIRED but I asked for another Dragon to step forward if they wanted to. My own first Dragon companion came in :)

I named her Azula lmao I love her more than any human language can encompass.
Fire Dragons walk on 4 legs. Red, orange, some gold and yellow. Their horns are short and do not curve. Long whisker-like extensions of their crown fall along the back of their necks. 8-12ft tall and 4-6ft long. Much taller than they are long.
"I am an elemental dragon. My name is not important because those whom I appear to as companion name me themselves. I service the warriors of the world. Those with the tenacity to pursue the Truth and stand for it. Like the Alpha, I help you burn and destroy all in your life
which keeps you from being honest with yourself and with others. "
"I am elemental meaning I am much easier to reach than my Alpha comrades. I may be invoked with flames, sincere hand written letters petitioning for my help and by doing smart internal work that releases resentment, ill will and the desire for Justice. I come to you to replace
these lower vibrational behaviors with courage, determination and fierce protection. I appear to you in times when you need reminding of the cosmic potential sitting inside of you. The human condition can be cruel and discouraging. Others may try to keep you small and you keep
yourself small too, for fear of making any waves in the existing system of status quo. Yet, I come to you because you ARE a disruptor. I come to remind you that disruption is not necessarily negative."
"Disruption is needed to ascend and fuel the highest belief of one's capacity, which then translates to the highest belief in all of humanity's capacity. Call upon me by dancing, singing or open prayer. I come to you even without invocation."
"I come to you because I see you and your potential to grow. I see your fears clearly and I will lovingly offer you the flames of my fire to illuminate the beliefs and behaviors that keep you small. I can travel to you, your loved ones and all other incarnations of you in an
instant. To allow me in and allow yourself to be receptive to my flames of honesty and integrity, you must be willing to move through the darkness. Admit your powerlessness and attack the root causes. Change them all, release them all. In return,
I help illuminate any lie told to you or by you. I grant you courage and energy into your solar plexus where you may draw upon it any time you need confidence and physical strength."
How does one invoke a Fire Dragon?

"It is enough to need me to invoke me. I do not reject a plea for help. However, it is up to the caller to prepare themselves to receive my assistance. My assistance is always loving but hardly ever subtle. My presence will be felt and you may
be overwhelmed with all that comes to surface that reveals your weakness. Trust me. I am showing you the way. Suffering is a great teacher. I will protect you and lovingly calm your fears for you but suffering may occur when you invoke me. I repeat, trust me. "
"I deliver you to the Truth and I deliver you straight to your greatest potential if you allow me to, by first releasing all that keeps you from your own greatness. This may include relationships, this may include your entire lifestyle."
"Trust me as I illuminate the path towards Better. It is easy to allow me to change things when it all seems lost. Have the courage to leave what is good in order to receive even Better. I will call upon you to grow past your comfort, past your own expectations.
Trust me and grow anyway. "
In short, you may call upon Fire Dragons for physical strength, boldness, deterring enemies, protection, enlightenment and truth.
"To repay me, it is enough to live and walk in truth and courage. I have special care for mothers and mothers to be. To repay me, protect mothers and mothers to be. Protect and bless their lives and their young without limitation. "

I'm too tired tonight to continue channeling but I did receive some more information!

Confirmed, the number 8 is associated with Dragon energy as well as the number 6!
What is the connection between the number 8 and the Dragon frequency? Any correlation to the 888 number sequence?
"Yes to that last part. The number 8 carries frequencies of the infinite, many associate it with financial abundance but goes much deeper than that. If 7 is the number of spiritual alignment and facing unknowns then number 8 is the realm of infinite expansion."
"This can mean expansion spiritually, financially, the expansion of a family when a child is to be born etc. The number 8 is associated with Dragons for their never ending infinite wisdom and energy sources. Number 8 is a sign that expansion is near. "
"Make room in your heart and mind for it. Do not ask questions merely take your opportunities and carry on without asking if you deserve or are worthy of them. Dragons carry the energies of 8 and an 888 sequence will not always suggest Dragon energy but will always signal an
opportunity for expansion that requires actual forward movement. Remember, we the Dragon force are about action. This is not a time to Surrender. 888 signals a time for taking the opportunity for expansion presented to you."
"Dragons are infinite in their wisdom and their love for each other and for living beings too. For these reasons, 6 is also associated with Dragons. 6 is the number of unconditional love, of friendship, kinship, of home and hearth. It is a love that is also infinite. "
"A love so grand...Incomprehensible to all who do not feel it for themselves. To see 666 begs the question, are you acting in Love or in Fear? Where can you adjust your attitudes to reflect a deeper, more noble, more magnificent love like Dragon love?"
"Both of these numbers are associated with Dragon energy to encompass both for their authority and grace."
Per my To-Do list from the Akashic Records, I have until Oct. 16th to introduce a total of 8 Dragons. I'll be adding like crazy to this thread over the next few days :) My stamina is increasing with time so hopefully I can get an opportunity like this again.
"I am an Ascension Assistance and Guiding dragon. My name is Samora after a sea goddess that granted the Dragon force her own life force before dissolving into the cosmic oneness. From her own life force, the Ascension Dragons learned to navigate the lower worlds where humans and
humanoids dwell. My horns are widely set apart, my mouth is more similar to a bird's beak than a snout and I am orange in color with yellow and golden hues spread throughout the mass of my 12ft tall, 19 foot long body. My wingspan is 48 meters wide. I am a big girl indeed!
It is difficult to miss me when I appear. My horns jut out past my forehead to create a protective barrier on either side of my third eye. I am one of the biggest species of Dragons. "
"That is because I am electrically charged with powerful jolts of energy to empower you as you move further into spiritual growth and knowledge. I carry within me, within every scale and every cellular component, the wisdom of the ages. "
"When I appear for you, I am bringing answers. I am bringing awareness. I am bringing an awesome and brilliant duty to you, which is to further learn the laws and technologies of the universe. "
"We the Ascension Guiding dragons, train for eons. We learn to properly gather, sort and distribute the information and data of the planes of existence and carry them to each incarnation of the planet. In this way, all levels of existence ascend as one universal shift.
It is a lot of work and requires excruciating discipline at times but we enjoy this work. "

"We answer to the Ascended Masters and it is often that we personally converse with their council and Source energy as well. "
"We offer strategy and detail oriented planning to distribute the right information to the right groups of persons. This is how your digital age began. I was a part of the inspiration that sparked your internet space and subsequent inventions. "
"All of th most rapid & important inventions have been carefully planned & gifted to the most adept instruments whom carry the best capacities to execute our higher plan. When I come to you, I breathe new ideas, brilliant ideas into your mind but most often, into your Soul space.
I do this to multiple groups at once, which is why I'm such a large dragon. I can split my consciousness and meet with multiple groups at once. I can meet with the light workers, the star seeds, the humanoids and the beginners all at once to deliver the appropriate information."
"From these soul groups, a chosen few will actually carry out the logistics. They'll create systems & inventions that outlive their human lifetime. Others, will improve upon the first systems. Still others of this same soul group will be ardent supporters and will master the use
of these systems to inspire others to rally and accept the newer Truths presented. "
"Truth is ever changing. There was a time when humans thought the invention of the Wheel was the peak of invention and you could do no better than that. And then came the internet. There are some that believe that the internet is the most impressive bit of technology that humans
can 'create'. This is false. There is much, much more. "
"Our life force is eternal as are all other Dragons. We do not die. We merely choose to dissolve into the collective nothingness. If we choose to come out again, we do so with complete recollection of our training and work already completed. "
"We are born of Metatron energy. We are writers, teachers, trainers and intellectual guides. We inspire entire movements. We inspire collective improvements to your present technologies and socioeconomic systems."
"We are learned, highly skillful dragons. If you see us, firstly say hello. We appreciate manners. If we bow to you and rest our chin to the floor, accept the invitation to touch your forehead to ours. We want to show you what's next for your incarnation as a whole race. "
"If we do not bow but merely make an appearance, understand you have been marked. You are on our radar for Ascension and we are merely introducing ourselves into your energetic field. We will be coming back to get you when you have ascended high enough on your own and
when you have collected the appropriate tools to help bring your soul groups' tasks to fruition."
"To invoke me, your higher self must be in agreement and wholly satisfied with the lessons learned thus far. We do not come when your mind asks us to nor do we answer to a human heart either. Both of these can be unreliable and we do not have time for uncertainty.
We do not waste time convincing you to help us and step into place. For this reason, we wait for the call of your highest self. This typically happens under hypnosis, deep meditation or the dream state. "
"When your higher self is satisfied with it's own 'to-do list' and it is ready for collective work, we will come. Our life force will shift you away from prioritizing individuality and will move you towards a collective, communal mindset. Your own needs, your own soul's desires
will merge with the desires of the collective human race. And the Will of the collective human race will naturally reflect the will of Source energy. And so, All become One and separation is revealed to be the illusion. "
"As my comrades, I appreciate dance and I appreciate music. I also appreciate a humble mind that allows for Truth to change and a mind courageous enough to accept Truth when it is absolute as well. To repay me, learn something new every day. Teach another what you know. "
"Invite them to read and further develop their cognitive abilities. I mostly like to trick you with riddles and I purposely place these brilliant ideas in your soul space where only the most trusting and receptive persons may find them. It is my way of helping you exercise your
trust in yourself and in Source too. All have a part in the Universe. All equally important. Only the ones who know this, sincerely believe this, will find the right inspiration to begin something totally new and elevate the world at large."
"We favor Jupiter energy. Regardless of sign, we favor those committed to expansion. We are not born of Jupiter. We are born of Metatron but many of my race settle on Jupiter to keep close watch of the human and humanoids on Earth.
Others, like to rest near our generator, Metatron whom resides in the realms outside of your solar system. Still others like to enjoy the 9D realm. Wherever we may be, when your soul calls to us, we can travel to you in an instant. "
"When you are ready to receive a brilliant new plan for your life, we will diligently and humbly serve you.

Amen. "
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