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I´ve decided to sell my entire Rockrose position.I bought Aercap instead where now I hold a big position in my portfolio

$AER is a great business that Mr. Market cant value properly with a lot of upside

But first,I wanna thank my friend @financialsigma who told me this idea

Well Aercap is a great business, they lease planes to airlines

It has been flat since 2014, market cannot understand it but I can cause I think long-term. On 2040 it will be worth more.

Besides Im humble wich makes me a better analyst.

Some years it will go up, some down, it depends on Mr. Market mood. On 2019 Mr. Market was on LSD so it went up.

IRs do not affect Aercap cause they transfer it to the clients, it´s actually signed in the contract and that´s the only way IRs affect credit business.
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In every market cycle, value investors don't make money during the blow out phase.

When markets correct thereafter, value investors lose some money.

Then, when do value investors make money? What gives them higher returns?
#investing #valueinvesting
Most followers actually don't know the answers. In fact, many possibly even question if value investors actually make decent money. They expect returns to always show up in a linear, visible mode.

But where value investors focus upon, this can never happen. #investing #nifty 2/7
When you keenly follow a value investor without understanding his mindset, timeline & investment style , what happens?
It could lead to your own behaviour & weakness impacting far more than merit of the borrowed ideas.His strengths are not going to work for you. 3/7 #investing
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1/ This isn't my usual beat on payments or fintech, but would like to talk about Skyworks Solutions $SWKS, the analog #semiconductor maker that "is empowering the wireless networking revolution." Just thinking out loud, looking for feedback. #5G #IoT #valueinvesting (cont)
2/ I'm firm believer in owning great companies w/ real, competitive advantages in growing industries. I believe Skyworks fits this bill, though it is currently facing many legitimate concerns. If problems are overcome, could be lots of upside from here. #tradewar #tariffs (cont)
3/ Bad news first: Huawei makes up about 10% of Skyworks' revenue. ZTE is a 5%+ customer. Both are affected by tense US-China relationship. Together represent combined 15% of business but, since mid-April, $SWKS stock is down more than 26%. (cont)…
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¡Se abren las puertas de nuestra III Conferencia Anual! Si no pueden asistir presencialmente, pueden seguir el evento en vivo a través del siguiente enlace:

⏱️ Recuerden, comenzamos a las 17:30 y pueden utilizar la #CobasApp para realizar sus preguntas.…
También pueden seguir la #ConferenciaCobas desde la #CobasApp, nuestra página web y a través del link habilitado por @finect:

#ValueInvesting #LargoPlazo…
Queremos empezar compartiendo algunas de nuestras cifras claves:

💶 2.000M € bajo gestión
💼 10+2 IIC y Planes de Pensiones
👥 22.500 partícipes

#ConferenciaCobas #valueinvesting
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Como novedad para la III Conferencia Anual hemos querido habilitar una nueva herramienta que ayude a nuestros coinversores a seguir y participar activamente en el evento de este año:

📲 La #CobasApp de la #ConferenciaCobas
Si es usted partícipe de alguno de nuestros vehículos de inversión y no le ha llegado el acceso a la #CobasApp; por favor, póngase en contacto con nosotros:

☎️900 15 15 30
En la #CobasApp podrán encontrar detalles de la conferencia como:

🏦 La sede en la que se celebrará el evento
📞 Detalles de contacto y tiempo
👩‍💼👨‍💼 La lista con los ponentes
📽️ Acceso para la retransmisión
❔ Las preguntas al ponente
📄 Las encuestas
🎁 El concurso
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🗓️ Hoy estrenamos una nueva línea editorial en la que repasaremos momentos destacados de algunos de los #GrandesInversores de la historia. Esta primera entrega se extenderá a lo largo de las próximas tres semanas.
Por algunos paralelismos con el mercado actual, comenzaremos con el 1999 y con el que es considerado como el mejor inversor de toda la historia: Warren Buffett, el Oráculo de Omaha.

En 1999, Berkshire obtuvo una rentabilidad del 0,5% en términos de valor en libros y del -19,9% en términos de valor de mercado.
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Christopher H. Browne nos acerca en su libro “El pequeño libro de la inversión en valor” una serie de preguntas para intentar conocer los entresijos, perspectivas, posición y funcionamiento de la empresa. Sigue el hilo 👇
#ValueInvesting #Finanzas #Empresa #Libros
1. ¿Qué perspectivas de precios tienen los productos de la empresa? ¿Puede la compañía subir precios?
2. ¿Puede la compañía vender más? ¿Qué perspectivas tiene en cuanto a unidades?
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Investing Presentations:

(a) "The Checklist" by @MohnishPabrai: (Courtesy: @valuewalk)

(b) Mental Models:

(c) "Value Investing" by Sanjay Bakshi:

(d) @jvembuna on Value Investing:
Learning Resources:

>> October quest presentations from @PPFAS:

>> Wealth Creation Reports (1996-2018):

>> FREE course on Financial Statement Analysis:

>> Fidelity Learning Centre:
Top 5 books that every serious investor must read

1. One up:

2. Common stocks:

3. Intelligent investor:

4. Rich Dad:

5. Five rules of investing:
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💪A thread on amazing Twitter threads 😍👇
In the process of revamping my #Twitter profile (dormant earlier), I have come to appreciate the wonderful underutilized platform it is!
Some threads contain crisp knowledge capsules that can help many. Starting 1 on such curated content
1. I largely rely on this: to find content
2. What I wish to share is what coincides largely with my interests- #Learning, #Investing, #Behavioralpsychology (#mentalmodels, #bias, etc), #Businessbooks, Industry insights/case studies, Life experiences, etc
While it will be difficult to structure the order of content here, I will try to block threads by category (as noted above & more). Feel free to comment with any good thread that you would have come across. Cumulative learning always helps.
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1/8 Einhorn laments death of #ValueInvesting. Big picture: Value's not dead but it's Growth's longest run on record at 11 yrs @NDR_Research
2/8 Sluggish EPS growth means investors pay premium for stocks that can grow sales & EPS. Almost by definition, those are Growth stocks.
3/8 Value may come back when economy finally hits escape velocity
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