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Our lovely & brilliant friend @karolcummins can't provide the news tonight, so here I with the Nutshell.

The word of the day is: Treason.

"Treason against the U.S., shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."

h/t @GregOlear

We're in an information and cyber war with Russia. In fact, yesterday, Sen. Warren and Burr released a report saying that very thing. Yet Trump time and again helps Putin. Trump-Ukraine is only an extension of Trump-Russia.
Treason 2

Today, Trump gave Kurdish Syria to Turkey (and thereby aid and comfort to ISIS and Russia).

More, Trump isn't cooperating with a law-abiding House inquiry. He thinks he is above the law.
Treason 3

Even Biden today called for Trump to be impeached and removed -- his strongest words yet against Trump. -- just based on what Trump has said publicly on-camera.

Feel like you could be a whistleblower? You're not alone.
Treason 4

Sen. Lindsey Kompromat Graham said this Middle East strategy is catastrophic, disrupting old and established alliances.

Alliances ... such as European! In a press conference today, Trump said ISIS would go to Europe. (Not how we treat allies!)
Treason 5

He claims there's no quid pro quo, yet that's exactly what he's been doing ... since before he entered the White House.

Treason 6

Treating other people like garbage seems to be the only thing Trump excels at. Today, another 20+ women accused Trump of sexual assault.

Speaking of, his buddy's -- Joe Arpaio -- county has a serious human trafficking issue.
Treason 7

Also today, we got an inkling that perhaps VP Pence isn't the patsy Trump hoped he was. Pence slowly distanced himself from Heir Twitler, promising to release his own notes. Is Mother pleased?
Treason 8

Is Pence's slowly walking back from the "totally perfect call" in fact evidence the @GOP are getting their talking points together without Trump? Will Mitt Romney strongarm a flailing party toward sanity?
Treason 9

Whatever happens, the Dems don't care what memos come from the White House (Nunes Uber rides or Bill Barf dictation). They're gathering more evidence.

And there's plenty of evidence, including Trump admissions on-camera!
Fiona Hill, a "Russian hawk" with information inside the White House is coming. Don't forget to keep up with @RubyWorms calendar, including when former Ukraine ambassador is testifying. That should be a doozie.

Trump says he may cooperate if Dems play by [HIS!] rules: cnbc.com/2019/10/08/whi…
Dems say to Trump, "Whatevs."

Dems confident, but looking for more abuses. Hint: It's on camera!

Trump says the whistleblower is inaccurate and partisan, but here are the facts.

Here's what the whistleblower's attorney says. It kinda reads like this: Trump = 🤪

Pence starting to slowly walk away from Trump.

Graham, finally, starts sounding like McCain's friend.

But what dirt does Trump have on Sen. Graham to make him so complicit this whole time?

How are Republican Congresspeople feeling today after allowing Turkey to invade Syria?

One Maine senator wants an inquiry to get the facts. Go, King!

But just what the Trump administration needs -- another clown in the clown car. Lawdy, lawdy -- it's Trey Gowdy.

Syria blindsides even Trump allies: apnews.com/b31537e3866f4f…
The military is displeased.

"In 20 years of writing about the military, I have never heard officers in high positions express such alarm about a president."

It's not just Kompromat Graham. Republicans are mad about Syria:

So mad they ... (hold your breath) ... criticized him! Oh dear heavens -- bring my smelling salts for the vapors.

But Trump did get some positive feedback. Yeah, you know who it's from.

Biden gave one hell of a speech about Trump being impeached. And he's right.

Biden gets DiFi's support.

More (20+!) sexual assault claims are made against Trump.

Trafficking and adoption scam in Arizona. It's in Maricopa County ... where Joe Arpaio was sheriff. Coincidence? We'll find out. Warning: this story is truly awful.

Why are adoptions a trigger word seemingly for trafficking? Does make you wonder. Read more from Eric Garland.

Trump says Kurds weren't there for the U.S. during WWII and doesn't understand Middle East diplomacy ... unless it involves getting money from MbS.

Former Nat. Sec. Advisor Susan Rice says Trump is "batsh*t crazy." The U.S. has been allies with Kurds for a long time:

Arrest for IC member who slept with journalist:

Getting more trade warry. Stocks are down. Again.

Manufacturing is lagging.

Climate change: to prevent wildfires in California, our CA peeps lost power today. Hope everyone is okay and enjoyed reading and other non-digital activities.

Climate change: Colorado is getting a big snowstorm after weeks of 60+ degree weather.

Get your flu shot, folks!

#PAMFAM -- a Hunter Moon. (Is that why Trump is losing his sh*t?)

#PAMFAM -- Meteors! Much of the U.S. will be in prime viewing locations for the Draconids Meteor Shower. Lots of shooting starts ... so make your wishes!

#PAMFAM Shiny-headed statue bringing good luck ... even in a small package.

h/t @Geurtie

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