🤬 CONTEMPT - for the law🤬

AG William Barr decides not to appear at House Judiciary Committee meeting. Nadler threatens contempt. Nadler calls the WH a "clear and present danger."
🤬 CONTEMPT 2 - for the law 🤬

Without Congressional approval, governments of Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand, and EU got the green light to rent in Trump World Tower.

Barr is helping to dismantle the ACA.
🤬 CONTEMPT 3 - for the law 🤬

Butina's National Prayer Breakfast schedule is out and it's heavily redacted.

Speaker Pelosi calls out Barr lying under oath.

Sen. Kamala Harris asked Barr point blank why he didn't review underlying evidence, despite making a charging decision.
🤬 Contempt 4 - for the law 🤬

WH letter to Barr leaked, whining about having to go through Mueller investigation, complaining that Dems might assert their power, and indicated they wouldn't testify further.

Presidential candidate Rep. Eric Swalwell calls to impeach Barr.
🤬 Contempt 5 - for the law 🤬

WH declines to help pass security to protect our elections.

Despite calls from Congress, WH official Kline says he won't reveal individual clearances, including Jared Kushner's or Ivanka Trump's.
🤬 Contempt 6 - for the law 🤬

Saudia Arabia successfully lobbies congressman ... who used a speech written by the lobbyists verbatim. Congressman Royce - FARA from out of trouble.

Former CIA officer pleads guilty to spying for China

Erik Prince criminal referral sent to DOJ
🤬 Contempt 7 - for the law 🤬

Founder, executives at drug manufacturer that fueled opioid crisis indicted for bribery scheme

Balitmore mayor resigns.

Alabama lawmakers challenge Roe v. Wade.

FSBook finally bans ... Alex Jones!
🤬 Contempt 8 - for the truth 🤬

More state and local governments are trying to find ways of restricting vaccination opt-outs. Meanwhile, a cruise ship is quarantined because of measles.

Pompeo thinks it's cool to wait until next week to talk with Russia about Venezuela. 🤪
🤬 Contempt 9 - for the truth 🤬

Although WH removed climate change language from Arctic policy, U.S. House backs Paris climate agreement.

Meanwhile, a cyclone eyes India and Florida gets major storm disturbance ahead of hurricane season.
🤬 Contempt 10 - for the truth 🤬

FDA approves breast implants despite evidence they cause cancer.

100+ are arrested in drug bust in (yeah, you guessed it) Florida. Teachers can carry guns in (yeah, you guessed it) Florida.

St. Louis, MO realizes they have dirty politicians.
🤬 Contempt 11- for decency 🤬

16-year old immigrant dies in U.S. custody.

Trump says he's brought God back into lexicon as he gives medical pros reasons not to help people. Synagogue shooter falsely claims to be a Christian. Conservative Catholics dismiss Pope as a heretic.
🤪 Contempt 12 🤪

Tiger Woods is getting ... a Medal of Freedom?

Assange says he was protecting many as he fights U.S. extradition?

Deutsche merger failed with Commerzbank?

Putin Republicans mad at Mueller?
🇷🇺 Contempt 13 - for world order 🇷🇺

China has developed underwater nuclear capability.

Russia is involved in Information Warfare that's creaming us. Russian expert warns the West is totally ill-prepared. At the same time, Russia is helping Venezuela's Maduro.
Rep. Lieu explains how contempt works as House closes ranks. Speaker Pelosi is having none of Barr's criminality. She makes her views plain.

Barr is "gutted like a fish." Best headline ever.

"Impeach Barr!" says @ericswalwell, "because no one is above the law." #ImpeachBarr

Sane Republicans believe Barr should go.

WH sends whiny letter about Mueller to Barr. May further implicate Barr. Read on!

Moderate Dems who voted for Barr realize they screwed up.

Rep. Nadler holds Barr hearing without Barr. Discusses how White House refuses *all* subpoenas. Threatens to hold Barr in contempt. Calls WH a "clear and present danger."

Harris grills Barr about not reading evidence to make a determination of guilt or innocence.

ICYMI: Mueller calls out 77 Trump lies.

Al Franken reminds us he's not just a smart guy, but a funny one. His take on the Barr hearings. 😂

🔥Emoluments issues! 🔥

Govts of Iraq, Kuwait, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Thailand and EU rented units in Trump World Tower.

While the U.S. asks questions about Mueller, Barr helps to dismantle the #ACA


Biden has a lifetime of service to the U.S. That's why Trump and his FARA-breaking cronies begin a smear campaign against him. (When Guiliani and Graham are both coordinating attacks, you know somethings rotten!)

During Watergate, Republicans stepped up to protect the country against dangerous abuses from power. In 2019, Republicans attack a man who is trying to prevent dangerous abuses of power. They're the new Putin Republicans.

Mueller showed his anger in a letter once before.

Butina details National Prayer Breakfast events - heavily redacted.

New detail in Crossfire Hurricane?

Secure elections? WH says - nah, we're good.

Russia is an expert in Information Warfare. That style of propaganda should worry the West.

h/t @manchucandidate
Reclaiming her time! Trump fan makes racist death threats to Maxine Waters (and others). Receives 46-month sentence.

Democrats have demanded FBI background investigation files of both Kushner and Ivanka Trump, which the WH refused to turn over. At the direction of the WH, Kline refused to answer any questions relating to individual cases, including Kushner & Ivanka.

Moore, who's sexist and incompetent, withdraws his nomination to Fed.

Rep. Royce reads lobbyist speech verbatim.

Sorry, Butina, the cutest Russian spy in the world is seeking attention ... and getting it. Cute and a defector? #PAMFAM #PAM

Tiger Woods scheduled to get ... Medal of Freedom? #Weird

Colorado has two presidential candidates you've never heard of.

Assange is under false impressions: 1) that he won't be extradited, 2) that he's actually protected people (other than Putin and his oligarchs), and 3) that he'll never give up.

U.S. House backs Paris climate agreement

Meanwhile ... WH strips climate from Arctic policy.

U.S. House formally referred Prince to DOJ for consideration of criminality of perjury.

h/t: @pleasesaveour

Chinese spy and former CIA officer pleads guilty

Why is the new generation of tricksters and frauds so pathetic? 🤣🤣🤣

Speaking of pathetic losers. Why are Republicans listening to Chuck Johnson?

Opioid bribery scheme unraveled. Yay, law enforcement!

Massive drug bust

FDA decides won't ban breast implants b/c ... big boobs are more important than cancer?

Please vaccinate!!

Trump gives medical professionals reasons to opt out of helping people.

Be careful if you use sleeping pills.

Teachers can pack heat ... and it's not really cool text books or a passion for knowledge. It's guns.

Alabama lawmakers try to challenge Roe v. Wade.

Immigrant minor dies in U.S. custody. 😥

Facebook says the future is private ... and finally bans ... wait, Alex Jones?! How many years ago was Sandy Hook? How much damage has he done since then? 🤬

In my day job, I write about the future of work. I'm glad to see someone actually is interested in it and how it might affect people, the economy, housing, etc. (This may very well solve housing affordability issues.)

Google workers about to strike ... again. @GoogleWalkout

Deutsche bank merger with Commerzbank failed.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Bank has more time to comply with subpoena requests.

Conservatives want Pope denounced as a heretic for accepting "imperfect" Catholics.

While we're on the topic of conservative "Christians" - they've given a remarkable amount of money to help fund hate groups.

h/t: @pleasesaveour

Synagogue shooter falsely claims he is a Christain. Jesus and every real Christian are mad as hell.

More Catholic abuse investigations. 😢

Uprising in Venezuela still happening

Pompeo thinks he can wait until next week to meet with Russia about Venezuela. What could happen between now and then?

Chinese have underwater nuke capability

Massive cyclone eyes India

One of the most dangerous things an Iraqi or Afghani can do is align themselves with Americans. Trump is reducing Visas for these brave people.

Reagan's daughter denounced GOP. "If you are going to stand silent as America is dismantled and dismembered, as democracy is thrown onto the ash heap of yesterday, shame on you,” she wrote. “But don’t use my father’s name on the way down.”

The Obamas got tv specials. The Clintons get a podcast.

May we all be as courageous as this young man - Riley Howell from UNC who tackled a gunman to save others and lost his life. #Hero
Let us remember. Always. #HolocaustMemorialDay
DNA tests prove relations for migrants.

Maybe he'll do better than he did against John Oliver? Blankenship files defamation suit against Don Jr.

House Dems try to negotiate directly with Mueller.

Miss Lindsey plans to call his friend Chief Justice Roberts. Yeah. Think CJ Roberts will take that call?


What happened May 2, 2019?

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