🤡#LOSER 1 🤡

Trump exerts executive privilege over Mueller report. (Wait, is that in the Constitution?)

Nadler says, “[T]his kind of obstruction is dangerous. The Dept's decision reflects Trump’s blanket defiance of Congress’s constitutionally mandated duties.” #GONADler
💩 #LOSER 2 💩

House Judiciary votes and holds Barr in contempt. Vote now goes to full House.

Mnuchin refuses to provide Trump's taxes because Trump's a #BillionDollarLoser. (Spoiler: It's why he met with Russia.)

Speaker Pelosi talks about a jail in the Capitol bldg basement.
🚨 #LOSER 3 🚨

Trump, who cares more about ratings than governing, fears a televised Mueller hearing. 😈

Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee calls Trump Jr. to testify. Jr. may plead the fifth or decide not to come according to sources.

😋 Not a #LOSER 4 😋

New York! 🍎

NY legislature had a busy today, passing 2 laws:
1) Kill presidential reprieves, pardons or other forms of clemency
2) Require release on any state tax return requested for any “specified & legitimate purpose.”
💩 #LOSER 5 💩

Trump thinks cheating is a sport, including accounting. Sure. He cheats on his taxes, his wife, Americans, golf, and really just about everything else. #ETTD

Just as a journalist expresses concern the WH "is drastically curtailing access for all journalists."
‼️Not a #LOSER 6 ‼️

2 brave men. ❤️

Rep. Cummings talks about withholding salaries. Meanwhile, Dems discuss jail time and contempt. (As Speaker Pelosi noted, there's a jail in the Capitol!)

Schiff introduces amendment to overturn Citizens United.

🤪 #LOSER 7 🤪

Wagging the dog! Things between U.S. and Iran escalate, even as intelligence is proven questionable. Major incompetence - giving away military positions ... or merely saber rattling?

N. Korea defends missile launch and people notice ... the missile is Russian.
🚨 #LOSER 8 🚨

House Intelligence Committee subpoenas the full Mueller report.

FBI is planning to meet with Florida “on the nature and extent of the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election in our state.” So Republicans agree on that? Interesting.
💩 #LOSER 9 💩

Trump is holding a rally in Florida ... where residents are still feeling the impact of Hurricane Michael.

Georgia is giving Roe v. Wade a run for its money.

China is threats (deepens our trade war) as stock market continues volatility. Fed up economists quit.
💩 #LOSER 10 💩

Congress fights to be a co-equal branch of government as our forefathers intended.

Other countries write about us that we're in crisis.

And democracy worldwide is on the retreat.
Executive privilege. Nadler says, “[T]his kind of obstruction is dangerous,” he said. “The Department’s decision reflects President Trump’s blanket defiance of Congress’s constitutionally mandated duties.” #GONADler

Contempt vote approved by Judiciary committee now goes to full House for a vote. Pelosi is ready!

Constitutional crisis!!!

ICYMI: Comey says the Barr summary is wrong.

Congress has the power to jail or fine anyone who does not comply with a subpoena.

Trump fears good Mueller ratings.

Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee subpoenas Trump Jr! Jr. deciding whether to plead the fifth or not show up at all! Does this prove Jr. lied under oath?

Could be mistaken for 2019. This is Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) in 2012 thinking the AG should resign. #BarrResign Even fellow Republican Kristol sees the similarities.

Executive privilege isn't in the Constitution. Opinion follows.

“The thing that’s unusual is the blanket refusal. It would be extraordinary if the president actually were to try to stop all congressional testimony on subpoenaed issues. That would actually be unprecedented if it were a complete ban..."

Trump thinks it's a "sport" to cheat. Cheat on taxes. Cheat Americans. Cheat at golf.

NY passes double jeopardy loophole. Relates to presidential reprieve, pardon or other forms of clemency and previous prosecution. Goes to Governor to sign.

NY Sen passed bill: NY Taxation & Finance releases state tax return requested by the House Ways & Means, the Sen Finance, or the Joint Cmtte on Taxation for any “specified & legitimate legislative purpose.” Trump may be forced to release taxes.

Will Mnuchin go to jail for Trump's tax returns. Let's find out!

Pelosi lets us know there's a jail in the Capitol.

ICYMI: Pelosi made a similar argument about Trump’s actions, comparing him to Nixon. She noted that 1 of the articles of impeachment against Nixon was that he ignored congressional subpoenas.

House Intelligence subpoenas full Mueller report:

Ms. Rubin, you took the words right out of my mouth. (Rubin is or perhaps used to be a member of the GOP.) #CountyOverParty

“There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy -- hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny.”

Frederick William Robertson
FBI plans to meet with FL
Rep. Cohen and Ben Franklin lookalike says, "We're afraid because Trump isn't following the law and may be taking money from the Russians because he's broke." #LOSER
Rep. Neguse says, "This is not an unreasonable request [to ask for the unredacted Mueller report]!"
China .....

Cindy Yang sues the Miami Herald for libel. Herald’s lawyer: "The most likely result [of the litigation] is not just that your client will lose … but that you and she may be liable to the Herald for the fees it pays us for the defense.”

Trump thinks he can win a trade war.

Economists quit after Trump continues harmful tariffs.

Just a reminder -- a guy who shouldn't have security clearance is in our government, running things.

OBG: Mnuchin has always been a jerk

Speaking of jerks .... FL investigates Gaetz over threatening Cohen. "Do your wife & father-in-law know about your girlfriends? Maybe tonight [is] a good time .... I wonder if she’ll remain faithful when you’re in prison. She’s about to learn a lot...”

Trump stumps in Florida ... where some still are feeling the effects of Hurricane Michael.

Speaking of climate change. The U.S. has big problems with Canada trying to exert Arctic priority (despite them being closest) and isn't signing the agreement because it uses the words: climate change.

The Midwestern states are feeling climate change, too.

Goodbye, Ms. Abrams. “However, the fights to be waged require a deep commitment to the job and I do not see the U.S. Senate as the best role for me in this battle for our nation’s future.”

Register as a foreign agent! Gone too FARA.

Iran strikes back on the U.S., but stops short of violating nuclear pact.

Wagging the dog. Bolton acts on bad intelligence from the always intelligent @20committee

Record incompetence? "The president’s national security advisor never (almost never?) announces a ship movement, but the alarmingly bellicose language from the White House was clear and newsworthy."

N. Korea defends recent rocket drill. (It's a Russian missile.)

Russia - Trump's buddy - provided N Korea their missiles.

Ex Danske Bank CEO charged with money laundering.

Uber and Lyft workers strike over pay and transparency.

Warren Buffet's Berkshire is tied to a solar company that committed fraud.

h/t @mikes_booh

Google is jealous of Facebook's commitment to "privacy" and decides to join in.

Amazon has seller troubles and some hacking.

Tech crunched: Apple and SAP team up against Microsoft.

Twenty-five years after the dawn of democracy in South Africa, citizens are heading to the polls in their millions.

Democracy is in retreat and countries are using Trump's playbook.

And because Democracy is retreating, countries like Hungary are trying to get real information.

Jerry Falwell Jr. likes pool boys and racy pictures and conservative Christians say Jesus hates rainbows.

Georgia gov. is yet another govt. official pushing Roe v. Wade.

New subduction zone in Portugal.

Tiny T-Rex discovered in New Mexico! Awwww.

Prince Harry and Meghan welcome ... Baby Archie!

One celebrity look was that of an elected official trying to fight for the health of those who responded to 9/11. Her look? Patriotic. Go NY!

Is that an alligator in your yoga pants, or are you just happy to see me? Oh, an alligator in your pants.

Oregon teachers see red.

OBG: Yesterday in the NYT we saw just how "in the red" Trump has been in the 80s and 90s. It just happened to be when Trump took a trip to Moscow. And doesn't it seem like things are starting to come together?

We're in the home stretch. Really. Our popcorn has been delivered. We've run out. We've ordered more. And it's taking a hit on our stamina. Please be kind to each other and support each other. It's so important that people on #TeamPatriot show each other love. That's all we got!
Personal story. I found out from @pleasesaveour yesterday that there was a school shooting in Denver. My daughter wasn't home from school. I panicked until I learned it wasn't my turn to grieve, but someone else's.

Personal story part 2. So after learning the location, I knew it's where my boss lives. I believed my boss' son went to the school where the shooting occurred. He wasn't hurt. But someone else's son was. #TimesUpOnGuns

Strangely enough, the same day the Denver area had the shooting ... it voted for magic mushrooms. (Although we couldn't decide on a mayor.)

🌿🌿#PAMFAM 🌿🌿

Stone Henge (and not a Spinal Tap reference).

h/t @mikes_booh

🌿🌿#PAMFAM 🌿🌿

Comedians poke fun of Trump and being a #loser.

Let's go to court over Trump's tax returns. (Late breaking and kinda #PAM)

🌿🌿#PAMFAM 🌿🌿

Baby penguins!!!! @mikes_booh

🌿🌿#PAMFAM 🌿🌿

Santa Fe is going to stage world premieres.

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