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Up, out and ready for #CPHVA19. There will be tweets. Join in. It’ll be fun! @Unite_CPHVA @UniteinHealth
The calm before the storm. At least it’s dry in here. We’ve got definite Yorkshire drizzle this morning in Harrogate @Unite_CPHVA #CPHVA19
The doors aren’t open yet but we’re busy getting ready for #CPHVA19 delegates. Lots of opportunities to catch up with old friends and new over the next two days @Unite_CPHVA @saffie @UniteinHealth
It’s a friendly atmosphere at #CPHVA19 @RedactiveEvents @UniteinHealth @Unite_CPHVA
Not long till will kick off this mornings #CPHVA19 conference session. After a welcome from @Unite_CPHVA chair Janet Taylor @rubyted7777 the @UniteinHealth LPO team will be sharing some thoughts about the challenges over the last year and looking ahead.
Here’s this mornings speakers. You may recognise a face or two. I’ll be talking about mental health for 9mins and will be sharing my speech (and links) later #CPHVA19 @Unite_CPHVA
We’re kicking off with @Unite_CPHVA chair @rubyted7777 #CPHVA19
It’s session 1 at #CPHVA19 ‘Radical, Professional, Caring’. @ObiCPHVA is starting with a reminder of our shared history. 157 years of health visiting, and @Unite_CPHVA since 1896. We have our principles running through us like ‘seaside rock’.
.@ObiCPHVA is talking about caseloads vs. workloads. Highlights the long @Unite_CPHVA set national maximum of 250 children <5 per health visitor and 1 secondary and 1 cluster per school nurse. #CPHVA19
You can get a running commentary on the caseload sizes for health visitors across England via #HVreEndangeredv2 #CPHVA19. I’m up to ‘R’!
Absolutely shocking to hear from @ObiCPHVA that @PHE_uk have organised a meeting today to talk to stakeholders about health visiting caseload sizes & 5 mandated contacts. Wonder why they wouldn’t want most vocal critics there? #CPHVA19
I’ve written plenty about why the HV mandation (5 minimum contacts) is failing especially because a lack of support from @Conservatives government. You can see more in my response to @CommonsHealth #First1000Days Inquiry #CPHVA19
Now @Beach_Jane has taken lectern. She leads on @UniteinHealth @Unite_CPHVA regulation especially @nmcnews. Absolute star in representing our nurse, midwife & SCPHN members! She’ll be glad to be doing this after signing off @UniteinHealth #FutureNMC response! @Crouchendtiger7
.@Beach_Jane talks about the work that @UniteinHealth has done on #JustCulture with @NHSImprovement. If you want to know more about her work on this, there’s a Facebook Live session on the UiH page! 👀 💻 #CPHVA19
.@Beach_Jane finished by talking about ‘Standing up, Speaking out’. She has been imbedded in the action that @Unite_CPHVA members have been taken in Lincoln defending their jobs and profession. #CPHVA19
Now @GavinFergie takes the stage to speak about Søren Kierkegaard (aka Value!). #CPHVA19
.@GavinFergie highlights the value that Scotland places on its health visitors. 11 contacts and band 7. It took 4 years of work from @UniteinHealth @Unite_CPHVA. Sad that England HV Implementation Plan has been unravelled so quickly! ☹️ #CPHVA19
.@salhogg your (and our) work will be given a shout out in my 9mins next. There won’t be tweets at the time but I’ll share later today!! #CPHVA19
.@GavinFergie is wrapping up; ‘We can do it!’ [It’ll be me soon! Wish me luck!]. “We deal in reality!” #CPHVA19
Phew, that’s me done! 😅 Thanks for the opportunity to speak to #CPHVA19 delegates this morning. As I’ve said, I’ll be sharing my speech later today. @Unite_CPHVA
Now Gabby Edlin (CEO) @bloodygood__ takes to stage to answer the question ‘Period equality - Why hasn’t it happened yet?’ She starts about saying how she appreciates the way the session has been titled #CPHVA19
Edlin talks about the 3 main areas of work; Delivery (especially to people who find it even harder to access period products), Activism and Awareness #CPHVA19
This is the hostile policy of the government ⬇️. Could you live on this amount, and then buy period products (taxed as a luxury) too? #CPHVA19 @bloodygood__
So what’s the answer to the question? ⬇️. Yep. #CPHVA19
Although the answer is easy, Edlin goes into more details ⬇️. Can we handle talking about sexism at 10:17am. Again, yep! #CPHVA19
Key issue for @Unite_CPHVA members....how Period Poverty impacts on school age children. Data inc ‘49% of girls having missed a day of school due to periods & 1in10 women aged 14-21 not able to afford period products. #CPHVA19 independent.co.uk/life-style/per…
Edlin gives #CPHVA19 delegates some great tips about how we as community practitioners, and leaders, can effect change @bloodygood__ 👂 👀 ⬇️
Edlin asks men to ‘stay in the room’. We need men to be able to talk about periods. Boys are sent out of the class room. Ingrained in our national psyche. #CPHVA19
Now Edlin is taking questions from the floor. First is about re-useable period products. Agrees they’re great but key that women get the product that works for them. #CPHVA19 @bloodygood__
Edlin criticises David Cameron & George Osborne for linking tampon tax to women’s charities, so women having to pay for domestic violence (which of course should be funded, not via charity). And what happens when the Period Tax ends? #CPHVA19 @bloodygood__
Really proud to have worked with @MHNAUK on #SeeingRed & arguing that women in mental health services must have period dignity. You can find more here: mhnauk.files.wordpress.com/2019/01/seeing… & on @Unite_MHNA Facebook Live session with @niadla here: facebook.com/UniteMHNA/vide… #CPHVA19 @bloodygood__
We’ve been exhibiting and catering but we’re now off back into the second session at #CPHVA19. Getting a good workout walking up the Harrogate curlywurly! 🏔🚶‍♀️🚶‍♂️
We’ve got Prof. Jane Barlow speaking about ‘Equalising the life chances of all children: The need for new sorts of evidence’ #CPHVA19
Barlow talks about how ‘poverty is very important!’ There’s evidence of this from at least babies being two years old ⬇️. Barlow how @MichaelMarmot has had a bit to say about this. #CPHVA19
Toxic stress! We know how this leads to and from a cycle of social adversity. @first1001days SO critically important! If only there was a profession ready-made to do something about this... 🤷‍♂️ #KeyIntervention #CPHVA19
Clever people have stuff to say about this ⬇️. ‘It’s not rocket science, it’s neuroscience’ [😉 @timloughton] @first1001days #CPHVA19 @loftyjen @IamaHV
Dyadic models of working; so services that work with both the parent and baby. More nuanced evaluations now happening which shows ‘not everything works for everyone’. #CPHVA19
Barlow moves to her summary ⬇️ #CPHVA19
Barlow encourages delegates to visit their evaluation website, including to look at the evidence on ‘placed based approach’ which has shown really good outcomes, enabling communities with training to deliver for themselves. #CPHVA19
Barlow is asked about the problem with funding (and time) being available for health visitors to be trained in these evidence based approaches. Talks about the move away from large programmes & developing tools that can be used flexibility #CPHVA19
Looking forward to learning more about the @UniteinHealth ‘online home’ which is being launched next month #CPHVA19
Now @purple_brie replaces her concurrent from last year with a main stage appearance to talk about her experiences of adoption. She details the many hurdles that she’s had to jump to become a parent. #CPHVA19
Not here? You can hear @purple_brie talk with @IamaHV here: podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/i-a… #CPHVA19
For a whole year @purple_brie had the niggle because the adoption order took time to go through. She discusses the difficulty of her ‘imposter syndrome’... ‘If the social workers saw that I couldn’t cope he’d be taken away’ #CPHVA19
.@purple_brie talks about hers, and others, experiences of post-adoption depression. Brie highlights the poor experiences mums have with their health visitor post adoption. You can read more from her blog: thecoloursofadoption.wordpress.com #CPHVA19
Some health visitors might not come across many adoptive families. Here’s @purple_brie advice for when that happens! #CPHVA19
Now @yvonnecoghill1 speaks on ‘Equality - Why are we still talking about this?’ #CPHVA19
If you’re not here at #CPHVA19, listening to @yvonnecoghill1 speak, take a look at her #InsideTheMind in the current edition of @Unite_MHNA #MHNjournal pocketmags.com/mental-health-…
I also mentioned our two #MHNjournal special editions on equality and mental health. If you’re a @UniteinHealth @Unite_CPHVA member and want a copy, get in touch with a DM! #CPHVA19 @yvonnecoghill1
.@yvonnecoghill1 asks us to look at Arline Geronimous work on biological weathering inc. ‘Compared to white, blacks experience higher levels of stressors, greater clustering off stressors, and probably greater duration and intensity of stressors’ #CPHVA19
‘I knew I had to work twice as hard. I went for a director of nursing job 5 times.‘ @yvonnecoghill1 talks about the consequences for people, including the people we care for as health professionals. #CPHVA19
The NHS is the biggest employer of black people in Europe, BUT.... ⬇️ ‘Something is not working in our system for people that look like me’ @yvonnecoghill1 #CPHVA19
.@yvonnecoghill1 There’s a legal case, a moral case, a quality case and a financial case and yet we still have to talk about this #CPHVA19
Now @yvonnecoghill1 moves on to talk about the role and work of @WRES_team. I’m afraid my camera isn’t good enough to zoom into this ⬇️ #CPHVA19
Lunch done, there’s now a range of masterclasses. I’m sure they’ll be some great tweets coming out from them. What you in @IamaHV @AmyTheHV @angelabinkee2 @Beach_Jane @ObiCPHVA @RodriguesEthel @GavinFergie [other tweeters are available!] #CPHVA19
I’m joining in with @nmcnews masterclass with Anne Trotter. Today we’re looking into ‘Regulation beyond initial registration’ #CPHVA19
I’ve won the ‘who has reavlidated the most’ challenge, as I’ve had 3 goes (I was involved in a pilot site before the system was launched!). Most recently I’ve revalidated last month! @nmcnews #CPHVA19
Trotter discusses the structure that current and future standards fit in to. How often do you, as a nurse/midwife/SCPHN, think about these? I know @Beach_Jane & I are often working through these either in their consultation or in supporting @UniteinHealth members #CPHVA19
Trotter encourages delegates to look at the education and training standards #CPHVA19 @nmcnews
Trotter moves on to the main event... Specialist Community Public Health Nursing and Specialist Practice Qualifications update. The independent evaluation was discussed with #NMCCouncil in May19 #CPHVA19
Interesting comment from Trotter about how #NMCCouncil members were not cognisant with many of the acronyms used in SCPHN/SPQ. What education do they need to correctly oversee our regulation and protect the public? @nmcnews @Beach_Jane @Crouchendtiger7 #CPHVA19
Trotted is sharing the headline findings from the @nmcnews independent evaluation on SCPHN/SPQ. #CPHVA19
We’re now talking about data from the independent @nmcnews review on SCPHN/SPQ. You know I love a graph and a chart! It’s an interesting debate about whether low numbers means there’s no value in it? #CPHVA19
Trotter wrapping up, talks about what’s next for SCPHN including the appointment of @DrDavidFoster as chair of the steering group. I highlighted to delegates that @Unite_CPHVA will be doing lots about this over next few months!! #GetInvolved #CPHVA19 @Beach_Jane
We’re now into concurrents. I’ve listening to @katrina_sealey talk about Angry Angry Angus. The book teaches children words that can help them express their feelings. Wondering if @_NatashaDevon knows about this? #CPHVA19
At least till after your speech at this afternoons @Unite_CPHVA conference @LenMcCluskey 🤞 #CPHVA19
.@katrina_sealey gives us a reading from ‘Angry Angry Angus’. We hear that the sequel will be ‘When Warren Worries’ #CPHVA19
Now concurrent 2 with @Hardcastle_KA & Ceri Hughes are talking about ‘Asking about adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in health visiting: Sharing learning from pilot delivery and examining evaluation findings’ #CPHVA19
Hughes takes over from @Hardcastle_KA to talk more about #ACEs routine enquiry, including; Explain / Ask / Listen / Close #CPHVA19
We also hear from Hughes about some of the concerns that health visitors voiced, including the potential to re-traumatise parents. #CPHVA19
Lots of questions, debating the ACEs work in Wales. #CPHVA19 @Hardcastle_KA @Unite_CPHVA
Now at #CPHVA19, @unitetheunion general secretary @LenMcCluskey. @Unite_CPHVA, the first women’s organisation to affiliate with @The_TUC. #RadicalProfessionalCaring
“You are, they are, highly qualified professionals, looking after our children, our young people and their families - looking after our futures.” #solidarity from @LenMcCluskey @unitetheunion @UniteinHealth #CPHVA19
.@LenMcCluskey talks about the disaster a no-deal BREXIT would bring to our health service and economy. We need to reverse the austerity agenda, the damage imposed on public health, the cuts to public health funding >20% (£800m+) #CPHVA19
We need real investment in public health, mental health, not just fake promises of ‘40 new hospitals’ #CPHVA19 @LenMcCluskey fullfact.org/health/six-hos…
.@LenMcCluskey suggests he was told not to talk too much about party politics > As health professionals we *must* be engaged in politics or we cannot affect those policies that we must to improve the nations health! #CPHVA19
Now John Dunworth talks about ‘County lines’. #CPHVA19
‘Every major city is exportig it’s drugs business... Gangs are exploiting the cuts in services, recruiting young people’ Dunworth, highlights recreational cocaine use is creating ‘blood on the tracks... there are no innocent users here’ #CPHVA19
Dunworth talks about how the County Lines gangs operate. I found @guardian @rachel_hump @AnushkaAsthana #TodayInFocus podcast excellent on this. Have a listen: podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/tod… #CPHVA19
Dunworth talks about the cuts to services and how this absence has left a gaping hole which is taken advantage of by gangs. Goes on to talk about the many ways young people are exploited, both boys and girls #CPHVA19
When @BorisJohnson argues: ‘there is nothing kinder or more loving or more life-saving you can do than ask him to turn out his pockets’ he really needs to listen to Dunworth and how @Conservatives Govt have created this situation with young people ‘seriously frightened’ #CPHVA19
Dunworth talks about the fragmentation on responsibility for the issue and that health visitors and school nurses are the only professionals/people left in some areas who actually talk to parents, young people and communities #CPHVA19
Dunworth finished by pointing #CPHVA19 delegates to vvu-online.com #CPHVA19
I asked a question: Highlighting the paucity of political leadership eg of recreational cocaine use by Tory Party leader candidate (theguardian.com/politics/2019/…) & @BorisJohnson speech. What advice would Dunworth give and alliances need to make to solve this? #CPHVA19
Last up on day 1, @rubyted7777 announces 2 new vice-presidents @sara_rowbotham & @GinaAwokoH. There’s more details about their expert credentials here: #CPHVA19
It’s party time at #CPHVA19 🥂
If you’ve not realised, the hashtag for this event is #CPHVA19!
We now appear to be on a questionable hen do! 😂 #CPHVA19 🥳 🎉
As promised, here’s a copy, with links, to the speech I gave earlier today at #CPHVA19 adaywithdave.wordpress.com/2019/10/16/9-m…
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