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Fauci's wife, Christine Grady heads Human Subject Research unit at NIH!
Here's the happy couple in 2016
Christine Grady, wife of Coronavirus Task Force's Dr. Anthony Fauci, was on the US's Medical Ethics Commission from 2010 until 2017.…
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March 20, 2016 “President Obama arrives in Cuba on historic visit” via @YouTube
April 2020 Condé Nast Traveller promoting Cuba…
“Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Cuba Support Each Other in Fight Against U.S. Sanctions

BY TOM O'CONNOR ON 9/06/19 AT 1:30 PM EDT”…
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Do You Think #PizzaGate is NOT Real⁉️
Watch POTUS Confirm it's Existence‼️
🧐 Expose these #DeepState Don's ...

#PizzaGateIsReal #TheMoreYouKnow

In late 1980's all Investigations of this Cult was ordered stopped by US Justice Department on grounds of "National Security" and was turned over to C_A ...

Was this Cult connected with:
👉 #cometpingpong
👉 FranklinScandal

Pt. 1/3


Was this Cult connected with:
👉 #cometpingpong
👉 FranklinScandal

Pt. 2/3

#TheMoreYouKnow #PizzaGate #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #PizzaGateIsReal
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I have a BOOM theory about POTUS tweet today for May 30th. If I'm correct on it... it will be a MEGA BOOM! Fingers are crossed! I mapped out the whole thing, then just to make it easier to enlarge, I broke it down into 3 sections. Here it is:
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2/ Boris Johnson Says He Wants to Chew Own Tie Over Brexit Frustration - Nov 2019
3/ July 2019 Donald says he likes Boris... ‘He’s tough’..
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(Ongoing thread, will add more as I find it.)


... You are not going to BELIEVE how CONNECTED THIS GUY IS.

On top of working as Head of Security for @JohnKerry...…
J. Scott Moretti worked various positions in the State Department, including working his way all the way up to Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, from 2015 until 2018.

Now comes the bombshell...

His father.

John Moretti, Jr.
Scott's father, John Moretti Jr., born Jan 1930, died Aug. 2015.

Check this obituary out:…



But that's not all...
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Uh.. guys...
Nice logo for the US National Academy of Medicine:
Victor Dzau, who is currently the head of Nat. Academy of Medicine is also on the Board of the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB).
The GPMB was referred to often in #Event201.…
Victor Dzau is CENTRAL to the US medical industrial complex!
WOW he's also Vice-Chair of the National Research Council! what?
and there's more...
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Trump capitalizes W three times in the tweet.

World Wide Waves?

Think 11.11

17 second interval "unnatural waves" from Mayotte:

This even ties in with the hamberder typo.
(Berder island = France) typo corrected at 11:11.

Multiple meanings.


"Earthquakes normally produce waves of so many different frequencies, the wave readings appear more jumbled.
But the mystery waveform from Mayotte was a crisp zigzag, which repeated after steady 17-SECOND INTERVALS.
“They're too nice. They're too perfect to be nature"
"Think WAVES.
Define 'unified'
SAT knockout forced new CLAS tech [online] by who?
[Controlled] moment activated? [17]
Do you believe in coincidences?"

(From Q post 2527)

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Geraldo knows why doesn’t he talk about it anymore! #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon #ThesePeopleAreSick
These people serve in the millitary? #TheMoreYouKnow #ThesePeopleAreSick #ThesePeopleAreEVIL
This has been going on for centuries! It has to be stopped NOW! #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon #ThesePeopleAreEVIL
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Laura Ingram heard you guys! We are the news now! #TheMoreYouKnow #QAnon
Holy crap youtube has done it again right after @IngrahamAngle interview! #TheMoreYouKnow #STOPTHECENSORSHIP @POTUS
Something else is going on here! When they say the word “Safe” that’s about controlling you! And now their videos are taken down from youtube! Control the narrative control the sheep! Sheep no more! We see you! #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
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Remember 4 years ago Gates was going to be the “Green Savior” now he’s pushing vaccines! He is just another “THIEF” #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon
This is from 8 years ago- hit the link to hear what Fauci has to say. [They] knew exactly what they were doing! #TheMoreYouKnow
Zuckerberg and Gates have teamed up -Watch who funds WHO- #TheMoreYouKnow
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Q Thread. We are at War, invisible Enemy. Silent war. For now. Have more than we know. Clowns in China revealed. Define FF. Collusion fail. Impeach Fail.. Now pandemic. Who benefits MOST? Do you believe in Coincidences? No. Virus geo location. Start.
Do we have a deadly virus pandemic? Do we trust the death numbers the MSM are reporting? When they say HCQ doesn't cure with Drs and studies report a 99% cure rate? Another smear campaign on US and President Trump. Information Warfare. These people are sick. Fight these liars.
Information warfare. On your mind. Fear, control. F that. Clowns. MSM. They hate the USA. Us. Depop plans? Not today. You believe the numbers are accurate? Not me. Eugenics. Nice try. Not today. The public now knows the TRUTH.
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1. What a discovery!

Drop 3985, April 17, 2020 at 10:25 pm, (2225 HRS) shows a Harvested_Corn_Field.

We think of James Comey, Devin Nunes and Chuck Grassley's tweets about corn fields and harvesting.

But, what's up with the YouTube video in the drop?
2. The YouTube link is to what I would refer to as a new age type music from Berkley, California for yoga and meditation. The song is called "Rotations", from the "Flow State" album by artists "Above and Beyond", originally published on July 30th, 2019.

3. July 30th, 2019 was a special day. Do you know why?

It marks both the United States AND the World's "International Day Against Trafficking Of People".

That's quite a notable day for QAnon as that is the NUMBER ONE crime we want to see stopped first.…
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The Open Mind | The Cult of QAnon | Season 2020 | PBS your tax dollars at work!🤦‍♀️ -INFORMATION WARFARE.
All for a Larp? What are [They] afraid of? Why don’t they just ask the Q? #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon
Beware of your neighbors! Omgawd 😂🤣😂🤣🤣
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Q anon thread, April Showers.
What occured April 19, 1775? Concord, the shot heard round the World. Tommorow date. Q link yesterday. John Solomon on fox, we will see first indictments regarding spygate origins. Concord.
We are Ready.
[Set1] [Indictments]
Mission Good. With fox Solomon link. Harvested corn field. April 19.
Unseal. Shock Wave. Down they Go.
Neither the Clown media nor fake maga shills can Stop what is coming. Strings cut long ago. Puppet masters Removed. No Protection. Ex: Epstien, Wienstien, Bronfman, Mack, NIXVM. Down they went. What makes a good Movie? Everyone is doing what they are told. Exposed, WHO, Gates..
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🙄 @LadyGaga: A Love Letter To The 🌐

#covid19: "One World: Together At Home,” a Global Citizen & @WHO special event in the fight against #Covid19

So @Potus wants to cut off #WHO funding? It's okay @LadyGaga, #Tedros & bevy of others have already raised $50 million.
LISTEN To @Ladygaga

"We have seen the coming together of a SINGULAR KIND OF GLOBAL COMMUNITY"

Read 🖖 between the lines.

#cocacola, #rockfeller, #citi, #ford #bloomberg

Do these corps care about our health?

#WakeUpAmerica #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
Lady Gaga Leads a Superstar-Studded Special
Saturday at 2 p.m. digital broadcast; 8 p.m. television broadcast…
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The Symbolism of Shiva &
The Satanic Cult of The Left Hand Path

Ref #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #DarkToLight

#Shiva #LeftHandPath #QanonArmy #Patriots #Qanon
Q has told us from the beginning that we're up against a satanic cult. There are 2 paths in satanic worship, the Right Hand Path and The Left Hand Path.

#Shiva #LeftHandPath #Qanon #Patriots
In some definitions, the #LeftHandPath is equated with malicious black magic or black shamanism, while the Right Hand Path with benevolent white magic.

#Shiva #LeftHandPath #QanonBR #PatriotsWW
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Running- what have I done! Watch on #Periscope…
There it is WHO - human trafficking! Potus Knows! #QAnon #TheMoreYouKnow #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide
Cuba - trafficking-WHO - it will just be a matter of time - …..and frogs to destroy them.
Q. #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon
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Be informed.
Think for yourself.
Trust yourself.…
I am same as you Q, having to go TOR

Are we under attack

3966-.......Average people must be able to digest and accept [factually] events.
FISA lead-in [stage 1 act 1]
Bad actor(s) had to be removed.
Good actor(s) had to be installed.
Sleeper(s) had to be uncovered.
We are ready [think Barr public].
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Remember this? Has the IRS followed up? Has anyone looked into this? #TheMoreYouKnow #GreatAwakeningWorldwide #QAnon…
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Q dropped directly to the profile this time ...
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