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Q started as a voice, Q taught Anons who to learn, Anons then became QAnons w research knowledge and spreading or research, QAnons now are the News! Any questions? To bad.. you should’ve followed earlier, we have more then we need! Justice because of the digital army!
We it comes down to it, Q has taught us all so well. The world has woken, the world has seen the evil, the world is rising, dark becomes light, we will win. #WWG1GWA JUSTICE!!
Even if you don’t believe in Q, you through being around us, you have become Anons yourself learning how to decode, research, and think free.
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@IvankaTrump with Painting of George Washington Sheikh Zayed Mosque

⛈ The Storm receding
🌈 A RAINBOW appears

#GoTime #QAnon @realDonaldTrump

Washington has weathered many STORMS yet a 🌈 RAINBOW appears as a sign the storms have abated…

Gilbert Stuart’s painting of George Washington is (bought by) and (hanging in) the Louvre Museum in Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates.

The painting shows Washington with one hand on a document and the other cradling a sword hilt.

🌈 ....and the Rainbow!

Did you know Gilbert Stuart’s most famous painting was an unfinished portrait of George Washington.

💰 It ended up on the DOLLAR BILL…

#QAnon #WWG1GWA @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump
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A Collection of Interesting Pics I've Collected...
Please help yourself
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The impeachment effort was an orchestrated #coup against the President of the United States, with the fake whistleblower, Adam Schiff and company. It was conspiracy to overthrow the President from before he even took the oath of office!
#QAnon #WWG1GWA #KAG2020 #TheStormIsHere
Treason, Sedition, and Subversive Activities! Treason is punishable by death!
Trump names names for #Treason! The highest offense in the land!

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Jessie Liu&James Wolfe. JW took first 2 CP FISA'S to Sen Intel Comm. JW had affair w/ reporter & leaked CP FISA'S to press. Later Liu dropped all chgs against him except one, via Warren,Burr,&Feinstein asking for leniency. JW only 2mos jail lying to inv

Never charged for leaking classified information to the press. Mfer!
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WHERE'S TONY PODESTA!!?? BOTH BROS have a pending sealed indictment. Trust the plan Full control Q #EYESON #WWG1GWA TWEET 1- Feb 11, 2020 08:59:37 PM TWEET 2 Feb 11, 2020 09:09:26 PM SIMPLIFIED - 08:59:37 09:09:26 Cont----
TIME DURATION IN-BETWEEN- The time between 8:59:37 PM and 09:09:26 PM is: 0 hour, 9 minutes, and 49 second THINK MIRROR - 949 = Qdrop #949 >>678151 Trust the plan. Full control. Q
THINK MIRROR again- 949 > 9:49 Delta > Time stamp QDROP #1331 POTUS Book and Pen DOJ image name.
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1/Cassi lays out AG Barr's talk about China & the threat they pose to National security. He says for China this is a zero sum game & also uses phrase "Sum of all Fears" in regards to how dangerous they are to the US.
She has 2 tweets here w full speech
2/AG Barr Delivers Keynote Address At The DOJ's China Initiative Conference.
Bill Clinton actually opened doors 2 China in the 1990's & politicians such as Feinstein & others have continued to sell out America 2 China. You may recall recent indictments too
3/China wants 2 rule the world,especially AMERICA w/o any of us in it 👉take us out
Bill Clinton started the Chinese BOOM by allowing them 2 make campaign donations to DNC from ARMS dealer, lease Long Beach Port/Obtain our missile TECH. US placed leaders
Sum of all Fears Q posts
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1/ THREAD: w/ @kitty_astra What happens when you have mass consciousness viewing a single focal point of reality, what does that do to the creation of reality?
Do "elites" have access to technology that is not privy to the regular person #ProjectLookingGlass #YellowCube
2/ Was there a problem in 2012 when timelines converged within that point in time?
How does string theory work?
How does the possibilities of possibilities work?
What is Multiverse theory?
What is Quantum Entanglement? (Cat Dead/Alive)
Mandela Effect?
3/ Is #ProjectLookingGlass creating the reality we see within the present/future moment or does mass consciousness feed #ProjectLookingGlass for the projection of the future through the 👁 of Collective Consciousness using the Television?
Future Prove Past? #TheGreatAwakening
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1. #MAGA, #Liberals and Peasants, lend me your ears!
Pay attention because I’m only going to say this once.
1. Support @realDonaldTrump and #Trump2020
2.Tweet FACTS and
3. Mock Democrats and liberals because they deserve it. 😂
1. make Friends or enemies.
That’s your choice to be either or.
2. Settle #Petty disputes between MAGA’s or to try and prove who is more MAGA or less #MAGA... I don’t care!
3. Gossip or divide...
I’ve seen people ruined over that so keep me out of it!
I think I matter, or that I’m some kind of #MAGA SOOPASTAR
That everyone should listen to
OR follow just because I have
19K followers... love them all but
SO WHAT!? 😂😂🤷‍♂️
Don’t get me wrong but
Twitter doesn’t define me, God
Does! #WWG1GWA
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Joe D interview about admiral Rogers

March of 2016 Rogers does an audit

🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 #Qanon interesting read I must say
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#QAlert 1/28/20 This will be my THREAD for all #QPosts for Tuesday January 28, 2020. Confirmed. Important. and more!

Let’s Go!
@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1GWA #QPosts
#QAlert 1/28/20 Q3795


@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1GWA #QPosts
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1. And now, lets DESTROY impeachment article #1 which claims @realDonaldTrump abused his power as POTUS. It's hard to nail down what Democrats meant by this charge since they keep changing their reasons behind it AND because no violation of a federal code section was cited.
2. Democrats say Trump broke the law by stopping payment that Congress "ordered" to be paid to Ukraine.

Democrats INSIST the funds MUST go through no matter what.

That is a BLATANT lie and I'll prove it.


Why would we even ALLOW funds to be paid to a corrupt country?
3. The GAO - Government Accountability Office - appeared to side with democrat impeachment efforts with a statement on 16 January, 2020 saying Trump and the OMB broke the rules. They released a press statement.

Read these folks. It's imperative for you to back up what you say.
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Wheels down. Multiple post. White House photos by William Moon. Time 22:25
Q 2225
Moon landings are real
Programs exist that are outside of public domain
.@POTUS waving a couple of times...
Q 2527
Define 'unified'
SAT knockout forced new...
There are 11 different posts with the same tweet. Apollo 11?

#SpaceForce. Vital to our National Security. Unhackable SAT systems? Take out BlackOps SATS on the Moon? #WheelsDown. Military planning at its finest. Peace is the prize. This is our time. WH photos by W. Moon. Thank you @realDonaldTrump. ThanQ!
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #FactsMatter
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How much did Obama know about Burisma?

Mykola Zlochevsky founded Burisma in 2006 and also became a government official

Licensed HIMSELF to develop gas fields


Devon Archer visits White House April 16 to meet Biden

April 21 Joe makes a trip to Kyiv...
With terms for USAID for Ukraine Natural Gas industry

April 22 Devon Archer named to Burisma board

May 13 Hunter Biden is named to the board of Burisma

FAST FORWARD 2016 and back to Zlochevsky

Ukraine seizes Zlochevsky's property and he is placed on wanted list

Zlochevsky fled the country

Ukraine then seized Burisma's gas wells and began tax evasion investigation of Zlochevsky

Zlochevsky then hired former Obama DOJ lawyer John Buretta and a consulting firm run by former Clinton administration officials

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"You'll be hearing about it We have found answers to things that people said would not be possible." #WWG1GWA

Chatter amongst those in control has begun.
They know we know which means the public will know.
Release prior to cover up.
Public informed and collapse.
Which option?
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New Q 1/19/2010 The Great Awakening
Senate impeachment begins 1/21/2020
What's happening this week?
Senate begins impeachment trial-GOP senators considering 'kill switch' option
Gen Flynn-“Friday Next Week Is going to be Phenomenal. It’s Going to Be EPIC!”-Sidney Powell
Trump Legal Defense Team ready
Socialists Agenda #Virginia2A is being exposed
THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD may refer to Q drop 659- FREEDOM DAY: When Abraham Lincoln signed a resolution for the U.S. Constitution's 13th amendment in order to abolish slavery
(Q) POTUS FREED those ‘good’ people who are currently being blackmailed, threatened & enslaved
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This lawsuit is “unverified” as of yet but if real it’s HUGE!
Seems NANA @SpeakerPelosi
@RepAdamSchiff et al violated
His #CivilRights and it not only cost him his reputation but also the lives of 2 of his children.🤬
#WWG1GWA #Trump2020…
No... it’s not.
Yes... yes I did.
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Ok I'll admit I was curious. I decided to look into this with an open, investigative mind. My first instinct was that this was fake. Follow this thread as I'll go through how I went looking into it... #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
2/ I started looking through the comments and discovered the original investigation was sparked from this post... #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
3/ So the website looks spooky enough. And look at the posts - all reference events before they happen. How could this be? Esp when the site was only created on Jan 24 2019 #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
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Quite awhile back the social media guru #ThomasWictor did a beautiful thread on this and I can’t possibly do it justice, but it’s worth mentioning.
So what is a Judas goat?
It’s a goat that is trained to become part of...
2/17 A flock of other animals, but with a difference.
It’s a dominant animal and becomes the leader of the flock.
The Sheep will follow this #JudasGoat wherever it goes.
When it comes time for the sheep to be slaughtered the goat will lead them down the chute and as they
3/17 get to the slaughter chute, the Judas Goat takes another door.
The sheep think they sre still following him but it’s too late... their fate is sealed.
So why am I talking about this?
I’m not laying any claim to know anything, just an observation.
#Think have the..
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No stone, no timber, no wrought iron member placed in the Notre Dame were perfect. They were never intended to be perfect. The designers, engineers and construction workers took into account these imperfections and at times took advantage of these imperfections.
These imperfections were made a part of these materials both by God when the earth was created and by humankind when they were extracted and prepared for the structure.

Each piece was carved, smoothed, cut and forged and eventually placed by the caring hands of skilled ...
... craftsmen.

As each part of the cathedral was prepared, its purpose and place became better defined, even though the imperfections it started with remained within.

Perfection came when each part was put together with the rest.

Notre Dame stood for centuries, facing ...
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Calm before the storm. #Namaste
Weapons of mass incarceration.
Q 3581
"Calm before the storm." - POTUS
Do you believe in coincidences?
Be ready, Patriots.
Q 114
US Military = savior of mankind.
We will never forget.
Fantasy land.
God save us all.
#QAnon #Huber #WWG1GWA #MAGA
Q 55
Look to Twitter.
Exactly this: "My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us... ...." 🇺🇸
God bless.
We are WITH you.
#QAnon #WWG1GWA #MAGA #UnitedNotDivided #Trump #KAG
3/ #Namaste
If it is done with deep feeling in the heart & with the mind surrendered, a deep union of spirits can blossom. No egos.
You, the PEOPLE have ALL the POWER.
They want you DIVIDED.
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1.) OK followers in about blow your mind. A few weeks ago I started following the response of the songs mysteriously showing up in and around the northeast Colorado and southwest Nebraska area. Being a Nebraska resident this peaked my interest. Fast forward to today.
2.) In Nebraska alone there have been over 50+ sightings of 30+ clusters of drones in areas as far west add Alliance, NE to @Offutt_AFB. According to reports from MSM, the drones are harmless but do have a wing span of 6 feet. Originally, it was just...
3.)...some police involved. Now, @usairforce @USArmy @FBI @FAANews and local and state law enforcement are involved in trying to figure this all out. Other reports have said that unmarked cargo vans have been spotted near by the drones. Our #GovPeteRicketts is pissed.
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Corresponding prayer.
The truth about Democrats and the Iran Deal, China, FB, etc. Democrats have been selling out our country. America is no longer for sale!
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Seems like lots of Q language in this speech #GoldenGlobes
👉54 sec BANG
Looking at the numbers, it doesn't seem to be slowing down or wrapping up either.
Think stages.
What role can MIL INTEL play?
What role can NSA play?

2/ 👉101 we R all going to DIE soon #GoldenGlobes
You are all Patriots
The hard part is coming to an end
The next phase will bring JUSTICE
Operators have died 4 our FREEDOM
Mess with the best, die like the rest.
Save the best for last.
Q #Iran
3/👉1:01 #GoldenGlobes Q1746
Was a x when respect was given 2 those who serve(d)/bled/died 2 protect/defend our GOD GIVEN FREEDOM
Patriots are dying 2 defend this great country/FREEDOM
Children are being kidnapped/tortured/raped/sacrificed in the name of PURE EVIL😭
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