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ST6 Mother SPEAKS against the BHO HRC admin.
ST6 had a shootout on the ground and it was covered up.
Evidence destroyed.
"There were bullets in his body"
Listen to an angry mother speak.
ST6 Father studied Military Records
Unknown Military squad was on scene of ST6 shootdown minutes after the crash.
Standard crash group was intentionally delayed
Unknown soldiers left
Black Box was NEVER found.
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For #Australia psychic reading client: The 'so called' patriots that hide behind social media and secret army societies, who keep wanting to disrupt global elections, fail to understand one thing. The religion they all claim to follow reveals in the omnipresence of all knowing.
cont. for #Australia psychic reading client: They keep believing that what they are doing secretively is not spiritually known. They keep believing their religious ideology about October Surprise and Great Awakening is not known. If they turn to their own doctrines, ALL IS KNOWN.
cont. for #Australia psychic reading client: Higher realms have warned what they are up to. How they were clinging on waiting for General Flynn to be cleared from his treacherous behavior. They don't want people to vote anymore. They don't want democracy anymore. All is known.
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This essay is dedicated to revealing the truth to the free world and all free people.


Years behind us (some would say, decades), nothing has changed in their actions.
The agenda of the mass media performs exactly the opposite role from the ones that are presented to us hypocritically and insidiously. A lie, a lie is their second name. A lie is a mainstay on which they maintain a 'deep state' - an abstract term until 2016,
and today visible as never before, at every step. More open, more arrogant than ever.

Why is it so? Because the backbone is slowly cracking.

Why? He is soaked in the blood and tears of the innocent, those real victims who never got to the headlines of CNN, CBS, ABC,
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Organ trafficking, child sex trafficking, drugs, and terrorist. Please anons feel free to add to this.…
This is the admission of the horrific crimes they committed on children.…
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You should take a look at this thread. I will posts videos about masks, and some info about the planned vaccine from Gates. Also I will make sure to share some VERY IMPORTANT links to YouTube from Doctors, that explain this in detail.
Remember also that Covid-19 Molecule is 1 Micrometer at the smallest which never the best mask could protect you from. THEY DONT WORK!
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1/Awesome little song I learned as a kid watching TV (source: Schoolhouse Rock)
2/In 1787 I'm told
Our founding fathers did agree
To write a list of principles
For keepin' people free.
3/The U.S.A. was just startin' out.
A whole brand-new country.
And so our people spelled it out
The things that we should be.
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[THREAD] The 2020 script

1- All this year was made since 2017, or even before.

What I will talk about would maybe be crazy to you, and it's normal, but this is the case, and there are evidences.

(sry if I'd make english mistakes, I'm fr)
2- Yes, I will talk about serious dark stuff that will make shudder your spine.

I will talk about the USA first to put the context of what's really happening in the first involved country.
3- So, as you already know, USA are in chaos and people are outside for the BlackLivesMatter (BLM) after the murder of Georges Floyd.

Also, people know that the presidential elections of USA are this November 2020.

full video :
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Post #56 [W] [H] [O], ONE WORLD and GLOBAL CITIZEN. Part 9

Refer to post #31 #32 #33 #43 #45 #52 #53 #55 # 55A

"Out of these troubled times a NEW WORLD ORDER can emerge. We have the opportunity before us to forge our ourselves and future generations a NEW WORLD ORDER. Image
2. When we are successful and we will be, we have a real chance at this NEW WORLD ORDER."
[George Bush Senior]

What is ONE WORLD? A favourite code word for their upcoming global governance system = New World Order [NWO] Image
3. What is GLOBAL CITIZEN? It is

1. One world [global] religion = false belief system [Rev 17:1-18]
2. One world [global] spiritual leader = false prophet [Rev 16:13, Rev 19:20]
3. One world [global] government = new world order [Rev 18:9-20]
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Sherman / Apotex not about generic HCQ?
Possibly it is about ferriprox / Deferiprone ??

Uncloak the enemy?
Bait the enemy?
Covid cure or vax?

#qanons #qanon #DarkToLight #WWG1GWA @Tore_says @intheMatrixxx @RedPill78 #Adrenochrome Image
--Adrenochrome=excess iron
--covid=excess iron
--double whammy for adreno users
--hiv1 delivery?
--Ferriprox =Iron reducer, adreno side effect drug of choice?
--Ferriprox=zinc deficiency, covid19 vulnerable
Conspiracy theories.

Ferriprox,coated capsule oral iron treatment of choice for adreno users.

1. bad guys wanted to remove worldwide license and distribution from Apotex?

2. white hats took over,use it to infect w potent covid on adreno users?, Shermans still alive?
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THREAD: POTUS’s new campaign ad and The Fed

1/ @POTUS @realDonaldTrump posted at 4:05 which points to “Events to be More Public”

Also the phrase “Find the Exchange”

Multiple layers of meaning
2/ Obviously the 20 dollar bill has easy comparison for 2020, but it focuses on VERY specific aspects of the $20...
3/ Specifically The Federal Reserve, the Dept of Treasury, & a signature for the Secretary of Treasury, plus Andrew Jackson

Do you know whose signature that is?

Jacob J. Lew
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I think I figured out how to save humanity from sustainable housing and green electric power to water powered cars and curing cancer with Frequency.
All with technology already developed.
The future from yesterday #Thread #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #Qanon #FutureNostalgia #CureCancer ImageImageImageImage
Starting with the earthships and the genus water filtering and collecting systems along with enough food and water being grown to sustain a family of 4 all year in even arid environments. Made with old tires and bottles. This solves food and housing #Futurism #futurenostaliga ImageImageImageImage
Next is generating free electricity using a searl effect generator the size of a suitcase would be big enough to power a home year round alone. It can be used to power a flying device too. ImageImageImageImage
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via Robert F Kennedy Jr:
U.S. military documents show that, in 1992, #CDC’s current Director Robert #Redfield and his then-assistant, Deborah #Birx—both Army medical officers—knowingly falsified scientific data published in the New England Journal of Medicine & the journal AIDS
Research and Human Retroviruses fraudulently claiming that an #HIV vaccine they helped develop was effective. They knew the vaccine was worthless.

Redfield now runs the agency charged with mandating #COVID vaccines. Birx, a life-long protégé to both Redfield & Anthony #Fauci,
served on the board of Bill #Gates’ Global Fund. Redfield, Birx & Fauci lead the White House #coronavirus task force.

In 1992, two military investigators charged Redfield & Birx with engaging in “a systematic pattern of data manipulation, inappropriate statistical analyses &
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#BlastFromThePast - had a small roll in 'Gone to Texas' 1986
#History #TheAlamo #NeverForgetWhoWeAre
#SamElliott #WWG1GWA
ROLE ... Not roll !!!
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1/ PLZ Look into the Indivisibles. They moved into small towns in red states(Exmpl #TurnTXBlue), opened a ton of community social media groups &provoke the community with controversy to then ban anyone opposed to their agenda..
2/ silence them throughout the entire community and make everyone else think the agenda is wanted by all (in small towns, banning by social media is highly effective.) Then they stalk, harass and attempt to destroy the opposers and scare them and everyone else into silence..
3/They have tried it on me multiple times but I have nothing they can take. I'm self-made. I don't care about losing friends due to speaking out. And I fear no one. Their anonymous emails about being doxxed &warning me to be silent or I'll be attacked by ANTIFA are cowards play.
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1)Os Túneis Secretos do Central Park

🌪A Tempestade já paira sobre Nova York e seu alvo agora é o resgate de crianças mantidas pelo #PedoWood nos túneis subterrâneos do Central Park em Manhattan Nova York.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA #PedoWood
Segue a thread
⬇️ Image
2) O Central Park foi inaugurado em 1857 e fica Localizado na Ilha de Manhattan no coração de Nova York USA o parque possui 843 hectares e para vcs terem uma idéia o Parque do Ibirapuera em Sp possui 158 hectares.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
3) Muitos de nós sabemos que NY e cheia de túneis principalmente pela sua vasta rede de metrôs mas o que poucos sabem e que existem túneis secretos por toda a cidade e que agora sabemos que tbm existem embaixo do parque.

#Qanon #WWG1WGA
⬇️ Image
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The 40,000 foot view. Often times we focus in on smaller details, that we tend to miss the big picture. With everything going on in the world, we sometimes need to take a step back in order to comprehend what’s going on.
This thread is my interpretation of what I’m seeing after taking a step back and processing what I am seeing. This is going to touch on Q, economics, Corona virus among other things.
Back in January, I wrote a thread touching on these topics and what I was seeing. This is continuing the conversation with more info backing…
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Q started as a voice, Q taught Anons who to learn, Anons then became QAnons w research knowledge and spreading or research, QAnons now are the News! Any questions? To bad.. you should’ve followed earlier, we have more then we need! Justice because of the digital army!
We it comes down to it, Q has taught us all so well. The world has woken, the world has seen the evil, the world is rising, dark becomes light, we will win. #WWG1GWA JUSTICE!!
Even if you don’t believe in Q, you through being around us, you have become Anons yourself learning how to decode, research, and think free.
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Ok I'll admit I was curious. I decided to look into this with an open, investigative mind. My first instinct was that this was fake. Follow this thread as I'll go through how I went looking into it... #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
2/ I started looking through the comments and discovered the original investigation was sparked from this post... #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
3/ So the website looks spooky enough. And look at the posts - all reference events before they happen. How could this be? Esp when the site was only created on Jan 24 2019 #WWG1WGA #QAnon #GlamisCalling
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#FlukeOneFineDay #TeamTarrio



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2)I believe I found the exact vid clip that the mysterious still shot came from, the exact pic is used for the thumbnail & was the ONLY vid out of ALL of them I searched through to include both this scene & thumbnail, took me a while to first nail down which scene it was from.
3)The exact still shot in question is literally only shown for a split second in the vid clip (at :31 secs) and of course also in the movie! Wasn’t easy to nail down for me, I don’t have the movie memorized. Mystery still shot from live tv compared to screen shot from vid clip.
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[Thread] As I mentioned earlier, what follows is an analysis of the 'Trudeau Must Go' hashtag. It seems people's instinctive suspicions that the hashtag is manipulated by an organized disinformation campaign are valid. The findings are alarmingly familiar... #cndpoli
As you probably guessed, the hashtag is one of many anti-Trudeau hashtags that seems to be picking up before the Canadian federal election in October 2019. This is an analysis of tweets and accounts undertaken to determine who is actually behind the surge... #cndpoli
This is an analysis of around 34,000 tweets, retweets, replies etc from around 4,896 unique Twitter accounts (with biographical data). Just for some context, the hashtag has been around for a while. However, it really picked up on 4th September, as you can see from this graph
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1) question: what's up with the Vatican? could it be that the Vatican has been infiltrated by the #Illuminati over the course of many years? yeah duh. it's pretty easy to see actually. let's dive in #NWO #NewWorldOrder #Cabal #WWG1GWA
2) In 1738 Pope Clement XII issued a Papal Bull which stated that any Catholic who became a Mason would be excommunicated, a very serious punishment. guess some shady stuff was taking place? #Freemasonry #Vatican
3) By 1884 Pope Leo XIII issued a proclamation stating that Masonry was one of the secret societies attempting to "revive the manners and customs of the pagans" and "establish Satan's kingdom on Earth." Sounds like a pretty hyper specific warning to me.
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2 separate reports of #CAleg staffers assaulting people in the CA capital on Thurs. 1 was a 15 yr old who was called “retarded” and coughed on by Asm Rubio’s staffer. Another staffer yelled “move” and shoved a mother out of her way in the hall. @GavinNewsom What say you?
Assault!? Slurs? This is thanks to ignorant rumors around the capital of the dirty unvaccinated kids that are going to kill everyone. This wouldn’t be tolerated behavior directed at anyone who actually has an illness.
It wouldn’t be tolerated if illegal immigrants were treated this way. Or members of the LGBTQ community. Or any other minority... yet somehow, the Democratic Party is allowing this treatment of THIS minority.
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