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1) Still not suspended for pointing out that we've known about Eric Ciamarella as the whistleblower for all of a month. So, I'm going to drop a black pill on all you.
2) You should all be aware by now, I'm a bit of an iconoclast. I don't buy into a lot of the hype around the panic button of the week, and usually am quite viciously opposed to it. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, or talk about race, or really any of that nonsense.
3) Instead, I look at patterns. I look for the common threads. Specifically, I look for what stands out, or where there should be things but there isn't. IE, when the media stops talking about certain topics suddenly, like Jussie Smollett.
4) So, I've started looking, and started digging. This current Ukraine bullshit, and reading through the transcripts, got me thinking, and caused me to go back and read the various indictments from the Mueller report and the report itself.
5) And the government's recent fuckups in the Flynn case. Hear about that? Turns out the prosecutors in the case had no idea which fucking notes were Strzok's and which were Pientka's, and had them backwards for 18 fucking months.
6) So then, I went back even further, back to 9/11.

Most of the conspiracies... they're bullshit. They really are. They rely on this idea that tens of thousands of people all worked together then kept their mouths shut, with absolutely zero errors.

There is no such thing.
7) As the size of a concerted effort increases, the likelihood that no one within that concerted effort will make catastrophic mistakes approaches zero.

Which leads me to a far more horrifying corollary.
8) As the size of an organization increases, the likelihood that it will constantly make catastrophic mistakes approaches one.

Put enough people into an organization, and people will constantly fuck up royal. And these fuck ups will be visible and obvious.
9) The US State Department employs 75,550 or so people.

The FBI employs around 33,850 people.

The US Department of Defense employes 3.2 million people, and anyone who's even been within spitting distance of the US military can attest to the constant nature of its fuckups.
10) So, what if. What... if...

The nature of our government institutions nowadays...

Is not actually to function?

Their mechanical rotes, their automaton style of governing, these go on, and make our lives a living hell of mediocrity and suppression. This is not functioning.
11) But behind the scenes are constant, nigh-daily fuckups that impact the world globally. These constant fuckups sometimes lead to catastrophic breakdowns in functionality, and cause disasters like the Boston Marathon bombings and 9/11.
12) The function of the government is no longer to govern.

It is to cover up as best they can and keep us from realizing just how badly our government fucks up on a daily basis. That, ultimately, incompetence is integral to our government, it is the burst appendix of government.
13) The Patriot Act? The wars in the Middle East? The limp-wristed response of the US to ISIS under Obama? All of these things are trying to cover up how terminally, existentially stupid the government is.

And now, for the real black juicy bit of the black pill.
14) What if our government is SO RETARDED, that there are people within that ACTUALLY BELIEVE Trump is a Russian agent. That they believed this when they saw shit like the Steele memos, and behaved accordingly, and used Mueller to try to cover up their absolute idiocy.
15) That Mueller and his team are in turn so inexplicably moronic, that they couldn't even do THAT right, and proceeded to fuck up more, which ultimately shouldn't be surprising as Mueller spent the latter part of his career covering up that the FBI was so retarded 9/11 happened
16) But the truly scary part is that this cavalcade of idiocy somehow has fooled people into thinking it is a monolithic power structure with the reigns of power in an ironclad grip.

No. No it is not. It would like you to think that so you're too afraid to realize the truth.
17) Our government is dumb. It is easily fooled, easily distracted, and half the reason they want to get rid of Trump is because he makes the job of President look easy, which in turn makes everyone else look bad, and destroys their facade of confidence.
18) Look at this 'cabal' of State Department resistors testifying now.

'Well, no, we were never told there was any quid pro quo, I guess, but we think there was, so that's what we told Ukraine.'

Let's step back and think about how fucking dumb you have to be to do that.
19) Now let's multiply that out by the other tens of thousands of career state department employees.

Has our foreign policy been a goddamn mess for decades because it was filled with a cavalcade of fuckups who kept promoting and appointing each other?
20) Is our State Department in open revolt against the President because they don't want it to be exposed how absurdly bad at their jobs they are? Are our intelligence agencies going after Trump for the exact same reason?

That's what it looks like to me.

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