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The list of anti-vax claims gets longer by the day, but none are supported by research (which is quite different from “search”).
Take a moment to think about their talking points, many of which refute each other.
First is was “MMR causes autism”.
“MMR causes autism!” claim came from the ORIGINAL “paid pharma shill” who took money to falsify data on 12 kids. Dozens of real studies involving millions of kids proved that claim was false.
Then came “it’s thimerosal!”, which was never in MMR and was removed in 2001.
Only multi-dose flu vaccine has Thimerosal as a preservative, which has also been shown to be harmless in the quantity in a vaccine.
Then it was “it’s mercury!” which people thought was a new argument but was really still the Thimerosal argument with a different name. 3/
Then came “it’s aluminum!” which can be scary if you don’t understand chemistry, but is like saying “it’s hydrogen!” because something contains water. Not harmful in quantity found in #vaccines. (people can die from too much water, too. Hence “the dose makes the poison”) 4/
Then came “it’s the fetal DNA!”. 3 peds vaccines are made in culture of fetal cells from the 1960s. DNA is made of nucleotides. Nucleotides are in everything. Literally EVERY LIVING THING. Like in a banana. If i touch you I get my DNA on you. You won’t become autistic. 5/
Next came “it’s the glycophosphates (aka weedkiller)!” because they’re running out of lies and someone on the internet said “there’s Round-Up in vaccines” and so a new meme was born. I don’t think that one has taken off as well as they’d like, so now it’s 6/
“Too many too soon” as if babies aren’t inundated with antigens from the moment they emerge from their mothers. If an infant can’t handle vaccines, they can’t handle fighting off what they encounter from day 1 of life and they need to be protected by OTHER vaccinated people 7/
Then it was “no informed consent!” and “my child my choice!” and “natural immunity is better!”
And yes, informed consent is require by law.
You don’t have the right to subject your child and others to preventable diseases.
No, it’s not. 8/
Then there’s “not 100% safe!” and “not 100% effective!”
Nothing is 100% safe. Few other things save lives on the scale that vaccines have. Risk:benefit STRONGLY favors “benefit”
HPV vaccine is darn close to 100% effective at preventing some cancers. MMR and HepA also close 9/
#FluShot is usually about 50%. If I don’t get #flu in any given year, I’ve won the lottery. Flu absolutely sucks. Not being vaccinated provides 0% protection. I take the 50%, thanks.
Then it was “clean water and sanitation stopped disease, not vaccines!” So...flu?
Then it was “mortality declined before vaccines!” Yes!! Got one right! But mortality means death, which declined from advances in medicine. “Incidence” is the number of people infected and THAT didn’t decline until AFTER vaccines. 11/
Then came “You can’t sue pharma” which is not true. Watch tv for about 5 min and some lawyer will tell you to call him. Followed by “vaccine court payed out $4B” which IS true because you don’t have to prove that vaccines caused harm to win in vaccine court.
(Dont know why vaccine court hasn’t paid out waaaay more than $4B in 30+ years since you don’t have to prove vaccine injury to win.) anti-vaxxers think it’s a bad thing, Rare adverse outcomes from vaccines do happen &if families had to sue drug companies they’d NEVER win. 13/
Let’s face it, anti-vaxxers will malign ANY vaccine for ANY disease because #vaccines. They’ll never concede there are benefits (not even from the ones they themselves received). They’ll continue to disparage physicians and researchers with doctorate degrees. 14/
Anti-vaxxers will continue to name call and offer memes and YouTube videos as “evidence”. They’ll write bad reviews on Yelp for doctors they’ve never seen and will continue to buy tickets to Vaxxed. We won’t change that. We CAN help those who are being duped by them 15/
Keep sharing evidence-based info, no matter how tiresome the trolls. Not doing so leaves the lies in the void.
Anti-vaxxers in 3..2..
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