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#NOW #PolyUniversity - @hkpoliceforce urges protesters to surrender or they will arrest them by force including LETHAL FORCE. Police warns protesters "Time is running out" as they have been tolerated by the society for long. #HongKongProstests #HongKong #HongKongPolice
Meanwhile on telegram channel, #PolyU protesters vow to defend the campus until the very end - probably the last university stronghold - because they think it'll be almost impossible to reenter the campus if they retreat, which makes it harder to block cross harbour tunnel again.
#BREAKING #PolyU: @hkpoliceforce's armored trucks approached protesters and burning objects. One of them was then set ablaze by Molotov cocktails thrown by protesters. Literally frightening though it shall be put off very soon after it retreated. #HongKongProtests #HongKong
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The UK govn is set to award #Huawei access to it’s 5G network. This will be a mistake of epic proportions and is based on a complete inability to understand what Huawei is and the motivation of the CCP.

My piece in @foreignpolicy today:…

The UK govn claims Huawei is ahead in 5G tech than any other company and it would be limited to only the nonessential parts of UK comms.

The fundamental problem with Huawei is that it is not a regular company as we understand them. EVERYTHING it does goes back to Beijing

ALL Chinese companies MUST defer to govn narratives (see ##Taiwan and Tibet)— and if the West hadn’t understood that dynamic, look at what is happening in #Xinjiang.

But the recent #NBA scandal in US should have been a serious wake up call for things to come

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Thread—thank you AICA Sweden and @ModernaMuseet for the opportunity to discuss #HongKongProtests from an artistic and cultural perspective. The ongoing protests see an explosion of creativity and how it fuels n sustains the movement for nearly 5 months 1/
Then in the middle of my presentation when I was introducing #GloryToHongKong #願榮光歸香港 to the audience in Stockholm, I saw the sign “香港加油” in the dark. And this happens👇🏼2/
A group of Hongkongers and supporters of Hong Kong in Stockholm among the audience made a nice intervention to sing #GloryToHongKong with their signs up. I burst into tears while they were singing. 3/
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This is our Hong Kong #PolicyAddress2019 thread.
#CarrieLam will begin to deliver the policy address in less than 30 minutes. She’s stated she will focus on housing and land issue, and wants the storm in #HongKong to end.
#CarrieLam plans to announce a HK$2bn subsidy to install electric car parking facilities in private estates. Happy to hear for the environment, but the public is much keener to hear what she has to say about other topics...…
“Five Demands, Not One Less!” Chant pro-democracy members in LegCo hall. After the chanting stops, the camera zooms in on legislators. Some keep to themselves, otbers chat with their neighbours. #PolicyAddress2019 #HongKong
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An around the World Protest Thread...

This is how Macrons thugs hand out their own version of justice.

Disgraceful. Trouble is really brewing in #France.

#GiletsJaunes #Acte47

Scotland Protesting Leaving EU..
Staying with UK?

#AUOBEdinburgh #indyref

At least 100 people have been killed since anti-government protests erupted across Iraq earlier this week, according to the country’s health ministry.


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I've read some interesting comments about the #HongKongProstests and whether or not things would be going the same way if they had the 2nd Amendment or not.
While I believe it's absolutely true that the PLA would have no qualms about using military force against an armed resistance, I don't believe that means the protests would be shorter lived, or less effective.
Opening up to full scale war like that, for either side, is a big step. This isn't like what is happening in #IraqProtests right now, where you have a region that has seen almost constant armed conflict for decades, and is mostly filled with very poor people.
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