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⚠️ #StormCiara super-thread. We'll update this as the day goes on with incidents/advice affecting @Se_Railway / @SouthernRailUK + @TLRailUK until the winds die down.
This is the Chelsfield trampoline as it was at 7am today - it has since been removed!
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK Ongoing incidents affecting @Se_Railway + #TLUpdates:
Power lines on track @ Chilham, line blocked between Canterbury + Ashford
Train struck tree @ Slade Green
Tree blocking London-bound line @ Falconwood
Tree down and hit by train Knockholt, line blocked coast-bound...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK ...
Debris on line @ Sutton - both lines blocked while we remove it.
Train struck tree @ Tadworth, blocking both lines to Tattenham Corner (affecting #SNUpdates)
Platforms 5+6 closed @ Gatwick for loose roof.
Tree down blocking lines @ Ashhurst station (picture below)...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK They don't have to be big trees to cause trouble - this wee one blocked both lines between Canterbury and Faversham near Selling. Line open now... @Se_Railway on the move but with serious delays as you would expect...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK ⚠️Wind speed now hitting 70mph at Bromley, still gusting 69mph at Dover. Not only are these speeds high (faster than trains are running today!) they are expected to be sustained all day - which is the real issue for us. Please DON'T TRAVEL unless you have to. Thank you. ⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK Incident @ Sutton affecting @TLRailUK is likely to be a long one as there's a building by the railway with unsafe scaffolding and debris is falling on the tracks. Station + railway both closed - please don't travel today unless you absolutely have to. #TLUpdates
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK If you're thinking about driving this afternoon as the trains are so disrupted please note the M25 bridge at Dartford is shut , as is the new Sheppey road bridge. Trains to Sheppey unaffected. Take care out there.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK Thank you to @BBCRadioKent for having us on just now - and to @lembitopik for some terrible trampoline-related puns.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik Hi @SimonJonesNews can you let your radio bulletin folks know the trampoline has been removed and trains are running again? Thanks! 👍
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Sutton station and railway remain closed until this building site next door can be made safe. @TLRailUK are seriously disrupted + their message is to not travel unless you absolutely have to. Thank you. #TLUpdates ⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews This is why even small things cause trouble - this metal short-circuited the 700V live rail at #stjohns near New Cross just now + we had to turn the power off to remove it. Trains are running again... Thanks to Dave the mobile incident officer for removing it (and the pic!).
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews People travelling further afield by train today (and we advise you don't) there's trouble on other routes too including:
Routes from Paddington blocked by fallen power lines.
Lines blocked by trees Stansted-Cambridge
...and many others...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ We've just had a gust of 94mph on our route - the highest in the whole UK. Winds are expected to peak between now and 5pm. Keep an eye on @Se_Railway , @SouthernRailUK + @TLRailUK for travel information but our advice (and their's) is to stay put if you can.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Oh look. This is #Bickley on the Victoria/Chatham main line, it's our second trampoline of the day and the lines are blocked and power off. Trains affected are @Se_Railway + @TLRailUK . We've got a team on its way. #StormCiara trampoline count: 2 ⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews There's a house in Gypsy Road, West Norwood, missing a children's plastic playhouse. If you're wondering where it is, it was on the railway. It is no longer on the railway.
Please tie your garden stuff down! #StormCiara trampolines 2, playhouses 1.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Some ongoing incidents affecting @Se_Railway :
Trees down Adisham (pictured) + Lydden - line blocked Canterbury/Dover.
Sea causing intermittent signal problem, Dover.
Tree down, Hayes line blocked.
Tree down Harrietsham, Maidstone/Ashford line blocked.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Good news from Sutton, where the building site next door is being secured and we've got @TLRailUK + @SouthernRailUK trains running again. As ever today, please be aware there are serious delays.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews All lines in Sussex (covering @SouthernRailUK + many @TLRailUK routes) are open with no trees down or debris on the railway at this time (1:30pm).
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Line blocked at #Sturry London-bound, so nothing running Ramsgate/Canterbury West. All our teams are busy elsewhere so this may take some time to clear. More as we get it.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews Hi ho, hi ho...
This is our chainsaw team (one of them) about to clear the Canterbury/Dover line at Lydden. They've done it now and the route is open. We're very stretched today and working flat out to cover every incident, so please do be patient!
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews We've made it to #Sturry, this tree has been cleared and the line is open again between Ramsgate and Canterbury West.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews Two updates:
We think the line through #Harrietsham will be cleared very soon, reopening Maidstone/Ashford to @Se_Railway trains.
We have a team on site at #Higham now to clear the tree there which has really hurt @TLRailUK + @Se_Railway services. #TLUpdates
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews This isn't affecting trains (there aren't any through Bexhill today) but it shows how metal can weld itself to our live rail. This guttering blew onto the track, has had 700V through it and is now stuck firmly to the rails. We're on our way...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Wind speeds now climbing, with gusts of 79mph at Dover. Please do not travel unless you absolutely have to. We are attending multiple incidents across the region + disruption is severe and will continue all day.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews We've made it to #Longfield where a tree from outside the railway has landed on the track. This is what has been blocking the line from Victoria to Chatham and we are on the case to get it gone. Thank you for your patience - we are very stretched this afternoon...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews Our mobile incident officer super Dave is on site at #Higham getting this tree off the track so @Se_Railway + @TLRailUK trains can get going again between the Medway Towns, Dartford and St Pancras. Thanks Dave. #TLUpdates
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews Good news!
Trees at #Higham and #Lenham have been cleared and the lines are OPEN.
This is the tree at #Lenham before we got rid of it. #TLUpdates
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ A power cut has hit our signalbox at #Tonbridge affecting trains through Tunbridge Wells (albeit oddly not Tonbridge itself). More on this as we get it.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ Now a train has hit a tree near Swanley... More as we get it on that issue too. Bear with us.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews Trains are running as normal through Tunbridge Wells as although the signalbox at Tonbridge has lost domestic power, it has railway power. No toast for the signallers this afternoon.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews ⚠️ All lines are blocked at #Swanley after this happened. Nobody was hurt, thankfully, and it's a good illustration of why we have a 50mph speed restriction in place. We're working on a plan to evacuate the train. Please bear with us.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews UPDATE: at #Swanley we've got 2 tracks open (the lines to Otford etc) but the lines to Chatham are blocked and it doesn't look like the damaged train can be moved. We are on site with @BTPLondon and will make sure everyone is safe and looked after.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon ⚠️ There are now also downed trees affecting @Se_Railway at: #Dover and #Selling + trees affecting @SouthernRailUK at Dormans, on the East Grinstead route.
In addition some platforms @NetworkRailVIC are out of action owing to roof damage. More on all of this as it comes in.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC Passengers on the 1414 Faversham to Victoria - thank you for staying calm. We have plenty of people on site and more on their way to help you. Control are planning how to get you moving again (even if not on this train). You're safe on board + we will update you ASAP.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC ⚠️ Confirmation: Platforms 1-6 @NetworkRailVIC are closed awaiting the roof being made safe. Major cancellations to @Se_Railway services now as a result. As we have said before: please do not travel this evening if you absolutely don't have to.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC We're working with @Se_Railway to send a train up behind this one (slowly!) to allow it to be evacuated. We have staff on site, including @BTPKent + @kentfirerescue to help. Thank you to everyone on board for staying cool. #Swanley
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue UPDATE: #Swanley We've got rid of the tree but the live rail is too badly damaged to put the power back on. So this has changed our rescue plan as the train can no longer couple up from behind as it will be in the "dead" section. Conts in next tweet
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue This is the rescue train (1Z99) + it has stopped outside Sole St and will reverse back over that set of points in front of it before continuing to #Swanley the "wrong" way and will do a side-to-side evacuation with the 1414 Faverham/Victoria train ASAP. Sorry for the added delay.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue Back to #Dover and this is the tree that has been blocking the line at Priory Tunnel, just outside the station. We should have it clear very shortly! Sorry for the time it's taken to get to this - we're working through issues as they arise.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue The #Swanley rescue train 1Z99 has crossed over and is on its way from Sole Street. Should be with you shortly. Thanks for bearing with us.
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue This wasn't in Kent or Sussex (it was near Luton) but as it affected @TLRailUK we reckon this makes the #StormCiara Trampoline Score: 3. #TLUpdates
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue ⚠️Passengers at #Swanley - your rescue train 1Z99 is arriving with you now. There will be a side-to-side evacuation - our teams and @BTPKent will look after you. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.⚠️
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue This thread is coming to an end now after a long, windy day. Many people are asking about Monday morning so the final Tweet is where we are and what we think you should do tomorrow. Here goes...
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue ⚠️ Monday morning disruption is likely on @Se_Railway routes into @NetworkRailVIC + through #Swanley as a result of #StormCiara. We are working through the night to get lines cleared for the morning + we will be running locomotives in the early hours to check lines for debris /1
@Se_Railway @SouthernRailUK @TLRailUK @BBCRadioKent @lembitopik @SimonJonesNews @BTPLondon @NetworkRailVIC @BTPKent @kentfirerescue ... Operators are working hard now to get trains into the right place to start services tomorrow but there may be some changes. Please do check before you travel Monday morning and many thanks for your patience if you travelled with us today. Goodnight.⚠️ #SNUpdates #TLUpdates
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