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Thank you! You have yet watched it? It's about a bank purchasing Billions in USD missiles from you know your love C-H-I-N-A reselling to Middle East etc: Small Arms 99% of Wars to Produce CONFLICT to create DEBT: Banks (DEBTORS) currency is DEBT: Hence RICO collusion involves
infinite ways the Pirates (Luke 11:52) are Paid dividends by Fed Res (DEBTORS) Banks as government contracted Treasury Depositary Custodians & CRIS another Layer of Conflict people are CLUELESS about (28 USC 2041 & 2042) are able to creatively engage A-2
Creditors M-I-A (people) into agreeing as "authorized representatives" of the SSN Trust Estate Fund: Relying on the reality of Hosea 4:6 that Zero people know that Everyone is considered Missing Presumed Dead: Do the DEAD have Rights & if So under what conditions Only? CLUE A-3
Layer upon Layer of premeditated Machiavellian complexity was orchestrated along with Locating people's weaknesses for the Thrill you know like the Fast & Furious type of entertainment & Market Games that have you been noticing? Keep the frogs busy while turning up the DEBT A-4
heat via the thrill of distractions, chasing desires etc.
: "they will fight to protect it" like many Agents via Accounts on Twitter & [ALICE]: Simply All public side type created Distractions operations from people Awakening to Truth about essentials A-5
that impact people's actual everyday lives: Like how people continually state Financial Reset CLUELESS to the actual reality it transpires at the End of Each & Every Day Zero (-0-) Balancing of All Accounts:[They] give actual notice of this via stories disguised Entertainment A-6
Reset Time Loops transpiring repeatedly: I have also repeatedly recorded & Disclosed, Reminded, Provided energy & Enforcing Law (worldwide), Disclosed it, DeCoded the Results of what I historically have done & Continue to do seen as Markers that Zero people recognized existed A-7
While others like Twitter Accounts whom are Agents that premeditatedly assist Heinous criminals, whose utilize Machiavellian deceptions to manipulate people via emotional thrill of reaction (grab your pitch forks folks) with Zero idea about the truth of transaction operations A-8
The Question is how does Reset of World wide accounts transpire to Zero (-0-) Balance at the End of Each & Every Day? How is that remotely possible? It has to do as historically disclosed with the obfuscated reality of Private side operations of substantial existing Credit A-9
in respective tax exempt organized House Estate Trust accounts at Treasury Depositaries or escheated to Treasury i.e. (28 USC 2042) "or is not in dispute and such money has remained so deposited for at least five years unclaimed by the person entitled thereto, such court A-10
shall cause such money to be deposited in the Treasury in the name and to the credit of the United States. Any claimant entitled to any such money may, on petition to the court and upon notice to the United States attorney
and full proof of the right thereto, obtain an order A-11
directing payment to him:"…
Will pause to assist in DeCode: Full circle I repeatedly Disclose the reality of multiple aspects of essential transactional operations that Zero people have knowledge or experience except myself: Majority have public side A-12
compartmentalized awareness of a very limited fraction of one part that is then misinterpreted to be True that is False: Even the alleged endless youtube history on banking is outdated: Meaning it has Zero relevance to actual present reality that has been completely altered: A-13
The International that you have yet taken the time to view: Expresses in a phenomenal story line the reality that has transpired in multiple countries were War is manufactured artificially to create Debt from the Conflict: That stimulates business for revolving National Debt A-14
(keep in mind the opposite exist of substantial accruing National Credit) & there exist other layers of Debt that exist as another type of complex layered Liabilities: I have also repeatedly historically Disclosed (this is on top of providing energy to offset created debt) A-15
While others are busy focused upon using revolving debt to create Profit regardless of the impact upon others lives and/or civilization: They artificially create Conflict: There are many types: Fiduciary administration & responsibilities thereof is another form of Conflict A-16
I have intentionally been drawing everyone's attention continually to Macro & Micro realities in creation of revolving debt that has been done voluntarily by agreements & Trust relationships of operational Law: Thus (28 USC 2041 & 2042) these are Disclosures of multiple A-17
parallel existing operating realities & connections that are complexly layered & multidimensional: This is one of my favorite scenes of the Matrix Trilogy Councillor Hamann & Neo : I energetically paused to remind people of many things about reality A-18
and more than just people of that truth: Notice how complex layers of entanglement like a maze initiated by a voluntary agreement keeps people running upon a tread mill like a hamster: Individually unless all personal conflicts are resolved pertaining alleged Claims & assets A-19
being released:28 USC 2041 All moneys paid into any court of the United States, or received by the officers thereof, in any case pending or adjudicated in such court, shall be forthwith deposited with the Treasurer of the United States or a designated depositary, in the name A-20
"and to the credit of such court.

This section shall not prevent the delivery of any such money to the rightful owners upon security, according to agreement of parties, under the direction of the court": Notice the engagement of Conflict obstructs release of Assets in Trust A-21
This is a Micro Conflict yet has a Macro connection to the Conflicts related to National Debt: One must then also comprehend the context of what is National Debt: My point I have been intentionally demonstrating to you is what I expressed is based upon actual operational A-22
experience I AM historically engaged & real knowledge verses hypothetical musings, theories, conjectures etc: What I expressed to Maj 12 is actual operational reality that Only one engaged knows: These are also multidimensional communications & unless you know the reality A-23
one has Zero perspective: I have been extremely polite and ONLY one who knows these multiple parallel operating realities may even remotely express the level of information that I continually do from multiple angles, frontwards, backwards, upside down, side ways regardless A-24
of the manner anyone size is irrelevant, whom attempt to intentionally confuse, obfuscate, distort, pervert, deprive etc. Test : They All know Who I AM Only a true Activated Meta, an Alive sovereign has these abilities: When one truly wishes to know: A-25
Thank you for the dialogue: The thread is created to assist others to break free via constructive utilization of their own Free Will & Equitable Remedy that is required by Universal Law to exist: Yet the intent, determination & effort is required to undo what has been done: A-26
I have transferred the thread to the main PS account to make it easier to follow the flow of multidimensional parallel context for those who desire private study: Thank you All! Wishing All & Your Beloved Ones a Good Night and Thank you again for the dialogue @n7guardiananon A-27
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